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Chapter Ten


Mark, one of the deputies that work for Charlie, was sitting across from me. He kept looking at the file in his hands, probably trying to make sense of the situation.

"Bella, I understand that you're going through a very tough time right now, but are you absolutely sure that it was Charlie doing this stuff to you?" he looked back up towards me before continuing, "I mean, this just doesn't sound like him."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

How could they not believe what I just said to him! I have the proof of it all over my body!

"Are you just trying to cover up for somebody else that might be hurting you?"

I can not believe the words coming out of his mouth. How could he think that somebody else did it? Who else could it be? I don't talk to anybody in this town except…oh my god! How can they think that Edward would do this to me!

I looked at him and gained confidence that I didn't even know I had and said, "Yes, I think I would know who would do this to me. I have been abused by my so called father for ten years! I walked through more than half of my life in pain, feeling that I was useless trash. And now, that I finally have the courage to save myself, you think I'm lying?" My voice started out calm, but gradually began to build as I continued to talk.

"That man that everyone seems to love has beaten me to the point that at times, I wished I was dead. He tried to make money off of me, by selling my body to whoever the hell he wanted! He is a monster in the worst form, and deserves to rot in the deepest part of hell!" I screamed as I stood from my chair.

I almost forgot that Edward was here, until he grabbed my hand to try to calm me down. He gently pulled me down into his lap.

I buried myself into his chest and started to cry. I don't really know why I did, maybe from the stress of the situation. Maybe because what I thought would happen if I got help was happening. Nobody believed the words I said to be true.

Edward was rubbing my back soothingly. How could they think that he could do something like this to me? He was the one that saved my life, on more than one occasion. If it wasn't for him, Alice, and Emmett I probably would have died a few days ago.

We sat like that until a deputy came in asking to talk to Edward alone. I had just begun to calm down, but when I realized that Edward would be leaving me I began to hyperventilate again. I didn't want to be without him, as selfish as this may sound, I needed him.

Edward cupped my cheek and turned my face to his. "Bella, I'll get Alice to go sit with you, but I have to go do this. I want to make you safe and this is the only way. I love you and I'll be back before you know it okay?"

I knew he was right so I nodded my head.

He pulled out his cell phone to ask Alice if she could come down here to help out. Twenty minutes later, I was sitting in the waiting room holding onto Alice's hand as if my life depended on it. If my grip was hurting her, she made no move to tell me.

I just hoped that his interrogation would go quickly so I could be in his arms again.


I was finally able to get Bella off of me so I could hurry up with the series of questions I would receive. I was a little nervous of what they would ask me after sitting with Bella through her questioning. I knew they would try to make it sound as if Charlie was the good guy.

A sat up straight in my seat when I saw the door open. Deputy Mark and Kyle, the other deputy from yesterday, both came into the room. Kyle was reading from a file and Mark was staring at my accusingly.

I could tell just by looking at him that he thought I hurt Bella. And just that thought had my blood boiling. I don't even understand how Charlie was able to hurt such a delicate flower.

The room was silent for a few minutes before Mark finally said something. "So, how long have you known Bella son?" He asked with a drop of venom in his tone. I didn't like how unprofessional he was being about this. However, if I was to lash out at him, that would just make matters worse.

I calmed myself down and answered his question. "I met Bella about a week or two ago."

He just nodded and fired off another one. "You know, I find it very suspicious how after you come along Bella starts crying wolf. Now don't start jumpin' to conclusions, I just want to understand," but it was clear on his face that he put that last sentence in for my benefit because it was obvious from his expression that he was indeed jumping to conclusions, "When did you notice that something was wrong with Bella?"

I tried to answer as truthfully as I could. "About a few days after I met her."

We continued with questions like this for a while before he finally let me go. I walked out of the room and into the waiting area to where Bella and Alice were.

Bella jumped up and ran into my arms. "Did everything go okay?" she asked me.

"Yeah. Let's not think about this. Come on, I want us to go somewhere, just me and you."

I kept my arm around Bella's waist as I lead her out the police station. I faintly noticed Alice leave behind me.

We walked to the Volvo, and I opened the door for Bella before making my way around to the drivers side.

As soon as the car was put in DRIVE, we were out of that parking lot and on our way to a place I found one day. It was beautiful with wildflowers growing freely. It was very relaxing and the perfect thing for us after a stressful afternoon.

I watched as her face grew more confused the farther away from town we went. "Edward where are we going?"

"It's a surprise. Don't worry, you're going to love it." I told her as we pulled off the road.

She looked over at me with a concerned look in her eyes. "Edward, you know it's hard enough for me to walk on a flat surface without crutches. How do you expect me to walk through a forest trail with them?"

I looked over at her as I pulled the keys out the ignition, "Well for one, I don't expect you to walk on a trail. This leads me to number two, which is, you won't be walking either." I opened my door and ran to the other side of the Volvo before she could stick her good leg out.

I grabbed her hand and helped pull her to her feet before swiftly dropping it, and bringing my arms underneath her knees and shoulders. She let out a shriek of surprise from the sudden change in position. She felt so right in my arms. I could hold her like this forever and never have another care in the world. As long as she stayed right here.

I pulled her closer to my chest before I started walking towards the tree line that would lead us to our destination.

"Are you sure you know where you are going?" Bella asked with uncertainty lacing her voice.

I brought my lips down to hers briefly for a chaste kiss. When I pulled back I looked in her eyes and showed her all my love for her. "I would never do anything to hurt you. Trust me."

I continued to stare at her as a single tear rolled down her face. I kissed away her tear before looking up and walking through the forest.

We traveled in silence and it was very comfortable. I loved that we could just be without having to disturb the atmosphere around us. We could just be together and everything would be fine with us.

I had been walking for about half an hour before I finally saw the opening to the meadow. I instructed Bella to close her eyes as I brought us closer.

As I went out into the opening, the sun was beaming proudly directly overhead. All the flowers were in full bloom and you could distinctly hear a river flowing off in the distance. I walked towards the middle and carefully placed Bella down on the grass before telling her to open her eyes.

She did as I told and gasped as she took in the sight before her. "Edward it's beautiful. How did you find this place?"

"I just stumbled across it one day when I just needed to get away. After that it just became my safe haven." I wanted to convey to her how much it meant that I showed this to her. I sat down next to her and pulled her down to lay down next to me. She cuddled into my side as we embraced each other.

After a while, I felt her stir beneath me. I looked over at her and noticed that her face looked deep in thought. "What are you thinking about?"

She glanced up at me before staring back down. "I was just thinking about something you said to me earlier at the police station." She stated nervously.

I sat confused for a second; trying to think of anything I said that could have caused her so much conflict. "Uh, can you possibly tell me because I have no idea what your talking about."

She played with a button on my shirt for a few minutes before answering, "Did you really mean what you said? Do you really love me?"

I brought my hand to her face and cupped her cheek, "Yes Bella. I love you. I had wanted to tell you in a better way than that, but that doesn't matter now. Bella, I have loved you for a while now. I understand if you don't feel the same, but I'll always be here for you. No matter what."

She then brought her lips up to mine for a slow passionate kiss. The feel of her lips was just as amazing as the last time. I pulled her face closer to mine as I went to deepen the kiss, but she was already a step ahead. I felt her tongue go across my lips, begging for entrance which I happily obliged. Her tongue explored my mouth as mine did the same to hers. Her arms were wrapped around my neck, trying desperately to bring us even closer.

I knew this couldn't continue for much longer. I pulled my face back and just stared at her beautiful chocolate eyes. I saw so much passion and love in her eyes.

"I love you too Edward."

I smiled so big my cheeks started to hurt. Then I went in to kiss her again.

This kiss wasn't as urgent as the last one, but just as loving. When I pulled back I continued to stare at her as I asked her,

"Bella will you be my girlfriend?" I felt her body tense beside me and I began to wonder if I had somehow upset her. "You don't have to if you don't want to. I just…"

I was interrupted by her lips rejoining mine. She pulled back this time and I looked into her eyes. There was so much love just for me. I felt my lips pull upward and knew everything would work out okay.


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