Tsuchiura Ryotaro took a deep breath, savouring the sweet, sweet melody overwhelming his mind. Tsukimori Len's music.

At first, Tsuchiura thought that he was just some arrogant idiot that doesn't know when to stop when it came to his talent at music. But as time passed, he became more eager to hear it.

It's been going on for a month now. Tsuchiura would end practice early, and sneak off to his music room. He peered through the glass; his breath hitched. Tsukimori's slender fingers grasped the end of the violin firmly. The swaying of his bow was gentle, and his eyes were shut in concentration.

They opened after a while, as Tsukimori released his violin onto the piano top. His golden eyes surveyed the score, and then to his instrument. He grabbed it, and started to practice once more, his lips pursed in unsatisfaction.

He couldn't care less if I existed or not, I'm just another obstacle to him. Another obstacle in his path to the top of the music industry. His music amazes me; how can he not be satisfied with it? It's better than what most people can play. Including me.

I wish he knew how I feel about his music. I wish he knew how I feel about him.

Tsuchiura was aware that it was futile to hope, and that the possibility of it happening when totally nonexistent. He watched the blue-haired boy with longing eyes. He wished he could just barge in and tell him.

But for now, Tsuchiura Ryotaro knew that he would just have to desire from a distance.