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Chapter 15

Making Muffins.

Somewhat restless Leo tried to get comfortable he was grateful the room was dark. He moved his hand to small alarm clock and silently begged he would have at least another hour to sleep. The lighted LED numbers did not disappoint as 4:54 stared back at him in neon blue.

Normally Leo loved to get up early he loved to meet the day in the early hours when it was new and not hurried. But since he and Piper had just laid down at about 1:00 o'clock Leo felt justified to sleep until at least 6:30 A.M when Piper's alarm would go off for the first time.

He had already decided he was not going to go to magic school today because of the demon that was literally looming around the city.

Leo turned over to put his arm around his wife knowing the comfort of her in his arms would help him relax so that he could get some more sleep. He was startled to find the she was not there he listened momentarily for sounds from their bathroom but heard none.

More that a little concerned he immediately got up and went to Wyatt and Chris's room he found the door open, the boys fast a sleep and the small light on the dresser turned on, but no sign of Piper.

Leo decided to check the attic for his wife wondering if something had transpired with the demon since they went to bed. Before he could turn to walk up the attic stairs he heard a noise coming for the kitchen.

Quietly he walked down the steps to investigate. He walked into the kitchen and could not have been more surprised. The kitchen had been turned into a bakery with his wife as head baker.

Despite the fact he was dead tired and at a complete loss at what his wife was doing he could not help but smile. Piper's hair was piled and clipped on the top of her head with strands sticking out everyway she was still wearing the necklace Paige had made for her. There was flour on her dark blue tank top and pajama bottoms. She looked adorable.

"Piper, honey what are you doing?" asked Leo startling his wife as he unintentionally did many times.

Regaining her composure from Leo's unexpected appearance Piper took a deep breath and said "I'm making muffins."

"Obliviously" said Leo not hiding his sarcasm "Why exactly are you making muffins at 5:00 o'clock in the morning?"

"For the bake sale." said Piper offering no other comment.

"Of course… for the bake sale." replied Leo sardonically nodding his head now looking around the entire kitchen seeing what looked like several dozens muffins. He knew baking or cooking in general was a stress reliever for her....but this was just a bit over the top even for her. "Piper you need to get some sleep!." insisted Leo knowing instantly his observation would not be welcomed.

"Leo what I need to do is make muffins." answered Piper sharply rolling her eyes "I promised our sons that I would make muffins for the school bake sale. Would you rather I let them down, just because there is a demon out there?" asked Piper.

Leo was not sure if she was trying to pick a fight of if she was going to cry for the last two days it could be either.

"Do you have to make so many?" he asked confident that no other mother was making this many muffins for the bake sale and he was pretty dammed sure even if they were they were not making them at 5:00 O'clock in the morning.

"I don't care about other mothers!" confirmed Piper louder than she meant to. "I was trying to figure out how to save the world from yet another ultimate evil last night when other mothers were doing there baking; now wasn't I?

"What?" asked Leo with wide eyes surprised at her intuitiveness? He was most definitely going to talk to the Elders about the apparent change in Piper.

"That's what you were going to say right?" asked Piper with a glare as she spooned the last of the batter into the pan.

"I just think you might be obsessing or over compensating!" said Leo honestly as he rubbed if fingers through his hair. "Couldn't we have just bought some?"

Piper turned to look at him and the flash he seen in her brown eyes was a silent warning that she did not want to continue the conversation.

Piper opened the oven door and slid muffin pan onto the middle rack, and started to clean up. Normally she was very tidy and cleaned as she cooked but this morning the only thing she could focus on was completing her mission of 4 dozen blueberry and 4 dozen banana nut muffins.

Leo decided to make some coffee after all if there were dozens of freshly baked muffins in his kitchen maybe just maybe he would actually be able to have one. Leo poured the water into the coffee maker and watched the machine begin its process.

He wondered why he was making coffee he didn't even like coffee he drank it yes, but liked it no. He rarely drank it before he started working at the manor with the charmed ones, but the hot bitter liquid was an addiction of the Halliwell sisters. Piper and Phoebe and occasionally Pure offered it to him so often that drinking it became somewhat of a habit.

"Leo" called Piper.

"Yes, what do you need?" answered Leo as he turned around to see that Piper had cleared one side of the kitchen table.

"Sit down and have a muffin while it still warm." Said Piper with a sincere smile. "Thanks for making the coffee I really need some."

Leo stood still for a moment and watched his wife move about the kitchen returning things to the proper place. He knew she was worried about the demon but he suspected that there was something more, and it had nothing to do with muffins.

"I don't want to talk about it." Said Piper emphatically hoping her husband would not push her, at least not yet.

"I know." Replied Leo knowing she was referring to her confrontation with Billie. He wanted to help her but he knew she was going to have to deal with her new found realizations about Billie on her own before she be able to talk about it.

Piper walked to the table with a glass and a gallon of milk. "Come on." she said with a smile looking at Leo knowing she had no right to be upset with him and feeling guilty she had snapped his head off.

"What makes you think I want a glass of milk?" asked Leo smiling back at her as he sat down at the kitchen table and happily accepted the bakery.

Piper rolled her eyes ignored his question after all she knew him as well as he knew her. She poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down at the table with her husband.

"Why is the light on in the boy's room?" asked Leo knowing it was not on when he went to bed three short hours ago.

"Chris had nightmare." replied Piper looking as though she could fall asleep right there.

Leo wanted to ask more about the nightmares and he would but right now he really needed to convince Piper to lie down at least for a little while she had been a wake for nearly 24 hours.

The sound of the timer going off on the stove caused Piper stand up and walked to the stove and removed the last two pans of muffins form the oven and sat them on the counter to cool.

"Okay can you please quit now" begged Leo "If you tell me what else you need to do I'll do it."

"You need sleep too" said Piper ignoring his offer to help "I can go to sleep after the boys go to school"

"Piper I'm not going to work today, I'm staying here until we know what we are up against." answered Leo not wanting to admit he was very concerned about the energy disruption on the Leylines "Please just go lie down at least for a while I'll get the boys off to school."

"Okay just for a couple hours." said Piper quietly as she got up and headed to the sink with her empty cup. She was glad he was going to be home with her.

"They have to be up no later than 7:00 o'clock the bus will be here at 8:15." said Piper

Leo knew precisely how long it took the boys to wake up and get ready as well as what time the bus arrived but he let Piper give him instructions anyway.

Piper walked out of the kitchen with Leo close behind instead of heading up the stairs she walked to the couch and motioned for Leo to join her.

"I thought I could just sleep here until the boys go to school." Said Piper "Leo… I want to see them before they leave I have to." she added.

Leo sat down on the end of the couch. Piper immediately stretched out and laid her head on her husbands lap.

Leo quickly removed the claw like clip that held Piper's long brown hair letting her hair spill over her face. He moved the locks from her face and gently rubbed her head trying to help her relax.

"I'll call Michelle Miller and ask her to pick up the muffins." said Piper as she moved her head enjoying the attention that her husband was giving her. "She is over seeing the sale, anyway."

Leo recognized the name as their neighbor and one of Piper's least favorite people she was also the president of the Parent Teacher Organization.

"You must be more exhausted than I thought" said Leo with a chuckle as he continued to run his fingers through Piper's hair "If you are voluntary inviting Michelle to the manor."

"I'm not inviting her in." admitted Piper through closed eyes.

After just a short while Piper became very still and her breathing quite. Leo knew she had finely surrendered to sleep. After a little while he eased off the couch and placed a pillow under Piper's head and covered her with crocheted throw that Grams had made that was on the back of the couch.

Leo decided if he was going to stay awake on three hours sleep he had better revive himself with a shower.

The shower had done its job. Leo felt better and more alert but, he knew it was going to be a long day. He looked at his watch as he walked out of the closet past the unmade barely slept in bed and decided to make it. After fluffing the pillow that he knew his beautiful with would re-fluff the second she walked into the room. He picked up his wallet and cell phone turned off the light and headed to his son's room.

Leo walked into Wyatt and Chris's room and checked his watch again realizing he could let them sleep for just a little longer.

He turned off the lamp that Piper had turned on when his youngest son had had a nightmare. Leo wondered if the nightmare was brought on by all of the demon talk that had occupied everyone's thoughts since yesterday.

Sitting down in the comfortable chair that was pushed against the wall directly in front of the bunk beds Leo could not help but smile at his sleeping children.

He could not possibly count the times he had simply sat and watched them sleep he could do it for hours when they were babies and he could do it now.

Leo watched his youngest son turn over and slowly start to wake himself up."Christopher" called Leo softly not wanting to jar him awake.

"Dad why are you here?" asked Chris quickly while sitting up on the bed "Where is Mommy?"

Touched by Chris concern for his mother Leo stood up and walked to the bed and sat down by his son on the bottom bunk.

"Your Mother is fine Chris, she is downstairs." reassured Leo "She stayed awake really late so she fell asleep on the couch."

"She slept in my bed last night" offered Chris "after I had my bad dream."

"I know she did buddy." replied Leo not really wanting Chris to think about the nightmare before school, although he desperately wanted to know more about it.

"Wyatt wake up Dad's home" yelled Chris to his sleeping brother as he got out of his bed. "He's always a sleepy head."

Leo laughed at Chris description of his brother, and noticed that his oldest son almost instantly responded to his brother voice by raising his head and looking around.

Wyatt showed no strong desire to jump out of bed but he did wake up at his brother's call. Watching there bond as brothers get stronger was comforting to Leo as he knew that the bond would likely save their lives in the future.

"Dad are you home because of the demon?" Asked Wyatt rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

Leo considering his words carefully for various reasons including not wanting to scare Chris said "I stayed home to help your mother I may be home for a few days." Leo hoped the simple response would be enough.

"Your mom made muffins for your bake sale" Leo told his sons "You can have one for breakfast."

"Blueberry" questioned Wyatt lifting up his head again.

"Yes blueberry" replied Leo "Chris she made your favorite too."

"Come on lets get going" said Leo urging the boys to get up "You can have a muffin for breakfast and your Mom wants to talk to you before school."

Leo responded to the doorbell hoping the sound would not wake Piper whom had fallen back asleep after the boys left for school and opened the heavy wood and glass door of the Manor expecting it to be Michelle Miller their neighbor.

Michelle and her now ex-husband and twins had moved in across the street about four years ago.

Leo had befriended the young couple and encouraged a friendship between couple's children and Wyatt and Chris.

Piper adores Seth and Samantha, Michelle and Allen's 6 year old twins she never liked Michelle very much. Her dislike was only magnified by Michelle constant flirting with Leo.

Leo had no interest in Michelle or any other woman what so ever, Piper was the love of his life. Nevertheless, he would confess he got an ego boost from Piper's reaction anytime she seen him talking to Michelle.

Leo not actually trying to make his wife jealous usually avoided Michelle especially now that she was divorced because although he found her flirting amusing Piper did not.

Even with that in mind he decided to call her himself and asked if she would take the muffins that Piper had baked to the school for the fundraiser.

"Hi Michelle" said Leo "thanks for stopping by and doing this we really appreciate it."

"Oh Leo it's no trouble at all, I'm happy to help you" assured Michelle "Please feel free to ask me to assist you anytime."

"I wanted to talk to you anyway." said Michelle stepping closer to Leo flashing a beautiful smile. "I'm having an informal party this Saturday I would love it if you would stop by."

"Okay thanks, I'll let Piper know" said Leo as he handed her a tray of bakery hoping to get her out of the house before Piper woke up.

"Well… I know your wife is a very busy woman with her club and all. If you wanted to come by yourself that would be okay" Said Michelle.

Piper heard the voice of Michelle Miller and rolled her eyes as she sat up on the couch to look at her tramp neighbor who was hitting on her husband, the audacity of this woman! Does she not have any shame? No wonder her husband left her thought Piper.

Michelle was in her early thirties surmised Piper and quite beautiful she was almost as tall as Leo and had a great tanned body with her best features being her long muscular legs and big boobs. Her reddish blond hair touched her waist and she had beautiful light blue eyes; she was the quintessential California girl.

Piper trusted Leo unquestionably actually there was no one she trusted more. Yet she wondered if he was attracted to the young sexy divorcée.

"Just where is the little wife?" asked Michelle hoping the brunette was gone.

"She is sleeping." explained Leo "We had a family situation last night."

"Really…" asked Michelle with obvious curiosity in her voice "Is she still involved in all that homeland security stuff?"

Piper had had heard just about enough from her noisy tramp neighbor. She got up off the couch and walked toward the foyer.

"The little wife would love to tell you; but then she would have to kill you." Said Piper with a scathing look surprising both her husband and her neighbor.

Both of them looked at Piper in astonishment.

Leo looked nervously at Piper then back to Michelle "ha…ha she such a kidder." laughed Leo quickly picking up the last two trays of bakery "Maybe we should get these in your car?"

"Hello Piper" said Michelle obviously disappointed by Piper's arrival and not trying to hide it "Are you always this cranky when you wake up?"

"Excuse me?" growled Piper taking a quick predatory step toward her neighbor.

"Ah…, you have no idea" murmured Leo as he hurried Michelle out of the manor; he flashed Piper a smile as he closed the door.

"Are you freaking kidding me?" questioned Piper out loud to the empty manor.

Piper walked to the front of the manor pulled back the curtain and watched Leo as he placed the trays into Michelle's SUV. Just as he stepped away from her vehicle Michelle moved closer to Leo and flirtatiously licked her lips and laughed at something Leo had said as she lightly touched his face.

Leo started toward the manor but stopped and started talking to Michelle again. She put her hand on Leo's arm and playfully tugged him toward the front of her SUV.

Piper let the curtain fall into place and walked to the foyer and picked up her cell phone. She flipped open the phone and dialed Leo's number then effortlessly typed in a message and pressed send. Then with the most mischievous smile, Piper walked back to the window waited for a reaction.

Leo's phone rang he removed it from the small clip on his belt and was surprised when the caller Id said Piper. Leo opened the phone and the small window said you have a text message. He gave a strange glance to the house and pressed the button to retrieve the text which read.

If she touches U 1

More time I will

Blow her UP


Piper laughed out loud as she watched her husband snap his phone closed and step way out of Michelle's reach. He pointed toward his phone and told her he really had to deal with this call. "Thanks again for delivering the bakery." said Leo as he continued his stride toward the manor leaving Michelle standing in the street.

Leo opened the door to the manor and walked directly toward where Piper was standing he had seen her in the window when he was outside.

Leo crossed his arms over his chest and let out a heavy sigh and slowly nodded his head as if he was disappointed.

"Piper we have been through this before you can not blow up an innocent." said Leo in a condescending tone doing his best to act serious.

"Oh…Don't you dare…Piper me. She does not have an innocent bone in her body." replied the feisty witch a little more sarcastic then usual as if that was even possible, pointing her finger at Leo. "And you know it!"

"Piper…" said Leo wondering if she really was jealous.

"Leo" replied Piper "I had just about all of her I'm going to take."

"Ignore her Piper" said Leo as he pulled his wife into his arms and held her close.

"Do you think she's pretty?" asked Piper softly wondering if she really wanted the answer "she's young and has a great body."

Continuing to holding his wife in a tight embrace knowing her emotions were still out of kilter and she was sleep deprived and worried about the new demonic threat .

"She is okay I guess" replied Leo softly "but she is not my type."

"Oh yeah, what's your type" asked Piper looking up into Leo's striking green eyes.

"Petite neurotic brunettes" respond Leo with his trademark smile.

"Great answer" replied Piper as she stood on her tippy toes to kiss her husband reminding herself just how lucky she was that he was hers.

"It's the truth" said Leo softly as he picked up his wife and orbed them to their bedroom.

Leo sat Piper down on there bed and ordered her to lay back and try to relax.

"No… Leo I slept we have to start trying to figure out this demon." said Piper sitting up on the side of the bed "I can't relax besides I have to call Phoebe and Paige will be here soon. I need to finish cleaning up the kitchen and you need to see what Billie found out."

Ignoring his wife's rambling Leo picked up his alarm clock and changed the alarm setting so that it would go off in two hours. He kicked off his shoes without untying them something he rarely did and laid down on the bed.

Moving toward the center of the bed he used one arm to grab Piper around the waist and pull her down on the bed next to him he swung his leg over hers to insure she would not escape.

Holding her close Leo kissed her on the head and whispered in her ear "there are ways of making you relax!"

"Really…" said Piper smiling and allowing her self to snuggle closer to Leo she had to admit that lying in her husbands arms in their bed was more appealing than looking for a demon. " What about Paige?"

"She called and said she would be here about 12:30 she is going to talk to the elders about the little Henry. Remember? " answered Leo not relinquishing his hold on Piper "Come on Piper, I set the alarm for two hours lets just get a little more sleep."

She turned toward her husband and laid her head on his chest.

"I'm scared Leo!" Piper reluctantly admitted "We are out of practice what if we can't defeat it."

Leo sighed with some relief he knew now that Piper acknowledged how she felt she would be better able to vanquish the threat.

"We will handle it together just like we always do, right after we get some sleep" Replied Leo "I promise!"

Piper closed her eyes and allowed the sound of Leo's beating heart to relax her until she fell asleep.

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