Chapter Twenty Five


I bite back a groan as I stare at her. The ocean breeze wafts her scent around, impossible to ignore.

Can't eat her, can't eat her, I chant, hoping to convince myself, Can't eat her. What would Jake think?

But Jake said he'd love me even if I did slip up and my eyes glowed red. Why'd he tell me that? A quiet groan escapes my lips, knowing there wouldn't be such a harsh consequence makes it hard to resist.

But he'd definitely be upset. And killing someone in front of him would be sure to traumatize him.

But God, her smell………

"Geez, you look like you're going to throw up," Jake says, tugging at my arm, "We should get you home."

He tugs us quickly away from the beach. Quil and Embry murmur their own excuses in order to follow us, "Are you okay?" Jake asks quietly, his eyes boring into mine.

I don't dare take in air to answer. I just give a sort of shrug and continue walking away from her scent.

"Edward," Jake says, "Please talk to me," his eyes plead.

With a groan I pull him towards me, I push my nose against his chest and breath in his scent, "I can't really talk," I say, "I have to hold my breath. I-I can't catch her scent again."

"Is that why you breathed in my scent like that?" he asks, "So you wouldn't smell her?"

I take in another deep Jake-smelling breath, "Yes. When I'm that close to you, you're all I can smell."

We turn a bend and the fire's no longer in sight, "Is this far enough yet?" Jake asks.

I cautiously take a few steps away from Jake and breathe in the air. Bella. I groan aloud. I want to go back so, so bad. She smells so good!

Before I can take a step, Quil and Embry each hook their arms under my shoulders and drag me toward Jake. I moan, "She smells so good. Let me go back. She's just one girl. I can lure her away. I don't have to hurt the others," the pair don't say a word, they just shove me back at Jake. I breathe in his scent again and my mind clears.

"I need to get away from here," I say, "Before I go back. I'll meet you at your house, alright?" I kiss Jake's cheek and, without waiting for an answer, run back to his house. I don't take in another breath until I'm safely inside, the door closed behind me.

"Who's there?" Billy asks.

"Me," I call.

"Where's Jake at?" he asks.

"He-uh……I left him near the beach, but he should be here soon."

"Is somethin' the matter?" He asks, rolling himself into the room.

"I-" I trail off with a sigh, "Remember how I came here to avoid a girl at school? She was down at the beach today and I- I had to leave as fast as I can."

"Who is this girl?" he asks, "Wha's her name?"

"Bella," I say with a sigh, "Bella Swan."

Billy's eyes widen "Chief Swan's daughter?! You've been wanting ta kill Charlie's daughter?!"

"I'm doing my best not to," I say, surprised by his strong reaction, "That's why I left Forks!"

"Your best!? What'll that do ta Charlie if ya kill his daughter!?"

"Is Charlie your friend then?" I ask.

Bill nods.

"Well I've tried not to hurt her. I promise! I've been trying. That was the whole point of coming here to La Push."

His eyes are still wide when I hear the soft sounds of my Volvo coming up to the drive way. They got here sooner than I expected.

Jake runs through the door and wraps his arms around me, "Are you okay? You looked horrible. You were so………so-" he shudders, "Are you okay now?"

I tuck my head under his chin and nod, "Yeah, I'm better now, but I don't know what to do. I-I can't stay here if Bella keeps showing up. I'll have to go away."

"No," Jake says, tightening his grip on me, "You can't leave."

"If I don't, I'll kill her. If I'm near her, and you aren't there………if you weren't there today, I would've killed her."

"We need to talk to Sam about this," Embry says, "He needs to know what's going on."

Jake sighs and pulls away from me, "Will you find him for me?" He asks Embry, "I want to stay here with Edward."

Embry frowns but nods, "Yeah. Sure."

Jake sits down on the couch and pulls me down with him. He tucks me under his arm and holds me tight, "You can't leave me."

"It's not like I want to, Jake," I say, "I don't really have a choice in the matter. I won't go far. I promise. But I can't stay here. I thought it would be safe for her, but......obviously not."

"You just need to stay until the we destroy the vampires then we can both go away. Together."

"Jake," I breathe, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips, "I just don't think me staying here will work."

Jake huffs in disagreement, "We'll figure something out when Jake gets here."

They lay there on the couch together as they wait for Sam, both praying for an idea to keep themselves from being separated.

*sighs* I was going to write more, but I haven't updated in such a long time, I figured I just post what I had.