a/n: This is my first time writting, so please forgive my errors…and also please forgive all my spelling errors, english is not my first language. So aside from that, I hope you all like my story. Thank you.



"I´ll come back"

"Hah, it´s not up to you now is it?"

"I will"

"What makes you so sure that you will? Maybe you haven´t realized this but, even though you don´t act like it, you´re still a kid. You have to do what your parents tell you to do. And right now they are telling you that you are moving. And not coming back."

"Ok. Well, maybe it will take me a while. But I will come back."

"Why? Why would you come back? Why are you telling me this?! You have NO reason to come back! Your grandparents are going with you, your best friend promised to visit you as much as possible, you told me you no longer have a crush on HER, and it cannot be your sense of responsiblity seing as you have solved every single problem in this town."

"Not every problem."


"Not every problem. I still haven´t solved one problem in this town."

"Oh for...ok. Which problem haven´t you solved. Which one would cause you sooo much trouble that it would make you come back? And did i already ask why you were talking to me about this and not your best friend?"

"Because it´s you."

"What´s me?"

"You´re the problem."


"Oh, this is great! So you think I´m a problem?! What the hell is that supposed to mean?! HUH?! Why am I a problem?? What did I do to this town to be a problem so BIG that the great arn"

"Not the town´s."


"Not the town´s. Just mine...you are my problem."

"Just yours"


"Great...and aren´t you solving this problem by moving out of town? Isn´t leaving me here solving it?"

"No, it´s only making it worse. That´s why I have to come back"

"Why would leaving make it worse? Generaly when someone has a problem with a person, moving away from said person solves the problem."

"Not this time. That isn´t the way to solve it."

"Then what is the way to solve it?"

"I...I don´t know yet. But I know that moving away will not solve it, it will only make it worse...So I have to come back."

"...you won´t. You will forget all about your problem as soon as you settle in the next town. You´ll see. Moving away will solve it, it will make you forget."

"I won´t"

"Yes, you will"

"Can one forget how to breath?"


"I wont forget you...just like I can´t forget how to breath. I will come back, and I will solve you."

"Ok then, what if you take forever? And I´m no longer here? What then?"

"I´ll find you, if I take forever to get back then I´ll search the ends of the earth for you...and then I´ll solve you."


"I´ll come back."

"...ok, I´ll wait."

"Just don´t take forever football head."