Cue the Credits

I started this story many, many years ago. I won't tell you exactly how long ago because frankly, I don't remember. However, I will say that when I started this story Georgey Bush (the second one) had just been "elected" to the White House and we were not yet privy to what a Shiloh Jolie-Pitt was.

With that being said this story would never have been started without the friendship of one who shares the same name and the same passion for all things Murphy.

I would especially like to thank Diane English. There are so many reasons why thanks must be given, but none more important than her constant inspiration and perseverance that even to this day amazes me.

I must also thank Candice and Colleen. Their books are awesome. :)

And to the entire cast, guest stars, extras, writers and crew over a full decade: Without all of you I wouldn't have been able to make it through one of the roughest times a girl will know…her teenage years! Thanks for always making it funny.

Most sitcoms have become silly and un-important in recent years. It's nice to have Murphy to fall back on when I need a laugh or a cry. "Full Circle" was just one in 247 examples of the genius. But more than anything it was great acting, great writing and a beautiful dedication to an outstanding actress for which the Emmy was more than deserved.