Basic Facts about The "Forget Me Not/ More or Less" Universe— No Spoilers

Basic Facts about The "Forget Me Not/ More or Less" Universe— No Spoilers

This is a list breaking down what is going on in my Faith & Spike & Connor Centered Spin-off. For The entire story go to "The Forget Me Not Series." For a list with spoilers go to "FGMN/More or Less: Basic facts with Spoiler list." For a summary of episodes go to "FGMN/More or Less" Summary of Episodes

The season starts off Post-"Chosen" BTVS and becomes an alternate Universe ATS Season 5. Spike has been working with Faith and the Scoobies on in Sunnydale on a closed Hellmouth upon Buffy's request. Spike rose from the dead and mysteriously Sunnydale rose again with him. It was decided that it was safer that Buffy jump dimensions in order to ensure that The First would not rise again. They have been working without Buffy for a year, and while no one considers her dead they can never see her again.

Willow was able to send Buffy to another dimension where Angel chose to stay with her and become human.

Angel and the fang gang have been working with their Wolfram and Hart resources for a year. Fred is still Fred. Wes still loves her, however he still has a hard time trusting Angel's choices particularly around Spike and Connor. He still is over-worked. He doesn't get off to a good start with Spike as in this universe their different styles of working with Faith put a huge wedge between them.

Robin Wood and Faith have decided to give the relationship a try as Faith wants to be a good Slayer now. Robin has decided Spike is a necessary evil that can help Faith fight. Faith takes her training with Spike very seriously. Neither of them has told Faith that Spike killed Robin's mother, a Slayer. So tensions are high to put it lightly

The Slayer Sharing Spell also had to be retracted in order to keep The Potentials safe as Buffy couldn't stay and guide them. This leaves Faith as the only Slayer.

It is revealed that when Buffy and Spike left the house during The Final Battle Faith decided to go to The Shadow-men (The Pre-Watcher's) and take more of the power that Buffy refused.

Faith thought the spell didn't work as it seemed to have no affect in her for a year but then a mysterious Shadow-like demon begins to rise out of her and kill every demon in its path when she is in distress during battle. After this demon rises out of her she becomes weak and tired.

As the demon seems to get stronger as it rises out of Faith every time Spike seems to have the ability to heal her by touching her and getting a fiery glow as he does so.

Connor's memories come back to him differently as he remembers who he is, and the wrong he did. It is also revealed that his little sister starts to remember her life without Connor and she becomes very scared and confused by this and this leaves Connor angry at Angel for manipulating him with magic.

The Rhoshobi Clan, a clan of Inter-dimensional demons that usually keep to themselves have a prophecy that most of the demons believe to be a doom prophecy about Faith and Spike. They believe that the "joining" of The Slayer and The vampire of the soul will bring about the end of their world. So, they are out to kill Faith and/or Spike.

Willow and Kennedy are still together and living in Sunnydale and Kennedy works closely with Faith.

Amanda The Potential never died and is good friends with Dawn and works with Faith.

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