"Well that was the planet Tropicana, can you believe that? A drink on Earth being named after a planet?" The Doctor explained as he stripped off his coat off and threw it onto the captain's chair where it continued to drip onto the grating below.

Rose rolled her eyes and retrieved the coat, "It was amazing Doctor, but right now I think we both need a hot shower, change into dry clothes before we both catch colds" She said throwing the coat back at the Time Lord, who sidestepped aside and let the coat fall over the rail near the door.

"Colds? Stop being silly! It was just a little rain, it was nothing... how about I set the co-ordinates to get us out of here while you go for your shower" Doctor replied with a grin, pushing his damp hair back.

Rose took in the sight of the Doctor, seeing how his normal pin-strip suit was sticking to him and the white shirt underneath was almost transparent, she wasn't that bad but then again she never figured out why he would do something as crazy as dance around in a tropical rainstorm.

The TARDIS shook and hummed as it burst into life, Rose watched the Doctor for a little while longer before sighing and disappeared off into the depths of the ship wanting to get out of her wet jeans and shirt ,before going for a long hot shower.

"So where should we go next? Back to see Benjamin Franklin, or how about a concert?" The Doctor asked as he sat down in the captains chair, a hot cup of tea in his hand and watched Rose walk around the controls.

"I would like to go and see mum, I'm running out of clean clothes and it has been a while since we've seen her" Rose replied as she leaned against the panel looking at the Doctor, as he drunk his tea and stared at the monitor.

"Your mum, huh?" He muttered softly before finishing his tea, "Why not! I could use a few days to adjust some of the controls and tinker with a few other things that's been giving me a worry" He added with a grin and jumped off the chair ignoring the light dizziness before dancing around the controls.

"Thanks Doctor, I should go and get ready" Rose replied with a grin, hugging him briefly before disappearing off to her room to pack her laundry.

The Doctor grinned until she disappeared, letting the smile slip with a soft sigh and rubbed the bridge of his nose to fight against the headache that had been building up since his shower.

"Well old girl, let's hope that I'm not coming down with anything" He muttered to the TARDIS, who hummed in his mind in agreement as they flew through time and space to the Powell Estate.

The TARDIS warped attracting attention from one human, who strained her ears every day for two things. One was her mobile phone and the other, was the TARDIS's engines. She abandoned her washing up and rushed out of her flat as the familiar blue police box finished appearing before her eyes.

A young blonde girl bounced out of the box with a big grin, wearing a light pink zipped up jacket and black trousers. "Mum!" She called before wrapping her mother in a hug.

"I asked the Doctor if we could come here for a few days, brought you plenty of laundry" Rose explained with a grin as The Doctor slowly stepped out behind her, closing the door behind him.

Jackie smiled and returned her daughter's hug, "It's so great to see you Rose, you too Doctor" She said and was startled to see how pale the alien was, he was more pale than normal.

"Well now, let's head upstairs! I got a pie in the oven, you need to eat" Jackie added and led the way with Rose, letting The Doctor follow at his own pace. She talked to her daughter as they walked, wondering what Rose had been up to, where they had been.

The Doctor listened to the conversation between Rose and Jackie, he tucked his hands into his pockets as they walked towards the apartment block. He was glad that the TARDIS had been able to wash and dry his suit instead of the baggy t-shirt and pants he had worn shortly after leaving the planet Tropicana.

Rose had laughed at him, but soon explained that instead of what he wore before his regeneration and now, she had never seen him in anything else asides his pin-strip suit. She had smiled softly when he had gotten out of the captain's chair, slipping his glasses off and closed the book he had been reading and disappeared off to get changed.

That had been a hour ago, only a hour but time either flew or crawled around him like it was now. His feet felt heavy, along with his arms thankful that his hands were in his pockets as he crawled up the stairs. Jackie and Rose's voices carried from the stairs ahead of him.

Were there this many stairs last time? He couldn't remember as they continued to climb up to the flat, The Doctor continued to remember each time that he had visited Jackie so that Rose could spend time with her mother.

Once shortly after his regeneration, he had crash landed the TARDIS before wishing Mickey and Jackie a Merry Christmas and fainted at their feet much to his embarrassment but it couldn't have been helped. Then there were times after that when Jackie would give him a ear full for not reminding her daughter for calling more, but they were always busy running or off on a different adventure.

"Come on Doctor! The pie will burn" Rose called as they arrived at the apartment.

The Doctor grinned, snapped out of his thoughts entering the flat and wiped his feet on the mat before taking off his coat. "So Jackie, this pie-" He started to say and was cut off by a glare from the older Tyler.

"You, Alien, I went down to the shop and brought the pie alright? Good thing that I did put the whole thing in, was going to try and cut it in half but you both appeared in that spaceship of yours" Jackie replied with a small glare before wandering off to the kitchen.

"Might as well make yourselves useful and set the table" She called loudly before working around the kitchen with soft mutters and loud crashes of pots and pans.

The Doctor flinched, "Why did I talk you into getting me to come here?" He asked Rose softly, giving off a small pout.

"Because you're sweet, she's not that bad and if you're good, I'll let you sleep in the TARDIS tonight" Rose promised with a soft smile before helping him set the table up, she knew he would be useless otherwise.

Domestics is one thing The Doctor just did not do, that was one thing Rose discovered since staying with him in the TARDIS. It seemed that the long suffering ship did all the work for him from laundry, to washing up but now with a human with them then the ship seemed to get her own back on the Time Lord.

Rose looked up at The Doctor as he placed the cutlery on the table and smiled softly, "We're almost done, I'll go and get the glasses" She told him and disappeared off to the kitchen.

The Doctor sighed and moved over to sit on the couch, slipping his glasses on before flipping through the channels to find something to watch until the mother and daughter chat had passed.

He felt the nagging headache moving from the top of his head and down to behind his nose, making him remove his glasses and rub the bridge of his nose hoping to push it away for now. The last thing he needed was to tell Rose that she was right, and that he did have a cold, or worse the flu.

Jackie looked at the back of The Doctor, watching him seemly focused on the Television which was playing the news as she finished draining off the chips that would go with the chicken pie in the oven.

"What is it mum?" Rose asked as she sorted their drink out, tipping it into a big jug that would go in the centre of the table.

"Does he seem, pale to you? I mean, more pale than usual" Jackie replied as she tipped the chips onto three plates.

Rose looked up at The Doctor, who had moved to lean against one side of the couch with his head resting in his hand.

"I guess so but I haven't noticed, we were caught in a tropical storm but we dried off pretty quickly thanks to the TARDIS but never really thought about it" Rose replied and shrugged as she carried the jug into the main room, placing it on the table before returning to the kitchen.

She was half way there when she thought she heard a low cough, turning around she went over to check The Doctor and found him in a light sleep.

His eyes were closed behind his glasses, which had slipped half way down his nose with the Television playing the weather quietly. Now that they were in decent light, Rose could see that he was pale with his cheeks looking slightly red.

"Rose?" Jackie's voice broke her away from her thoughts.

"He's asleep mum, but think you're right... maybe we should move him into the bedroom, he can have something to eat later right?" Rose suggested wondering when was the last time that The Doctor had slept this peacefully or around her.

Jackie nodded, "Just make him comfortable there, it took three of us to move him last time! He should be fine on the couch, the poor dear" She replied and walked out of the kitchen with two plates of food before helping her daughter make their guest comfortable on the couch.

The Doctor stirred a little when Rose removed his glasses, his feet dangling off the edge of the couch from where he was so tall but remained asleep. He turned a little and coughed as he moved to get comfortable before burying his face in his arm.

"Well at least he think he's comfortable" Jackie said with a shrug and went back to the table.

Rose gently stroked his messy hair , leaving his glasses on the coffee table before joining her mum at the dining table and tucked into her meal. She occasionally looked over at The Doctor's sleeping form, hoping that it wasn't too serious, whatever he had caught.

"Maybe you could ask his ship, you always said that she was alive.. it is a she right?" Jackie asked before sipping some of the lemonade.

"I can try, but I'm sure that The Doctor can tell me when he wakes up but for now we should just leave him alone... sleep helped last time, so I'm sure it would help this time" Rose replied looking at her mother with a soft glare, which softened with a sigh.

"At least I hope it will help" She added glancing over at the couch that held the sleeping Doctor.