A brief overview:

This story is a crossover between Harry Potter and D.Gray man. It contains slash between Kanda and Allen. If you do not like slash, please stop reading. This is somewhat of a hobby and a writing exercise for me. Don't expect it to be good or be updated frequently.

If it were any other day, Kanda might have considered letting Komui off the hook. But no, not this time. Not for dragging him into his office directly after Kanda had returned from a mission gone wrong, not for forbidding the swordsman to go to the hospital wing first; not for divesting him of his Innocence without prior warning and definitely not for making him wave sticks around. There was no way.

"Try this one next!" Komui said excitedly, shoving yet another stick into Kanda's hand. The tic that had developed under the swordsman's eye might have become permanent. However, he dutifully raised the stick and gave it a swish. Like all the others before it, it was snatched out of his hand and replaced with another.

"Go on!" Komui urged, hopping from one foot to the other with an added spin. Kanda's eye twitched again. He gripped the stick tightly. Pointless, this was just so pointless and frivolous.

"Would you quit with the sticks and tell me what on earth is going on?" He snarled. If he wasn't still injured and unarmed, he would have gladly castrated the older man on the spot. Komui wasn't fazed at all. In fact, he grinned widely and pointed at the stick Kanda was holding.

Kanda's eyes widened. He raised the stick to eye level. It was spitting multi-coloured sparks rather viciously. Well that gave him an idea. With an evil smile, he pointed it at Komui. The scientist backed away nervously.

"Now then Kanda, lets not be hasty." He said, holding up his hands in a placating gesture. Kanda took one step forward.

"You have a ten second head start."

Komui took off running. The swordsman smiled in satisfaction. He had no intention of giving chase but Komui didn't know that. It served the bastard right for keeping him in the dark about… whatever the sticks were about. Kanda shrugged to himself and tucked the stick into his shirt as he made his way to the infirmary. Now, it was about time he had that nasty shoulder to hip wound looked at.

It was only the next day that Komui realized Kanda wasn't coming after him. So it was only the next day that Komui provided an explanation. Hence it was why Kanda and Lavi were sitting in chairs opposite Komui receiving their mission briefing.

"A group of Finders have discovered a building that may possibly contain up to Four Innocence." Komui begun. He paused to take a sip of coffee.

"The building is a school for magic users. The Innocence seems to disrupt the usage of electrical appliances and enables the building to actively repel and or redirect intruders within a large distance. This is inconsistent with the other magical sites like their shopping alley, their hospital and their ministry in which electrical appliances still work just fine. Hence we're dispatching an Exorcist to check it out."

Kanda raised one eyebrow at this. He had heard of magic users, having met them on more than one occasion when traveling with Tiedoll or on missions. But they tended to be far and few in between and usually didn't go around waving their sticks.

"Lavi probably has records of them." Komui glanced at the junior bookman as he said so, receiving a nod as confirmation.

"The sticks I've had you wave are called wands. The Finders managed to nick them from various deceased people. The magic users, or wizards and witches as they prefer to be called, use them to cast spells. Different wands will respond to different people. Even though the selection I have is just an assorted bunch, the strongest reaction by far came from you, Kanda. Congratulations, you have magic."

"What is your point?" Kanda demanded in irritation. "So what if it reacts to me? So what if I have this… magic? Anyone could go there and retrieve the Innocence." He crossed his arms and glared at Komui angrily. He did not like being singled out for things like this

"Under normal circumstances, I would ask that of you. However." Komui tossed a file into Kanda's lap. Kanda opened it, letting pictures of several different massacres spill onto the floor. The swordsman quickly flipped through the file, reading the profiles of several people, taking note of the ones Komui had marked as important, dangerous and annoying.

"They're at war. I don't want you to get involved in this. If you go there guns blazing to retrieve the Innocence which may not even be present, they will find out about the order. They will try to recruit us. And if we do not join, either side might try to wipe us out. Moreover, if you are attacked in any way, you will have an additional method of defense unlike the other Exorcists who only have their innocence. "

"It took the Finders quite a lot of time to gather all this data. Your mission is to pose as their new Defense Teacher and scout out the possible locations of the Innocence. If you find them, attempt to remove them discreetly. Then return to us the moment your contract is terminated. If you encounter Akuma, dispatch of them discreetly." Komui retrieved a box of books from under his desk and plonked it in front of the two young men.

"You have three months to brush up on the ways of the wizarding world. After that, you will apply for the job. Lavi will assist you in memorizing the spellwork."

Kanda looked up from the file and the pile of books then looked at Lavi.

"I'm stuck with this idiot for three months?" He asked in disbelief and growing anger. Komui shrank back at his glare.

"Komui, you have a five second head start." Kanda growled. The head officer didn't look quite convinced and stayed put. Kanda raised an eyebrow and unsheathed his sword. Komui skedaddled.

With a put upon sigh, Kanda turned to the junior bookman who had been oddly silent this time around.

"Come on, Rabbit. I want to get this over with as quickly as possible." Lavi sprung up from his seat with a huge grin.

"Oh Yuu-chan! We'll have soo much fun together!" he declared. Somehow Kanda doubted that a lot.

Seeing Lavi in lecture mode was a rare occurance. In fact, Kanda had never recalled seeing Lavi in lecture mode. Frankly, it was a little scary. He talked like a teacher, who had taken drugs, and was now high.

"Okay, first. You'll have to memorize all the spells covered in the curriculum you'll teach in a week. Then you'll have to master them in a month. After you master them, you'll move on to cover the other basic spells in other subjects. During that time, I will also teach you about wizarding customs and etiquette. Once you manage to get all of that down, I'll give you a run down on the past hundred years of history. After we're through with all of that, I'll give you a list of people you should watch out for along with their profiles. And if we still have time, I've got a whole lot of advanced spells that you should know about. Now after you've finished that whole shindig, we'll make lesson plans together! Okay got that? Got it? Good. Now let's get started."

With that, Lavi plonked a thick stack of papers in front of Kanda. Kanda stared at it, awed and a little horrified at the same time. He was supposed to learn all that in a week? He picked up the first piece. It was all in foreign languages. He recognized a few Latin and Spanish words. Was that Greek halfway down the page?

"I arranged them alphabetically by difficulty. Yuu-chan should have no problem with the first fifty." Lavi said so cheerfully that Kanda wanted to punch him. He refrained because no matter what, Lavi was his teacher now and he respected his teachers.

"First fifty spells?"

"No. First fifty pages."

Kanda punched him out anyway.

"You slash downwards and jab like you're drawing an exclamation mark. Then you swish to the left." Lavi corrected Kanda for what seemed like the hundredth time. Kanda dutifully repeated the action even though he didn't really understand the whole point of swish, flick, chant, jab whatever. Could he not just point and chant? It would be faster without the swishing and the slashing. He voiced his question to the junior bookman. It earned him a glare.

"Proper wrist movements augment a spell's power and fine tunes control which you desperately need." Lavi said. If Kanda was a year or two younger, he might have accepted it as law. Unfortunately, he was not.

"How?" Kanda asked, curiosity getting the better of him. The junior bookman frowned as if mentally flipping through a book.

"Page 134 of Greg Frogsmouth's guide to perfect control says that proper wrist movements help create proper pathways to guide the different kinds of magic out of your body. For example, swishing loosens up the pathways in your arm and allows the magic to dissipate outwards in diluted waves and envelop an object. Hence it's used mostly in Charms and Transfiguration.. Slashing tenses up the pathways and allows for short bursts of concentrated magic. This is why it's used predominantly in casting jinxes and hexes." Lavi paused to take a breath. Kanda took the chance to silence him with a barely there Silencio. Magic could be quite useful, the Japanese man admitted to himself as he watched the Junior Bookman's mouth open and close comically. He would make sure to practice that spell more often, Lavi was starting to squeak. Come to think of it, he had just learned a spell to make a person dance. Kanda raised his wand, ignoring the near soundless pleas of the hammer wielder.

For someone new to wand magic, it was admirable that Kanda managed to learn advanced spellwork in addition to the curriculum he was going to teach. Some said it was his dedication to the Black Order that made the swordsman study so hard. Others just shrugged and said it was a way of channeling his anger at being given such a ludicrous task. After all, who could possibly be able to memorize and master all the spells a competent Defense teacher was supposed to have within three months? Why, most teachers had taken years to build up their repertoire and hone their skills but there was Kanda, attempting to cram it all into ninety short days. Yet, somehow he managed to do a barely acceptable job of it. Kanda didn't ever want to look at a spell book again. He also didn't want to see or hear Lavi for at least another ten years however unlikely that was. He had had enough of the redhead's annoying chipper voice quizzing him on the various subjects taught in school. Although, now that Kanda had a new arsenal at his disposal, he could make the rabbit's life a living hell seeing as how the hammer wielder had next to no magical power. Almost a squib, Lavi had said cheerfully, not at all fazed when Kanda demanded to know why Lavi wasn't chosen to go instead. Also, Kanda's usual tight-lipped demeanour somehow made him really good at casting non verbal spells which was a needed skill for Defense Professors, Lavi had added with glee. Kanda, irritated, cursed the redhead's hair green.

Now, having sent his resume complete with forged documents to the Headmaster two days ago, Kanda was mock dueling with Lavi to get rid of his nerves. If it could be called a mock duel because all Lavi could do was to dodge anyway. Lavi was adamant that Dumbledore would just ask Kanda a few questions and be done with it if he really did land the interview. Kanda was not convinced. Hence he was training like he was going to be sitting for a really tough exam.

Without really noticing, Kanda had sped up his spell casting. Lavi barely managed to dance out of the way of a cutting curse.

"Yuu-chan! I think that's enough! Your casting is becoming erratic." Lavi's cry broke Kanda's concentration. He lowered the wand immediately and nodded brusquely at his companion. Without a word, Kanda turned on his heel and headed straight for the mess hall. The mission hadn't started and already he hated it with a passion. On his way there however, he was met with Krory who had a disgruntled looking owl on his arm.

"Komui told me to bring this owl to you." He said, hurriedly shoving the owl at Kanda. Too surprised to do anything, Kanda just accepted the owl, allowing it to perch on his arm. Krory hurried off, not wanting to be saddled with the irritated bird any longer. The owl hooted at Kanda, sticking out its leg. Hesitantly, Kanda removed the letter tied there. What would happen if he was rejected? Would Komui make him infiltrate the school? What if they insisted on testing his skills in a duel? Would he be able to overcome them with his three months worth of experience? Or worse still, would they know somehow, straightaway that he was a fake and this letter was charmed to eradicate him immediately. Okay, this was getting ridiculous, Kanda berated himself. He was letting his imagination run away with him. Steeling himself, he ripped open the envelope, pulled out the letter and proceeded to read it.

Dear Mr. Kanda Yuu,

We are glad to inform you that your application for the position of the Professor of Defence Against The Dark Arts has been approved. This letter is a portkey that will transport you to the school gate tomorrow at 8 o'clock sharp. A teacher will be present to escort you inside.


Albus Dumbledore

Kanda's eye twitched once, and then twice. That was it? No interview? No test of his skills? He was beginning to see how intruders got in so easily. The headmaster must be becoming senile. He had put himself through hell for nothing. On the positive side, he didn't need to worry about them finding out that he was barely competent at spell casting. Oh well, every cloud had a silver lining. With a sigh, he slipped the letter into his pocket and continued on his way, the owl flying close behind.

For once in his life, Kanda was nervous. Lenalee and Komui were standing together with him, presumably to see him off but nothing was said between them. Personally, Kanda thought there was nothing to be seen off. Portkeys made people disappear on the spot. There was nothing to say besides "Good luck" "Good bye" and "Be Careful" anyway. Lenalee waved him off saying it was customary and polite to do so. Shifting his suitcase from one hand to the other, Kanda regretted having banished Lavi from his sight so early because he really needed someone to insult and demean. Unfortunately for him, the beansprout was on a mission so he couldn't insult him either. Speaking of the brat, he looked pretty beat up the last time Kanda saw him, which was six? Seven months ago? He wondered how the boy was doing. 17 and already a general, it was unbelievable. Surprisingly, a wave of contentment swept through the twenty year old. When Allen first joined the order, Kanda thought that he would be stuck taking care of the brat every single time they had a mission together. He was proved pleasantly wrong when Allen showed his ability to fight, and willingness to improve himself. The boy had grown stronger and stronger, giving Kanda a run for his money each time they mock battled. Kanda gripped the letter tightly in his hand and adjusted Mugen by his side as he watched the clock on the wall slowly tick towards eight.

Five. Enough of the brat! He didn't want to think about the naïve teen!

Four. Stupid Allen and Lavi, always kidding around even on missions.

Three. It was horrendous how much food Allen could eat.

Two. His arm wasn't that repulsive. It had a sort of macabre appeal.

One. Wonder what he was doing now.

Kanda felt a tugging sensation behind his navel and was gone.

The staff of Hogwarts was not pleased with their headmaster. No, not at all. You would think that after letting not one, but two incompetent Defense teachers and one imposter into the school, anyone would be more cautious in choosing the next one. Hold an interview maybe, hold a test hopefully. Unfortunately, all Albus did was to smile as he approved the application of a person he had never even met.

"His senilty knows no bounds." Professor Snape snarled, upset at being rejected once again. Professor McGonagall sniffed in disapproval, both at Professor Snape's comment and at Dumbledore's actions.

"I wish I could disagree with you." She said primly, hands folded at her waist neatly as they awaited the arrival of the newest professor. "But I can't. So I won't." She added.

"He's twenty. Twenty!" The potions master sounded so aggrieved that McGonagall had to bite her lip to hold in a chuckle.

"Hush now, he should be arriving right about-" a dark haired boy appeared before them. He dropped into a defensive stance immediately with his hand resting on the sword by his side. The suitcase fell to the ground with a loud thunk.

"Are you the professors the Headmaster sent to escort me?" He asked guardedly. Professor Snape and Professor McGonagall looked at one another then at the new arrival. He didn't even look 18, much less 20! Was this person really going to lead the children in Defense against the Dark Arts? The close age gap might cause the students to disrespect him and challenge his authority! Nevertheless, Professor McGonagall stepped forward.

"Yes, I am Professor McGonagall, the transfiguration mistress and this is Professor Snape, the potions master." She said politely. The young man narrowed his eyes as if remembering something. He straightened hesitantly, picked up his suitcase then adjusted the sword by his side and bowed.

"I am Yuu Kanda, it is a pleasure to meet you." He said in a very polite manner. "Please forgive my earlier actions, I do not frequently travel by portkey."

Despite his young appearance and rather clipped manners, McGonagall found himself liking the young man. He seemed to be a no-nonsense and disciplined person, a suitable teacher or so she hoped. She gave her colleague a small smile as if to say not all hope was lost. Snape just pursed his lips to say we'll see.

"Well, Mr. Kanda, please come this way."

Kanda knew that portkeys could be disorienting. Lavi had told him so. But he didn't expect the whole world to somersault and switch colours in front of him. Thanks to his training and his natural instincts, he managed to stay upright and even assume a defensive position as he reappeared in front of the gates.

There were two people there: a man and a woman. Both were dressed in black robes and pointy black hats. Albus Dumbledore mentioned one escort, why would there be two? Kanda thought suspiciously, fingers twitching on his sword. Then he reminded himself that the old man had probably just forgotten. It was the same man that approved his application right off the bat anyway. But just in case, he asked anyway.

"Are you the professors the Headmaster sent to escort me?" The question sounded rude even to his own ears but it was better rude than sorry. The two adults replied in the affirmative. McGonagall and Snape. Kanda narrowed his eyes, mentally running through the list of important people he had been given. Lavi had told him to be wary of the professors because they were perceptive. But they meant no harm. They seemed to be unarmed so he straightened. Picking up his suitcase, he bowed and introduced himself.

"I am Yuu Kanda, it is a pleasure to meet you. Please forgive my earlier actions, I do not frequently travel by portkey." He felt a little uncomfortable at their subtle evaluation of him. He could tell by the small smile on McGonagall's face that she was giving him a chance. The sneer on Snape's face showed that the potions master still had his misgivings. Good, it was better this way. Their mistrust of him would keep him alert and on his toes.

"Well, Mr. Kanda, please come this way." The woman spun on her heel and led the way towards to the enormous castle in the distance. Kanda followed close behind, keeping his guard up.

It wasn't before long that Kanda stood in the great hall. He gazed up at the ceiling, wondering if it would emulate aerial attacks like it did the sky. Today was disgustingly sunny. It would probably agree with people like Lavi, Allen, Lenalee and all the others. Not him though, he preferred cloudy days. Sunny was too cheerful for him. Cloudy skies reflected life. Life was like a sky of clouds. It might rain on you any time but then sometimes, the sun would shine through the clouds. He waited patiently as Professor McGonagall introduced him to the staff members who were still having breakfast, nodding his head politely at each of them. Professor Snape excused himself hastily, muttering about timing his potions. Meanwhile, Kanda exchanged s few polite words with Professor Sprout, Madam Hooch and Professor Flitwick before McGonagall led him to the Headmaster's office. The swordsman was quite intrigued by the moving paintings and armour he saw on the way but didn't say a thing. It wouldn't do to seem as if he was completely new to the Wizarding world. For all he knew, they could be common occurrences. He made a mental note to ask Lavi about it later.

"Iced Mice" Kanda was brought out of his musings as Professor McGonagall told the gargoyles a password of sorts. They leaped out of the way, allowing Kanda and his companion to ascend the stairs.

Kami, the shade of orange! Was Kanda's first thought when he stepped into the Headmaster's office along with Professor McGonagall. The headmaster was wearing a set of bright orange robes with neon green toadstools on them. The swordsman had to blink several times to get used to it whereas Professor McGonagall didn't seem the least bit fazed.

"Kanda Yuu I presume!" The old man said cheerfully. Kanda bowed stiffly by way of affirmation.

"Lemon drop?" Kanda declined the old man's offer as politely as he could, looking around the room curiously. Many a device spun, whistled and gyrated on the shelves. The phoenix in the corner trilled softly and bobbed its head up and down at him as if approving of him. Kanda bowed respectfully to it. He had only heard of phoenixes in stories. There were many legends about their healing abilities and their status as a symbol of prosperity.

"I see Fawkes seems to like you quite a little." Albus commented. "But where are my manners! My name is Albus Dumbledore and I welcome you to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!" The aged wizard stood and walked around his desk to stand in front of Kanda.

The swordsman had the feeling that something was inherently wrong, a deep unsettling feeling that his person was under attack. He glanced around the room quickly, eyeing the various devices. Kanda was surprised to note that the feeling disappeared the moment he looked away from the Headmaster's eyes. Professor McGonagall seemed to be giving the Headmaster a disapproving look but refrained on commenting. The headmaster must have been using some kind of eye-contact based magic on him, Kanda concluded. It was probably rude or illegal judging by the annoyed look the Professor McGonagall had given the old man. Or it could be just a coincidence. Either way, Kanda would not look him in the eye again.

"It is an honor to be able to teach at your school, Headmaster Dumbledore" Kanda said as he raised his head, deliberately staring at a spot on the right of the headmaster's head. Most people found it disconcerting. Kanda was pleased to note that the headmaster shifted slightly, looking just a little uncomfortable before smiling again.

"Professor McGonagall will show you to your rooms. Term starts in a week on September the first, so I trust you'll have time to get better acquainted with the other professors." Dumbledore said cheerfully. Kanda maintained his stare and nodded shortly.

"Thank you, headmaster Dumbledore." He said and turned to follow Professor McGonagall out of the room.

The silence between the two colleagues was tense.

"The headmaster, he tried to so something to me didn't he?" Kanda asked bluntly. The older witch faltered in her steps.

"I apologize on his behalf. He was merely testing your loyalties." She replied in a disapproving tone. "I've told him there are better ways to do that but he never listens."

Kanda frowned. It was good that at least, at least there they were wary of him, the old man so much more. If he did that to everyone who came in through the doors, there would be nothing to be afraid of. Yet somehow, Kanda had the feeling that the headmaster did not. They came to a stop in front of a painting of a lady in a kimono.

"This is Kiyoko. She shall guard your door. The password is Fizzing Whizbees but you can change it anytime you want by informing Kiyoko." Professor McGonagall said, gesturing at the painting. Kanda bowed to the lady.

"I'll leave you to unpack, Professor Kanda." The witch informed Kanda. Turning on her heel, she was about to leave when Kanda called her.

"Professor McGonagall."

The older witch paused in her footsteps. Kanda struggled to find the words.

"Tell him I do not blame him for it. But I would appreciate it, if he did not do it again." He said.

Without looking back, the tartan clad woman nodded briskly and went on her way. Kanda turned and gazed at the painting. Kiyoko-san was gazing at him curiously with a gentle smile on her face.

"Pleasure to meet you Kiyoko-san." Kanda said to the painting. The lady smiled at his polite tone. "From now on, I would like the password to be…" Kanda paused in thought. No one here knew him. The chance of them guessing his password would be quite unlikely. Even so, he chose something that would be totally out of character for him.

"Beansprout." He decided. Kiyoko smiled and swung open. Kanda stepped in, feeling just a little relieved that he succeeded at least the first part of his mission: Getting in undetected. With a small sense of accomplishment, Kanda headed over to the bed. Placing his suitcase on the bed, he began to put away his thing. His clothes were placed neatly into the dresser within a few minutes. His golem flew around erratically for a few minutes, seeming to be a little disoriented and annoyed by being cooped up for so long in the suitcase. Kanda hesitated but then removed the glass encased lotus from his suitcase and placed in on the dressing table. He had originally wanted to leave it at headquarters, but Komui convinced him to bring it along. Just in case you don't know you're over doing it, the scientist had said. With what little he had brought all put away neatly, Kanda sat down cross legged on the bed to meditate.

Down in the great hall, a heated discussion was taking place amongst the professors.

"Twenty? Isn't that a little young?" Professor Sprout asked in concern. She was worried that Kanda would not be able to handle a class full of rowdy students.

"Hah! He looks as if he's barely 16!" Madam Hooch declared. The young man was for a lack of better word: beautiful and unmarked.

"Age does not determine skill." Flitwick said thoughtfully. It was possible that the boy was quite skilled at Defense even though he was young. He might have a natural talent at it.

"He…" Professor McGonagall paused. It was unusual that someone as young as him could detect Albus's subtle probing. He knew he was being probed and was able to look away, and yet he didn't seem to know what it was.

"I think he's not who he says he is." She decided, torn between liking the stand-offish young man and being suspicious of him. Her three colleagues turned to her.

"What makes you say that?" Professor Flitwick asked.

"Most people have trouble detecting Albus's Legilimency probes. Professor Kanda not only realized it but also managed to look away. In addition, he scanned the room warily as if expecting a corporeal attack. Somehow, he also managed to discourage the headmaster from trying that trick again." Here, the Irish professor paused. "But then as I was showing him to his room, he asked me if the headmaster tried something on him. It's as if he has never heard of Legilimency or Occlumency."

"He sounds more like a battle hardened muggle." Professor Flitwick commented, furrowing his brow. "This is odd, because the Wizarding World of Japan is quite peaceful nowadays. Why would he need to be on constant guard?"

"It's probably because he has trained in martial arts. Didn't you see his sword? Some forms of martial arts require disciples to be constantly alert." Madam Hooch waved her hand at the two older professors to dismiss their ideas. They looked at one another uneasily. It was obvious that none of them really and truly believed that. However, since Kanda seemed to be no more than an average and well manner young man, they would accept it for now.

In his office, Albus Dumbledore steepled his fingers, lost in thought. To be truthful, he had only accepted Kanda as a Defense professor because he knew that the Ministry had already planned to appoint one of their own in that position, namely one Dolores Umbridge. Albus had wanted to minimize their interference and so appointed the first qualified person who applied to teach Defense. He was beginning to rethink his decision. From what little he had managed to glean from the subtle probing, Kanda was nothing more than an average wizard, struggling to cast spells with a wand that seemed unsuited for him. He was not on Voldemort's side that much was obvious, but he did not wish for the light either. In fact, Kanda Yuu seemed wholly set on staying out of the war aside from doing his job.

His job. That was the disturbing part. Kanda didn't view his job as in equipping the students with knowledge to defend themselves. Albus had caught flashes of hastily cast spells, hours of research and study in the library. Kanda wanted to find something. He wanted to find it for someone else. That something was within Hogwarts but Albus was unable to find out what before Kanda had looked away.

The old wizard sighed. When Kanda had looked back at him, Albus had felt just a little uncomfortable. It had been such a long time since Albus had met someone who could do that stare. By gazing steadily at the spot just by someone's head, it gave people the impression that you were looking right through them at something behind them. Most people could not perform it because their eyes would start to wander to more corporeal items after a few seconds. People when subjected to it would feel uncomfortable and would want to look away or behind themselves. Usually, they would succumb to that feeling because they were not used to it. The headmaster had only been caught off guard, not expecting such a young man to do that to him.

Kanda Yuu was definitely working for someone, otherwise why would a barely competent wizard like him apply for the Defense position? Albus gazed over at Fawkes. The firebird trilled softly at him as if to reassure him that it would be alright. Well, Fawkes seemed to have taken a liking to the young man. It seemed as though that even though Kanda's loyalties lay with a third party, he was not a threat.

At least, not now.

"ACHOO!" Kanda sneezed for the seventh time in a row. He rubbed his nose and sniffed, feeling quite put out at having sneezed so many times when he wasn't sick. Hell, he didn't sneeze even if he was sick.

"God bless me." He said self consciously. "And Lord, please curse the idiots who're gossiping and or talking about me." He added vindictively.

Somehow, Albus couldn't find his lemon drops for the rest of the day. Madam Hooch fell off her broom. Several plants in Professor Sprout's greenhouse died suddenly. Flitwick tripped three times and Professor McGonagall's bun wouldn't stay up no matter how many pins she put in it.

Kanda is twenty but he looks younger. It's not uncommon. I myself am 18 but look like 13/14. My brother is 20 but people think he's younger than me. Go figure.