Hello everyone! This my first attempt at a twilight F.F. so be gentle XD Enjoy. R&R!

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And then I will be with you
I will be there one last time now

When you go
Just know that I will remember you

I lost my fear of falling
I will be with you

"Don't do this." he pleaded. You wanted me to be human, I reminded him. Well, watch me.

"Please. For me"

But you won't stay with me any other way.

"Please.." It was just a whisper in the blowing rain that tossed my hair and drenched my clothes--making me as wet as if this were my second jump of the day.

I rolled up into the balls of my feet.

"No, Bella!" he was angry now, and the anger was so lovely. I smiled and raised my arms straight out, as if I were going to dive, lifting my face into the rain. But it was too ingrained from years of swimming at the public pool--feet first, first time. I leaned forward, crouching to get more spring...

And I flung myself off the cliff.

I screamed as I dropped through the open air like a meteor, but it was a scream of exhilaration and not fear. The wind resisted, trying vainly to fight the un conqerable gravity, pushing agianst me and twirling me in spirals like a rocket crashing me to earth. Yes! The word echoed through my head as I sliced throught the surface of the water. It was icy, colder than I'd feared, and yet the chill only added to the high...I fought to keep my breath in, to keep my lips locked around my last store of oxygen. It didnt surprise me that my last delusion of Edward was ther. He owed me that much, considering I was dying. I was surprised by how sure that knowledge was. I was going to drown. I was drowing.

..Happiness. It made the whole dying thing pretty bearable...Water flooded down my throat, choaking and burning. The iron bar seemed to be dragging me, pulling me away from Edward, deeper into the dark, to the ocean floor.

Goodbye, I love you, was my last thought.

Its been 40 years since then...I cant can't explain how I was turned, all I can remember is waking up on the distant shore with the moon overhead. I could hear the la Push pack howling as if calling out to me, when I stood up to yell for them I saw my reflection in the water. My once brunette hair had turned black and my eyes where a mixture of gold and sapphire. My body had become so pale and cold that at first though I was dead. But when I opened my mouth I noticed the fangs sticking from my where my canines once where. The only words I managed to form where 'Oh my god..'

I remember running trying to get away from the wolves territory, my mind was racing I had to go somewhere to think this thru I couldnt go home Charile wouldnt understand and I couldnt give him any explaination for what had happened to me. So I went to the one place where I would feel the safest, the Cullens. I walked gracefully up the drive way and to the front door I reached above the door where their spare key was and strolled in locking the door behind me.

I looked around and walked to where the living room once was. I sat down on the couch theyd left behind and looked into the half covered mirror across from me, once agian seeing the foreign vampire that i didnt know. Edwards voice in my head was screaming my name, I managed to reply Im alive...I think. I could hear him yelling about how stupid I was for doing that but I ignored it.

That was probably the last words I said to him before Nathan Lyle found me. He and his coven of two, excluding himself, found me 20 miles away from Forks and brought me to their home and took me hunting. I was amazed, and very relieved, to see that they were 'vegetarian' vampires. They accepted me into the Lyle family that day and gave me a new life. We've been moving around ever since then til we finally decided to try to settle here in Gates.

I can still talk to Edward every now and then, he says that I'm dead and his guilt is making him just halucinate that I'm alive. He says Alice saw me fall to my 'death' and Rosaline had told him, I dont argue with him about it. I let him believe what he wants to believe...