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A Big Heart: Chapter 1

(Important A/N: Bella's disease isn't fake, but the symptoms are, I don't feel like looking up all the actual stuff so Im just going to make it up in the next chapters! So don't remark on it please! Thanks! :D oh and also I changed bella's car.

When I was since I was five I lived in Forks with my brother Emmett and dad Charlie. I also had great friends. My best friend was Edward Cullen, and his sister. Emmett was dating Rosalie Hale, twin sister to Jasper who was dating Alice. It is all kind of confusing in a way. My life was fantastic back then, that was until it all changed when I turned twelve.

I was diagnosed with having too big of a heart, which means if I my heart beat excels I pump to much blood and vomit it up. Yes, that is sick, but that's not all. If it got so bad I had a chance of having a severe stroke or heart attack. And since all the treatments I need weren't in Forks, I had to move to Phoenix with my mother, to get them there. It was the worst thing I had to endure to leave my life in Forks, leaving everyone and everything I loved. Not only was it that, I didn't tell them the true reason why. I only told Charlie and Emmett, making sure Emmett swore not to tell anyone. I didn't want them to know, not now and not ever. When and if I returned I didn't want them to know, or else they would treat me differently, that I knew for sure.

So, now I am at the age of seventeen, and I found out I don't need my treatments in the hospital anymore. I only have to take my daily and nightly pills, and on the occasion a inhaler. So that means I finally get to go back to Forks. So, at the moment I am packing to finally return to my previous and dearly missed life. Especially to Edward, my personal bronze haired angel. I, luckily got to call him my best friend.

The only thing was, was that Edward and I lost touch during our eighth grade year. We just never wrote or called each other anymore. So, hopefully when I returned he would be the same old shy Edward. Besides Emmett he was the one I missed the most. We had each other to keep company during the school days. We were technically loners, besides talking to Alice every now and then. We usually kept to ourselves because we knew what we were, geeks. But I loved being able to have Edward to myself, no one else could enjoy his sarcasm and smart-ass jokes.

I finally finished packing, it took only two suitcases and a few boxes. I set all my baggage outside my door and headed downstairs. Renee, my mom, was waiting for me in there.

"I am done packing." I told her. I went to the fridge to get some milk.

"Honey, Bella, are you sure you can handle this? Or more than that, are you sure that Charlie can handle it? I mean, not that anything is wrong with your father, but it seemed like you took care of both Emmett and Charlie down there before and well you are the one in need of care this time." She said with a worried expression.

"Yes mom, and I have already talked to Charlie, he has everything prepared. And I mean everything, even more than needed." I assured her.

"Well alright. I will go get your bags, but would you mind carrying the boxes?" She asked.

My mom was always worrying about me 'over doing it' like carrying or technically rolling suitcases would give me a heart attack.

"Mom, I am seventeen, I can carry my own bags." I implied.

"Well I know, but cant I just do this one last thing for you?" She gave me a pleading look, also a hint of sadness.

"Ugh, fine." I sighed."Mom, I will be fine."

And with that we grabbed my things and loaded that into the car. We decided we would drive there since is wasn't so far and we needed to do one last thing together before I was gone.

The car ride wasn't so bad, I mainly slept. It was the side effect of my pills I take every Friday.

We pulled up to my dad's and I was already excited. But, I was careful not to take it to far, the last thing I needed was to react and end up puking up blood and my mom deciding this wasn't a good idea.

My mom honked the horn twice, letting Charlie and Emmett know that we had arrived.

Before I knew it my bear of a brother ran outside, opened my door, pulled me out and embraced me into a bear hug.

"Bella!" He yelled. "I missed you, you have no idea!" He started skaking us side to side.

"Em, I cant breath!" I said jokingly. He let me go and was smiling ear to ear.

"Glad your back twerp" He winked at me, and walking to the trunk to grab the largest of my suitcases.

"Hey kid" suddenly I was pulled into another hug. Only not so suffocating as the first. I didn't even hear Charlie come out. Then I heard the door open and close, Emmett must have already got to the door with my suitcases he had.

"Hey dad" He pushed me back a little to take a look at me.

"Still my little Bells" He and Edward were the only ones allowed to call me that.

"Thanks dad" I chuckled lightly.

"Well let's get you indside. You coming in Renee?" He put an arm around my shoulder and turned slightly into Renee's direction.

"No, I really have to be getting back, Are you sure you can handle this?" she asked.

"Of coarse I can" He answered with a huff.

"Alright, bye Bella honey. Stay safe and don't over due it!" She said.

"I love you mom!" I yelled and waved at her.

"Bye Bella, I love you so much!" He sounded like she was almost crying. I felt kind of guilty for leaving her.

I was snapped out of my thought by suddenly getting my feet lifted off the ground.

"Emmett!" I shouted in protest.

"You heard your mom, you cant over due it." He said with a smile.

"Oh my." I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at him.

"Emmett.."Charlie began.

"Oh, its no big deal." Emmett winked at me. I couldn't help but laugh.

We finally got into the house. It was the same as I had left it. Thank God. I was hoping nothing had changed, and it didn't. I sighed in relief.

"Well Bells, Emmett said he wanted to show you your room so…" He said.

"Okay." I was still in Emmett's arms.

"Emmett, can you please put me down?" I asked irritated.

"Yeah sure kid." He set me down. I used to hate when he called me kid, but it made me feel at home now.

"Follow me" He grab the handles of my two suitcases, and I grabbed the two boxes.

I didn't know why he had to show me my room, I knew where it was. But maybe he just wanted to make me feel at home like I already was.

"Here we are." He said while opening the door.

it didn't look the way I had left it But I liked it this way because it wasn't so kiddy. My walls were still their same white, but my wall paper around the edges of my ceiling were gone. And all my stuffed animals I had set on the bed. Also, I still had the same quilt, but it was on a larger queen bed rather then a twin.

"Do you like what we kind of changed?" Emmett asked.

"Yeah, its not so kiddy as it was."

"Yepp. I gave the idea to Charlie about changing it a little, he agreed." I winked at me again.

"Thank you, really. But do you mind, some privacy while I unpacked?"

"Sure thing little sis" With that he left the room.

While I unpacked I thought of a bunch of memories I had in this room. Mainly of myself and Edward. Like when we first kissed. I remember we wanted to be each other's first kiss so we had one of 

us dare the other so it wasn't so weird. I ended up daring him to kiss me. I also remembered when Edward was losing his first tooth. We decided to try the whole doorknob trick. It worked, only Edward ended up crying from the pain. I ended up crying because I felt it was my fault since I was the genius who came up with the plot. I laughed, those were two of my favorites. I also remember when me and Edward were having one of our stare contests of many. Charlie walked in, and I guess we were sitting really close together because then he started yelling at us and say stuff like, "What are you two doing?! I trust you two to be up here alone, and this is what I find? And next time leave the door open Bella! Don't you be doing anything inappropriate!" I laughed, he took it so weirdly, maybe we looked like we were going to kiss but, Im not sure. We spent the next ten minutes explaining what we were doing. It was one of those bizarre situations where it is blown out of proportion. Then I just thought about how much I missed Edward.

My thoughts were interrupted by My dad coming in,

" hey Bells, I know you probably don't want to cook or anything, but would you mind? Emmett just split his finger open cutting up potatoes, so I have to take him to get stitches." I laughed.

"Sure dad, I don't mind" I really didn't, I finally felt like I was needed, not the one who needed someone else.

"Thanks Bella" He winked and left my room.

"BYE BELLA!" I heard Emmett yell.

When I got downstairs to see what to cook, I saw a big puddle of blood next to a knife and a partially sliced potato.

"Oh god." I plugged my nose and walked over their, I then grabbed a bottle of bleach from under the sink and wiped the scene up making sure I got all of it.When blood was involved, that was my routine.

"Yuck." I then walked over the freezer, then the cupboard, then the fridge trying to look for something to cook. There was nothing. Then something caught my eye, a note on the counter.

I read it:

Hey bells,

Well we don't have anything that you would really be able to cook so maybe you should take your new car! And go to the grocery store. The money and the key to the truck are well, in the truck. We don't be back until later, so if we aren't home by the time you are finished just put it in the fridge.

Love, Dad.

Well alright then, I guess I am going to the store. I grabbed my jacket that was hanging on the hook and headed outside. There it was, in its glory. It was just a simple two door white Honda. I immediately loved it. When I got in the keys and the money were in the drivers seat, along with a note from Emmett that said 'Have fun. Wear your seatbelt.' To my surprise, the truck started easily, and I was off.

When I got to the grocery store I noticed that it hadn't changed either, again thank god. I started by grabbing a cart and circling the entire store. I got a lot of healthy food like broccoli and such, and some other sugar filled substances for Emmett. I was then ready to checkout.

Once I reached the checkout I thought I recognized the clerk. I studied her pixie like features

For a minute, then it hit me, Alice! I quickly entered the lane. My plan devised already.

"Hello, did you find everything alright?" She asked.

"Yes I did, thank you Alice." I smiled at her.

She looked at me for a minute, studying me like I had her, and then I saw it click on her face.

"Bella?!" She was smiling a 100-watt smile, I returned it.

"Oh my god!" She squeled. "Oh my god, why didn't you tell me you were coming home?! Are you staying?" She asked.

"Yes, I moved back, I don't know, I wanted to surprise you all. But I wasn't expecting you to work here!" I said happily.

"Yeah, I don't either, the only reason I am really is for the pay, it is really good." She said while scanning out my items.

"Oh Alice?"


"Don't tell anyone I am back, please"

"Yeah sure, I won't, promise. I would want to surprise them too!" She said still smiling.

She then finished and gave me my total. We would have kept chatting but there was someone after me and I really had to go cook dinner. We quickly made up a plan to have dinner at her place, to surprise everyone, then I left her to her work.

When I got outside, I noticed there was a Volvo set in front of my trunk. Normally I wouldn't care, but there was no way all this food was going to fit in the backseat and in the passenger seat. I needed the trunk space too. So, I decided to stay there for a minute or two, hoping the driver would leave, but of course no.

Leaning into the driver's window was a skinny blonde, talking to the driver. This could be a while.

I really needed to get going! I had dinner to cook for God sakes! So I waited a few more minutes, then got fed up. I rolled my cart over to my car and squeezed it in between mine and someone else's car, then walked over to the two having the conversation.

"Excuse me, but do you mind?" I said a little annoyed."Could you please move your car? I cant get into my trunk." I settled my voice so it didn't sound so irritated.

"You have a backseat" The male driver said. I still couldn't see his face because the blonde was in the way.

"Anyways, you know you look really cute, I love blondes. They always do it better." The driver said seductively. I knew by his voice he couldn't be any older than me.

Who did he think he was?! I am going to blow a casket! I could feel my heart rate rising so I tried to calm myself. And plus, blondes do it better? Yeah right, hair color doesn't have anything to do with it.

"Could you please move! I need to get going before my food spoils!" I practically yelled.

"Get some patients there bitch." The blonde said. She didn't even look at me when she said it.

"Okay, seriously move your shitty ass car!" I usually never swore, but this was too much.

I was so angry my fists were curled up into tight balls, I was furious and impatient. I didn't need this!

Then the blonde said to the driver what I think was paper, "Call me"

"Sure will beautiful" Okay, first of all, what a sleeze ball, I mean flirting in a grocery store parking lot? Come on.

The blonde then moved from the window, glared at her as she walked away.

"Thanks brunette," He spat, "You ruined my game." I turned my attention back to him.

I then got a good look at him, and this was definitely not the person I expected to see, not in a million years. What the hell? Now I knew my heart was beating too fast. I needed to calm down.

"Oh my god…"

Who do you think it was?? Haha, as if it weren't easier.

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