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Deleted scenes . . .

12 years ago. How we break:

"Isn't she ready yet?" Stephen growled.

"No, she doesn't seem to know they exist." Lila answered.

"Fine then. We'll force them out of her. Make her angry." Stephen instructed. The trainer would do as bid. If it didn't work, they'd preform the surgery anyway. They'd just cut her open.

Lila trained her hard that day. At one point her arm was even cut off. It'd only been two months, but she already knew she wasn't allowed to cry. She was a machine. An object to be used by them. This was the hardest day she'd ever been through by so much. Lila had started her off slow, got her in shape and comfortable around weapons, but this, today. This brought her so close to something. She thought it would be the end of her. Death.

"She refuses to show her claws." Lila reported the end of that hellish day. Stephen said nothing. He just nodded and hit a button on his phone.

They came back. Normally they would let her rest for a few hours. She'd barely been alone a few minutes when her door opened again. Men came and attacked her while she was weak and tired. She couldn't fight them off. They found it so easy they didn't even tranquillize her. They just held her hands and legs. They carried her to another room and strapped her to a table.

"This it?" A cold voice asked.

"Yes." Stephen answered. The one with the cold voice was a woman, she came into her line of vision and then left again. Suddenly she heard ripping, then pain flooded her.

She must have screamed because the cold woman told her to shut up. She just screamed louder. This was unlike any pain she'd ever gone through. She couldn't move, her wounds were being held open. Even when her arm had been cut off earlier it had been nothing to this. That pain had flared and then left when her arm reattached itself.

This was permanent, staying with her as she screamed and struggled. Hands held her down in more places and she struggled harder. She couldn't see, her eyes were hazed over in pain. Spots of black and white were all she could distinguish. More ripping, somewhere else on her. She screamed and doubled her efforts.

Then she felt something entirely knew. Something burning hot and liquid. It clung to her and scalded. She screamed and struggled to no avail. She couldn't stop this.

Finally something in her broke. She passed out.

Four months ago. A drunken night:

"Why did I let her drag me here again?" Wanda scoffed. They were in Las Vegas on a mission. They'd finished it yesterday and the Professor hadn't needed them for anything, so they stayed a few extra days.

"It was either follow her, or watch the kids." Rogue reminded her friend.

"Oh yeah." Wanda sighed. This wasn't her scene. "I need a drink." She mumbled and went off in search of the bar. It wasn't hard to find, at least half the people in the club were swarming it. Rogue called after her, but she ignored her. She caught a glimpse of auburn. Remy. Rogue wouldn't be paying her much attention for the rest of the night.

"What would you like little lady?" a bar fly asked her. She ignored the man, it was hard to tell so close to the bar, but she was sure he would reek of alcohol.

The bar tender was a slight woman, it didn't seem like she would be able to hold all those glasses, but she managed it. She turned her stare to Wanda.

"A beer." Wanda said before the woman could ask. She nodded and put down her tray of empty glasses. Wanda turned to look at the people dancing while she waited.

"I.D." A voice came behind her. The bar tender. She dug out her wallet and showed her license. She still looked young, she got this a lot. "Okay." The woman gave her the beer. Wanda nodded a thank you.

"Come on, let me buy you a drink." The same bar fly from before found her again. Wanda ignored him. "Come on." he said again. No doubt he thought his voice was sexy. It was squeaky and his words slurred. Wanda shot him a glare. "Just one."

Wanda had to resist the urge to punch this irritating person. "No." She said firmly. "Go away."

"Just one, another beer." He was persistent.

"She said no, now get before I throw you out." The bar tender came back. The man let grumbling. "Sorry, he's always here." Wanda just nodded and turned back to the dancing people.

She was bored. She was near a bar. She didn't have to pay because Kitty had offered as means of persuasion. So she drank.

4 beers, 5 shots of tequila, and 1 martini later, she couldn't barely even stand up on her own. After about the third beer she'd started mixing drinks, never a good idea.

"No more, I'm cutting you off." The bar tender said. Wanda grumbled. She pushed away from the bar and managed to get herself outside.

"Hey, do I know you?" Someone slurred at her. It was the annoying guy from before.

"No." She said as forcefully as she could manage.

"I think I do." He persisted.

"No." She said and tried to walk away. She fell. Someone picked her up. It didn't help much since they were shaking on their own feet, but they still managed to put her in an upright position. "Hey, get off." She feebly flailed.

"Shelia, Shelia." The person muttered. Wanda looked through her hair, the annoying guy was still against the wall. Who was holding her.

"Who're you?" She asked cause she couldn't see them.

"I'm John." He said. "St. John Allerdyce." The James Bond motif he was going for was lost with his slurring.

"I'm Wanda." She said and managed to turn herself around to face him. He was cute. Messy, crazy orange hair, ice blue eyes. He was tall too, he stood over her even with her heels. "Your familiar." She pronounced. "Why?"

"I don't know." He said with a huge smile. It made him look crazy, and, in her opinion, exceptionally hot.

"Your hot. You should come with me." She said frankly and started to stumble away. He followed her.

"Your hot too." He said and caught her again. Damn these heels. She looked at her feet.

"My shoes are snakes." She commented. He looked at them.

"Yeah, do they bite?"

"No. Well, that one does." She said and pointed at the buckle on her left shoe. Her shoes were black with straps around the ankles. "They're being mean. I should get rid of them." She mumbled. She leaned down over John's arm. She got her shoe and fumbled with it. She couldn't get it off. "It won't come off. It's eating me."

"Let me try." He said and pulled her back up. He crouched down and fumbled with it. Somehow he managed to get it off. "There." He said and stood up fast, shoe in hand. John tumbled over. Wanda burst out laughing. She stepped forward and fell too, she still had one heel on. John laughed at her.

They used a light poll to pull themselves up. They left the shoes on the ground. "Bad snakes." Wanda scolded them.

"What now Shelia?" John asked.

"I don't know." Was Wanda's response as she once again started walking. John followed her. "Oh. I know!" She sounded so excited. "Let's play the billboard game. Whatever you see on a billboard you got to do." Wanda explained.

John looked around at billboards. One said to buy a cheeseburger. "I have to buy a cheeseburger at Burger King." John said.

"Me too." She said and grabbed his hand. They ran, the stumbling-I'm-drunk-off-my-ass-but-I-still-think-I-can-do-stuff run down the streets. The first Burger King they came to they bought cheeseburgers. Wanda didn't like them, so she gave hers to John. "Next one." Wanda said and pulled him outside.

"I don't see any." John complained.

"I do, right there." Wanda pointed. "It's a wedding."

"We have to get married then?" John clarified.

Wanda nodded. "Come on John." She pulled him into another run. They found a casino with a chapel. They had to wait a little, but then they were up.

"Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?" The minister asked John.

"I do." He slurred.

"And do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do." She slurred.

"Than I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." The minister said. John complied. They got into it and the minister and to force them apart. "Get a room."

So they did. After that, their memories were blank.

Three months ago. Something else:

She couldn't take the test in the drug store. It was dirty and didn't have a customer bathroom anyway. She couldn't go back to the mansion. John's then. She drove to his place and let herself in with her key. He wasn't going to be home today.

She remembered that morning. They'd both freaked out. They were married, they even had rings. Worse though, was that they finally recognized each other. They were on opposite teams. He was a bad guy, she was a good girl. She'd run away then. Two days later, back home, he'd found her. He said they had to talk. She agreed. They were discussing how best to get a divorce without anyone knowing they'd been married. One thing led to another and she woke up in his bed. It'd been like that for a while, they'd get together on the sole purpose of discussing a divorce, and then getting nowhere as their hormones took over. After two weeks they just stopped talking about anything. They never dated, went out and did normal couple things, instead they would have trysts and occasionally, spend the day together doing nothing.

She followed the directions on the box and sat down on the floor to wait. Ten minutes, she set her watch. If she had been religious, or believed in any god at all, she would have prayed. As she didn't, she was left with nothing but hoping.

She heard the door open. "Wanda?" He called. Shit, shit, shit. He wasn't supposed to be here today. "Wanda, are you here?"

Before he could find her she stepped out of the bathroom. "Yeah." She said. "I thought you weren't here today." Her voice sounded squeaky and nervous. She couldn't help it.

"Change of plans." he said and saw her. "What're you doing here if you thought I was out?"

"Um, I had to, um, use the bathroom." She lied lamely. "I was in the neighborhood, and I figured. I might as well. I mean. Instead of a drug store or something."

"Oh." He said, he didn't sound convinced. Wanda's watch beeped. She felt her eyes grow huge.

"Um, well, I gotta, um. Hold on." She said and ducked back into the bathroom.

Positive. All three tests.

She started crying.

"Wanda? Shelia, are you alright?" he asked.

"I'm fine." She answered through her tears.

"Shelia, I'm coming in." He opened the door to see her crying on the floor. "Shelia." He went to her, cradled her in his arms. "What's wrong?" He asked, kissing her hair and rocking her. She just cried harder. Something slipped from her hands. John picked it up.

At first he didn't know what it was, then he had an idea. He looked up and saw the box on the counter. A little positive sign was on the stick. Something in his brain told him he should be grossed out holding something she peed on, but it was small and he didn't even notice it.

"Are you sure?" He asked. She nodded against his neck and more tears came out. He rocked her more. "Shh, it's okay. It's okay." He said. Finally she stopped crying.

"Your not mad at me?" She whispered.

"No, no, why would I be mad at you?" he cooed. "I love you." It was the first time he'd said it. "Whatever you want. I'll be there with you. I love you Shelia." He kissed her. She sniffled. and buried her face in his neck again.

"I love you." She whispered.

Two days ago. What Crystal yelled about:

She was sulking again. Maybe he should buy her something. She liked it when he bought her things. No, she wasn't in the right mood. She'd get suspicious.

Pietro sighed. He was know as a cheater, yet he'd never cheated. When he was single, he liked to date more than one girl at once. However, when he found someone he liked enough to be his girlfriend, well. He stopped. Dating anyway. Not flirting. He was, by nature, a flirt. It was second nature to him, and it was a useful tool when he wanted something.

"You looking for something?" A pretty red head asked from behind the counter.

"Nah." Pietro answered and walked away. The mall was crowded. Crystal was out with her girlfriends today and the guys all were out. Well, except Piotr, but he would be busy drooling after Kitty. He had nothing to do today.

"Hey." That red head from before called. Pietro turned. "Are you Pietro Maximoff?" She asked. Somehow, he should be surprised that she knew him when he obviously didn't know her, but it happened so often he just went with it. He nodded. She smiled. "Walk with me? I wanna ask you something." She said.

He was bored and had nothing to do. She seemed nice enough. Might as well. He still kept his guard up, sometimes it was the nice ones that were the strangest. "So, what?" He asked.

She turned to him. "Well, um. I was wondering, if you know, you might. Oh forget it." She said and threw herself at him.He caught her and held her away from him.

"What the hell?" He demanded.

"Oh, come on." She said. "Everybody knows your a cheater."

"Well everybody is wrong." Pietro growled. She scoffed.

"Come on, just a quicky." She smirked. Pietro glared at her. He heard a gasp.

"You ass hole." Crystal shouted and ran off. Pietro watched her go.

"See what you did." He growled and pushed the red head away. "Stupid whore." He mumbled under his breath.

He left the mall and went back to the mansion. He wouldn't follow her. She'd find him eventually, to yell and scream at him no doubt. Until then, he lay in his room, staring at the ceiling.

He came to a decision. He was breaking up with Crystal. She was probably going to dump him anyway, but at least now he wouldn't care. He'd made his decision, it didn't matter who actually said it. She was too easily worked up. She got jealous over nothing. He didn't want to deal with that anymore.

Yesterday. What Logan thought:

"You. Come out. I can smell you." He said. She'd stopped, her scent had doubled back. She was waiting for him.

"You offer yourself for death." She spoke, something in her voice was familiar, though he knew he'd never heard it before. She stepped out of the tree cover. Logan was taken back. She looked like him, much more than any other person ever had who couldn't change their shape. She smelled so close to him as well. Snickt. Two metal claws thrust out of each hand. A slight ripping sound brought a part of his attention to her feet. A claw stuck from each foot. The only other person who'd ever had his claws was a cyborg. Could this girl ...

"Time to die." She said and attacked. Logan was ready. He had no idea who she was, what she was doing here. He just knew that her scent had been there and something was wrong. Now she was attacking him.

He blocked her, she wouldn't be deterred so easily. She struck out with her foot claw and pierced his chest. She flipped off him and landed in a tree. It was obvious she had fight training, each move was graceful and had the air of a planned course of action even though she was improvising.

"Who are you?" Logan asked the strange possibly cyborg girl, he ignore the pain that flared in his chest. His wound was healing already.

She said nothing, she jumped into another tree and sprung at him claws extended.

She moved quickly, he lost sight of her, yet still he heard them. He caught her arm as she lashed out. She was persistent, she seemed determined to hurt him. With her other set of claws she tried to rip his throat. He moved and she got his face. He ignored the pain and didn't let go. Whoever this was she had some explaining to do. Logan didn't appreciate being attacked for no reason. She pulled violently at her wrist, recklessly trying to make him let go. He tightened his grip. She struggled and a crack reached his ears. The girl had broken her own wrist. She didn't cry out. She was tough, he had to give her that.

Logan held tight to her broken wrist. He reached for her other hand, it was flailing and trying to attack him. No, she would calm down and answer his questions. Who was she? What was she doing here? Why did she smell like him and have his claws?

His questions would have to wait. Her feet planted on the ground. She jumped up, she had a new idea. Logan could see where this was going. She yanked down with her broken wrist and kicked at Logan's knees. He let himself go down while she twisted. She landed on top of him, her toes on his chest. Snickt. Her foot claws went through him. The claws on her other hand plunged into his arm. He loosened his grip slightly. She pulled free and jumped up.

He'd known that was coming. Let her think he was weak, then when she wasn't paying enough attention, he would get her. He felt himself get angry. She'd cut him up, he didn't like that. He had to hold onto his temper, if he didn't he might actually kill her. Not good. She hadn't answered him yet.

He charged at them, might as well make himself seem reckless. She jumped out of the way but was to slow, he caught her leg and swung them into a tree. He heard a crack. Damn, he broken their back. She lay still on the ground but he still heard her breathing. She was awake.

"Now, who are you?" Logan asked again, now she was disabled. He wiped the blood off his face and went to go to her. He'd have to have Jean look at her.

Suddenly, she got up. She smirked and jumped. Wait, what? She had his healing powers too. No, Lady Deathstrike had them too. It had to be it. She was a cyborg. But that didn't explain her scent or her facial features. Why make a female that looked like him. It seemed pointless. And who would have made her.

She pushed herself out of the tree. She liked that style, had anyone else he knew used it. Maybe, he had to many enemies to keep track of them. Her attacks were direct, he'd catch her again, but she evaded. She swung wildly with her hands and curled herself until the claws on her feet made a beeline toward his collar bone. Not so easy girlie. His anger was starting to get out hand. He didn't need to be gentle with her anymore, so he let go slightly. She could heal, now she'd get it. He easily caught her legs and threw her down. He plunged his claws into her heart meaning to pin her there.

She gasped, and stopped struggling. Good, maybe she was ready now. He cautiously removed his claws, no need to cause her unnecessary pain. She sat up, cocked her head, smiled. Shit, she wasn't done yet. Damn.

She launched at him quickly. She wildly swung and swiped. She was loosing that fighters grace. Now she thrashing blindly like a victim in a back alley would. Logan got hold of her legs despite all her thrashing and held them together. He caught a wild arm and pulled it behind her back.

He growled at her. She was annoying him. He took a deep breath and tried to calm down. She pulled and tried to break loose. He held her fast and tried to calm himself enough to speak.

Who was she? She hadn't answered him yet. Maybe she didn't know. It wouldn't be the first time they'd got an amnesiac, he'd been one. He just hadn't had the comfort of being anywhere near Charles Xavier. This one would be luck if she would just calm down enough to stop attacking him. Whatever she was, the Professor could help her.

With her so close, and her blood on him now, he still couldn't distinguish between them well. Even twins who smelled so alike had a stronger difference than this when they bleed. Blood let out made someones scent so much strong, and all hers did was echo his. How was that possible? He had no idea.

Except he did. A whisper came to him.

Suddenly he felt pain in his chest. "Die." She said in her strangely familiar voice. Her claws, they retracted and came back. Over and over again.

It hurt him, but not nearly as much as it would be hurting her. He let go. She scrambled up and ran away, crashing into trees as she went. He wouldn't follow her, not yet.

"How do you know you have no family?"

The whispered voice of Destiny had come to him then. She saw the future and she had told him this. This girl, whoever she was. He knew now that she was related to him somehow. In a very strong way.

This morning. Piotr finds her note:

He didn't want to wake up from this dream, but he had too. It was a new day and he couldn't spend it in bed. He sighed and rolled onto his back. He sat up slowly, yawning.

He got dressed and was deciding whether or not he needed to shave when he spotted it. An envelope with his name on it in curly purple writing. Curious he picked it up and opened it.

Dear Piotr,

Okay, so I know your probably wondering why I gave you this letter, well, I'm going to tell you. It's because I suck at talking to you. Well about anything even remotely relating to this anyway. So I wrote you a letter. I know it'll probably be just as bad as if I tried to tell you in person, but at least this way you won't hear me stutter and mumble. So, here it is.

I love you.

I've loved you since, actually, I can't remember when. Maybe since I met you, or a little after. I just know that I do.

I'll understand if you don't feel anything other than friendship for me. If you already have a girlfriend or something. So all i ask is one thing.

Get a pen. Go on, do it now before you read on.

Good, now: Circle one below.


If you circle YES it's because you would like to talk to me about this. Cause you might like me.

If you circle NO it's because we're just and only friends.

So that's it.

Love, (Well, I don't really know what to put here,so ...)


P.S. Please return the letter to my room. I'll be out most of today. I'm at the mall.

Piotr couldn't breathe. He reread it. No, it couldn't be. He was still dreaming. He shook his head and rubbed his eyes.

No, it was still there. He read it again. It still said the same things.

How, what?

He took a deep breath. He put the letter down. The glorious, unbelievable letter. The pen he'd gotten per her instructions had slipped from his hands when he read just whose name was at the bottom of the page.

He picked it up and circled YES. Maybe a little to enthusiastically. A small hole appeared where he set down the pen on the page. He picked it up and was more gentle. That done he put the letter back into the envelope and took another deep breath.

He checked her room. She was gone. He hadn't anything else to do today. He went in search of her. He didn't want to wait until she came back. He'd give it to her in person.

A talk. After seeing the Professor:

"Hi." She said. It was both easy and hard to find him. She couldn't rely to much on her nose, but she could ask around. He was just getting out of something called the Danger Room. Lexa didn't really know what that was, just that you used it to train and you could watch someone from outside.

"Hi." He said quickly.

"I attacked you."

"You did."

"You let me win." She realized that now. She'd watched him train a little. Storm had showed her how to get to the room and showed her the observation room. He didn't answer. "Want a rematch?" She smirked. "I won't hurt you too bad."

Logan let himself smile slightly. She wasn't threatening him. "Not today kid."

"Tired old man?" She teased. She could like him someday, maybe. For now, she would just say what came to mind.

"No. You're not up to it. That mental stuff gets to you more than you'd think." Logan knew from experience. There weren't any physical signs of it, but she was tired. She pouted and he laughed lightly. "What'd you say yur name was kid?"

"Lexa." She said.

"Huh, don't quite suit ya." He said honestly.

"My full name's Lexa Laura Kinney." She cocked her head and spoke, like a puppy.

"Laura, that works better for ya."

"My mother gave me that name." She said with a far off look in her eyes.

"How do ya have a mother?" Though, now that he really had a chance to look at her. She did have someone else in her. Someone tall, with blue eyes and brown hair. Her roots were showing.

"Everyone has a mother." She defended.

"Fine then." Logan said. He was talking more than he usually did, but, so was she he guessed.

"I have to go." She said suddenly. They'd stayed silent for a while. Logan just nodded and watched her go. Before she was completely out of sight she turned back. "I'd like to know you." Logan nodded again. He'd like to know her too. "Rematch." She smiled like the cheshire cat.