A/N: It was said of early vampire books and movies that vampirism was simply a thinly disguised substitute for sex. Back in the day, the entire genre was considered extremely risqué. With that in mind, this is an ALL HUMAN parody of Midnight Sun replacing all the vampirism with sexuality - no blood lust - just extreme human lust. Serious SMUT warning. You have been warned . . .

All the characters are based on those created by Stephenie Meyer, although she might not recognize them . . .


Midnight Desire

Chapter 1

As I sat in the school cafeteria with my siblings, all I could think of, for the thousandth time that day, was "God, how I hate high school." It really was purgatory, sitting here day after day, listening to teachers endlessly whine about subjects on which I was far more advanced than they could possibly know.

Until we moved here two years ago, we were all being educated at an advanced school for gifted children, not that the term actually included Emmett and Rosalie, but when your parents are paying extravagant sums in tuition, you'd be surprised by the exceptions such schools will make. When my mother decided she wanted to live in a small town and my father felt it would be a "good thing" to dedicate his exceptional medical talent to a rustic hospital, we were dragged here to the most miserable, cloudiest and wettest place on earth—Forks, Washington. I doubt my parents realized just how painful it was for us to be here. And for someone like me, who rarely made a connection with another person, it was truly heinous to be surrounded all day by the banal children this small town housed.

My siblings and I were just too different—too good looking, too smart, too sophisticated and most unforgivable, too wealthy. In addition, the locals seemed to be just a little overly obsessed with the fact that my four adopted siblings also happened to be two couples who were romantically involved. If they had bothered to ask, I could have told them that Jasper and Emmett, who I now thought of as my brothers, were relatively recent additions to the family and had not grown up with my sisters and me. But they didn't care to ask and I surely didn't care to educate them. The more reasons they had to leave me alone, the better.

It was bad enough when we first moved here to find all of the girls in school throwing themselves at me. It didn't matter that they knew nothing about me—I could have been a depraved killer for all they cared. It was all about my looks—my "bronze hair" and "piercing emerald" eyes. I overheard many such comments in those days—how cute, how tall, how built I was. I didn't really consider my looks all that exceptional, surrounded as I generally was by my equally attractive family. But apparently we caused quite the stir at Forks High. And since I was the only "single" Cullen available, I was on the receiving end of most of the attention. It had taken approximately two weeks before I was able to dissuade the most persistent of them. It wasn't easy for me. I had been raised to be polite—to be a gentleman. Eventually, the cold stares and clipped responses got the message across, although from time to time I thought I still caught a glimpse of unrequited yearning on certain faces.

I suspected that most of the student body promptly concluded I was gay. They weren't alone—I firmly believed that my family had at least speculated on that same point from time to time. But since I failed to show any interest in anyone, male or female, I simply became known as some sort of freaky loner or stuck-up rich kid. The fact is, people my own age just don't intrigue me, male or female. They're just too uninteresting – not fully formed enough to capture my attention. In contrast, I work hard to constantly educate and improve myself. I enjoy reading and learning about literature, art, movies, music, science and history—about pretty much everything. I am well read and well traveled. It is just extremely difficult for me to connect to any teenager, let alone these small town adolescents.

That said, it's not like I never saw a girl I was attracted to—I did from time to time. I even felt some degree of…stimulation on occasion. It's just that the first time she would open her mouth and some inanity poured forth, I couldn't maintain it. At that moment, whatever initial appeal I felt would instantly dissipate, and I would be left wondering what had caught my attention in the first place. It wasn't that I wanted to be this way. I had thought countless times that it would be so much easier if I was "normal"—if I could just go out and "get laid" as Emmett so quaintly expressed it. But I knew that if by some circumstance I suddenly found myself in bed with a gorgeous but otherwise dull woman who had all the physical attributes commonly desired by a man, I would not be able to perform. So maybe there was something wrong with me—something missing from my essential makeup.

My sister Alice, probably my closest friend, took that moment to interrupt my musing. "Edward, have you heard about the new girl—Isabella Swan?"

Ah yes, the latest subject of gossip at Forks High, the police chief's daughter who had just moved here to live with him. "How could I have avoided it?" I responded cynically; another blushing flower joining the student body – how wonderful.

"She's in my English class," Alice noted. "She seems really, really shy. She's pretty though. She calls herself 'Bella.'" I could only hope this wasn't yet another female I would have to discourage, but then, it wasn't all that likely we would have a class together.

"She's sitting way over there." Alice tilted her head toward the other end of the cafeteria. "Oh my God, she's sitting with Jessica Stanley. Poor Bella!"

My eyes reflexively traveled in the direction Alice had indicated. Bella was too far across the room for me to get a really good look at her. I agreed with Alice though—she did appear to be pretty. But the distance didn't really allow for anything more than a vague impression. I understood Alice's expression of pity as well. Jessica Stanley was among the most empty-headed, least sympathetic creatures in this school. If Bella Swan was happy in her company, I would certainly have no interest in her—not that I would anyway.

Lunch was about over, so we deposited our trays and headed off to our respective classes. I sat down at the desk I thankfully didn't have to share and prepared myself for another round of tedium in biology. This class truly irritated me, as I was so far ahead of the elementary material being taught it was painfully dull.

A moment later I noticed a female figure passing up the aisle towards the front of the room. I chuckled silently as she caught her foot on something and almost lost her balance. But the amusement died when my gaze lifted to her body. As she approached the teacher's desk and started quietly speaking with Mr. Banner, my eyes raked her form. She wore a pair of tight low-rise jeans and a fitted T-shirt that she somehow made look completely feminine. She was slim but had ample curves in all the right places. Mr. Banner pointed to the chair next to me, and the girl looked in my direction. I felt a sharp intake of breath. It was Bella Swan, and she was far more than pretty. She was beautiful—exquisite. She had luxurious dark brown hair, long and thick. Her eyes were deep brown too, and so big and expressive a person could get lost in them. She had a heart shaped face and full pink lips. It felt like something pierced my chest when I looked at her.

My mind grasped all this in a moment, and my body involuntarily started reacting at the same time. For the first time in my life, I was instantly and fully aroused by the mere glimpse of a woman. I couldn't believe it. It was intolerable—unacceptable—and utterly humiliating. I simply couldn't feel this way. But here I was, sitting in class suddenly finding myself with a raging erection. I moved my chair closer to the desk in terror that someone would notice, my hands convulsively gripping the edge of the wood. Apparently I was unable to smooth the stunned and horrified expression from my face before Bella sat down next to me, because whatever word of polite greeting she was about to say died on her lips, and she looked quickly away. She flipped her hair over her shoulder to give herself something to hide behind. She must have thought I was deranged. I felt like I was.

The look of apprehension in her eyes as she sat down had simply added to her appeal. She carried herself with an alluring sense of vulnerability. It ignited some primitive yet indefinable response deep within me. Her delicious scent also called to me—she smelled like ripe strawberries. It intoxicated my senses. The blood pulsed in my groin and I bit my lip to prevent myself from groaning aloud. This was ridiculous! How could this nothing, this woman-child, affect me so much?

I wanted to push my chair back from the desk so I could look at her surreptitiously, but I was afraid doing so might expose my…lack of control. There was no way I could study her to my satisfaction sitting right next to her—it would be far too obvious. Eventually I grabbed a binder and strategically positioned it in my lap, allowing me to hide my condition as I pushed my chair away from the desk. I could then at least drink in certain parts of her anatomy without notice.

Her chestnut hair was long—almost to her waist. It looked thick and silky and I yearned to touch it, longed to grab a fistful of it to position her head just so. Her fingers were delicate, and I couldn't help imagining what they would feel like wrapped around a certain part of my now unpredictable anatomy. I bit my bottom lip again, practically drawing blood this time. The skin of her arms looked pale and soft and so womanly. From my current vantage point, I could see the full curve of one breast, straining against the fabric of her T-shirt. I closed my eyes and visualized the sensitive pink nipple that would adorn the peak, my tongue persuading it to come to full life in my adoring mouth. My eyes traveled down to her slim waist, and I imagined my hands grasping her to me, sliding down to her perfect rear, and pressing her into my erection. I had to catch myself before my breathing became labored. I glanced quickly around the room to see if anyone noticed my discomposure.

Now that I had memorized what I could see of her, my mind took a darker path. What would it take, I wondered, to get Isabella Swan to be alone with me? Could I use those good looks I so often disdained to lure her away? It wasn't rape that I was thinking of—that held no appeal for me whatsoever. But thoughts of…seduction—yes, seduction, that was it—filled my mind. Not taking her against her will, but bending her to my will. I visualized myself holding her wrists above her head in one hand, while my other hand and my mouth elicited involuntary moans and gasps of pleasure, her body helplessly writhing under mine—all intellect and reason lost in sensation. I would fill her completely, and she would scream my name at her ecstatic release. My groin pulsed and I shifted uncomfortably in my chair.

I suddenly felt like a monster. I was insane. That was the only explanation. I had somehow, and for no apparent reason, simply gone insane in the last forty-five minutes. I would undoubtedly need to be committed. How had I gone from an almost asexual creature to a raving fiend in one afternoon? Class was almost over—thank you God. I hadn't heard a single word that was said—not that it really mattered. I had to get out of here. I had to get away from Isabella Swan. She flipped her hair off of her shoulder and her luscious scent hit me again. Was she taunting me? My flagging erection stood at full mast again.

I think my internal groan may not have been completely silent that time, because Bella darted a quick glance back at me. I studied the notebook in my lap as if the meaning of life had suddenly been revealed there. The bell finally rang and I gave silent praise. I waited a minute for everyone to leave, but I still had to hold my book in front of me as I left the room. I was in the depths of mortification.

I couldn't face another hour of boredom. I knew that if I had to sit through another tiresome class my fantasies would return full force. I was already aching…down there. I didn't think I could take anymore. I opted to go sit in my car until the end of school, waiting for my siblings while listening to some soothing music. I could always charm an excused absence out of Mrs. Cope, the school administrator. It was the only time I really valued my so called good looks.

I vowed I would not think about Bella Swan and I didn't. Instead, I thought about my reaction to Bella Swan—not the same thing at all. What in the hell was it about this woman—this girl, really—that had me so unnerved? Truth be told, I had seen other women at least as good looking as she without having anything like the same reaction—without having any reaction whatsoever, in fact. So how was it I had turned into a sex maniac sitting next to her for one hour? It undermined every view I held of myself. I was…confounded.

I forced myself to relax and listen to the strains of the orchestra on the CD that was playing. I tried to pick out the sounds of the individual instruments. I was able to make myself settle down finally.

I was startled when my car doors opened. It was just my siblings. School was over for the day—thank God. They didn't seem to notice my tension, but they were surprised when I drove to the hospital. I told them to take the car and go home without me as I wanted to speak with Carlisle. They were perplexed but fortunately, didn't ask any questions.

I realize that it would have been odd for an average teenager to want to speak with his father about what had happened today. But Carlisle was not your normal father. For one thing, he was a doctor. More importantly, he was young—only thirty-three. But my parents were so loving and so compassionate that they had had no trouble in adopting children, especially older children that were often left by the wayside. In some sense, Carlisle was more like an experienced, understanding and mature older brother to me. So I didn't feel the same hesitation in seeking…clarification to alleviate my confusion as any normal teenager would have, although I was not without trepidation.

After being waived in by the receptionist, I stood in Carlisle's office waiting for him to answer his page. I suddenly wondered if this was a wise idea. What exactly was I supposed to say: I saw a girl and got a hard on today? There was nothing abnormal about that. So what was I doing here?

Carlisle walked into his office and gave me a quick hug, a smile lighting his face. "I'm surprised to see you here, Edward. What can I do for you?"

"I, um, I, wanted to talk to you," I stuttered.

Carlisle sat behind his desk, in full doctor mode. He was suddenly serious. "All right. What can I do for you?"

"This is really embarrassing," I started. "I'm not even sure why I'm here, except it was an entirely new experience for me. And I'm…puzzled."

"Edward, you and I can talk about anything—you know that." Carlisle was utterly sincere. "Please explain."

"Well, there was this new girl at school today, and I got…aroused," I admitted shamefully.

"And the problem is?" Carlisle prompted. He was trying to tell me there was nothing unusual about the situation.

"My reaction wasn't normal. I'm afraid it wasn't…healthy," I admitted.

"What do you mean?" He was more concerned now.

"This is so humiliating." I stopped for a moment while Carlisle waited patiently, understanding etched in his features. "I wanted to lure her from the classroom and…take her. I couldn't think about anything else. I didn't care how she felt—I just wanted her—I just wanted to satisfy myself on her. I felt like a beast."

"Well…" was all Carlisle said for a moment. "I'm still not sure that's anything but normal for a teenage boy. You're seventeen now, Edward, and the hormones are kicking in full force." He stopped and considered for a moment. "You're not talking about anything violent here, are you?"

"No. Nothing like that," I admitted. "It was more like I simply didn't care about her feelings. I just wanted to have her—but I wanted to give her pleasure too. And I certainly didn't want to hurt her." I stopped and dragged a hand through my hair. "Am I going insane? I've never felt anything like this before. It's so…unsettling," I finished lamely. My voice sounded strange to my own ears.

"As long as you have no thoughts of force or violence, I can't see that your reaction is any different from any other teenager," Carlisle stated. "I know you don't like to think of yourself as just any teenager, but physiologically, that's what you are. I understand that mentally and intellectually you are far beyond the average seventeen-year-old. It appears that your physical self is now catching up to the rest. And honestly, I'm relieved."

"So it's normal, for me to…think these things? Because Carlisle, there was nothing…tender about the fantasies going through my mind," I admitted. "My desires were…untamed…domineering even. That's wrong, isn't it?"

"The feelings you are expressing to me—the kind of fantasies you are talking about—are, I believe, relatively normal. I think if you spoke with this girl and came to like her, your fantasies would change. You need to see her as a person, not an object of desire. Then you would come to care about her feelings. You would want her to want you in the same way. So," Carlisle continued reasonably, "get to know her. Talk to her—find out what she's like—see if you like her for more than her appearance. If you do, and she reciprocates, then I wish you joy. And I will be here to help all that I can."

"And you may need some help, Edward," Carlisle admitted. "I don't ever recall you trying to win someone's affection before. You will need to be patient and selfless—qualities you have not exhibited in abundance up until now. And of course, you need to be a gentleman. I don't care what century it is—women of all ages always appreciate gentlemanly behavior. Well, there's not much happening here—shall we go home now?"

I nodded in response to more than just his last question. Carlisle was right, as usual. I would have to get to know Bella Swan. For some reason, I found the concept terrifying.