Chapter One: A Stunning Appearance
How do you love everything about someone yet hate them at the exact same time? That was one question Ema could never answer. Klavier&Ema

A/N: This story is within the canon universe so beware of spoilers for case five of the first Phoenix Wright and the entire Apollo Justice series. Just a little warning! Also this fanfic takes place about six months after Apollo Justice--so it's around April or something. xD Other than that, please enjoy!

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"Ema…" the voice calling her name was like velvet—so smooth and soft. Somehow through her foggy memory, the voice sounded familiar. Was it a good or bad thing? She didn't know.

"Ema…you have to wake up. It's getting late," the voice was like music. Yes, that was the best way to describe it.

No, not yet, Ema wanted to say, but the words wouldn't come. The darkness that engulfed her was like a secure and comforting blanket.

"You have to wake up soon. Everyone left but us," the voice was far too alluring for its own good. She wanted to see the face of the beautiful voice's owner, but her eyes were heavy with fatigue. Maybe in an hour or two…

"Seriously," the voice had a hint of frustration, but it still managed to stay as gentle as ever.

Wait a minute—the voice was far too familiar in her ears. Could it be…?

"If you don't wake up soon I might just have to kiss you like sleeping beauty and her prince, Fräulein Detective." The voice teased.

She felt herself twitch from the words. Her eyes slowly fluttered open and she couldn't be more annoyed with the sight before her. His face was close to hers, a grin plastered across like a Cheshire cat.

"Go away glimmer boy…" she groaned sitting up straight from the desk where she had just been sleeping on. Papers were scattered across her desk from a recent report she was doing and it didn't help that the sun was setting outside the window leaving the city to bask in its orange glow. He was definitely right about it just being the two of them left in the office. Everyone else who was writing up reports in that particular department had gone home or was off investigating other crime scenes.

Her body ached from the position she had slept in—especially the crook of her neck. Hearing the soft chuckle beside her wasn't exactly helping her cranky mood. Giving a heavy sigh, she turned around with the help of her swivel chair to face the man with her arms crossed, "And what brings you here, Mr. Klavier Gavin?"

It was easy to see that she never called the man with his first name unless her voice was filled with sarcasm. It didn't matter to her that he was her superior at the work place—she detested the man's playful and cocky attitude. One less that woman fawning over him wouldn't hurt the man.

"Don't be so mean, Fräulein."

Even being near him was exhausting; she had to get away before she lost her badge due to some "accident" happening to Klavier in the near future. Getting up from her chair was the hardest part due to her strained legs, but she managed and soon enough Ema grabbed her usual pink bag and headed for the closest exit. Goodbye (and hopefully I never see you again) Mr. Gavin, she thought cynically to herself.

"You don't have to leave in such a hurry." He was following after her, matching her steps with ease.

Ignoring him seemed best—though it required her much effort because she always wanted to say something back. Either way her annoyed expression was enough to provoke him to continue.

"Don't you want to go home or something? Why do you keep following me!" she fumed, not even taking the slightest glance at him for she knew a smile of pure amusement was permanently attached to his face.

"It's not my fault that the parking lot is this way, Fräulein Detective." He countered. Ugh, why weren't there separate parking lots in this building?!

Stepping out the front doors of the precinct, she could already feel the breeze of the late evening. Police cars were still outside like usual and only a few people were out walking around this time of day. She could care less about the scenery because all she wanted to do was get into her craptastic car and go home—her little abode away from the rock star beside her.

Klavier continued following Ema—he claimed they just happened to go the same direction—down the street where she had parked her car in the morning. She couldn't help but notice a familiar face walking her way. It was a man in a black suit and red neck tie to contrast against the dark color. Even though his hair was incredibly spiky that you couldn't help but look, it was the gleaming golden badge on his right lapel that had caught her eye.

"Mr. Wright?" she called out. Ema had clearly forgotten Klavier's presence for a moment.

The man squinted but gave a look of surprise as she got closer and he responded to the call, "Ema! Great to see you."

"You too, Mr. Wright." she smiled. It wasn't forced at all. Her cobalt eyes were still drawn the familiar pin on suit, "Is that a--?"

Phoenix grinned, "Sure is. I got it a while back. The board allowed me to take the bar exam again."

The badge was everything she remembered it to look like ten years ago. Ema couldn't help but be happy for the man she was so grateful towards.

"That's great Mr. Wright."

"Hehe, you don't have to be so formal to me Ema. We've known each other for a while now," he reminded.

"Alright, Mister—I mean, Phoenix." It was a bit awkward coming from her own lips.

"Oh, hey Klavier. I didn't notice you there," Phoenix waved towards the man walking behind Ema.

It seemed she had completely forgotten about him.

"Hey Herr Wright. Congrats on the badge." Klavier said rather awkwardly. Ema couldn't help but think it had to do with the trial eight years ago, but she didn't want to say anything.

"Thanks. So what are you two doing out here anyways?" Phoenix asked politely.

It was a general question, but somehow Ema didn't like how she and Klavier were put into the same sentence, "We—I mean I just got out of work actually. What were you doing here, M—Phoenix." It was hard to get used to.

"I was going to have dinner with a friend, but he just canceled on me just a moment. Something about the precinct…" Phoenix explained to her while shrugging his shoulders.

"I see, well do you want a ride back home?" Ema offered.

Phoenix shook his head, "It's alright. I suggest you drop by at the precinct again though. You'll find a surprise in there." He smiled.

"Hmm?" she didn't understand.

"It's Miles Edgeworth. You remember him, don't you?"

The name brought back a rush of memories for Ema. Both good and unhappy ones alike, "M-M-M-Mr. Edgeworth!? Mr. Edgeworth is here!" last she heard he was in Germany, but he was right here in town.

"Mr. Edgeworth?" Klavier repeated after her. He had heard the name several times before, but he couldn't recall where.

Phoenix laughed, "Ema is a big fan of the guy. You could learn a thing or two about prosecuting from him." He joked. Of course Klavier was a great prosecutor all in all, but he could definitely learn a few professionalism tricks.

"Oh my gosh! I have to see him," Ema looked like she was about to hyperventilate. Klavier had never seen her so excited in the times he worked with her. It didn't even compare to the faint glimmer in her eyes when she talked about her passion with science.

"Well I hear he might be leaving the office soon. Good luck catching him." Phoenix smiled.

"Well, see you later Mr. Wright." She looked like she was about to make a mad dash back to the precinct.

"I better go see this," Klavier gave a half-hearted smile before went to catch up to Ema. He didn't know what to think of this.

After so long she could finally see the man that had help both she and her sister alongside with Phoenix ten years ago. It was like a dream that she didn't want to wake up from. As she was about to reach for the door of the building, someone else had grabbed it before her.

Out came a man that had a certain air about him. He had the same platinum hair that she remembered and those piercing pale brown eyes. His suit different from what she remembered, but it was surely the same color along with his signature cravat. The man was carrying a huge manila folder that looked like it was a bit to fragile to carry so many papers at once.

"Sorry," he mumbled, but she didn't budge. Amazement took over her.

"Mr. Edgeworth…" she blurted out. Like Phoenix, he had obviously aged, but he still looked youthful for a man of thirty-four.

He looked at her, confusion clearly in his face. Ema could only flush in embarrassment. Of course the man didn't remember her. It had been so long. Klavier just stared back and forth between the two from afar, it didn't seem like he was welcome at the moment.

"H-Hi Mr. Edgeworth," she stammered, "It's me, Ema. Ema Skye, do you remember? From ten years ago…" Please remember, was the only thing running through her mind.

"Ema?" he repeated after her. An exasperated smile finally came, "My you've grown. I thought you were Lana at first. I'm surprised. Tens years went by too quickly." A hint of humor was there—it seemed the darkness that haunted him was finally gone.

Though her face was still flushed at his presence, she smiled back.

"How is Lana doing?" Edgeworth asked out of sheer politeness.

"She's doing well. She called me recently. Lana says she's having a great time in Europe as a prosecutor." It was funny how her sister was still so glued to law. It was the only thing that suited Lana it seemed, even after she was let out of prison.

"That's good to hear. And how about yourself?" he glanced at her attire for a moment, "Judging from the lab coat your wearing, have become a forensic scientist?"

From that single question, she suddenly felt like turning around and running away—but she knew she had to answer honestly, even if it seemed like the answer would let him down in her eyes, "A-actually, I'm a homicide detective. I work here and everything."

"I see. Hopefully you're much more competent than Detective Gumshoe." Edgeworth faintly laughed at the inside joke between them. It brought another smile to Ema's nervous expression.

Suddenly, there was that awkward silence she really didn't need at the moment. Ema just wanted to crawl in a hole and never come back out.

"Ahh, I've finally found you Fräulein Detective." Klavier grinned standing next to her.

Ema jumped at the sound of his voice. When did he get here? More importantly: what was he doing here? If he was going to embarrass her in front of Mr. Edgeworth...let's just say he may never see the light of day again.

Klavier turned his direction towards Edgeworth, "So you must be the famed Herr Edgeworth."

"And you are Klavier Gavin, I assume?" Edgeworth didn't seem that amazed from the way he spoke.

"Glad you have heard of me. You are a legend in the office." Klavier said with much more enthusiasm than Edgeworth.

Ema noticed there was a hint of something else in his voice; rivalry maybe? Not that Edgeworth noticed.

"Thank you. I've heard quite a bit of you too, from Wright."

"Nothing from Fräulein Ema I suppose?" Ema elbowed him from the comment, but it was so fast that Edgeworth didn't even get a chance to see it especially with the innocent smile on her face, "Oww! Geez Detective, you don't have to be so rough. Save that for the apartment." He grinned.

Ema gave an appalled look—the heat on her face rising. Edgeworth raised an eyebrow.

"You two have a relationship?" he asked with a slightly curious tone. "You always seemed like the type to go with a prosecutor; especially with your history with Prosecutor Lana and Neil." Edgeworth gave a faint smile since he was happy for her, but Ema reacted differently than he would have expected.

"NO!" Ema protested childishly. She shot a glare towards Klavier. As soon as Mr. Edgeworth leaves, he was so dead.

"Haha, I'm just joking around with her." Klavier laughed.

"I see." Edgeworth seemed slightly monotonous in Klavier point of view, but Ema thought otherwise.

"You are so dead…" Ema whispered fiercely at Klavier.

"Aww, don't be like that, love." He was still keeping a smile on his face.

Edgeworth found their bickering slightly amusing, "Well, I should be going now. I promised I would go visit a friend of mine."

"It was great to see you again Mr. Edgeworth," she smiled, her eyes sparkled in admiration.

"You too, Ema. Say hello to Lana for me. And it was nice to meet you too Gavin."

"Right back at you, Herr Edgeworth."

Ema mused at the fact that Edgeworth looked so much more professional than the famed, Klavier Gavin. It just proved who was better.

As soon as Ema was sure Edgeworth was out of earshot, she turned to Klavier and gave her worst death glare yet. He flinched.

"You…" she had just remembered the embarrassment she faced in front of her beloved Edgeworth because of the stupid man in front her.

"What?" he tried to act confused but she could see right through it.

"Don't you play innocent on me you glimmerous fop!" Ema fumed, "You tried to make a fool out of me in front of Mr. Edgeworth!"

"He's not that great." Klavier rolled his eyes.

"Like you would know! He's much more superior to the likes of you." Her voice was full of confidence as she crossed her arms. It was getting rather chilly outside despite the summer weather during the afternoon.

"Sure he is Fräulein Detective." His voice was dripping with sarcasm.

"Well I don't need your opinion to know how great Mr. Edgeworth is." With that she walked away towards the parking lot.

He sighed with a smiled on his face. Ema was just too easy to anger.

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