Training Days: Hello Coconut I'm Home

Written By: Sapphire Mists


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Here are a few things that you should also know.

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:...:: Inside the Crystal Ball



Hey everyone! What's up?

I see that you noticed the new name huh? Well I'm no longer on my pokemon adventures right now. These are what I like to call the training days. Because that is what I'll be doing for the next few months.

Previously I was on Starry Island; the last island that I needed to go to so I can get into the Flower League Championships.

While we were on Starry Island, we met an old hermit named Yuki. Yuki is a nice old man that invented a useful potion called the Star Potion. It heals pokemon and makes them want to fight. We stayed on his farm for a day and helped him harvest the last of his crop. It was fun.

Guess who we ran into? It was Josh who's no longer scum. He changed for the better and I can actually say that we're friends.

We went to the mall and tore it up. We went to go see 'Riding in Cars with Boys." It was a good movie; Drew Barrymore really nailed that role.

The Starry Island Gym Leader, Brandon and his Meganium caused most of my troubles. I lost my first important battle. Vanilla got whipped the first time through.

Then we all came up with a plan. The plan was to wear Meganium down and then strike his flower; the source of all his special attacks. Vanilla finished him off with a slam attack; she had wrapped her vines around his head and slammed him to the ground.

I feel so great! All those months of training and now I'm finally finished with the badge collecting. Now the important stuff is coming up and I want to make sure that we're prepared!

Well that's about all that has happened in the last few days. Let's get to the story!

The Actual Chapter

"I can see it!" I exclaim and jump up and down.

Coconut Island is getting closer every few minutes! I can see the palm trees dotting the shore. I can see the brown coconuts getting ready to be picked too.

"Calm down Rosie!" Rika says and clutches my shoulders to prevent me from jumping.

I've never seen you so happy before! Ellie says with a laugh.

I know what to do! Dew exclaims and wriggles out his pouch.

I stop jumping and look to see what he's going to do.

Dew stands right in front of me and sucks in a deep breath.

"No!" I scream but it's too late.

Dew sprays a ton of water at me and I get lifted off my feet and thrown into the cool ocean water.

I hit the water with a loud splash.

"Dew!" I scream.

"Rosie, we can't get you! You're going to have to swim to shore!" CJ says with a laugh.

I growl and start to breaststroke to the shore.

I forgot how cleansing this really is. The coolness of the water against my body feels so good but I know I'm going to have to take a shower to wash the brine off.

About ten minutes later I'm at the sure waiting for my friends to dock.

I wring out my long red hair. Drops of water leave little dark spots on the tan sand.

Rosie! Ellie yells as she runs to jump on my shoulder with Dew cradled in her arms.

Ellie leaps on my shoulder so gracefully that I can barely feel her.

"Dew that was great!" I say and throw him up into the air and catch him. He squeals in delight.

That was fun Mommy! He says.

CJ runs up and wraps a towel around me.

"How was the swim?" He asks.

"It was fine." I say as he holds me in his powerful arms.

"Aw... you guys look so cute together!" Rika teases.

I just smile.

"Come on!" I say and lead the way.

We walk to Main Street.

Main Street is where most of the businesses are. The Olympics take place in the huge stadium.

We walk down this street until we get to Coral Avenue, the road where my house is located.

My heart is beating like a jackhammer and it seems to take forever just to walk down the street.

Once we're there we stare at the house in awe.

The house is made of brick in the front with arches made of marble. There is a front porch with a few lawn chairs and lavender colored shade over it.

In front of the house are white flowers sprouting out of the flowerbed. The grass in neatly cut and is an emerald color.

We walk up to the white door with an elegant door handle and I ring the buzzer.

A few seconds later the door opens and I am looking at a cute little Totodile with a grayish blue color.

"Darwin, what are you doing out of storage?" I ask in a surprised tone.

I haven't seen Darwin in years!

Rosie! He exclaims and leaps into my arms. I hug him close.

Darwin is my mother's very first pokemon. He's over twenty years old! I guess pokemon live forever! Unless they get killed.

We slowly step foot on the shiny hardwood floors of the house and into the beautiful den.

There are plush gray couches with white blankets on them. There's also a white area rug. The thirty inch TV is on it's wooden stand and all on the walls and shelves are little decorations and pictures.

"This place is nice Rosie!" Rika and CJ say.

Where are my parents?

Next we go into our spacious kitchen. There's a flat top stove and marble counter that go around the entire kitchen. White curtains frame the windows and I can smell a fresh peach pie cooling in the window. My mom loves to bake.

Then we walked into the dining room with our long oak table and comfy white carpet. There's the den at the far end towards the living room. There are also pictures all over the place.

We walk up the spiral staircase and up to the second floor.

We walk down the white corridor and to the first room to the left. This is my parent's room and I peak into it.

There's a king sized sleigh bed that rests on a royal blue throw rug. On the bed is a blue and white checkered comforter with a brown teddy bear mounted on it. There are also a few dressers and lamps and a bench off to the corner, they have the largest room.

Next we check the guestroom that has a red comforter with tan sheets. There's no carpet but there are some cherry oak accessories and a touch lamp on a nightstand. It's a nice room.

Then we get to my room. My room is the best one in the whole house! There's lilac paint on the walls and lilac carpet. There's a queen-sized bed with a lavender comforter on it and white sheets and pillows. There's white furniture and on the wall are pictures of celebrities and me. My bathroom leads off my room and it has a shower curtain with multicolored clamshells.

"This is a nice room!" Rika says.

"Thank you!" I say.

We don't bother checking the bathrooms so they must be outside.

We walk down the stairs and open the door that leads to our marble walkway.

We walk along the path and to my mother's greenhouse where the nursery is. She's a florist and she's probably in there.

I slowly open the door and find my mother watering her plants with a can with Timid the Weepinbell by her side. What is it with her and her old pokemon?

"Hey Mrs. Fierra, do you happen to have any geraniums?" I ask with a smile.

My mom whips around and looks at all of us. Tears roll down her cheeks.

"Honey!" She cries as she runs up to us. We embrace each other for a very long time.

"You're finally home!" She exclaims.

I just hug her but the she breaks apart.

"Hey CJ! Who's this pretty flower?" She asks, she's referring to Rika.

"That's my newest friend, Rika." I say.

The two shake hands.

"Where's that cute little boy?" She asks.

"He had to go to school."

Mom scoops up Ellie, Darwin, and Dew. She hugs them close.

"Dew sure did get bigger!" She says.

"Why are your old pokemon out?" I ask her.

"We needed some life in the house, but in four months there will be a ton of it." She says and pats her belly.

What the heck is she talking about?

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"I'm five months pregnant!" She says.


I feel a slight tapping on my face.

"Rosie!" CJ exclaims as he pats me on he face.

"What?" I ask groggily and rub my eyes.

"What happened?" I ask.

Everyone sighs in relief. My mother just smiles.

"I told you that I'm pregnant and you fainted!" She says.


I should have looked at her more carefully back on Passion Fruit Island. She looked fine then but now I can see a slight bulge in her belly.

"Well what is it?" Rika asks.

"Twins! There are two baby boys in here!" She says and points to her belly.

I slightly groan.

I never thought this would have happened. I barely even thought that they still…you know…did it. It's so confusing and so fast!

But a part of me is happy. I've always wanted little brothers!

"I thought you always-wanted siblings Rosie!" Mom says.

"I do! It just surprised me that's all." I admit.

"Good! Your father should be in soon. Let's go into the house and have some pie!" She says and finishes off her geranium.

"Come on Timid!" She says.

Okay Rose! Says the shy pokemon. He slowly hops behind her.


"Yum! This is great Rose!" Rika exclaims as she finishes off the last piece of pie and the last dollop of vanilla ice cream.

"Thank you!" Mom replies and finishes hers off too.

CJ and I sit clutching our bellies. We had demolished the pie within thirty seconds of it being placed in front of us.

"My mom is the best baker!" I say and stand up from my chair.

Just then my father walks in from work. He's wearing a pair of gray slacks and a white dress shirt. He works at the Pokemon Trading Center stationed here on Coconut Island.

The Pokemon Trading Center is where trainers who want new pokemon go to trade with other pokemon trainers. Or they leave their pokemon there for a fee of ten dollars and choose the pokemon they wish to trade with. It's really popular but I don't want to let go any of my pokemon. I love them too much.

"Honey!" He exclaims and gives me a monstrous bear hug.

All the air is squeezed out of me and I turn slightly red in the cheeks.

"Dad…" I gasp.

My dads finally let's go of me.

"You're finally here!" He says.

"Yeah, we just got here about an hour ago. How was work?" I ask him.

"Oh wait!" I say quickly. Then I introduce him to Rika.

"Work was great! I helped a young trainer from Kanto get a Forretress." He says.

We all nod.

"Let's catch up!"


I empty the contest of my pack onto my plush comforter.

I put the clothes into the dirty clothes bin and put the toiletries and other stuffs into a Sterlite plastic bin that slides under my bed.

I take off my socks and slip into my house shoes with the crescent moons on them.

Then I walk down the stairs to the den where all the others re watching the news.

"The Barbed Wires struck again! This time it was on Howard Ave. The gang mobbed a teenage couple and took their money and valuables. They also stole a pokemon, it happens to look like this!" The reporter says.

Hmm... The Barbed Wires must be a local gang.

A snapshot of a Pikachu with pink cheeks and a pink bow tied around her neck. It's a cute pokemon and there's no doubt that it's a female.

"This cutie goes by the name of Pinky so be on the lookout! The reward is at five hundred dollars!" He drones.

"Those little punks, they're always stealing pokemon! I hope someone puts an end to them!" Dad exclaims and clenches his fists.

"They remind me of the old Barbed Wires from our day. They seem to follow the same pattern as the old gang." My mom suggests.

"It's wrong to steal pokemon!" CJ says.

I jus watch the whole thing.

Then I look out the window. The sun has just slipped below the horizon and there are gold and red streaks that paint the sky.

"I want to go up to PK-Mart for some supplies for pokemon training." I say and get up.

"Take your keys!" My mother says and Darwin throws my silver keys at me. I catch them and slip them into my pockets.

"Oh, can I use the debit card?" I ask.

"Sure!" Dad says and hands me the shiny blue card.

"Thanks Dad! I'll be right back!"

Then I slip on my sneakers and denim jacket.

After that I walk out the door and into the darkening outdoors.

The streetlights are just starting to flicker on.

Wait up! Ellie yells and runs from the house and up to me.

Then she jumps onto my shoulder.

"It's not far from here!" I say and point at the huge center with blue and green paint. In huge white letters is the name of the store and I can see posters displaying what's on sale and what isn't.

Ellie and I hurry to get inside the store and once we do warm air engulfs us. I hate it when that happens!

I grab a green cart and put Ellie in the child's seat. We wheel our way down the aisles until we get to outdoor equipment.

I grab some rope, plastic balls, a saw, and a red leather bag.

Then we walk to the fitness section and I get some ankle weights.

Everything else that I need for training is in a green coffer that's in the corner of my bedroom. There were mainly things that I use when I want to train for karate and stuff.

After everything is bought Ellie and I walk back outside into the cool weather.

We walk in silence until I hear a loud bark.

I stop dead in my tracks.

"Ellie! Someone's following us!" I whisper.

I can feel Ellie tense up at my words.

Then a crowd of about ten boys in leather circle around Ellie and I. They must be the Barbed Wires!

"A piece of fresh meat and another pokemon! Let's get her!" The leader snickers.

Then the boys start to edge closer to us.

I put down my bags.

"You guys must be the Barbed Wires! Well guess what?" I ask coolly.

"What?" The leader replies.

"This is your end!" I threaten.

I tap Artemis's ball and summon her out of there.

"Shoot them with you gentle shafts!" I direct her. She nods and flies into the air.

Ellie leaps off my shoulder and squares off with a Houndour.

An evil glint flashes through the leaders eyes and he rushes at me.

He catches me in the jaw with a hard fist but I quickly counter attack it with a punch straight to the nose.

He hops back and clutches his bleeding nose.

I wipe the blood away from my mouth.

"You bitch!" He yells.

"Help!" I scream at the top of my lungs. Hopefully a nosy neighbor will call the police.

He grabs me by the shirt and throws me to the ground.

This dude is stronger than I expected!

I use my leg to spin on the ground and kick him in the shin. He falls to the ground I rush up on him.

I sit on his chest and punch him in the face two times leaving him with a busted lip and a black eye.

"You picked the wrong girl to mess with today! Give me your pokemon!" I yell.

Then I look out of the corner of my eye.

Artemis fell the gang members with her arrows and they lay there clutching themselves in pain.

Ellie leaps into the air and slams into Houndour's jaw with her clenched fist. The dog barks in pain.

I turn back around I get kicked off the leader's stomach. I land in the ground with a brush burn on my cheek. I scream.

The leader, let's call him Jack gets on top of me and starts to rip my shirt.

I quickly use my legs and warp them around his neck. Then I slam him to the ground and get up.

Someone grabs me from behind and ties my hands up.

Then Jack climbs to his feet and rushes at me with his fist forward.

A flash of purple knocks him off his feet and I feel the strength drain out of the person who had restrained me.

Ellie and Artemis saved me!

A flash of blue and red lights cover us.

We look at the cars arriving and the police handcuffing the criminals and taking the pokemon away from them.

A woman in a black leather jacket rushes up to me and wraps me with a fluffy blanket.

"Everything is going to be fine!" She says.


"What a way for your first day here to end." Dad says with a chuckle.

"Yeah." I say and look at the television screen.

I'm in the Cocoa Hospital getting a few stitches and such here and there. The police arrested the gang and all the pokemon were taken to the Pokemon Center.

"Hooray! The Barbed Wires are finally out of commission! The police have found their headquarters and has arrested every single person involved. All the stolen pokemon have been sent to the pokemon center and we urge victims to go there as soon as possible. Nikki Kong, News 7 signing off." The reporter says.

A sigh of relief blows through my moist lips.

"Those bastards are finally busted!" My dad says with a smile.

CJ runs his fingers through my hair.

"I'll stay here with you." He says.

"Okay." I reply.

A few minutes later everyone stands up and puts on their jackets.

"We'll see you in the morning!" Mom says.

"Goodbye everyone." I say with a wave. They wave back and walk out the door.

"I'm glad that you screamed for help." CJ says.

Nikki pops back up on the TV screen.

"Tomorrow we'll visit the courageous young woman who defeated the gang. She will be rewarded and she will get a badge." She says.

"Wow!" I exclaim.

"That's great!" CJ says.

Ellie jumps up and down.

Dew was back at the house being watched by Darwin. Darwin really took a liking to him and had been around him ever since dinner.

CJ leans over and gives me a kiss on the lips.

I blush, like always.

It's amazing how even though your face might be bad to look at temporarily, the ones who love you don't care and kiss you anyways.


"Group photo!" Nikki exclaims and everyone crowds around the hospital bed and we take a picture.

"This is Nikki Kong, live here with Rosie Fierra! The interview is starting now!" She says.

"Rosie, where were you coming from when you got attacked?" Nikki asks.

I look into the camera and smile.

"I was on my way home from the PK-Mart near my house. I had just purchased some training things so I can start training my pokemon for the Flower League Championships." I tell her. This kind of came easy to me; I'm a great public speaker.

"What did you do when they encircled you?" She asks.

"I dropped my bags and told them that this was there end. Then I tossed out my friend Artemis, a Gligar. I had her use her arrows on the men. Ellie, my first pokemon attacked the Houndour and I took on the leader."

"Where did you learn to fight?" She asks.

"I've been studying karate for the past few years and I have a brown belt with black tips."

"That's interesting. How did your Aipom take care of such a strong pokemon?"

"Ellie here is a strong pokemon. I teach her some of the moves that I have learned while taking karate. She has a good blend of fighting type moves." I say.

Nikki smiles.

"Then you must be a great trainer, are you not?"

"I'm a decent trainer. My pokemon are the great ones. I can be beat and so can they. That's why I try not to take losing so seriously. Losing is a huge part of winning." I say.

An impressed expression paints Nikki's face.

"Wow, you're wise beyond your years, I'm sure that you'll prevail in the Championships."

"I'll try my best and I'm pretty sure that my pokemon will also. We're a team and as long as we have faith in each other's abilities, we should fair pretty well." I say.

"Thank you for your time. We hop to see you soon. Here is your check for five hundred dollars and an honorary plaque on behalf on News 7!" She says and hands me over a huge check and a golden plaque with my name engraved on it.

"Thank you." I say.

"What do you plan on spending this money on?" She asks.

"I'm going to make a bank account and I'm putting this in it!"


"Welcome to First Eevee Bank, how may I help you?" The clerk asks.

"I would like to open a bank account here." I say and pull out the application and forms.

First Eevee Bank is a world acclaimed bank. There are separate branches throughout the world and they are said to be the most reliable.

"How much are you going to deposit?"

"Five hundred dollars!" I say and hand her over the check.

"Pick a design for your checks and debit card." She says and hands me a tablet with all sorts of designs on them.

I take the tablet and Ellie and I walk to a brown chair with a metal back on it. I sit down on the hard chair and scan the pictures.

"How do you like this one Ellie?" I ask and point to an Azumarril and an Aipom holding hands on a beach with starfish and clams strewn across the sand. Water is lapping up against the waves and you can see the white foam at the water's edge. It's truly beautiful.

I like it! She exclaims.

Then I choose and cobalt blue debit card with platinum letters and such.

We get up and walk back to the desk and hand the clerk my sheets.

She goes in the back to a large computer. Types in a few things and clicks on some designs. Then the debit card is ejected out of a slot on the desk and three books of checks are brought up from the printing chamber.

"Thank you!" I say and take my leather check case and put my debit card into a leather wallet.


"I heard about what you did great job Rosie!" Professor Palmetto says.

"Thank you but I just had to. I have a request." I say and look her in the eyes.

"What is it?"

"I need all of my pokemon. The training schedule that we're doing is going to take all of them." I say.

"Crimson, Sunrise, and Sparky are coming up!" She says and places the Crystal Balls on the transporting dock.

Then the balls materialize at the slots at the pokemon center.

"Thank you!" I say and we hang up.

"This is going to be tough, but we're coming out on top!"