Time Lord Flu

Chapter Seven

The Doctor bounced around the controls of the TARDIS, feeling her hum inside his head as he performed the checks occasionally hitting a panel with his rubber mallet. She told him by the displays on the screen or by their telepathic link what was needed to be done.

"Are you almost done?" A voice asked making him look up from twirling knobs and flicking switches while occasionally tapping the odd panel with his mallet.

"Another day, she has to recalibrate the new adjustments... so it'll take her a while to do that, no more than a hour at the most but she needs a good charging at the rift" The Doctor replied, putting the mallet away and stroked the central column gently.

Rose bit her bottom lip, grinning from ear to ear watching her friend stroking his ship. She remembered how Sarah Jane told her how creepy it was when the Doctor would talk, kiss or just stroke the TARDIS.

The Doctor looked over at her, "What?" He asked, the smile fading a little from his face but not his eyes.

Rose shook her head, "I'll go and get my rucksack then, it's almost all packed already" She said leaning in the doorway, the sun shinning through.

The Doctor nodded, taking the sonic screwdriver out of his pocket before bending down and disappeared under the console.

Jackie worked around the apartment, cleaning up and stuffing a load of washing into her basket ready for the next washing cycle. She wondered where The Doctor and Rose would head off to next, once he was done with the repairs he had mentioned during breakfast that morning.

She had tried to convince them to stay another day, saying that he still looked a little rough but knew it was wrong to suggest that. He is a traveller, and to keep him locked up in a house would be like trapping a wild bird.

Rose was now finishing packing her clothes into her rucksack while The Doctor was down in his ship fixing it up, like he originally planned to before unexpectedly coming down with the flu.

"Did he say where you're going next?" Jackie asked as Rose entered the lounge, dumping the full rucksack on the armchair.

Rose shrugged, "He told me that we're going to have to refuel at the rift, but that's only at Cardiff... remember what I told you about the Slitheen?"

"Those big green things that tried to kill us? I remember them" Jackie replied, "But Cardiff? That's not far from here... well he has always been strange" She said with a shrug.

"Well the rift is a hole in time and space, the TARDIS feeds on the energy coming out of that hole... just have to open the engines and she sucks up all the energy she needs" The Doctor explained making them both jump, he had his hands tucked in his pocket and grinned.

Rose glared before walking over to the Doctor, "Are we ready to go?" She asked, seeing that he had confused her mother.

"Almost, time for one last cup of tea! Then we can go, right Jackie?" The Doctor asked with a grin.

"Tea, right... I can do that" Jackie replied, confused to what he was talking about but shrugged it off before walking off to the kitchen.

"Why did you do that?" Rose asked punching him lightly on the arm, "You know how well my mum gets confused! She has to call Mickey just to replace the batteries in the remote" She explained softly as he rubbed his arm, giving a soft hurt look.

"She did ask... I'm sorry" The Doctor muttered crossing his arms against his chest, pouting a little.

"Oh don't do that, come on! Tea then we can go" Rose said gently pushing him, smiling a little looking up at him.

He looked away before looking at her, and smiled a little as her grin grew bigger with the same smile that made him feel light headed.

"Fine, how about we take Jackie to Cardiff? One trip only, something to thank her for this past week" He suggested, sighing a little at wondering how her mom would take the offer.

"Why would I want to go to Cardiff? There's nothing there that can't get in town" Jackie replied as she carried three cups of tea in, one that Rose took off her.

"Couldn't have hurt to suggest it" The Doctor said with a small smile, shrugging before accepting the cup of tea and sipped on it with a grateful sigh.

The Doctor jumped around the TARDIS, feeling it hum in his mind as he set the co-ordinates and watched the central column glowing softly as it slowly started to move.

"Well she's all set" He said looking over at Rose, who sat on the captain's couch.

"Doctor, what do you remember? Of the last few days... what do you remember?" She asked softly as the ship shook as they left London.

"Just remember getting ill, asking the TARDIS to help you look after me until got well enough... otherwise that's pretty much it till yesterday" He replied looking over at her on the couch from where he worked the controls, as the ship flew through the vortex to Cardiff.

"Nothing else?" Rose asked, hanging onto the back of the chair as the TARDIS landed with its normal heavy bump

"What do you mean? I don't remember anything Rose until yesterday... is there something you want me to remember?" He asked getting back up onto his feet and moved around the console again, flipping switches and entering something on the screen.

Rose watched him work around the console of the TARDIS, often bouncing back to the screen to watch some readings before disappearing under the console. He took panels apart and reassembled them, as the TARDIS hummed around them as they refuelled.

She thought about how Bev gave him aspirin and the next forty-eight hours was the most scariest time for them, watching over how the Doctor fought with help from the medicine to get over the allergic reaction he suffered.

It had scared Rose, but now to see him bouncing around the TARDIS, it was some relief to her but if he forgot then was he really better. It didn't help to see him in this light, needed to be outside to really see it.

"Rose?" The Doctor called, standing in front of her clicking his fingers to get her attention.

"Sorry Doctor, was just thinking" Rose replied with a smile.

"Well don't go thinking too much, how about chips? We've got a while before the TARDIS will let us go" The Doctor said with a grin and offered his hand to help her up.

"Sounds like a great idea" Rose replied with a matching grin, accepting his hand and pulled him off towards the door grabbing her coat and his.

"Great! We can go to that place Jack showed us the last time we were here" The Doctor said as he slipped his coat on, "You know it is fascinating, you humans... whenever you get sick then the quickest way you get rid of it is by passing it on to someone else" He spoke his thoughts out loud as he led the way out of his ship.

"It's like something just to get better quicker, all those remedies and medicines that you have but they hardly ever work do they?" The Doctor continued as they stepped out onto Cardiff Bay.

"What you're saying Doctor is that I might get something next?" Rose asked, battling to keep up closing the door behind her.

"That's exactly what I'm saying, but you're not are you? You look fine" The Doctor said looking down at his companion, bending slightly to take a good look at her.

"Will you just walk like a normal guy, and that is facing forwards... now I'm fine OK?" Rose asked taking his hand and walking beside him.

"OK, well if you get sick then I blame myself" The Doctor replied with a shrug.

"Oh what am I going to do with you? I don't know if you noticed but it is flu season, so if I get sick then its just part of what makes me human" Rose said bringing him into a one armed hug, as they walked off to the chip shop.

The Doctor grinned and returned the hug, "You're right, we've survived worse than a human virus" He replied, returning the hug and walked along side her with a bounce in his step.

Two days later...

"Rose! Come on, you've always wanted to see this planet! This is the twin planet of Barcelona, instead of the dogs having no noses they have cats that..." The Doctor started to speak but was interrupted by a loud sneeze coming from the door he had been knocking.

"Rose?" He muttered, opening the door and poked his head around the door but pulled it back to dodge a pillow being flung at the door.

"Go away" Rose's bunged up voice muttered before she sneezed again into the sleeve of her pyjamas.

The Doctor entered the room and grinned, "Looks like it's my turn to play nurse" He replied, closing the door behind her.

Rose groaned and buried herself into her lone pillow and blankets as the Doctor disappeared back out of her room, muttering to the TARDIS in how to care for a sick human.

The End

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