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Chapter 17: Plans and Love Struck Explorers

Pocahontas Pov:

Nightfall was upon us and in a matter of hours; London would be in a world of chaos. We crouched outside the castle walls plotting our next move. If we stopped this thing now, then maybe chaos wouldn't befall this amazing village. I knew I had to go back in. After the kindness I was shown, I had to save the king. I had to stop Radcliff. I couldn't let this world fall apart because of me. If I let Radcliff follow through with this plan, I knew both of our worlds would be in danger. With the king off his throne, Radcliff would assume control and destroy both our lands. Rolph was the only one not too keen on the idea. Thoughts of us getting killed flowed through his mind like wildfires. He just wanted to get away. To keep me safe, which I'm grateful for, but he had no idea. He…he didn't know me. In fact, I didn't know quite who I was at the moment, or if this is even the path I'm supposed to take. Even if I did die though, I had to try. This is where the wind is taking me. At least a part of it was. The other half, I'm still unsure about. It was a risk I was willing to take to save my family and this world. Rolph didn't know Radcliff like Smith and I. He didn't know the power he possessed. He was the epitome of pure evil. It was like looking it in the eye. He was outright psychotic with power and revenge. Rolph didn't know how he will stop at nothing. No. Only Smith and I do. We lived it. John left and it was all over. But now he was with me every step of the way as I fought to regain my true self again. Smith. I still don't know what to think. The hole in me is somewhat closed, but not fully satisfied. My heart was confused. Is confused. This ghost kneeling beside me was just too real to be true. Every once in a while, while we sat, I would brush my hand softly against his just to make sure he was still here with me. That he was real. I snuck a quick glance at Rolph beside me. His eyes were filled with pain and confusion as we waited. I silently shifted to his side as John scouted on ahead outside the castle walls to make sure we weren't followed or seen and that we were safe. I turned to Rolph.

"What's wrong?" I asked, "Something troubling you?"

He turned his face towards mine, "Oh nothing. Everything is perfect. Were only plotting to run into an armed castle more in likely to get ourselves killed."

"And you would rather your king die because of us?" I whispered.

"It would be in honor."

"How?" I questioned.

"How would he die in honor when we can very well stop it? This is murder and treason and you know it. Why the hell wouldn't you want to save your king?"

"I'm just looking out for your being Pocahontas."

"I'm quite capable of taking care of myself. You have no idea what I've been through." I turned too angry to talk, not having any time for this nonsense. He grabbed my arm turning me back to him.

"Look Pocahontas. I'm sorry ok?" He turned my chin up looking into my eyes. "I….I just want you to be safe. Are you sure that this is the right thing to do?"

I looked him in his eyes. "It's where the wind, the spirits are taking me. I need to do this. To not only find myself again, but to save my family. If I don't Radcliff wins. I can't let him win. I have to try. Maybe then I can listen to what the spirits are telling me."

He brought me closer to his side rubbing my arms. "And what are they telling you now Pocahontas?" He said softly. I stayed silent as he moved ever so closer to my lips.

"Rolph…I…." I whispered his lips connecting with mine.

They moved slowly together as he tightened his hold around my waist. It had been a great while since my lips had touched another's. I had missed, longed for the closeness, but it wasn't the same. Not how I remembered. No. Rolph had a tenderness and barley there feeling against mine. It was nothing like I remembered. Somehow I just felt….empty. But still, I yearned for this. After a while, his lips left mine staying silent as we sat there.

"Pocahontas," he started, "I…Love you."

I gasped at him confused. Love? How could he love me? I knew there was this tension around us, but love? It was always the possibility living there in the back of my mind, but….I don't know. My head didn't know what to think anymore. This was all moving too fast. He was in love with me, but was I in love with him? He's done so much for me and I, I've….never let that part of myself feel again….wouldn't allow it. But still, that small part of me also wanted to be able to feel again. To have someone there to hold me when I needed it. My heart has yearned for love again back in the deepest part of me. I want to love again, or did I ever let that small spark of love go? The spirits confuse me with each step I take towards this journey. What does my heart really want?


Rolph and I jumped away from each other quickly as John Smith made his presence known.

"Umm…It's safe."

John tensed as our eyes met. I wished to the spirits to know what he was thinking, not knowing what he saw. Clearing his thoughts, he looked away.

"We should get going."

I can't deal with this right now. I looked towards Rolph once before John returned to my side hesitantly.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"Yeah. I'm fine. So, what's the plan?" I asked quickly.

John turned his gaze from me clearing his throat. "We have to get inside somehow without alerting the guards. We alert them and then Radcliff will know something's up. Then he might execute his plan faster."

"And how do you suppose we get in? The place is covered." Rolph snapped.

"Well unlike most," John glared, "I actually know my way around said castle. I am an explorer. There have been rumors of secret tunnels all throughout the castle. And I just happen to know where one is."

I smiled at him.

"No doubt Radcliff knows about a few too. He would never be allowed to pass the guards after what he's done. It's the only in he has to get to the king." John said, "The hunt is still out for him and his treason."

"And Lies." I added looking at him.

"So where is said super-secret tunnel?" Rolph asked.

"Under the castle there is a river that leads straight into the dungeon. From there is a hidden tunnel behind a wall that should lead to the kings wing of the castle."

"And then what?" Rolph asked.

John looked at me, "We kill Radcliff."

We watched as the castle lights dimmed one by one and all its residents fall into a slumber. Quietly we seized our opportunity. The three of us climbed a tree and hopped the nearest castle walls. It was dark and foggy with nothing but the moons light to guide our way. John led us to the far side of the castle where the river ran silently into the castle. It almost reminded me of home, the way the water flowed and bubbled. All paths connecting to this one. We jumped in the cold waters and swam to the stone structure.

"Stay here." John whispered as he took a breath.

He dove under and moments later popped back up.

"Follow me."

Taking a breath, Rolph and I followed John into the watery abyss. Under the water was an opening covered by bars, to which John removed some. He motioned for us to follow. We swam through the narrow opening reaching our destination on the other side. We popped back up for air right in the dark, damp dungeon just as John had mentioned.

"See," John smiled, "Piece of cake."

"Oh, yeah, sure." Rolph said sarcastically.

Surrounded by the dark stone walls and wails of the night, we snuck to a small room. John had mentioned that here…was where the guards would converse to get away from the wails of the prisoners. With no one in sight, John ran to the far side of the wall. There he pressed several stones till one budged causing the whole wall to turn like shameness's magic.

"So…who wants to go into the creepy, dark tunnel first?" Said Rolph.

John rolled his eyes and grabbed a torch that was next to him.

"Let's go."

We traveled through the tunnel for what seemed like many moons. None of us spoke. Whether it be for fear or the tension that surrounded us, we kept to ourselves. Following one by one; each of us glancing around just to make sure that the other was still there. We came to a halt as we neared the end of the dark and damp labyrinth. John pressed on another stone causing this wall to open as well. There were so many things my people had yet to learn. Leaving the light behind, we were met with the dimmed lights in the wing. It was eerily silent. Not a single soul but us were lurking in this passage.

"We're not too late are we?" I worried.

"I hope not." John reassured me.

Rolph slightly nudged him out of the way and came to me.

"Even if we are Pocahontas," he said taking my hand, "I won't let him hurt you."

I gently pulled away. John pulled his eyes from mine as I looked up into his. The breeze from a nearby window calmed my nerves. It also seemed as if the wind encircled the two of us, as John slightly jumped from the chill.

"We have to go now if we're not too late," John said, "The kings quarters are just down this hall. He shouldn't be guarded, but we still must be careful."

He closed the stone passage behind us and took off down the hall leaving me with Rolph.

"Let's go," I said to him as we followed John.

We came upon the kings' door. The night sky just outside had become cloudy as the rain and lightning had started to pour. We all looked at each other.

"No matter what happens, it all ends here." Said John.

I looked at him and closed my eyes.

"The ripples. So small at first, then look how they grow. But someone has to start them. Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one. Only when the fighting stops…."

"Let's do it," I whispered.

John opened the door and we entered into the darkness of the room, not knowing what lie ahead.

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