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Chapter Three

An Oral History

Hermione woke up the next morning, her head pounding and an ache between her legs. She tried sitting up but the room started to spin. When she flopped back, she realized that her back was stinging. What the hell happened last night, she wondered. Then, all the memories started rushing back and she blushed. Between the alcohol and the rough sex, she was aching all over. She reached out to the bedside table for her wand when her hand struck something. She looked over at the flickering candle and noticed a vial next to it. She sat up again, making sure she did it slowly this time. She picked up the vial and saw an amber-colored liquid inside. She looked over at the table and didn't spot any note so she squinted to read the label. The pounding in her head made it difficult to decipher the lettering. She pulled out the stopper and noticed it had no smell. Hermione knew that the potion wasn't on the table the night before so Snape must have left it there after she fell asleep.

She wondered if she trusted him enough to take it. She gave herself to him last night so the answer should be yes, if he did leave the potion. What if someone else had found a way in to his quarters? All these questions were making her nauseous so she carefully put the stopper back in the bottle and set it down. She would have to live through the pain, just to be on the safe side.

She gently got out of bed, ran a brush through her hair, and dressed. She grabbed her school bag and went out into the sitting room to find it empty. She noticed that she only had five minutes until class started so she had to forego breakfast. She headed out of her house (it was weird calling it hers) and out into what looked like his office.

There were only two doors: one leading to the classroom and the other to the hallway. Hermione could hear voices at either door. She was nervous. Did the school know they were married? "If only these doors had a window or something," she mused quietly to herself. She knew she couldn't spend all day debating on what to do but she wished she knew where Harry was. She took a deep breath and, with her mind made up, cracked open the door leading into the hall. She spotted Harry, his back to her, talking to Neville.

"Psst, Harry," she whispered.

Harry turned his head and upon seeing Hermione, smiled. He excused himself from Neville and walked over to her. "Hey, Mione," he said. "Boy, you look horrible. What did he do to you?" Concern clearly could be heard in his voice. He took her chin in his hand and twisted her head softly to the side. "You have bags under your eyes and you look like you haven't slept in weeks."

Hermione backed away a little and looked down at her shoes. "I'm fine," she sighed. "I just had a rough night. Does- does the school know yet?"

Harry eyed her skeptically. "Yeah, McGonagall announced it at breakfast this morning because it was in the Daily Prophet." He noticed that Hermione closed her eyes and took a shaky breath. "Do you need some time?" he asked.

Hermione shook her head no. "I just don't know if I can face the rest of the school. I didn't realize how hard this was going to be."

Harry pulled her into a hug and smoothed down her hair. "You can do this," he reassured her. "I'm here for you."

Hermione wrapped her arms around her friend and inhaled. She could smell his shampoo, a scent she had grown to compare to her happiness. "I'm so nervous."

Harry ran a hand up and down her back in a friendly manner. "Are you hitting on my wife, Potter?" Harry jumped back from Hermione and turned to face the professor.

"Uh, no, Sir," Harry stated.

"Well, if you would be so kind as to get into the classroom so I can start the day's lesson," he began and motioned with his hand to the open room.

Hermione looked past the men and into the empty hallway. She wished that she could just sink into the floor then have to deal with Snape. As soon as Harry was in the room and out of sight, Snape turned to Hermione. "He is just my friend," Hermione said before Snape could start yelling. "How many times do I have to tell you that?"

Snape walked towards her and she backed away, which gave him enough room to shut the door to his office behind him. "That is how rumors start," he announced.

"If you think that I'm going to give up my friendships just to end rumors before they even begin, you have a lot of," she began but Snape cut her off by placing his hand over her mouth.

"You are my wife now. I will not be embarrassed even more by false talk about you and the boy who won't die. Now, if there is nothing further, may I suggest that you get into the room as well?"

Hermione moved his hand away from her mouth and stared at him. How dare he suggest that she not have Harry as a friend? She may have to live with him and be his wife but he did not control whom she hung around with. "I WILL be friends with Harry," she said through clenched teeth. "You have no right to take that away from me." She stomped away from him towards the hallway door.

Before she could get to the knob, Snape grabbed her arm. "We will discuss this later." He looked into her eyes. "Why did you not take the potion?" he demanded.

Hermione pulled her arm out of his grasp. "There was no note. How the hell was I supposed to know it was from you?"

"My quarters are well guarded. No one can get in without my permission- or my name." He walked away from her and over to his desk. He reached into a drawer and pulled out another vial with the same colored liquid inside. He strode over to her and thrust the vial into the palm of her hand. "Drink this then get into the classroom before I show my wife who is boss in this relationship."

Hermione drank down the contents and threw the vial past Severus' head, causing it to smash as it struck the wall behind him. "Go to hell," she spat as she whirled around and walked into the room. She slammed the door behind her, causing the class to look up at her in surprise. She was so enraged that she completely ignored the shocked expressions of her classmates and made her way to the only seat available. She was silently relieved that it was right next to Harry.

"You alright?" he asked her quietly.

Hermione nodded. She sat there, tight-lipped, as Professor Snape entered the room. The rest of class, as well as the rest of the day, seemed to sprint by her. All too soon, dinner was over and she would have to make her way to Severus'… no, her room. It was her room now; she had to keep reminding herself. She paused in front of the door and took a huge breath. Muttering the password, the door opened and she stepped through. She noticed Severus sitting on the couch near the fire so she decided to quietly walk by, hoping that he wouldn't notice her presence. She was halfway to the hall when she heard him speak.

"Put your school bag in your room. Then come out here and sit next to me."

Hermione sighed inaudibly and put her things right inside the door to her room. Nervously, she made her way out into the living room and sat next to her husband. She stared into the fire, unable to meet his eyes. She hoped he would start talking soon. The silence was deafening.

"I was disrespected by you today, dear wife," he began.

"I didn't," she started but he raised his hand to silence her. She quickly shut her mouth and continued to look at the fire.

"You did and you need to be punished for it. No wife should ever make her husband feel humiliated the way I was this morning. So, talking to Harry is completely forbidden. And, before you say anything, know that the vows you took meant that you must obey me. I have obeyed you as I no longer talk to any of my female companions anymore." Hermione found it odd that he even had one female companion before her let alone more. She was also seething from the fact that she could no longer talk to her only friend. That was one request she was not going to follow. "Now, you need to go to my bedroom, take off your clothes, and wait for me. You are not to cover yourself, with your hands or the covers. I want you to feel the humiliation you made me feel. After I have my way with you, you are to pick up your clothes and leave for your room. No words are to be spoken unless I give you permission. Nod if you understand me." Hermione could no nothing else but nod. Why did she ever say yes to this situation? "Go," he commanded and Hermione went willingly. She would never give him the satisfaction of knowing that she did things because he said so. She held her head up high as she made her way to his room.

Once there, she took off her clothes and lay down on top of the covers of his bed. She did not feel humiliated because she accepted the way her body looked. Hell, she even liked the way her body looked. She waited impatiently for him to walk in the door. She didn't have to wait too long as she saw the door open. He walked in and over to the bedside table. He put down his glass of amber liquid, not once looking at her. She started to feel a trembling start in her stomach and prayed that she wouldn't get sick. Severus picked up the glass, downed the drink, set the glass back on the table, and took off his robe.

He was only wearing what looked like silk pajama pants and Hermione longed to run her hands down the fabric. She kept still as he sat down next to her and finally looked at her body. She had to close her eyes as she saw the feral look in his and focused on her breathing. She wasn't going to run out of the room screaming. She wasn't going to cry. Because, when she really thought about it, her body was screaming and crying for him. She smiled internally as she waited for his next move.

Severus lightly touched the hollow of her neck with his fingertips. He ran them downward, feather-like, in between her breasts, past her navel, and stopped just short of her pelvic bone. Her eyes fluttered closed at the new sensation. She thought he was mad at her but his touch proved otherwise. "Look at me," he murmured. She cautiously opened her eyes and longingly gazed into the depths of his. Although his caress was gentle, his eyes held the intensity of a raging fire. Severus lay down on his back. "Take off my pants." She complied and was rewarded with his massive cock staring right at her. She involuntarily licked her lips. "Suck it," he commanded.

Hermione had only given one guy oral and he had laughed at her attempt. He told her that it felt as though she was licking him like a popsicle. She blushed at the memory and looked at the wall next to her. Snape lifted up onto his elbows, clearly irritated. "What is taking you so long to start?" he asked her.

"Um, it's just that," she began but found she couldn't find the words to explain her past to him. She was probably the smartest girl in Hogwarts and now words escaped her.

She heard Severus sigh as he sat up. He put a finger under her chin and turned her head to face him. "Look at me, Hermione," he said. She slowly, but reluctantly, obeyed him. Tears started to form in her eyes, betraying her courage from earlier in the evening. Severus shook his head before he continued. "Whatever you have done in the past, is the past. Those others were merely boys who could no more make a decent sleeping potion then make love to a beautiful woman. Take my cock into your mouth. If I don't think it's up to my standards, I will tell you what to do." He moved his hand to the back of her neck and brought her close for a searing kiss. When he relinquished his hold on her neck, he cupped her head with his hands and slowly lowered her to his quivering cock. She kissed the tip, tasting the spot of liquid that had formed on the head. She slowly started to take him into her mouth when his hands held her head still.

"First, lift my cock. Start running your tongue from the underside of my testicles up to the tip. Repeat this for a little while." Hermione complied and ran her tongue from his balls, up to the tip of his manhood, and back down again. She did this for a little while when he stopped her again. "Now, grab my cock with your hand but not too tightly. I'll let you know when to add pressure." She did as instructed and was rewarded with a little moan from her husband. "Move your hand up and down my cock, closing it slightly when you reach the head. When you feel you have done this correctly, then place your mouth on my cock. Create a sort of vacuum, slide your mouth up and down the length, and let your hand follow your mouth. You will feel me tighten up, if you are good enough, and then I will cum. I want you to swallow it all." Hermione nodded but her mind was screaming at her to get her mouth on him; to feel him fill her completely as he had the other night.

She started slowly, Severus' hands guiding her up and down at the pace he wanted. Soon, she couldn't take it anymore. She shook her head, meaning for him to break his hold. He did and she knew she didn't something right because he grabbed onto the sheets below him. She smiled but then went right back to the task at hand. Not only was he a great potions professor, but he really knew how to teach oral techniques. She kept up her ministrations when she suddenly felt him tense up. She reached up and cupped his balls and loved the tightness of them. She opened her throat and waited for his cum. Her efforts were rewarded when his seed hit the back of her throat. She swallowed down every last bit of hot cum and then licked him clean.

She looked up at his face and saw that he had fallen asleep, again. She shook her head and sighed. For the second time, she placed a blanket over his naked form and picked up her clothes. She headed toward the door when she looked back. She stayed there for a little while, watching him sleep, when she realized something. She was slowly falling for her husband. What was her problem? She was supposed to hate this man. She made her way quietly to her room and opened the drawer next to her bed. She put on her nightgown and retrieved a bottle from the drawer. She downed the amber liquid straight from the bottle. A few hours later, she was fast asleep (more like, passed out). She would worry about her feelings tomorrow. After all, it was Saturday. She planned on spending the morning with her friends and forgetting all about her worries.

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