Hi… this is my first attempt at a fan fiction… I truly hope you like reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I am a huge Charmed fan and in my quest to find out about future Charmed books being published. I discovered fan fiction (yeah, I know it hard to believe that people don't know about it, but I really did not) anyway now I am hooked!

After reading many of the stories I got the idea to try to write one. It's been a long time since I've written anything, but I thought I would give it a try. I really had no intention of even submitting the story to the site, but as the adventure unfolded I changed my mind and decided to post the first couple chapters and get a reaction.

As you review be honest (I can cry in my own home you'll never see me) but please remember I'm not a writer, I just like to write ( I forgot how much) and I love Charmed and now I'm caught up in the fan fiction frenzy.

I really try to respect the cannon of Charmed. Why mess with a good thing.

But Leo with no powers, give me a break… The charmed ones and the most magical children ever without a white lighter (how dumb did Brad think we were.)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the CHARMED characters. I just love and miss them.

Thank you, Constance Burge for developing a wonderful cast of characters and adventures.

Chapter 1

A Normal Life

Beep…..Beep…Beep... Beep … Oh my god whatever the source of the horrible noise, is I swear I'll blow it to smithereens. Was the first thought in Piper Halliwell's, brain as her conscious mind, began to wake from the deep sleep, she was in only to realize that it was her alarm clock and not a demonic threat that had separated her from blissful sleep.

She sighed reached over and turned off the cause of the dreadful sound. Piper opened her eyes to see the time, it was 6:45 A.M. instinctively she knew her husband was already up and had gone to work at magic school, she frowned when she looked at Leo's side of the bed and it was empty she hated waking up alone, she pushed the blankets, off her body and stood to face the day.

Piper stood looking at her own reflection in the mirror as she brushed her teeth; it seemed strange to look at the mature looking woman, looking back at her. It seemed like just yesterday the Phoebe, had coined them SHW("Single Hot Witches") in reality it certainly was longer than yesterday since she and her sisters, found out that they were the "Charmed Ones" whose destiny it was to save the world from evil and protect innocents along the way. As she peered closer to her reflection she could see a few tiny lines around her eyes.

This must be my imagination, thought Piper I can't possibly be getting crow's feet because I'm still a MHW (Married Hot Witch) she hoped her husband, thought so too. She turned off the light and went to wake the boys for school.

Piper opened the door to the bedroom, which was shared by her son's Wyatt and Chris they were both sleeping peacefully without a care in the world and for that she was grateful. She knew that before long there destiny's would begin to unfold and that the great evil of their generation would rear its ugly head and put her children in unthinkable danger, but for now they were living demon free at least demon free as possible for a Halliwell .

"Morning Boys" she said as she walk past the bunk beds that were against the wall. She smiled when she thought about the great bed debate. She did not want to buy bunk beds she thought bunk beds, were unsafe just plain normal twin beds would be fine after all the beds were just for sleeping.

Wyatt and Chris really wanted the bunk beds and she was so set against it she kept telling them no.

When it was time to go to the furniture store and pick out the beds. Leo took her hand and walked over to the section where all the bunk beds were. "Explain to me what is wrong with bunk beds, what are you so afraid of?" asked Leo grabbing Piper her other hand and looking right into her eyes.

Already getting the sinking feeling she was going to lose this battle she snapped "duh…. Leo, Chris will break his neck you see the way he wants to climb up and jump off everything already. 'I'm scared they will get hurt!"

"Piper, they will have so much fun look at this one it's like a fort "Said Leo pointing to a rustic looking bed.

Piper eyed the bed as she remembered the whispers that her "little angels" were having with their father before leaving the manor this afternoon.

"Piper I know you want to protect them but, boys have to be boys and that includes climbing and jumping." Said Leo with that sweet little boy smile that always got to her.

"Is that so?" she said arching one eyebrow at him as he as seen her do a million time before.

"Yes, it's true, but I have another good reason that the boys should have buck beds. "Confirmed Leo

"Just what might that be?" asked Piper looking into her husband's handsome face.

"If there is a demon attack it will be much easier for Wyatt to protect both himself and Chris with his shield if they are together than if Chris, is on the other side of the room. "Explained Leo .

At that moment Piper could not have loved her husband more! He had been able to calm her fears, please her children all while thinking of their safety.

He knew that battle was won when she crossed her arms and tilted her head and said "Chris is on the bottom bunk and that's finial".

Leo laughed at his wife's, coy smile "that's fine honey." he said as he put his arms around his beautiful wife and kissed her on the forehead.

"Alright, boys it's time to get up" Piper said to her son's as she opened up the curtains, to allow the morning sun, to flood the room, with light the same way her mother and grandmother had done years before.

"Just 5 more minutes mom, please" begged Piper's oldest son who was looking more like his father every day.

Wyatt had the same beautiful green eyes and thick and unruly blond hair as Leo and his mother's aversion to mornings.

"Okay, 5 minutes" she said as she pulled his blanket down to the foot of the bed.

"Mom!" He yelled as he pulled the sheet over his head.

Piper's youngest son laughed at his brother's whining."Good morning Mommy." Chris said to his mother as she sat down on the bottom bunk next to him..

"Good morning peanut" answered Piper, as she looked into the face of her youngest child who always woke up happy.

He too had his father's eyes but he had dark brown hair and fair skin like his mother and he unlike his brother loved to get up early. Piper could not count the times that she had woken up to find Leo and Chris had already been up for hours. They would be watching cartoons or just talking and hanging out.

"Mom…." Chris said with a smile and a groan you're not supposed to call me that anymore."

"Oh that's right I forgot" Piper told him "it's just that you have always been my little peanut"

"It's alright mom" he said with pure love in his eyes "but don't forget in front of my friends okay. "Asked Chris "okay buddy, you got it." Piper told her youngest son as she stood up.

Chris jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom.

Piper reached up to grab the sheet that Wyatt had clung to as he begged for a few minutes more of sleep.

"It's time to get up mister." said Piper

Her oldest son replied with another grown.

"Wyatt its Friday you can sleep in tomorrow" said his mother as she walked out of the bedroom.

Knowing it was no use to fight it any longer Wyatt, sat up on the side of the bed. He sat there for just a second, he just started to jump off the bed when he heard his mother's voice from the hallway.

"You better be using that ladder Wyatt Mathew."

Wyatt sighed, rolled his eyes and looked at his brother who had just walked back into the bedroom. "How did she know?" he asked

Chris just shrugged his shoulders and said "I don't know... she is a mom they know everything."

Piper who had heard Chris's answer to Wyatt's question smiled to herself as she continued walking down the stairs.

Maybe she had her normal life after all!