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Victim Number One: Miranda

"Alright. This one is fairly simple. All we, actually it's more of I in this case, is have to do is scream and throw down these fake rubber limbs" said Lavi as he held up said fake limbs.

Allen, being rather confused, looked at Lavi.

"Okay, I don't really get it, but whatever. So what am I suppose to do anyways?" asked Allen

Lavi grinned.

"All you need to do is lead Miranda over here. I'll be on the floor above. I'll throw these down as you two pass by, but make sure you stop right in this spot, otherwise she might not see it, or the limbs might accidently hit her"

"Okay" said Allen "but how am I suppose to make her come over?"

"That's your job, not mine" said Lavi as he gave an uncaring shrug with his shoulders "Do whatever you have to, just get her over here"

"Aye Aye, captain" mumbled Allen as he walked away in search of their poor victim.




Miranda was simply taking a walk through the halls when a frenzied Allen ran up to her.

"Miranda-san! Have you seen Lavi?" asked Allen, looking around "I can't seem to find him anywhere!"

"Have you checked the library?" asked Miranda, trying to come up with possible places for where the red head could be.

"Yes, yes" answered Allen with frantic head nods "We had been right over there together when he suddenly disappeared. I've checked the library, the cafeteria, his room and the science room. I can't find him anywhere"

The panicked look in the young boy's eyes made Miranda very concerned. Allen must be very worried. But what could have possibly happened to the mischievous one eyed red head? Maybe she should help look for him.

"I'll help you look for him if you'd like" suggested Miranda, trying to do what she can to help.

Allen instantly brightened up, a smile on his face.

"Really? That would be great! Let's go look over there, since that was where I was with him last!" said Allen as he pulled on Miranda's arm and began dragging her away.

It wasn't long before Allen and Miranda stopped.

Allen looked around, that concerned expression on his face again.

"This is the place, but he's still not here. Where could he be?"

Suddenly Allen and Miranda heard a voice from the floor above them.

"That sounds like Lavi!" exclaimed Miranda, glad that she was able to help even though she didn't really do much.

Allen and Miranda leaned over the side of rail, trying to look at the floor above to see if they could spot the bookman Jr.

"Y…Yuu-chan…I didn't mean to…p…please put Mugen away…" said Lavi, his voice shaking in obvious panic.

"Kanda is up there too?" Allen asked aloud, more to himself than Miranda.

"P…put it away…..Yuu-chan…before someone accidently gets her, namely me….Gggggyyyyyaaaaahhhhhhh!" screamed Lavi as something fell from the floor above, bouncing off Allen's face as it suddenly smacked him. It dropped to the floor between Allen and Miranda.

Miranda's eyes widened in horror as she stared at the disembodied limb that sat on the floor. Her mouth opened and closed like a gaping fish for several seconds, no word or sound coming out. Then she suddenly screamed, an ear piercing screech, and continued to scream until she hit the floor, completely unconscious.

Maybe Lavi had made it a bit too convincing now that Allen got a better look at it. The rubber limbs Were covered in black cloth, making it look like there was a sleeve wrapped around it. It also had some sort of red sauce, possibly ketchup, at the end, which looked like the arm was bleeding. Lavi had even put one of his fingerless black gloves on the hand of the limb. No wonder Miranda fell for it. It just looked too real.

Lavi leaned over from the floor above, head still on as well as both arms and legs. He was rubbing his ears as he stared down at them.

Lavi whistled in appreciation.

"That may have turned out even better than I thought. I think everyone in the whole building heard her"

"What? I can't hear you" said Allen as he was rubbing his own ears "I'm still trying to recover from her screaming. I think she broke my ear drums"

"What did you say Allen?" asked Lavi "You really should speak up. Mumbling isn't very good for you"

"What?" asked Allen again.

"I told you not to mumble. Anyways, I think that was loud enough to wake up the whole building. It was a wonderful prank to start off with. A real 'bang' to announce the start of our performance"

"A what to start our who?" asked Allen in obvious confusion.

"No more mumbling Allen. Just wait till we get our next victim Komui. He won't know what hit him!"

"Dammit Lavi. Speak up!" screamed Allen.