Sohma Kyo.

My cousin.

And the outcast of the Sohma family.

I hated him. I've always hated him. Ever since the days when I was still at the main estate. Over the years, my hatred for him grew.

But what right do I have to call him an outcast? It's not just me, but all those placed under the curse, have been trying to break it for so long. All attempts were unsuccessful.

I thought he was completely useless. There was no way he would've been able to break the curse when even the great Mabudachi trio couldn't. I was wrong. With three words, he managed to set free. The curse on him was gone, and so were those on the other Sohmas.

We were both unwanted children.

Nobody talked to me. Nobody talked to him.

In more ways than one, we were alike.

And now, I realize that the hatred I felt for him was illusional, was feigned. It was just to cover up my own vulnerability, my own sorrow. I took my anger and despair out on him, the feelings that engulf me everyday, yet I keep it bottled up in the depths of my heart and conceal it with a smile.

The truth is, I love him.

As a cousin. As a friend.

As someone that can finally, truly understand me.