Peter is the High King of Narnia, but he and Susan are NOT related in my story. Susan is an ordinary girl who Aslan foresees destined to be ruling alongside the King. Prince Caspian, who will shortly become crowned as King of the Telmarines, has never met Susan before but instantly finds himself attracted to her when they meet in awkward circumstances. Susan finds herself stuck in the middle of two Kings, rivaling for her love…

Note: It's been three months since the battle between the Narnians and Telmarines. High King Peter had come to Caspian's aid and gathered up an army of Narnians to help defeat Caspian's uncle and win back his right to rule the throne. Peter didn't really care about the outcome of whether or not Caspian became King of the Telmarines. He only wanted to prove his worth to Narnia, and remain their trusted King. So to say the least, Caspian and Peter are not friends and hope to never cross paths again.


It was a warm sunny afternoon in Narnia, and Prince Caspian was out taking advantage of the lovely weather. He was riding his horse through the woods, enjoying the feeling of the wind whipping across his face and blowing through his hair. He loved to escape the castle whenever he had time off from his busy schedule. In a couple of weeks, he would be officially crowned King and there was a lot to be organised for his coronation ball.

Caspian was so caught up in his thoughts that he almost didn't hear the high pitched scream which sounded nearby. He darted through the trees, arriving at the scene to find a young woman pinned down by a savage grey wolf. It was about to sink its sharp blood thirsty teeth into her, when Caspian quickly jumped off his horse, reached for a dagger from his boot and threw it straight into the wolf's neck. The young woman screamed again as the wolf dropped lifelessly onto her body. Caspian rushed over and lifted the filthy creature off her.

"Good heavens!" He gasped, eyeing the dead animal before him.

He was about to turn back around to face the young woman, when she called out "Freeze!"

Caspian slowly turned his head around and noticed that the young woman was now standing with a bow and arrow aimed directly towards him. He turned his head away from her and raised his arms up, feeling very confused as to why this woman would be trying to kill him after he had just saved her life.

"Look, I am not going to hurt you..."

But she cut him off, yelling out "Get down on the ground, now!"

He immediately obliged to her command, not wishing to have an arrow lodged through his body. Just as he had done so, another wolf had lunged out of the bushes behind him, and the young woman shot the creature straight in the chest, killing it instantly.

Caspian rolled over and sat up in total shock. "You saved my life…" He said, staring in awe at the second deceased wolf.

"Well, you saved mine. So now we're even" She replied.

Caspian finally stood up and turned to have a good look at the young woman standing before him. She was truly beautiful. Her long dark brown hair was tied back into a braid, with a couple of loose strands flowing down against her neck. Her bright blue eyes stared back at him inquisitively, and her lips looked so delicate, moving in such a lovely way. Hold on, she's talking... Caspian snapped back to reality.

"Hello… Did you hear me? I said I really must be going now". She said in a beautiful sweet voice as she brushed leaves from her dark blue dress and picked up a brown bag from the ground.

"No wait, please. What is your name?" Caspian asked in an attempt to get her to stay.

"Susan" She stated, placing the bag over her shoulder.

"I am Caspian"

Her eyes suddenly grew wide and she covered her small creamy coloured hand over her mouth in shock.

"You're Prince Caspian?" She gasped.

He nodded and smiled at seeing the surprised look on her face.

"I'm so sorry" She said, holding her dress and curtsying. "I didn't recognise you… Well to tell you the truth I've never actually seen you in person. I mean, I've heard about what you look like from other people but I never imagined you to look so…" She trailed off, searching for words, while looking a little embarrassed.

Caspian raised an eyebrow and grinned, prompting her to finish the sentence. As she thought for a minute about which appropriate word to use to describe him, he couldn't help but admire her beautiful facial features.

"…Strong and… healthy" She finished, immediately covering her face with both hands and bursting out in laughter. She would have loved to have admitted that she thought he was absolutely gorgeous and handsome… but that wouldn't really be the right thing to say to the Prince. So instead 'Strong and healthy' came out? Well done Susan, she thought to herself.

When she lowered her hands from her face and stopped laughing, she realized that Caspian was just staring at her with a beautiful smile, seeming oblivious to what she had just said.

"So, where were you headed?" He asked after a moment of silence.

"Oh, I was just out for a walk. Enjoying this beautiful weather… Well that was until I was attacked. I didn't have enough time to reach for an arrow"

"But how did you know there was another one behind me?"

She pushed a few strands of hair away from her face and smiled. "I caught a glimpse of it creeping up while you were busy moving the other one. You're lucky I had my bow with me"

"Your aim and precision was perfect by the way. Whoever taught you must be an expert" Caspian smiled, noticing her cheeks turn a soft pinkish colour. It was then when he noticed blood seeping though the sleeve of her dress.

"You're bleeding" He stated rather concerned, as he walked over to her.

"Huh?" She replied looking down over her body and realizing all of a sudden that her arm actually hurt. "Oh my… I didn't even notice"

"May I take a look?" He asked, pulling a dagger from his boot. Her eyes grew wide in complete horror. "I need to cut the material… I hope you don't mind me ruining your dress"

"That's alright. It's an old dress anyway" Susan held out her arm for him.

He carefully cut the material away from her upper arm and examined it. Caspian winced at the sight of three claw marks, which were drawing blood. "You're going to need to see a healer…"

"I'll just go home and bandage it. I'll be fine" She assured him, taking her arm out of his grasp.

He looked at her for a moment, studying her sparking blue eyes. "Where are you from? I'll take you there on my horse"

"I appreciate your gesture but I'm sure I can make it back on my own"

Caspian reached into his pocket and pulled out a clean white handkerchief. "Ok. But please let me wrap this around your arm to stop the bleeding"

She nodded and took a step closer to him. Caspian gently wrapped the handkerchief around her arm and tied it into a knot. All of a sudden Susan lost her balance, and Caspian quickly reached out and grabbed her around the waist.

"Ooh dear... I feel a little lightheaded" She said, holding a hand up to her forehead.

"You're loosing quite a bit of blood" He stated quickly, sounding rather frightened. "Please let me take you back to my castle; you need to see a healer right away"

Susan nodded, starting to fall out of consciousness.

"Susan?" Caspian felt her giving way under his grip and held on tighter. She muttered something incoherent and then fell totally limp in his arms. "Susan!" He frantically lifted her onto the horse, positioned her in front of him so she was safe, held on and quickly galloped off towards the castle.