I reworked the entire chapter simply because I was dissatisfied with it. Allen is definitely darker and not as cheery as he used to be.


Allen was quite used to rumours by now. Having an odd appearance usually meant that people would whisper about him wherever he went. Someone once asked him if he lost his lover since his hair was white. Apparently, there was a legend about a hero whose hair turned white overnight after he lost his lover. Allen would usually smile and let them think whatever they want because he had gotten used to the whispers. However, this time, he wasn't smiling. He hung his head uncomfortably. After the initial adrenaline had worn off, he felt awkward as he moved through the corridors where several students had emerged from their dorms to look and see what was going on.

The young general sat on the pristine white sheets, feeling quite guilty for leaving a trail of dust wherever he moved. Madame Pomfrey tutted as she bustled around the ward, collecting several vials as she went. Two Aurors, one Nymphadora Tonks and Kingsley Shacklebolt stood to the side. Professor McGonagall stood on the other side, looking as stern as ever even with dirt and debris in her hair. Despite Madame Pomfrey's many attempts to get them to leave, the three adults insisted on staying.

"Drink this!" The mediwitch ordered, pushing a vial of what looking Blood Replenishing potion into Allen's hands. He took it quickly, uncorked it and drank it. The cool glass against his lips sent a shiver through his body and he briefly recalled the feeling of Kanda's lips against his own, warm but chapped. When he lowered the vial, he noticed both Aurors looking at horror at his bloody knuckles. Allen looked at them with disinterest. He always healed pretty quickly and even though his hand felt sore, he had much worse. Memories resurfaced one after another, each one with Kanda as his partner. How many times had they fought together as partners and colleagues? How many times did they get separated?

Allen was barely aware that Madam Pomfrey had taken his hands and removed his gloves gently. Tonks made a choked noise when his disfigured hand came into view and Professor McGonagall looked away pointedly. The young general tried not to let it bother him too much, his arm did cause a bit of a shock to most people.

The mediwitch tapped his bloody hand and Allen a sensation of someone pouring uncomfortably hot water over it. Within a bare moment, the feeling was gone and his hand didn't hurt. Allen flexed his fingers several times then made a fist. He noticed the way the Transfiguration mistress regarded him warily. He didn't blame her, after she was the one who witnessed his strength first hand. Usually when a seventeen year old boy's fist went one on one with a stone floor, it was the fist that lost, not the floor.

"Are you hurt anywhere else?" Madame Pomfrey asked, looking quite harried. "Are you still hurting from last night?" She pressed on insistently. Allen inched back on the bed then pulled up his trouser legs to show her the bruises and cuts he received from flying debris. The mediwitch healed them, grumbling about how Aurors should ask first, cast later. Now look what they did! A largely innocent boy had gotten hurt because of them and didn't they know he had been injured last night?

Allen then became aware of the fact that his side did hurt after all and was throbbing angrily. He poked it with his bare fingers and was rewarded with a sharp sting. It was minor enough that he didn't wince but still painful enough that he jerked a little. The mediwitch noticed and crossed her arms angrily.

"And were you planning on telling me about that?" she demanded. Allen cowered back a little meekly. He discarded his robes and then lifted his shirt so that the witch could take a look at it. The wound was an angry red but showed no signs of reopening. Nevertheless, Madame Pomfrey made him drink another Scar removing potion then put some balm on the area to sooth the muscles there.

Having an audience while being treated was something Allen didn't want to go through ever again. It was one thing to be treated by the school nurse alone and another entirely to have armed and wary magical folk staring at him while the nurse attempted to get him to remove all his clothing to see if he was injured anywhere else.

Fortunately for him, he won the battle by giving Poppy Pomfrey a lost and pitiful look. She turned slightly to glare at the three other adults present as if blaming them for not being able to treat a patient. They backed off and shifted to stand just outside the curtain. The mediwitch sniffed but allowed Allen to stand up from the bed. He did so slowly and pulled his gloves back on.

"Mr. Walker, you have to come with us." The one called Tonks declared. Allen recognized her as the lady who had hauled him up when they discovered he wasn't Kanda. They probably still couldn't figure out what happened and how his 'master' disappeared. After all, they were sure that they had trapped the real swordsman.

The white haired teen said nothing as he turned to the Aurors. They looked surprised that he was cooperating with them. Well, Allen would be too considering that they had just tried to arrest his 'master'. Of course, they didn't look a gift horse in the mouth and led him through the winding halls of Hogwarts down deep into the dungeons.

Allen wasn't fazed at all when they led him into cold room without any windows. It seemed like the rest of the Auror team had gone on ahead to prepare it for whatever they were going to do. Dumbledore stood to one side, the twinkle gone from his eye. Severus too looked rather impassive. Allen had a sinking feeling that this wasn't going to go well.

"Please, sit." Dolores Umbridge said in her sickeningly sweet manner. Allen's eyes went to the stone chair in the middle of the room. He moved over to it quietly and sat down without much ado, further surprising the rest of the Aurors.

Kerclang! Allen started as chains draped themselves over his wrists and ankles. He must have looked terrified because many of the Aurors shot him sympathetic looks. Thankfully, the metal wasn't drawn tight or the young General would have been very uncomfortable.

"Would you consent to Veritaserum?" The pink clad woman asked, moving to stand right beside Allen. The white haired teen was at a loss. Veritaserum, if he recalled correctly, would make him tell the truth. Yet he had no way to refuse it without making Kanda and subsequently himself look guilty.

Dolores Umbridge leaned closer and smiled, about to repeat the question. She smelt of strawberries and pond water, sweet but stagnant in a way. Allen met her gaze steadily. She blinked twice as if to say it was alright. All the General could do was to hope that she wouldn't ask something incriminating. Hesitantly, he nodded.

Professor Snape stepped forward and administered it according to procedure, measuring out three drops and letting them fall on Allen's tongue. The teen felt a calm fall over him and at the same time, had the urge to break out of there screaming.

"What is your name?" Dolores asked softly.

"Allen Walker." This was a harmless question. The General could have fought the urge to answer but somehow, he felt that since it didn't matter, he would just answer.

"How old are you?"


"Do your parents know about this?"


"And why not?"

"They abandoned me when I was seven in the middle of winter."

There was a minute of very, very awkward silence where even Professor Snape looked rather discomfited by this admission. Allen lowered his head, somewhere in his mind, he felt the deep dark urge to admit that he did have a foster father but another part of him pushed back against that feeling, overwhelming it with the simple logic 'They never asked.'

"How long have you been with your master?" Dolores continued, a small hitch in her voice that barely betrayed her discomfort. Allen instinctively thought of General Cross Marian and replied without a thought.

"Since I was ten." Well technically, he wasn't with Cross Marian now anymore but they never did specify which master and Kanda wasn't his master anyway.

"Where is your master?"

"I have no idea." He didn't even have to think about that one. Exorcists could work together and independently whenever the situation called for it. Sure, it was better if partners remained partners for the entire mission but being separated by accident happened more often than not and every time it happened, they were supposed to assume the other out of commission and complete the mission as best as they could.

It was entirely possible that Kanda had gone into hiding, reported a failure and requested backup. Unlikely, but definitely possible. He also had no idea where Cross could be if the man hadn't gotten himself killed already.

"Do you know where he might have gone?" Kingsley interjected.

A long silence as Allen thought it over, frowning as memories flitted through his mind. Kanda had nowhere to go right now.

"No." He answered finally. There was a heavy pause where the Aurors exchanged looks. Professor Snape looked very unsettled and was whispering with Auror Tonks at the back of the room. Allen strained his ears but couldn't hear them speak.

"Did Professor Yuu Kanda kill Larry Dickinson?" The witch's voice jolted him from his musings. Allen blinked up at her pinkness. The answer was plain in his mind. After all, he knew what that thing was and it was definitely not a human.

"No, he did not." He replied, the words falling from his lips smoothly like water from a waterfall. There was a collective murmur among the Aurors but Dolores looked very satisfied. Allen knew that the logical question after that would be 'Then what did he kill?' but the witch did not ask that. Instead she folded her arms and looked at the crowd.

"Well, there you have it." She announced. "He says that his master did not kill Larry Dickinson." Professor Umbridge gave him a sideways look. The white haired teen felt displaced all of a sudden. She knew he knew something but wasn't going to make him tell in front of all these people. That look promised that she wanted answers from him and would make sure to get them later.

Reluctantly it seemed, Kingsley waved his wand and the chains fell away with a resounding clang. Allen stood up and brushed bits of rust off his clothes.

"Very well. We shall cease pursuit but keep an out for the man." Fudge said in a disapproving tone. He turned to Dolores and gave her an imperious look. "Administer the restrictions on the boy would you, Dolores?"

The pink witch simpered in that overly sweet way of hers and nodded.

"Of course, Minister. It would be my pleasure." She gave Allen a look that was positively evil. Or it would have been if her lips had curled up just a little more. The young General stared at her as the chains fell away with a loud clang and allowed him to stand.

One of the Aurors came forward with a tray. On top of it sat a very plain bracelet, thin and silver, looking all in the world like a normal accessory.

"Your right hand please." Miss Umbridge said with a thin smile. Allen raised it hesitantly. The witch took it in her surprisingly firm grip and slipped the bracelet over it. It melded to his wrist immediately and he could feel a chill spread through his arm. There was a violent jolt as his Innocence disagreed with it almost immediately.

"Ah," Allen clapped his left hand over his mouth to stifle his gasp. Okay, that just came in second on his list of things he never wanted to experience again, right after being infected by Akuma poison. He fell to his knees as his magic too joined the fight. He never realized how much his magic was a part of him until he felt the bracelet clamp down on it and restrain it. Searing pain raced through his body and he curled up on instinct. Fire and ice warred and all of a sudden, he could feel that presence, the one that he had lived with for ages, rise up.

Anger filled him but Allen quelled it forcefully. How dare they?! It did an imitation of a snarl, the first that Allen ever heard it speak. They're scared. Allen fought back. The 14th subsided a little, bristling at this indignity. He became aware of Dolore's fingers, wrapped tightly around his upper arm, supporting him as he gasped for air.

"What happened?" Someone asked

"It's not supposed to do that!" Another voice exclaimed. In the midst of the voices, Miss Umbridge gave them all an excuse and ushered Allen out of there.

It was only when the painfully subsided that Allen realized that he was sitting in her office, staring at her overly pink décor and wondering if she had colour scheme issues. She didn't look sorry at all and in fact, she looked a little too calm.

"You did it." He said. It wasn't a question. She shrugged, eyes cold.

"Now they won't bother us." Miss Umbridge replied. Allen stared at her while the 14th grumbled in his mind.

"And I'm still under the effects of Veritaserum." Allen said slowly.

"There also happens to be powerful sticking charms on that chair." Miss Umbridge smiled thinly, looking very unforgiving.

It was then Allen found that he much preferred the simpering sweet look she gave everyone else.


"You're supposed to be on the mission." A female voice told him in a bossy tone. Kanda didn't stop to look at her, instead programming one of the Finder's golems to send a secret message to Timcampy. Just in case Allen accessed it.

"Not dressing up as a woman." Michelle went on. "Or asking us to find the means to continue doing so." She gave him a very disapproving look. Sohma looked a little distressed as he attempted to get her to stop talking. Kanda didn't blame him, the swordsman was still notorious for being mean and cold towards the Finders whom he used to deem useless.

His presence had not been well received with the team of Finders currently assigned to London. He hadn't known that there were that many of them but Sohma had sent out a signal and they had shown up one by one.

There was a tall black man called Carl who brought him some food, medical supplies and a sword cleaning kit. An androgynous girl called Kitty brought some clothing for both genders while Michelle brought make up and some accessories for him. Those were the ones who stayed. The others had merely shown up in areas close to the motel and received a briefing from Sohma. All of them were told to keep an eye and ear out for strange happenings and to note all suspicious or extremely normal people.

Kanda could have given Michelle his famous glare, drawn his sword and threatened her. Yet he merely threw the woman, obviously a new recruit, an expressionless look that stopped her in the middle of her lecture. Kanda did not feel the need to explain himself and never would. Instead, he donned the shapely cheongsam that they had procured out of places he didn't want to know and twisted his hair up into a bun. He didn't really have the energy to get angry now. What little strength he had left was to be conserved, better spent on his mission, and making sure Allen was safe.

His ankle itched and his chest tingled unpleasantly. There was still a faint burning sensation as his body forced itself to repair. A grimace found its way onto his face. Recon, oh how loathed doing it. He hated it even more when he was the only one capable of doing it because if anything went wrong, he couldn't say "You should have sent someone else."

The reflection of a rather average Chinese woman looked back at him contemplatively. The worst thing about recon? He really did look like a girl if he made an effort to do so. He didn't have a very angular face or facial hair. Covering his Adam's apple giving a few artificial curves made him look feminine enough to pass as lady.

There was nothing Kanda could do about it though and he was stuck making lemonade for now. The swordsman picked up his treasured weapon and slipped it into the long cardboard tube Sohma handed it to him.

"Your name is Tian Jia Rou. You are twenty two and looking for a long lost relative in Europe. You're lost and don't know much. The Leaky Cauldron contains the main arch to Diagon Alley but there are back ways into the other smaller streets. One of them is seven blocks away and takes you into Knockturn Alley."

Kanda closed his eyes and made a conscious effort to remember all that as Sohma dusted some powder onto his face and helped to apply a thin layer of gloss. The Finder took a small bottle from Carl and sprayed a fine mist over the exorcist. It smelled faintly of apples.

"I'm Tian Jia Rou. Twenty Two, lost relative I would say nephew. Slipped into Knockturn without really realizing it." He repeated. Sohma nodded and put the finishing touches on Kanda's make up. The swordsman licked the gloss discretely, secretly liking the plum flavour that Michelle had somehow managed to get.

"You'll want to appear lost and new at everything. Go to a bar called Stillwater. We managed to overhear that there are many Aurors that go there to catch thieves and suspects or get information. Start a fight and get them to introduce you to the magic world again." Sohma instructed him, patting him down and adjusting the oriental get up. The Finder finally stepped back and gave him a once over.

Kanda took a steadying breath while Kitty handed him a small purse. He could do this, he had done it before. The brunette picked up the cardboard tube, feeling the familiar weight of Mugen inside. The Japanese man cradled it in his arms then opened the door.

Seven blocks wasn't far if he was in his usual boots. Luckily Kitty had gotten him flats. Kanda would never be able to run in heels. He trotted along the shoes clicking against the pavement as he wove through crowds and turned at the corner. It was a shadier area where the stores seemed to be crammed together uncomfortably. Kanda could feel eyes tracing the false contours of his body. The hair on the back of his neck rose slowly. He slipped through a shortcut between two high buildings then spotted the tiny opening across the street.

He crossed the road carefully. It would be silly for him to get hit by a car after all. He feigned mild surprise at seeing the doorway which seemed very conspicuous in the middle of a wall. Then raising his hand slowly and hoping that no one was watching he opened it.

It swung open without a sound. Kanda stepped through, noting through the corner of his eye that there Carl was at the far end of the street pretending to read a paper. The simple gesture of tailing him despite not being able to really do anything useful if he was attacked warmed Kanda's insides marginally.

The brunette felt just a little better as he slipped into the dark areas of Knockturn Alley. Although Sohma said it led to Knockturn, they weren't quite sure where in Knockturn. Kanda thanked God silently that it was in a remote area where people generally didn't take any notice of you. He took small stumbling steps, pretending to look around at everything. It took a bit of searching but he located the bar that Sohma told him about. The sign hung from surprisingly well polished rings and it stood out amongst the general grime in that area. There was a call girl there or so Kanda assumed was her profession but she paid him no notice.

"Why hello there!" Someone wheezed near to Kanda's ear the moment he stepped inside. It took every single drop of self control Kanda had not to whip out his sword and stab the offender through the gut. Instead he forced his lips to curl slightly in what he hoped was a nervous smile. The sight of the patron in dirty brown robes reeking of alcohol made his stomach turn.

"Ni Hao." He whispered softly, edging away and heading for the bar quickly. Thankfully that man didn't pursue Kanda. He made a point of leaning over the counter to talk to the bartender.

"Can you tell me where I am now?" He asked, grimacing inwardly at his horrible faked accent. The bartender which was a witch wearing only a tunic and boots glared at Kanda. The swordsman took that as a cue to back off.

He bumped into a man behind him and turned around quickly. Oh this one was even worse than the precious one. Not only was he drunk and stank of vomit, he had a very obvious problem in his pants. Kanda did not want to know what effect he had on other men. It was downright insulting to his masculinity.

"Yoouuu sho pretteh." The man slurred, making a grab for Kanda. The brunette ducked under his arm, clutching his sword in his arms and tripped the drunk into another patron.

"You bothering this lady here?" another patron snarled.

"Back orf! She's mine!" the drunk shot back, he swigged from the bottle in his hand and then pulled out his wand.

"Boys, don't fight in here!" The bartender tried to stop them but the first spell had already been cast. Whatever it was caused the counter to splinter into tiny fragments with a loud boom. Kanda threw up his arms and dropped to the floor to protect himself. Someone grabbed his arm and he looked up. Names flashed through his mind before he matched one to the familiar face.

"Come with me!" the man shouted over the racket. Kanda could see red robed wizards and witches appearing in the bar shouting for order but no one listened. He nodded to the brown haired man and they disappeared with a loud crack.

Kanda dropped to the ground when they reappeared. He hated Apparation It disoriented him terribly. The swordsman took a moment to look around and take in the surroundings. They were still in Knockturn Alley, just a ways from the bar and safe from wayward spells.


Remus Lupin hadn't meant to grab the lady and Apparate out of there. Technically, he was supposed to meet Mundungus there to pass on some news but when the brunette entered the bar, his nostrils were filled with a blandly sweet smell that drew him to her.

He had gotten up to approach the Chinese lady but someone had gotten there first. Words were exchanged and before Lupin could say "I'm a werewolf!" a fight had broken out. It was just his luck that it was a spell flinging fight instead of a bar brawl. He hastily crossed the distance, grabbed her arm and apparated out of there.

"Are you alright?" Lupin asked. Up close, the witch looked much younger than he had initially thought. She turned wide eyes upon him and clutched the tube in her hands close to her chest.

"Where am I?" She asked in a faint voice. "Who are you and how did those people manage to cast strange lights?" She continued, making no move to get off the ground. Lupin bit his lip. Oh dear, was this an unsuspecting Muggle who stumbled across the Magical world?

"My name is Remus Lupin." The werewolf supplied gently, helping her to get up. "You're in Knockturn Alley and those people are wizards." He could have sworn that there was a cold triumphant look in her eyes but he dismissed that as a trick of the light.

"Oh.' She said softly. "Perhaps that's what mother meant when she said uncle was weird." She murmured to herself. The werewolf took a breath and the scent was so much stronger. The rational part of him insisted that this wasn't normal. Another part wanted to believe in love at first scent.

"Are you a witch, Miss…" He asked, hoping that she would supply her name.

"Oh, how rude of me!" She exclaimed in that soft husky voice of hers. "My name is Tian Jia Rou." She smiled at him shyly, casting her gaze downwards. Remus felt protective of her immediately despite the feeling that something was really wrong with how this was going.

"I don't think I am a witch but my uncle might be one." She offered, taking hold of the werewolf's arm. "My mother told me to find him."

Remus smiled warmly at her. Miss Tian wouldn't be considered pretty or beautiful in the traditional sense. Yet he found the young lady attractive because of her slightly boyish look.

"Well, I can help you get in touch with people who would be able to find him." He offered. Miss Tian smiled brightly.

"You could? Thank you so much!" She stepped back and bowed respectfully. Her dark eyes seemed to fill with happiness and was that a trace of mirth? The thought vanished from his mind when she leaned close to him.

"I'm sorry to bother you but could you find me a place to stay tonight?" She asked. Remus immediately thought of Number 12 Grimmaulds place but the rational part of his mind overrode that instantly.

"This way, Miss Tian." He gestured towards Diagon Alley with a broad smile. She smiled, shy again, eyes not daring to meet his face.

"Please, you can call me Rou." She whispered, following the werewolf as he led the way. Remus couldn't explain it but his heart swelled with happiness.


Allen glared at Miss Umbridge murderously. So this was why she helped him in the first place. She deliberately asked him non specific questions that had allowed him to get out of trouble to gain his trust. Stuck to the chair, he had been forced to answer her questions.

"What did Professor Yuu Kanda kill, if it wasn't Larry Dickinson."

"How did it take on Larry's form?"

"What are Akuma, exactly?"

"Why did you come here in the first place?"

Little by little, she forced him to tell her everything. The worst thing was that Allen was powerless to fight her. When she said there was a sticking charm, Dolores really meant it. Allen had placed his hands on the arms of the chairs and couldn't even lift a finger. The 14th raged in his mind trying to override the Veritaserum. The white haired General had never felt anything like it before. That constant presence had never really spoken up or done anything to him until now. It only surfaced in that state between sleep and waking when Allen wasn't fully conscious. Now it was a tidal wave trying to take over.

"I think we're done here." Umbridge said, pitch notably higher than when she begun, reflecting on the loss of her confidence. She now knew the truth, the whole ugly truth about why Kanda had come to this school, about Allen ranking higher than the dark haired man, about what they discovered in the forest, about the war they had been fighting for years, about everything.

Maybe Allen was deluding himself and the rage was really his own. Umbridge rose from her seat and tapped her wand against her palm. Allen recognized it as a nervous gesture. Her fingers trembled with fear. That's right, fear me. Allen thought vindictively. I could end your life right now but I won't I'll just let you stew in fear and paranoia till you kill yourself. He added to himself. She must have known what he was thinking.

"I like Professor Kanda." The simpering tone was back but there was an uneven hitch there. "You understand don't you? I wanted to know that he wasn't evil." She added, pacing the floor.

"And do you still like him? Knowing that he's a murderer? A killer?" He asked just as sweetly. Dolores didn't turn to look at him.

"It's easy to like someone who is nice to you." She stated. The parasite exorcist quelled his fury with much difficulty.

"He'll be nicer still if you keep this a secret." Allen offered, curling his lips up and closing his eyes.

"I know." Umbridge said, gaining back a little of her confidence.

"That's why we never had this conversation." She whispered, leveling her wand at Allen's head. The General bared his teeth at her as her lips formed the words. He wasn't going to let this happen! With all his willpower, he rocked backwards, toppling the chair over.

His weight and momentum smashed it. The legs came apart and the back fell off as the Obliviate sailed over his head and dissipated against the wall. Allen straightened best as he could. Too slow, too hampered, he couldn't reach for his wand.

The Parasite exorcist grinned, black and ominous. This was part of the reason why he has forced Kanda to run instead. They could suppress his magic, they could force him to wear a bracelet and tell the truth but they could never ever take away his Innocence.

Invocate! Crown Belt was so useful in times like these, the teen reflected as he used it to break the wood still stuck to him. Like the wards they used in the Great hall, the charm weakened and disintegrated. He turned his gaze upon the trembling pink clad witch.

"I'm not going to obliviate you." He informed her softly, Crown belt wrapping around her throat and squeezing lightly.

"Or maim you or kill you." Allen told her. He really shouldn't be getting so much pleasure out of seeing her quiver in fear. "You chose to ask me all those questions. Now you will live with having to help us." He raised his right arm and presented her the bracelet.

"Deactivate it." He ordered. Umbridge recited a long string of words. The uncomfortable block on his magic disappeared immediately and he felt it fill his core again. It was a relief, much like the feeling of finally remembering something that you knew that you forgot.

Satisfied, he let go of her and deactivated his Innocence. He pulled out his wand and repaired his clothes quickly.

"What are you going to do me?" Umbridge spat at him. Allen walked to the door and paused.

"Pretend nothing happened. I'll still be the student under suspicion, you'll still be a High Inquisitor in Hogwarts." He turned to look at her out of his cursed eye. "The only difference, is that you'll tell me about each and every anomaly that has happened in recent years." He smiled that innocent charming smile of his, knowing that Umbridge now hated him in ways he would never bother to count.

With that, he stepped outside and headed straight for the counter.


Kanda would kill Carl the next time he saw the damned Finder. He knew as soon as he saw the slightly glazed look in Lupin's eyes that whatever that perfume he had used was meant to confuse and arouse desire in men.

It was just his luck that he happened to run into the werewolf and that the werewolf with a better sense of smell had been affected way more than the average wizard. It was a curse and blessing in disguise. It was curse because Kanda felt tremendously insulted that people thought he was a girl, and a blessing because any slip up he made would be over-looked as long as Remus remained infatuated with him.

The quiet man had taken him to an inn on the other side of Diagon Alley, far away from the Leaky Cauldron. The name was smudged so badly that Kanda wasn't sure what it was called. The woman behind the counter glared at Remus and smiled tightly at Kanda. The werewolf paid the required amount for the room and patted Kanda's arm.

"I'll come and pick you up in the morning. We'll go to the Ministry together and see what we can dig up alright?" the smile he gave the swordsman was happy and hopeful. Kanda felt a little guilty and taken aback. He hoped that the perfume didn't have any permanent effects. He did not want to deal with a lovesick werewolf when this was all over.

"I thank you very much." He replied politely as he detached himself from the werewolf's arm and headed up the steps.


"BaKanda." Allen announced to Kiyoko with great relish. The portrait looked very uncomfortable at his presence but let him in anyway. The white haired General stepped through the hole, casting all the privacy spells he knew the moment it closed behind him. He headed to Kanda's bedroom and looked around. Someone had obviously gone through his things but Kanda didn't have anything suspicious aside from the Lotus and his Golem. The Lotus was still in its glass case, sitting on the bedside table but the Golem was gone. No extra petals had fallen so he knew that Kanda hadn't received irreparable damage. Allen leaned out the window and looked around. As if sensing an exorcist, the black communication device came flitting over, its wings batting the air.

"Go find Kanda." Allen told it softly. It seemed to understand, turning around and setting off immediately. He withdrew himself from the window.

In the blink of an eye, so many things had happened. He had woken up, gone to Diagon Alley, gotten a new wand, been ambushed, helped Kanda escaped, been questioned, tricked then finally, intimidated a high ranking Official of the Ministry into keeping her mouth shut.

He looked around. He could still see his torn pants, draped over the chair while Kanda's stained shirt lay beneath it. The House elves hadn't come to clean up. It was no surprise. Kanda had ordered them not to turn up unless he commanded it.

The white General ran his hand over the rumpled white sheets. The two of them had slept here just last night. Kanda had fed him here. Kanda had kissed him willingly. The memory resurfaced and Allen touched his lips.

He hadn't had time to think about it until now. What did that mean? Was that a brotherly kiss of love? Something landed on Allen's shoulder and bit his ear. The General started then reached up to pat Timcampy between the wings.

"If you're listening to this, then Timcampy received the transmission just fine." Kanda's voice crackled through, soft and strong but just a little hoarse. "I'm with the Finders in London. I'll try to get more information on the streets. This will be the last time I contact you like this because it isn't safe. Till then, don't…. " There was a brief pause "Don't do anything stupid Allen." There was a burst of static as the transmission ended. Timcampy nuzzled up to Allen's cheek as if asking what he was going to do.

"We're going to trick Harry tomorrow." He said softly to the Golem, scratching the device between the wings. Timcampy chuffed in approval and nipped Allen's fingers affectionately.

"We'll open the Chamber of Secrets and see if there is Innocence down there."


End Chapter 13.

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