Chapter Four

Chapter Four


Ok I'm back but I'm telling you guys now you have to read Chapter One again as I left out four characters by accident so I apologize. So enjoy while you can as this is probably the last chapter I can place before I go on vacation so lets get started!

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Naruto was surprised that standing before him were kids his own age that looked like they actually wanted to interact with him. He recognized a few of them as he used to ditch class and play with them before they're parents found out and demanded that they stay away form him.

Standing before was Kiba Inuzuka, Shikamaru Nara, Chouji Akimichi, Ino Yamanaka, and the last one he could recognize Tenten Higerashi as he had met her this morning. There were three he did not recognize a boy with jet black hair wearing a pair of dark sunglasses and a long sleeved shirt that had a crowned collar that covered half his face. The next was a boy wearing a traditional green martial artist master attire as his hair was jet black and braded as it reached to the middle of his back but he had really large bushy eye brows that complimented his large eyes that looked like he was surprised but he was not as that was how his eyes were. The last one was the girl he had been sitting next to in class as she hid behind Kiba peeking from his left trying not to be noticed.

"Oh hello what can I do for you guys?" Naruto asked as it was weird that they had came to him.

"You looked the lonely sitting here all alone so we've com to join you if that's ok and besides it's too troublesome to be over there as all the girls are on a rampage." Shikamaru said sitting down followed by everyone else as they formed a circle.

"Naruto did you put glue on Sakura's seat earlier?" Ino asked smiling like she was about to start laughing remembering the incident.

"It was not glue exactly but a adhesive that I invented about a month back that I condensed into a pellet that when enough pressure is added to it it will pop releasing the adhesive which will dry in exactly a minute and if it is on your skin or cloths as your up against something there is no getting unstuck without loosing skin or a piece of your cloths." Naruto stated pulling out the exact pellet he was talking about.

Tenten was sitting directly across from Naruto and was happy that she would get a chance to learn about Naruto and his fabulous sword. But that's when she noticed her fathers prized broadswords that he had spent a week without sleep and very little food when she seven that no one wanted to buy because of they're size and weight on his back.

"It's Naruto right?" Tenten asked him receiving a nod from him. "Those are my fathers broadswords aren't they?" getting another nod from Naruto. "What made you buy those when you have such a great sword already?" she asked curiously.

"My sword is too valuable to be seen out in the open and I only want to rely on it if I absolutely have to I was going to just to get a katana but something told me to buy these instead they are really amazing blades and are great for training and are great tools to build upper body strength." Naruto said as everyone knew that he was right about the swords.

"Naruto I know I used to pink on you in the past but I'm sorry and I'm sorry for Sakura's behavior you did not deserve to be treated like she treated you!" Ino said not thinking she would be forgiven.

"Don't sweet it what happened in the past is the past as for Sakura you are not her guardian so you don't need to take responsibility for her actions all you have to do is worry about you and the things you do and your apology is nice but you have already redeemed yourself just by wanting to accompany the others to eat lunch with me." Naruto said as she was so happy he had forgiven her.

They sat there for half of the thirty minutes they had for lunch having conversations on anything that came to mind. That was how he learned the names of the three kids that he did not know. There was Shino Aburame who was heir to the Aburame clan head and was a prodigy in his clans bug techniques. Then there was Hinata Hyuuga who was very quiet and shy as she did not speak much she just sat there and every now and again she would glance at Naruto blush and look away. And finally there was Rock Lee who was very hyper and spirited but the down side was he could not use ninjutsu or genjutsu due to a birth defect where his chakra coils were tiny and shriveled that only produced enough chakra to keep him alive.

But Naruto even though was happy that kids his own age had wanted to talk to him and try to be his friend he did not to get attached as their parents would most probably forbid them to be anywhere near him.

"I thank you for actually coming and join me and treat me like a friend but by tomorrow you'll probably either hate me or not be allowed anywhere near me so I just want to say I appreciate it every one." Naruto said with a sad smile that shined through his emotional mask. The group looked confused about what Naruto just said when Lee asked.

"Why would we hate you or not be around you for you are not a bad person and anything anybody else who says otherwise are idiots." Lee said enthusiastically loud.

"But that's where your wrong most of the adult portion of the village absolutely hates me for something I have but they are not allowed to speak of it because of Lord Hokage's law made nine years ago I am the only one who may speak of it without consequence so they either try to pass their hate to their children or secretly break the law so their children will hate me of they're own free will or the adults just keep there children away from me all together." Naruto said as a tear fell from his eye as he thought of how the village would react if they found out he was an Arrancar.

"Law or no law we like you and just because you may have a condition that people hate you for is going to stop us from being your friend plus what could possibly be so bad that they would hate a kid like you?" Tenten asked and stated a valid point.

" I'm sorry but I do not feel like telling you just yet but maybe one day I will if someone doesn't tell you a false hate based version of my condition." Naruto said.

Because after that every one else assured them that they would remain his friend even if it meant being hated by everyone else. Because legally no villager or Shinobi could not touch them other than the Hokage himself.

Naruto was now very happy that they wanted to be his friend even if it meant they would sacrifice a piece of there own life to be so. That was when he made a vow that he would protect his new friend and any other that might become so in the future with all of his Arrancar power strength and will as he would become the best ninja in the village and not just prove to the village that he was not a demon and gain their respect but he would gain the strength that he would help him protect the ones he loved and cared for.

'Naruto I do not mean to spoil your happiness but I can sense six of my friends souls among your group keep an eye on he so we may find out who is fused with who!' Shade said as he was so close to a few of his friends that he had saved but there were still for of them missing two he o the he could sense they were in the village but could not locate exactly. And the last the last two he could not sense as he knew for that Toshiro's soul was not in the village but a few dozen miles away in a little girl. But the last on he had no clue.

They continued to talk like true friends as they told everyone more about themselves Naruto telling them as much as he could without revealing his secret about being an Arrancar or that he had noble blood from three of Konoha's clans and one of then was believed to be wiped from the face of the earth. Though Naruto was only half human this made the ties to the clan relations nonexistent so he would not take the title to any clan as a relative unless it was his fathers last name as the day of his fathers birth he was that Lord Hokage had let Naruto know of had been examined and disowned and was not claimed by either the Hyuuga's or Uchiha's making him an orphan as he did not possess the physical ability to active either of the clan's kekkei genkai's.

The teachers that where in charge of watching the students during lunch that lunch was over and all students return to their classrooms. Tenten and Lee were a different class because they were a year older than everyone else so they said their good byes there and ran to their class.

Naruto and the rest of the gang stayed out side in a single file line with the rest of the class as they had stealth and target practice. Iruka had exited the building as he held a clipboard and a pencil which meant that this was nit going to be graded on their performance.

Naruto assuming that that was what was going to happen was nervous. As he had a lot more chakra than anyone else his age and was not able to suppress it enough so that he could hide efficiently. Because his chakra level which was at high chunnine and he had the control of a high gennine which he could only suppress his chakra to an average newly graduated gennine making it very easy for him to be found by his teachers as they were high level chunnine or jonnine level chunnine. But that's when Shade's voice came ringing through Naruto's mind.

'Naruto don't worry about having hiding your chakra as you are only part human when you are in this form and if you remember chakra is made up of two separate energies physical and spiritual you can split them apart with no problem.'

'That true Shade but if I use up all may Spirit energy wont that Kill me?' Naruto asked him.

'No as can use spirit energy all you want without the consequences that a human would because if they use up all their spirit energy they could die you can't as you will only suffer energy depletion and will fall unconscious so that your body can make more spirit energy plus as a Arrancar which is a form of Hollow you can mask your energy turning you invisible but most Hollows and pretty much all the other Arrancar I have met never realized this as they always would fight using a lot or all there energy so truly you have the advantage over everyone here but your also at your most vulnerable so do not use this other than to hide!' shade said making giving Naruto a whole new idea as this was one of the ultimate abilities that he could take full advantage of whenever he wanted and he liked the idea.

(A/N: Ok I'm putting this out there when he dose turn invisible he is totally vulnerable to attacks as he would not have enough reaction time to raise his spirit energy back up to protect him or to escape through a Hueco Mundo portal. And that goes the same as the same for assassinations its brilliant if the enemy were bandits that have had no ninja training what so ever but if they are ninja he would half to be deaf as Naruto being a ninja and having the ability to move silently he would still have his heart beat even if it was a sphere of pure energy now but there is a genjutsu from Iwagakaru that turns the user invisible and is known about by all the other great ninja villages and train their Shinobi to trust their ears nose and sight to take advantage of the flaws of this jutsu.)

Naruto was pleased about what he just herd from Shade and he would not rely on his too much because if he hid all the time he'd never get stronger. So this was an ability to use only to be stealthy or to make a quick escape if his life was in danger and didn't have enough energy to escape through Hueco Mundo.

"All right class today we are not just practicing but you are also going to be graded by your performance so do your best and you'll get a good grade so first up you'll have to hit each target with one kunai but since there are only three targets you only have three chances so lets begin!" Iruka announced the rules which made Naruto smile as out in the real world that Naruto had survived two years alone in if you failed to hit your target or miss it it could be your life would be ended.

One by one each student each took their turn hitting the targets. Naruto was right behind Sasuke who was up to bat right now as it was his turn. Sasuke threw all three kunais which hit each target without failure but did not hit the bull's-eye on any of them. He then walked pass Naruto giving him a look that said 'I'll enjoy your failure' as it was Naruto's turn.

"Look everybody the dead last wannabe looser is up a thousand yen says he fails because there is no way he is better than Sasuke!" Sakura yelled to the other kids getting the other Sasuke groupies to laugh and chant "Fail!".

Naruto was not pleased at being called a looser plus this was the second time today Sakura had tried to make him look bad. So just out of spite and to prove never underestimate your enemies Naruto was going to make her eat her words.

Reaching in his pouch he pulled out three of his special kunais that he had made awhile back. But they did not look special they looked like standard kunais. But these had special gun powder that blew up five seconds after impacted making them deadly to anyone who wasn't a ninja who have been trained to make there skin as hard as stone few were or if they were wearing armor if they penetrated the skin deep enough and or had hit the right place it could still cause major damage that could lead to permanent damage or even death.

Iruka gave Naruto the signal to begin as he threw each kunai hitting each target dead center. Naruto raised his hand and showing he was counting down from five, then four, three, two, one and each kunai made a small explosion sending them back at Naruto who caught them perfectly with and gracefully as they were caught by three fingers exactly by they're loop.

This stunned all the students plus Iruka with his skill and timing with the exploding kunais that could make any of students and or gennine jealous.

But he did succeed in just that as Sasuke was ablaze with jealousy as it was not fair to him he was a Uchiha and should have Naruto's skill as Naruto had no right to have that power he was a no name peasant looser and did not deserve the skill he had because he needed power so that he could kill the man that had destroyed his clan. It was his drive for life to avenge his clan then resurrect his clan back to its former glory and if anyone tried to stop him he would cut them down.

"That was amazing Naruto very good job and now its time to move on to the next task it will be like a game of hide and seek you have five minutes to hide in the academy forest ground and then me and three other teachers that have volunteered to help will then seek you all out the longer you stay hidden the higher your grade becomes the test will last exactly fifteen minutes and if you are not found you will be given a perfect grade and if one of you is successful I will throw a small party for the class with food drinks and no lectures for the entire day!" Iruka said motivating the students to do their best on this test.

Naruto had a wicked smile planted a crossed his face as this test was in the bag with the ability that shade said he possessed as an Arrancar. Plus this was a chance to make Sasuke and Sakura look bad. Iruka gave them the signal to begin and they ran at the speed that their young ninja trained bodies could.

The second Naruto reached the woods he focused his chakra and split it apart freeing his spirit energy which if could rival a jonnine if his spirit energy was just plain chakra. Naruto then forces his energy to lower as it got weaker and weaker that it could not be sensed by humans or soul reapers alike. And just as Shade had told him his body vanished from sight meaning he had truly had became invisible.

Naruto then waited for the teachers to begin their search for the academy students as he knew he could not be found by them for if they couldn't see him or feel his energy they could not find him. Naruto then went on his way to find Sakura to deliver some payback for the insults she had thrown at him.

It had taken him three to four minutes to find her as she was using the transformation jutsu to make herself look like a bush he knew it was her because he could sense her spirit energy signature. But Naruto had evil plans for her. He pulled out another pellet he had made but had help from a retired Shinobi he had met in Sunagakure. It had a storage seal the inside of the material that could hold about four gallons of water but it wasn't water on the inside but pure orange food coloring. It would bursts when introduced to a small amount of chakra and seeing Sakura was using transformation which uses chakra to change your body she was basically a sitting chakra battery. Naruto tossed the pellet at he and when it made contact it burst releasing four gallons of pure orange food coloring drenching her.

Her transformation had been dropped as both her cloths and skin was now stained bright orange which was a comical sight but Naruto held in his laughs as he did not want to be discovered. Sakura screamed in frustration and anger as she was drenched and orange. Seconds later Iruka arrived seeing her appearance held in his laughter with all his might. He told her she would receive a c minus as had been found by a scream from an unknown source who had some how drenched her with food coloring.

Naruto then went after Sasuke and found his spirit energy signature coming from under ground. Naruto found the exact spot that Sasuke had buried himself as a straw tip was sticking out of the ground so he pulled out a paper bomb that would cause a minor explosion that would make the teachers notice and. But this paper bomb had had an extra to it as it was made in a village that was abundant in the sell of ninja weapons. The extra was that one the bomb was stuck to something it would stay dormant for eight minutes then a seal full of chakra would activate setting off the bomb. He slapped it down and ran to the exist of the forest to wait for the test to end as there was ten minutes left.

The eight minutes flew past quickly and the paper bomb went off signaling the teachers off in that direction. When they got there they found a pissed Sasuke who was covered in a combination of dirt and scorch marks with smoke rising from his partly scorched clothing.

The test was now thirty seconds from ending and Naruto was the only one that had not been found. Iruka and the other three sensei's had returned to the front of the academy as the test was now over. Little did he know Naruto was standing right behind him.

Iruka congratulated the other students then turned to the direction of the forest took a big breath and yelled at the top of his lungs. "NORUTO UZUMAKI THE TEST IS NOW OVER COME BACT TO THE ACADEMY IMMIDIATELY!"

"Wow Iruka-sensei you don't need to yell I'm right here!" Naruto said as he appeared right in front of Iruka out of thin air surprising him and many of the other students as Naruto had either ran at a speed that could rival the Fourth Hokage's legendary ability to move to one place to another in a great yellow flash or he had been using a jutsu from Iwa that had not been seen since the last great war.

"How did yo… never mind congratulations Naruto you were the only one who was not caught you just scored a perfect A plus and as promised Friday I will throw the class that party." Iruka said as the other students cheered. All except Sasuke who was blazing with anger as he had seen Naruto appear from out of thin are. His thoughts was it was a either a teleportation jutsu or foreign jutsu that made the person invisible.

Sasuke walked up to Naruto and simply demanded. "Dope I demand that you tell me what kind of technique did you just use to appear out of no where just now!"

"Not that its any of your business but it is a ability I have and I can use whenever." Naruto said making Sasuke even madder.

"I demand that you teach me it right now for you have no right to have a technique like that!"

"Sorry Uchiha but I can't teach you it and even if I could I would not teach you it because from what you shown me now is a pathetic excuse of a Shinobi that abusing his title of being the last Uchiha to take the techniques of his comrades that may have created themselves and for what to feed your vanity I'm telling you now Uchiha I know the truth about your clan's precious sharingan and am not afraid to blab that the Uchiha's are and were really just a clan of ungrateful accident from a mighty being that saved the first Uchiha's life." Naruto said walking back in the academy leaving Sasuke shocked that had just hinted a little piece of the Uchiha's ancient history.

Sasuke didn't know much as the ancient scrolls located under the Uchiha main compound in a secret chamber that not even the Hokage knew about. And from what little Sasuke could read from the faded text was that his ancestor as dieing from a seal on his forehead and a giant creature believed to be Kyuubi saved his life using its power to breaking his ancestor's seal but in the process his eyes fused with the creatures power creating the sharingan.

For Naruto the rest of the day went off without a hitch as school was now over and he could go home if he wanted to. But in stead he walked over to Iruka and asked. "Hey Iruka-sensei what time do you get off work?"

"About five why?"

"I wanted to invite you to get some ramen with me my treat so we can talk." Naruto said making Iruka smile as Naruto the boy he would treat to a bowl of roman when he could see he had not eaten for says when he was younger was now asking to treat him to a bowl.

"Sure Naruto I'll meet you at Ichraku's after I get off so I'd say five fifteen!"

"Ok I'll see you then." Naruto said leaving Iruka to his paperwork.

Naruto walked the streets of Konoha getting the old glares of hate and disgust from the older villagers but he was used to it. He was contemplating what he should do for the next three hours before he would meet Iruka. But he had a thought of he didn't own any other reading material than the book in his pouch so he would have to get more. But the book stores did not sell the topics Naruto liked to read so his only choice was to go to the library. But that was a bad place for him to be as it was owned by one of the clan's that wished and tried to accomplish his assassination as he was younger.

Naruto had a way to get passed them without them knowing who he was as he had mastered one of the most basic and yet never truly appreciated jutsu there was the transformation technique. He arrived at the library but did not enter right away as he ducked into a corner where no one could see and transformed into a man that looked a little older than Naruto with jet black hair brown eyes and basic civilian attire.

He entered to see that the librarian at the counter was one of the many people he did not like. Kagura Haruno Sakura's mom and head of the Haruno clan and owner of the library as it was the Haruno clan that founded it when the first Hokage founded the Konoha. But that was not the reason he hid not like her. Naruto did not like her because when he was four years old she personally led a mob to attack him and took a kunai and stabbed one all the way through both of his arms and legs saying it was payback for her husbands death then left him as the rest of the mob beat him.

But Naruto saw this as a chance for a little payback as what can you do to a person who owns a library. Open an account under a false name and take in all the knowledge that it has to offer knowing that the clan that hates you is providing you it.

Naruto walked up to the counter as Kagura turned to him smiling sweetly which made Naruto want to lurch and laugh as he could never put that face of hers as sweet and the fact she did not know it was Naruto she was looking at.

"Hello how may help you today?" she said sweetly making Naruto want to hurl even more.

"I want to open a library account if I may?" Naruto asked as his voice sounded almost like Shino's.

"Ok we have two plans going one is the free account that allows you to check out three books for a period of two weeks or our premium plan that allows you to check out as many books as you like and keep as lone as you like but to check out different books you must return the one you checked out before and this is available for a one time price of five thousand three hundred and sixty-eight yen." She stated pulling out registration forms.

"I'd like to go with the premium plan please?" Naruto asked handing her the exact amout of money she had told him the plan was.

"Ok I need your name birthday and address please?"

"My name Is Tachibona Kensei and my birth day is September ninth and I live at Hogashi's apartment complex." Naruto told her a false name birthday but he really did live in the apartment complex.

"Ok your all set but I do recommend that you do get out of that building and into a new apartment so you don't deal with the devil's span that has returned to the village." She said handing him a card with his false name on it.

Naruto then walked through the library looking through all kinds of books. He picked one book on advanced anatomy, one on advanced chemistry and mixtures, a scroll that had basic medical jutsus, a book on the legendary bijous (Tailed Beasts), and a book on ancient swords and styles.

Naruto had began to walk back to the counter with his haul when he saw Sakura who was still orange but wearing a different outfit then earlier was complaining to her mom about him and what he had done to her and Sasuke leaving out the parts that she had provoked him making it sound like he did everything out of hatred and spite. Kagura was visibly angry but told her daughter it would all be taken care of by tonight.

Naruto set his books on the counter and Kagura acting as sweetly as she could stamped each books pocket card confirming that they were now officially check out when Kagura pulled a picture out of a drawer and pushed it forward so that he could see it.

"Do you know who this kid is?" she asked as the picture was of him two years ago Naruto Just nodded. "Good I want to ask you to join us tonight as I'm going to form a mob and we will finally be rid of this demon for good." She said making Naruto mentally say 'FUCK!'

"I'll think about it but I have to go to work early in the morning so if I do not show up I'm probably asleep." Naruto lied as he would be waiting for them and then he would introduce them to one of his large masked friend.

Naruto the left with his new books in a small duffel bag the she so generously gave him after she had told him she was going to lead an attack on his life later tonight. But Naruto was not worried about it infact he looked forward to it. But now he had a find a place to train where he could not be seen so he could transform to his Arrancar form without worry or care that his secret would get out damning him for good.

He scouted several wooded area's and training grounds but all of them were too risky as they weren't far from populated area's and some one passing by would see him and freak. But that was when he came to a large forest with a large fence with a plaque saying 'Training Ground Forty-Four The Forest Of Death anyone sane enough to train here other than the Chunnine Exams your just plane crazy!'

Naruto thought it was perfect as he felt the spirit energy of the forest try to over whelm him but could not. Naruto could tell by the feel of the forest that it was a very dangerous place as there was probably one rule in there 'Survival of the fetes'. Naruto thought it was a wonderful place to train as he train and survive the harsh wilderness for two years and he was no stranger to the giant man eating bugs, animal, or man eating plants that would most probably be inside.

Naruto dashed in through the open gate and began to explore the large wild forest. Just as he predicted the forest was abuzz blood thirsty wild life and the dim lighting from the tall trees made it more effective for them to sneak up on you. Naruto could honestly say he loved it here as he could cut loose here and most probably not have to worry about being found out.

Naruto looked at he small watch he kept in his pouch just in case and was he still had two more hours before he met Iruka so he decided to get some training done to pass the time. Naruto first closed his eyes and felt through the forests spirit energies to see if any felt human. But he felt none and smiled as his Arrancar mask emerged from his face and the hole in his chest opened to show the shining black orb of energy that was his heart.

Naruto deciding now was a good time to start getting familiar with his new massive broadswords so he reached with both hands and took hold of both swords handles pulling the blade from their sheaths with all his strength. As he had successfully pulled out the blades he found the were very heavy to hold one handedly but that's how he liked them heavy and difficult to work with as it would only make him stronger working with them.

Naruto then trained hard and diligently occasionally fending off a blood thirsty creature that attacked him only to get a large slash from his blades but they were never fatal as they were doing what came naturally to them to survive.

An hour and forty-five minutes passed and Naruto was still training his ass off when Shade who was looking out for Naruto just incase he did not sense or see an incoming threat when he felt two forces. One was the soul of his friend and the other made him stir with rage as it was as it belonged to the man who almost cause the deaths of his friend Sosuke Aisen.

'Naruto there is some one coming I can not tell if it is one person or two but I can feel the energy of one of my friends and one of my greatest enemies Aisen!' Shade warned Naruto who got into a stance ready to take on whoever was coming his way.

He let his energy serge as the unknown assailant got closer and closer and was then practically right in front of him when a beautiful women that looked no older than eighteen with purple hair done back into a spiky pony tail wearing a tan trench coat with nothing but a fish net shirt they showed off her assets and a orange leather miniskirt.

Her name was Anko Mitarashi a special jonnine and former student of the trader Orochimaru. But he abandoned her after he branded her with his experimental curse seal little did she now being nine at the time a strong force saved her from certain death that the curse seal would have brought her. She then lost most of her memory other than who she was and that she had ninja training. But even though she was hated almost as much as Naruto she didn't let it get to her. But of all the things she had seen in her life after that fact did not have anything on the kid before her that looked like the Naruto kid she had most desperately wanted to adopt and save from the villagers. Infact if it wasn't for the mask of bone one his face and the hole in his chest with a glowing orb of energy in the center she would of swear that it was Naruto.

"Wow kid or whatever you are I'm not here to fight you I was just going to my favorite training spot a little further ahead." She said not wanting to find out if the thing in front of her was a hostile creature that wanted to kill and devourer her.

Naruto eased up and sheathed hid blades but did not let down his guard as he asked her. "Very well but I ask you one question what ties do you have with a man named Sosuke Aisen?" Naruto asked her as her face crowned a look of pure confusion.

"Sosuke Aisen never herd of him but I am wondering are you human or some experiment on the loose as far as I know no person in the world can survive the a huge gaping hole in there chest where their heart should be but you look so familiar but I can't place who you remind me of ." She said as he looked him over more and more predicting if he was human he couldn't be any older than nine.

Naruto had herd the truth in her voice when she said she never herd of Aisen. But just to make sure he activated his hybrid kekkei genkai that he still had not been able to name as he couldn't think of one and used the combined powers of the byakugan and sharingan to check her intent when he spotted the source of Aisen's energy flowing from the mark on her neck but was being fought by a force that he saw inside her chakra as he was a hollow and could see souls but any one could if they uses their spirit energy once individually. And he realized that he had confirmed the he had found the first of the ten souls of Shade's friends who had fused with a new host.

"That's because I'm not completely human as I became a new being when the village attacked me and had almost succeeded in their many attempts to kill me believing that I was the reincarnation of Kyuubi that really is not who attacked the village or even attacked at all he was just walking to save the souls of his friends but the village didn't care that I was just a child carrying a burden no I am nothing but a demon to them but now I cant even call myself human on the night I change I left and now that I've come back and I've only been here a full day and now someone knows my secret so what may I ask are you going to do now?" Naruto both answered her question and asked one of his own.

Anko was stunned by the boys words but when she her Kyuubi she realized the boy in front of her was infact Naruto Uzumaki the very boy she wanted to adopted but wasn't allowed to. She was devastated when the rumor that he had been killed and his body was taken from the village and dumped. But standing before her was that little boy she had fallen in love (Sisterly love) with for his strength for not only putting up with the beatings and glares they gave him but he never held a grudge against them for their harsh treatment.

Wasting no time she had dashed to the boy and pulled him into a hug swing him back and forth as tears fell from her eyes yelling. "NARUTO ITS REALLY YOU ARE ALIVE I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD BUT YOUR ALIVE!" she cried heavily as she gripped the young Arrancar close to her.

She held him until her tears finally dried up and she was no longer hysterical and was calm and collected. But Naruto was a bit confused as this was the first time he had ever seen this women and she was crying and hugging him like a mother who thought her son was dead. But he shoved it off as he let go of him placed her hands on his shoulders and kneeled to his eye level smiling sweetly and caringly at him almost like a mother or a really caring sister.

"Naruto I'm sorry but I am so glad your alive and I'm sorry for ambushing you like that when you probably have no clue who I am my name Is Anko Mitarashi and I know who you are because I had tried so many times to get Lord Sarutobi to let me adopt you but every time he'd tell me I was too young and to concentrate more on my ninja career I saved your life quite a few times but then when you vanished people started saying you were dead and I believed them I was devastated but here you are you may not be human but your Naruto Uzumaki all the same." She told him as she pulled him it to another hug but this one was more loving and made Naruto feel happy as there was someone who cared about him and had tried to save him from the villagers.

"Thank you for saving my life in the past as for wanting to adopt me I do not know what to say as I've always been alone without anyone who liked me besides old man Hokage but telling me that makes me feel very happy." Naruto said returning the hug as tears built up in both Naruto and Anko's eyes.

Anko was now the happiest person alive as the boy she wanted to become the mother of was now thanking her and hugging her back. She knew Sarutobi would still never allow her to adopt him as he was wanting to protect him from the world even from the souls that wish Naruto happiness. But Sarutobi did not want to take that chance as he could not trust anyone with Naruto as he was a very paranoid man in his old age but when Naruto would turn up in the hospital he would launch a full investigation on what happened to him and find the villagers or Shinobi behind his hospitalization and have them executed. So Anko thought if she could not be his mother then there wasn't anything wrong with claiming herself his new sister and protect him with all her might.

"Naruto I can't be your mother but I want to be there for you even if its just being friends or me being your new sister either way I do not want to loose you again so if you do not wish to see me as a sister I understand." Anko said with a small sad smile as she couldn't hope for too much as he was young and had had no family or anybody willing to take him in besides her and another jonnine that she knew of to be Kakashi who had also been turned down by Sarutobi.

"I do not know what it is like be part of a family or do I understand what love is I've been alone for so long that even the concept of friend confuses me to great ends but I'm willing to learn best as I can if you help me sister." Naruto said making Anko happier than ever as more tears came to he eyes and she hugged him close.

They stay like that when Naruto realized that he still had to meet Iruka for roman. He pulled the watch from his pouch and saw he had five minutes to get there but he was too far away from roman stand to get there in time even if he ran at full speed.

"Man I have to be at Ichraku's in five minutes to meet Iruka sensei crap I'll never make it!" Naruto blurted out in frustration before he remembered that he could just teleport there by going through Hueco Mundo.

Anko herd Naruto mention Iruka, meeting, and Ichiraku's. She had a large crush on the scar faced chunnine but he always turned her down. But that didn't stop her from trying. "Hey Naruto I can use my body flicker jutsu to get you there bit it will take use a few minutes to get there," Anko suggested.

"No I have a faster way that I almost forgot I could do but you are welcome to join me for dinner with Iruka-sensei my treat." Naruto said as she nodded accepting his offer.

Naruto then realized he was still in his Arrancar form and he could not let anyone else see him like this. His mask slowly receded back into his skin and the hole on his chest closed like it was never truly there. This transformation amazed Anko now he completely passed for human as he looked just like the little boy she had remembered. Naruto then using his Arrancar powers opened a large portal through Hueco Mundo which freaked Anko a little bit as she had never seen anything like it.

"We can get to Ichiraku's through here as it will take us there almost instantly." Naruto told Anko as he motioned for her to go first. She stepped through and Naruto fallowed behind her as the portal closed behind him. Little did they know they had been watched the whole by a Anbu Root ninja that worked and was only loyal to a corrupted man named Danzo who treated his ninja's like tools as they were striped of their free will emotions and dreams when they entered the Root division so they could never retaliate. But the information that the Root ninja had just gathered would make Danzo would find great interest in and would most likely try to take Naruto the day he graduated to train him to be a weapon so he may take control of Konoha and with Naruto trained to be heartless emotionless and a obedient Root ninja he would most probably succeed.

Naruto and Anko arrived through the portal in the back of Ichiraku's as no one could see them come out of the portal which made it discrete but an effective way to travel. Anko had felt like she had just used the fourth Hokage's legendary jutsu that allowed him to some how go where ever he wished as he would vanish in a flash of yellow and be right where he wanted. Naruto and Anko walked to the front of the restaurant to see that Iruka was right there waiting patiently for Naruto but was surprised to see Anko with him.

"Sorry I'm late Iruka-sensei I had a little hold up but I hope you don't mind if Anko joins us do you?" Naruto asked.

"No not at all but you'll have to tell me how you two know each other." Iruka said as he walked in to the stand taking a seat at the counter followed by Naruto then Anko.

Up on entering the stand the owner of the small business Tenchi Ichiraku and his daughter were astounded who on who just entered. No scratch that they were plain mortified as the boy who had just entered they had considered family as he would eat there when he had money or if he was showing signs of starvation they would feed him free of charge. But even if he was not eating he would be allowed to hide in their kitchen when a angry mob bigger than the usual ones were after him. Ayame Tenchi's daughter saw Naruto as a little brother and treated him with nothing but kindness. When Iruka would treat Naruto to some dinner she would flirt with as she had just like Anko developed a small crush on Iruka. But the day came when they rumor came that he had supposedly been murdered and they were mortified even though it brought them more business they did not care as they had grown to care for the boy. Ayame was overwhelmed with joy that he was alive that she jumped the counter and gripped Naruto in a loving hug.

"Naruto your really are alive we were so worried that you were dead!" Ayame said letting go of him smiling like a little girl that had just found her favorite doll.

"Nope I'm not dead I'm alive and kicking well sort of." Naruto said as he took a seat.

"Naruto what do you mean by that?" Iruka asked as it was a statement that truly did not understand what Naruto just said.

"First thing that I need to know is can I trust all of you to keep my story secret if I tell you that you will not tell anyone not even if you trust them with your life." Naruto stated as Anko already knew he was not human but did not know the whole story.

"Naruto if It has to do with the reason you left the village I swear on my life that I will take it with me to the grave!" Iruka vowed promising him he would not spill the secret that Naruto was about to tell him.

"Yeah brat we will not spill a word to anyone its can't be as horrible as treason against the Hokage." Tenchi said as he stirred the large pots of noodles that were to be placed in the ramen.

"Good but I do as that you shut the stand entrance so that no one else can hear and serve all of us the best bowl of ramen you have?" Naruto asked as Tenchi walked over to the back and flipped a switch and a huge iron door shut behind them.

"Ok everyone the house special enjoy?" Tenchi said handing Naruto Iruka and Anko a large bowl of ramen that had all sorts of fine meats and a broth made from some of the finest spices herds and other ingredients.

Naruto did not start off with his story but a history of the hollows and soul reapers. Naruto who had herd the same story from Shade told them all the types of hollows down to the Arrancar. Witch confused his company as it really had nothing to do with him.

"Well that's a fine tale Naruto but what dose mythology have to do with this?" Iruka asked as Naruto laughed.

"It is not mythology sensei it is all true as I'll show now." Naruto said transforming. His mask receded from his skin and a hole opened up in his chest showing the glowing black orb witch was his heart. Seeing this Iruka just about fell out of his chair scared shitless as this was not normal or even practical he was a teacher and was supposed to teach his students to expect the impossible but this was too much.

Ayame and Tenchi were shocked but were not afraid as they trusted Naruto and knew he would not hurt them. "Naruto just what the hell have you become?" Iruka asked thinking Kyuubi turned the boy into a demon.

"I have become the first human Arrancar to ever live if I had not done so I would have died two years ago if not for Shade's caring and kindness." Naruto said now telling them of Shades tale and the truth about the Kyuubi attack which really wasn't an attack just a misunderstanding.

"Naruto that's a tough story to swallow and if you did not look like you did right now I would not believe you." Iruka said finally digging in to his ramen.

"Yeah well that may be true but it its almost as unbelievable as saying the Uchiha's were really just Hyuuga's with spirit energy charged eye's." Naruto said taking the first bight of his ramen witch was amazing to see as his hollow mask looked like it would get in the way but really just worked like it would when he was not in this form. But the statement about the Uchiha's was a shock to everybody in the room.

"Naruto how are you sure that is true the Uchiha clan has been around since before this village was founded!" Iruka said not believing him.

"Naruto I hope your not exaggerating because I do not want to see my little brother arrested and sent to Ibiki for spreading false accusations!" Anko said in fear as she believed that would happen as Ibiki was a specialist in mental torture and interrogation as she had to work with him many times putting on a sadistic persona just to stand being around him.

"I am not joking as I do know this for a fact as Shade was the one who saved the first Uchiha's live over a century ago when he first came here right before he fell dormant then woke up and came to Konoha to save his friends souls!" Naruto said making every one believe him a little more.

"Naruto he could have made all those things up to fool you how can you be so sure?" Iruka asked.

"Impossible because Anko is one of the eleven he brought to our world because as the mark on her neck would kill her if not for the extra soul fused to hers." Naruto said this time making the story one hundred percent believable as back when Iruka was a hunter ninja he had infuriated a few of Orochimaru's abounded bases and found many children dead from the foreign seal that had been placed on them.

"Naruto you are a marvel of mystery solving aren't you, you have just solved three mysteries Konoha has been investigating for years in a matter of minutes and you're not even ten yet I have to say I'm impressed but just how exactly did you get such clarity?" Iruka asked but he probably shouldn't have.

Naruto looked down as pain came to his eyes as he remembered the lives he took in order to survive. "You learn many things out in the world like it may be peaceful inside the walls of Konoha but out there its kill or be killed and you have to do everything you can to survive I done things I am not proud of things that would turn other kids my age into traumatized mutes." Naruto said as Iruka and Anko both knew he knew what it was like to take a life.

"Naruto don't beat yourself up about this you've learned the one truth of the Shinobi world and I do not think of you any less for it so cheer up if anything you'd be a genin right." Said the scar faced chunin.

"Yeah don't worry about it we'll always be right here for you if you need a shoulder to cry on!" Anko said with a big grin plastered on her face.

Naruto's eyes welded up with tears of joy as he hugged the snake mistress and the scar faced academy teacher.

They said they're good by's and Naruto left for home in a jiffy. He began packing all of his belongings into a sealing scroll and left his old apartment for good. He sat on the front steps of his apartment building and waited after an hour or so an angry mob could be seen at the end of the road and moving fast.

Naruto smiled and stood up to greet his hostile visitors with unweaving confidence that he was going to scare the shit out of them. They were just ten paces away from him when a force that felt almost like the Hokage had his killing intent plastered on them as they fell to their knees.

"That will be far enough thank you and if your going to attack me in secret don't shout that your going to 'Kill the Demon Brat' I could hear you a mile away." Naruto said smiling.

"You are a disgrace to this village and you should of perished the day you were born you demon span!" one of the villagers stated.

"You took the Fourth Hokage's life you breathing is a disgrace to his noble name and you attacked my daughter and the last Uchiha we are going to correct the mistake they made years ago by killing you right here and now!" Kagura Haruno said as the crowd began to move closer to him.

Naruto bit his thumb drawing blood and slammed his hand to the ground. There was a large poof of smoke and standing right next to Naruto was a creature with a white mask that resembled a triceratops but the body had a number of spikes covering it.

"I did not assault your daughter but she did attack me and as for the Uchiha he tried to make demands of me to give him my abilities so I was well in my rights to do what I did so be on your way or I'll sick this hollow on you." Naruto stated as his smile just kept growing.

"Nice trick demon brat but that fake monster doesn't fool me lets get him!" Kagura shouted as they continued their charge.

"Hay kid you've seemed to have got yourself into trouble again so what do you want me to do?" the enormous hollow asked.

"Just chase them and make them piss their pants but no soul eating next time I'm out of the village I'll summon you and let you have some fun with some bandits!" the young Arrancar said as the masked beast roared and charged at the mob making them run in the opposite direction.

Naruto couldn't hold back his laughter as the mob was chased by the hollow. But come on it was just too funny. They relished in his pain she he enjoyed their fear. After a few minutes of laughter he dispelled the summon and walked to a small wooded clearing and fell to sleep.

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