To be an Arrancar

To be an Arrancar

Chapter 1

Hey im back and don't worry about Darknessfalls its in progress I just need to clear my mind of different ideas for other stories like this one but no one has bothered with blazing through shadows is it that bad I have no clue but if it is at least review and tell me well ok here we go.

Starts Now

Our story begins with a war that ravaged two dimensions destroying lives and creating a new. The plain that this war was being fought on was called Hueco Mundo which is populated by creatures called hollows beings that quite literally had no hearts some can keep an almost human appearance or a beastly appearance but what is most attention grabbing is the mask made of what looked like bone.

There are many different types of hollow but none more powerful than the being known as Arrancar. This is where the hero rises but fails then falls escaping.

A Vasto Lorde one of the strongest type of hollows but this one was different he was born human but became a hollow from the sorrow for the loss of his love and friends. Like most hollows they loose there humanity or self respect and become worse than any beast in all existence evil tainted and just makes you want to puke at their sick scene of humor. But he was different as I said he kept his humanity and sanity but one more thing happened that was unbelievable. All hollow ate souls or other of their kind but he couldn't. but he had to fight to stay alive most of the time he had to kill others of his kind when he killed another hollow he gained they're strength their energy and he evolved slowly but surely.

But a man from the world of the dearly departed the Soul Society a place where people who have died pass on to with the help of Soul Reapers souls who have been trained to fight hollows with their Zanpakuto which has its own characteristics as it is an extension of their souls.

This is where he comes in. he had to fight so hard to live as a Menos but he then evolved to a Gillian then to an Adjuchas. He had gotten into a huge battle with another Adjuchas bleeding and on the verge of passing out he summoned the last of his energy to strike but instead he summoned another hollow but this one could talk and reason it was there to help him and so it did. Some time later he became a Vasto Lorde and he only lived to survive he vowed that he would live in the memory of his loved ones.

About a few years later he crossed a battle of soul reapers fighting Arrancar and loosing badly. His first thought was to ignore it but then he thought that if their souls were eaten more hollows would be born from good beings into horrible beasts and he could not let that happen. Yes he looked like a beast and if he let his guard down he would probably be killed by either side.

A red haired soul reaper was down for the count and a blue haired Arrancar with only half of a hollow jaw mask on his face was coming in for a killing blow. Wasting no time our special Vasto Lorde intercepted the blow and sent the Arrancar flying back.

"Sorry but the last thing that this world needs are more soul hungry hollows and I cannot let you eat them or kill them!" he said taking a stance ready to fight.

"What the hell do you think your doing protecting these fools when all they do is destroy our kind you're a disgrace to hollows every where." The blue haired Arrancar said as he and the rest of the Arrancar charged at the Vasto Lorde.

It was a tough battle but the odds were in his favor as the Arrancar were weakened from the fight with the soul reapers. But he had prevailed at saving the soul reapers but he wasn't prepared for what happened next.

The Arrancar fled with the promos of the death of the soul reapers and himself. He turned to the soul reapers who were even though very low on spirit energy were ready to slay him if he turned on them. All the soul reapers were ready for a fight all but one the very same red head man with strange tattoos where his eyebrows should be sheathed his sword and approached the Vasto Lorde.

"Why did you save me when you could have taken advantage of the situation and eaten or killed me?" he asked wondering why a hollow a soul eating beast saved him.

"I did it because the last thing the world needs is more hollows and to answer your other question I can't eat souls I just can't even if I wanted to I couldn't eat you my body can't ingest or digest a soul!" he said receiving a gasp from the soul reapers as they heard his statement.

"Then how did you become a Vasto Lorde if you do not eat souls?" asked a short white haired boy wearing a white coat over his kimono.

"I've had to fight to survive here so I have to kill a lot of the time but when I do I absorb their Spirit energy and I become stronger!"

"Still why help us we kill your kind to better the worlds doesn't that bother you?" asked a man wearing a straw hat and a pink yet multi colored kimono on his shoulders.

"I have no grudge for what you soul reapers do in fact I applaud it but as long as I'm not a target and you are trying to kill me I do not harm anyone I live to live nothing more nothing less!" he said truthfully gaining the soul reapers trust.

"Since we are not killing each other how about we get acquainted I'm Rukia the red head is Renji the other girl is Momo the man in pink is Captain Shunsui the man standing next to him is my Captain Jushiro the man with the evil smile is Captain Zaraki and the kid is Captain Toshiro no disrespect captain, the blond haired man wearing the green and white cap is Ex-Captain Kisuke, the other blond is Izaru, the man with the shinny head is Ikkaku, and the man wearing the helmet is Captain Sajin so what is your name may I ask?" Rukia asked the Vasto Lorde.

"I don't have one anymore I can't even remember my old one." He said with a said smile that could be seen even with his beast like features and the bone mask.

From that point on they became friends and traveled Hueco Mundo fulfilling the assignments sent to them by the Soul Society. Several years past and they were an inseparable group. They had named our Vasto Lorde friend Shade as when he fought his spirit energy was pure black. (A/N: ok Ichigo's is black and red not just black so im not doing any thing wrong). And he became the first Hollow to every be allowed in the Soul Society by order of Captain Yamamoto as he had proven his loyalty to the Soul Society and thanks to the Twelfth Division he had confirmed that he could not eat souls.

But his happy times came to an end. A grand scale battle broke out claiming many lives. But what happened was terrible in his eyes. The Arrancar were on the rampage destroying any thing in their way. His group where sent out on the front lines to fight the approaching threat. But it was a massacre.

The battle was long and hard and pulling out every stop they had they still were loosing. That was until Shade saw his friends one by one get cut down on their prime. He felt rage he couldn't do any thing about it. His rage grew and grew and grew till me began to transform. His wolf/dragon like mask began to break leaving only the jaws. His scaly body grew human and covered itself in a pure black kimono. And a katana appeared at his side.

Taking all his energy he did something impossible the souls of Zaraki, Rukia, Momo, Toshiro, Shunsui, Jushiro, and Renji flew into his body as he would not let them die like this he preserved them as if they stayed out in the world they would die. He drew his sword and with a flash of light he be became one of the most fiercest beings known to all man kind he was a nine tailed fox.

The battle was over in a matter of seconds with Soul Society being the victor. But Shade had accidentally at the end of the battle ripped a hole into a new dimension sucking him through to the new world with the hole closing behind him.

He was exhausted tired beyond belief as he collapsed to the ground. Drifting in and out of consciousness a white eyed man with long black hair with a seal on his forehead screaming in pain asking for help from Shade in his new form. Taking the last of his energy he poured it into the man's seal breaking it but turning the man's eyes red before passing out.

After ninety-five years in a suspended animation like sleep he awoke. With new knowledge coursing through his mind he set off to save the lives of his friends. Toshiro being the worst he fused his soul with a three year old girl in a misty land while the mother wasn't looking.(Hintty hint hint!).

Then driven by an invisible force he made his way to a new part of the new land to a hot yet peaceful land approaching a large village he was attacked by people. They kept yelling stop the beast before he kills us all. He protected himself as he got closer. Feeling the souls of his friends struggle he sent them off letting them choose their vessels. But that's when it happened a man on a large toad holding a baby. He felt his soul being forced into the child and there was nothing he could do about it. Then everything went black as he was now the tenet of a child's soul.


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