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Make a wish when your childhood dies
Hear the knock, knock, knock when she cries
We're all alone tonight


In my head the visions of my dreams flooded into my mind blurring the situation I was in, I dreamt that I was in the field Edward had taken me to so many years ago on one of our dates, it seemed so majestic and unreal. The rays of the setting sun danced along the glimmers of light that came from the pollen which had been disturbed as I stood from where I was sitting. I looked around left and right wondering so many things in my head, first was obvious in itself but it was do vampires even dream? It was an impossible concept seeing as they rarely sleep but her I was obviously not in reality. Sighing I pushed my hair back trying to figure out why this was happening but I was startled by a little boy with black hair looking up to me as I looked down, he had these golden sapphire eyes that seemed to mirror mine. "Whatcha doing?" He said then made a toothy smile from which I could already identify as fangs. "Where did you come from?" I asked alittle startled but didn't let it show to the fact I didn't want to scare the small boy. He shrugged his shoulders and pouted, "I dunno... my mumma?"

He childishly answered his cheeks becoming slightly red before he suddenly took off running into the field torwards the sunlight his skin shimmering in the light. My eyes widened in realization of who it could be but before I could call out to him a pale hand grabbed mine and I looked back expecting to see Edward but instead it was Nathan, my mouth stood agape as he pulled me closer, his mouth moved but no noise came from it. "Nathan...w..whats wrong?" I stuttered nervous about how close he was to me and the fact I was agianst his chest. Then with no warning I was suddenly awaken by the smell of wet dog, I scrunched up my nose alittle and sat up to look to my side torwards the smell. There was a older looking indian male with long shaggy hair and a five o-clock shadow, I smiled alittle already knowing who it could be, "Jacob..?" He suddenly hugged me his strength just as I remember it, so warm, "I thought you were dead Bells, this was the best call I ever gotten to here you were actually alive!" His voice was deeper than I remember but it didn't bother me, he was still Jacob but older.

"Yea... I thought I was dead for a while too.." I said jokingly as I looked away wondering where everyone else could be. Jacob patted my head, "Their downstairs you know, Carsile decided to have a meeting with them." He answered almost as if he were a mind reader, I smiled and put my arms round his neck for support, "Help me up I want to go find out hat their talking about." Jacob smirked and on one swoop I was up in his arms being carried bridal style out of the room. "I could have told you what they were saying, you know being a werewolf has its perks but I guess any chance I get to carry you around is a good enough excuse to get you to them.." Well he was the same old Jacob as I remember, he still flirted with me just as he used to but I could only smile without knowing what to say back. I wasn't one to joke so much with him as I used to perhaps because of what I had to suffer through had made me a thicker skinned person but I already knew I still cared for him as I had before. Maybe I even loved him once... but then agian I had loved Edward once also...

Jacob stopped outside the doorway of the living room, its slide out doors shut, "Bella things seemed to be getting heated in there.." I could already hear the raised voices from outside the door. It was mostly from Edward and Nathan they seemed to be arguing, I leaned alittle closer curious to what was going on. Why were they at it agian?


I couldn't believe what I was hearing this arrogant prick wanted to take her away from our clan, my body felt as it was consumed by fire and an uncontrollable rage surged through out my body. "She isn't going with you anywhere you sadistic fuck." I hissed at him standing out of my seat. I could already sence Katy and Kaleb tighten their posture ready to swoop in to my defense. Edward acted calm and collected as he answered me but I knew he wanted to fight, "It's whats best for the baby.." His tone was raised but not in a threatening way. "The baby? As far as my coven is concerned you are to be no where near this child." I retorted making Edward stand growling, "Its my baby!" A slight clearing of the throat came from across the room from Carsile and it made us both look in his direction, "Nathan.. Edward.. we are unsure who the father is at this time. In fact her body acted as a membrane to collect the genetical make up which was needed for this child. The father could be any man who had touched her within the three hour time span when she was at the school." He looked to both of us sympathetically, my heart had skipped a beat as my mind raced through my thoughts, there was a chance this baby was mine also?

Edward's frustration seemed to grow now, "Carsile how is that possible? I caused her to emotions to rise... Shouldn't that logically mean I am the father?" Carsile shook his head and looked down, "In my studies I have read that vampire females such as this were used by the Volturi to produce full blooded vampire children for their amazing powers that occurred from both vampiric parents..." His voice drifted off, "It was written they put the female thru so much stress each hour with a different male vampire to increase the chance of this miracle pregnancy of happening.." A dark feeling seemed to come over us all when the Volturi was mentioned, they were the embodiment of vampire law.. what was to happen if they found out about Bella? I pushed my fears aside, "In any case Bella is coming home with us. Jacob is welcome to come also if he desires... but Edward you and your clan will not set foot on our land without my approval." I looked to him waiting for him to reply but before he could Carsile was at his side placing a hand on his shoulder, "Of course, Nathan. We will abide by this for now until Bella needs us.."


My body quivered, 'Nathan could be the father also..' I thought to myself as the dream I had replayed in my head. Everything seemed to be out of control and my head was spinning, Jacob held me close rubbing my back whispering, "Bells calm down... its going to be okay... Don't put any more stress on yourself or this baby.." His voice seemed to be the only soothing thing at the moment in amidst of all this chaos. What was I going to do..? Why was this happening to me?