Hermione looked at Madam Pomfrey in shock. "Are you sure?" she asked in a horrified whisper.

"Yes, Hermione. You are about eight weeks along," the compassionate nurse told her.

How did this happen? she asked herself. Okay she knew how it had happened, but they were always so careful in using potions or spells. Obviously they weren't a hundred percent accurate, but she never thought that this would happen. She acknowledged Pomfrey's assurance that the baby seemed healthy and that she should have no problems with carrying the baby with a small nod. Looking into the nurse's eyes she asked if it would be alright for her to sit here for awhile in order to absorb this.

Hermione groaned softly once she was alone. Why did this have to happen now? Draco's position as Potions Professor had brought them back to Hogwarts, and she was enjoying her new job for the ministry. This wasn't suppose to happen now! They were enjoying their time as a couple.

Great Merlin how was she suppose to tell Draco? she panicked. It wasn't that he didn't like children. He had after all gotten into teaching for the right reasons, but this was still going to be a shock. She didn't even have the option of not telling him for a couple of days. She had been so sick for the past week that he had finally insisted that she go get checked out. Thinking back she realized that it should have occurred to her what was wrong with her, but this possibility seemed so unlikely that she it hadn't even entered her mind.

Mentally she steeled herself. She hadn't been in Gryffindor for nothing! She knew that there would be people who would say she was crazy for continuing this pregnancy, but she was going to. It wasn't this little ones fault that its timing wasn't ideal. They would accept this unexpected surprise and, love it with their whole hearts.

She stood to go find her husband, imagining his disbelief when she told him that they needed to add a nursery onto their rooms. She shook her head slightly as the reality of the situation rolled over her again. People were going to talk, and she could hardly blame them. Honestly, what witch in her right mind has a baby at the age of sixty? She was a grandmother for Merlin's sake!