Disclaimer: I don't own C

Disclaimer: I don't own C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia or Disney's movies.

Sometimes, little Lucy Pevensie got scared at night. Creaks outside, nightmares or stress would get to her. This was when she'd run to her big brother's room.

What happened between the time Lucy left her bed and the morning was extremely reflective of the relationship Lucy and Peter shared all the time. For starters, no words were spoken. She'd open and door slowly and tiptoe across the floor. Then she'd shake Peter's shoulder until he was looking at her with wide blue eyes. Peter would give Lucy a slight smile, then scoot over so she could lay down beside him.

They always knew how to communicate without use of the mouth. They just understood each other.

From there, Lucy would curl herself up in a ball, pressed against her brother's torso. Peter put his arms around her, hugging her tight, with his chin on top of her head. And that was how they stayed from midnight to morn.

And, really, it was how they stayed beyond morn. He was forever the shield, she the soldier; he the roof, she the house; he the vault and she the money. He was made of steel and courage, ready to fight for everything and everyone he loved. She was full of childlike innocence and gentle care. The two were opposites, but opposites attract. They work together. Peter needed someone to look after, and Lucy needed someone to count on.

It was the perfect match.

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