Donna: (watching Jack) That's really good, Jack. I think you're the best.

Jack: (smiles gorgeously at her while he manfully pumps away at some lever or another on the console)

Donna: (leans in closer to him, sotto voiced) Five minutes. That's all. I want five minutes of your time, just you and me, after we land this thing, okay?

Jack: (looks a little bewildered but nods and keeps pumping)

The Earth is set in its rightful position. Joy and happiness all around.


Donna: (takes Jack's arm, moves him away from the TARDIS) So Jack, walk with me.

Jack: (concerned) What's up, Donna? Are you okay?

They walk a short distance in silence.

Donna: (stops, turns and looks at him) I wanna jump your bones.

Jack: (surprised, perplexed) You… what?!

Donna: Come on, you know what I mean.

Jack: But… I hardly know you.

Donna: Au contraire!

Jack: (shaking his head, now really confused) I don't understand.

Donna: Jack, I'm half Time Lord… I'm half Doctor.

Jack: Sure! I got that. But so what?

Donna: Well, you're a 51st century guy, but The Doctor, he's just a boy from Gallifrey. Although he was interested, you know, his mores got in the way, poor repressed spaceman.

Jack: You mean, he…?

Donna: (looks levelly at him) Let's just say things are different now – I'm a little more amenable to the concept of getting horizontal with you.

Jack: (lifts eyebrows, considering) Hmmm….

Donna: (shrugs but has this bit of a gleam in her eyes) I think he might come around eventually, but that's him and I'm me, and well… the mores aren't a problem any more. So what do you say?

Jack: He really thinks I'm hot?

Donna: If what I'm feeling for you right now is any indication, he's crazy for you. We're crazy for you.

Jack: How long has this been going on?

Donna: Oh, ever since he saw you holding a banana and pointing it like a gun.

Jack: (smiles slyly) I never would've guessed…

Donna: And the way that Rose immediately took to you? It drove him half-mad with desire. And not for her…

Jack: (exaggeratedly wiping his brow) Whew! Getting a little warm in here.

Donna: You know him, he's always quick to joke but the humor hides his true feelings.

Jack: (a bit sadly) Yeah, this is true.

Donna: But with me, a new day has dawned.

Jack: (nods slowly, looking at her intently) And what about Donna? Doesn't she have a say in this?

Donna: (an initially timid smile transforms into something irreverent) Well, I've never been one to turn down having my cake and eating it too.

Jack: (blue eyes sparkling, brilliant smile) Funny, neither have I.

Donna: Your place or mine?