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I couldn't sit still. I just kept pacing, tripping over the monster now and again as it shadowed me, both of us trying to contain our excitement. We had been planning this for the last several weeks, and the time had finally arrived. It had taken a bit of work—well, mostly lying, to be precise. Not so much on my part, as I was just opting out of my family's long weekend to the big city. But Alice had helped concoct a story for Charlie allowing Bella to spend the next three days with me in glorious solitude at my house. It would be the highlight of my summer.

Not that this summer was turning out to be anything other than wonderful, well, with one annoying but tolerable exception. Bella had felt compelled to take a part-time job, working at Newton's store, trying to save money for college. I didn't exactly like the fact that she spent time in Newton's company. Every time I stopped in there, which was quite often, I found him mooning over her. It always made me chuckle to see Bella's look of annoyance as he hovered around her. He was harmless, anyway.

The only real threat had been dealt with. James was gone—smart enough, at least, to take heed of my warnings. He had never returned for the last three days of school, and I heard shortly afterward that he had moved back into whatever hole from which he originally crawled. I could only hope the lesson I had taught him had made an impression in more ways than one, and that the girls at his new school would be safe from his predations.

Bella's job aside, it was still my greatest hope that she wouldn't need any money for college—that before we went away she would agree to marry me, and I would endow her with all my worldly goods. I had been brave enough to subtly raise the subject once or twice this summer and hoped I was making progress. She knew I would agree to any sort of ceremony—big or small, posh or plain—so that we could be together all the time. I certainly intended that we live together at college regardless, but desired more than ever that our arrangement be made permanent.

And as long as we were together, I wasn't all that particular about where we attended college. We'd spent quite a lot of time discussing it lately, but as far as I was concerned, the only prerequisites were that we both be accepted and that freshmen not be required to live on campus. We had started compiling a list of schools to which we would apply, remarkable more for its diversity than anything else. Although it was still a full year away, I couldn't help but focus on it more and more. Spending so much time together this summer only whetted my appetite for her constant companionship.

So, other than the half-days Bella spent working, we were having a lazy, enjoyable summer. We had many leisurely picnics in the meadow, making good use of the inspiration provided by that plaid blanket this time around. We took long walks in the woods, talking about our days and our future, and instead of inseminating trees, I got to inseminate Bella up against a tree or twenty. Sleepovers "with Alice" were common, allowing for many nights of pleasure, and as many long showers as would go without comment. And all of that was about to pale into comparison to this of all weekends. I rubbed my hands together gleefully and snickered as I saw the monster do the same.

The doorbell rang, and I just about jumped out of my skin. I took a deep breath to calm myself and walked over to the door, opening it slowly. I really wanted to enjoy my first impression. One look and I thought my cock might hit me in the face.

Wearing an outfit I had picked out in every particular, Bella stood on the front porch. She looked so fucking adorably desirable that I had trouble sucking the suddenly overheated air into my lungs. I slowly scanned her figure, absorbing every detail.

She wore a tight white button down shirt that stretched across her fabulous curves. I could just make out the lacy outline of her white push-up bra underneath. Although Bella didn't need such enhancements, I was going for an innocently slutty look here. Naturally, she wore a red plaid pleated mini skirt, presumably with white lace panties underneath, and if I wasn't already hard as an anvil, that skirt alone would have done the job nicely. Finally, her outfit was finished with white over the knee stockings and a pair of black shoes with modest heels and a strap across the foot. Very demure indeed. The monster, as always, craned to look up her skirt.

Bella was playing her role to a tee, having styled her hair in two long braids, an afterthought I truly appreciated. In her hands, she held a binder and a math book. She gave me a tentative smile before launching into her role.

"Hi, Edward. Thank you for agreeing to help me with my math homework. I really appreciate it, knowing how busy you are," she said shyly.

I suppressed a snicker, and making my voice firm, responded, "Come in, Bella. I do hope you're serious about wanting to improve in math. I wouldn't like to think I'm wasting my time."

"Oh, I'm very serious, Edward. And so grateful. I just don't understand why I'm struggling so much," she added with a dumb but cute expression on her face.

"Well then, let's work here in the living room. We can sit next to each other on this sofa, and you can put your books on the coffee table." I discreetly adjusted myself before leading Bella into the room, sitting on the couch and patting the space next to me. "Sit here, Bella."

She sat down next to me, and from this angle, I was getting a much better view of the wonderful things that bra was doing for her already spectacular breasts. I licked my lips before wrenching my eyes to her face. The monster sat on the coffee table, still endeavoring to get a view of the money shot.

"Now, Bella, why don't you show me the problems you're having trouble with."

"Okay, I marked the page." She placed the book on her lap and opened it up to a set of math problems, showing them to me. I rested my hand on her thigh while glancing at the page.

I briefly explained the first problem to her and instructed her to have a go at it. She worked it diligently for a minute before handing me her answer.

"Tsk, tsk, Bella. I'm afraid this is quite wrong. Are you sure you were paying attention to me?" I inquired condescendingly.

She nodded emphatically, adding, "I'm sorry, Edward. I did try."

"Well, I think perhaps you need some motivation to do better," I concluded. "Try again, and I should warn you that in my opinion, learning is facilitated if there are direct consequences for failure. Perhaps you'll learn faster if we instill a sense of…discipline into the process."

Her eyes widened appropriately, and she went back to work, nibbling on the end of the pencil in a show of utmost concentration. After a few moments, she triumphantly handed the paper back to me.

I glanced at the obviously wrong answer for only a moment before giving her a look implying that while I didn't want to chastise her, it was necessary for her own good. "Bella, I'm very disappointed. I think in order to make this worthwhile, you're going to have to show me that you are truly committed to improving. Besides, I understand that…emphasizing the learning process with certain physical…reinforcement can be most beneficial."

"Oh, okay, Edward," she replied with an expression of idiotic confusion. She was so fucking cute…

My hand went to the back of her neck to hold her steady for a slow but thorough kiss. My tongue invaded her mouth while my free hand trailed up her body, stopping to cup her breast and roughly squeeze and fondle her enticing flesh. After a minute, I leaned away, panting, and Bella's eyes remained closed for a few moments longer.

"Now," I breathed, "I shall feel free to augment the lessons by taking increasing liberties until I see that you really comprehended the material. Go on to the next problem."

"'Kay," Bella sighed, retrieving her pencil and paper and spending a very short time performing the calculations.

I shook my head as I reviewed her ridiculous attempt at the problem. Affecting an air of sadness, I carried on with our game. "Bella, this is truly pitiful. I'm afraid I'm going to have to try and motivate you more."

I kissed her again, more aggressively this time, while my right hand unfastened one of her buttons, slipping inside the cup of her bra this time to caress her bare skin, pinching and rolling her nipple until she moaned into my mouth. Bella remained passive, correctly assessing my mood, sensing my desire to "take advantage" of her.

Our game continued, Bella making half hearted attempts to formulate answers, while I informed her of her mistakes with suppressed glee before giving her additional…instructions. With the next error, I unbuttoned her shirt completely and planted my face in her glorious cleavage, plumping both her breasts with my hands while wallowing in her sweet flesh. She gave me a correct answer after that, just to tease me I think, but I praised her efforts sincerely while casting a doleful eye on her breasts. Then, with the succeeding error, I pushed the cups of her bra aside and suckled a nipple, letting my hand torment the other one, until Bella's head fell backwards and her moans became continuous. I left her breasts exposed, watching with glee as her nipples grew darker as a result of several more wrong answers and my increasingly voracious attacks on them.

After inflicting myself on her, she would sometimes ask me a question, ad libbing the script, as it were.

"Are you sure this will help me understand, Edward?" Bella inquired ingenuously, looking dubiously her breasts to make her meaning clear.

"Oh, it's a proven technique," I assured her with conviction. "Increased…stimulation definitely assists the learning process."

"Okay," she agreed in blithe ignorance, while I eagerly awaited the next incorrect answer.

When it inevitably appeared, I sighed dramatically, telling Bella, "I'm afraid more concerted efforts on my part are required." I kissed her ruthlessly and slowly slid my hand up her skirt and inside her panties which, I noted with delight, were soaked through. This game was going to have to progress quickly now, because I was desperate to be inside her. The monster flipped through the math book, looking for increasingly difficult problems.

In the meantime, desperate for release now, I let my fingers manipulate Bella's warm, wet flesh while planting kisses on her neck and breasts. She was whimpering now, pressing her hips forward to increase the pressure. I needed some friction myself, and broke off so she could address one last problem. Bella looked at me with glazed eyes and heavy lids, and I almost threw in the towel at that point but decided it would be more fun to finish the game.

"One more try," I insisted, pointing to another problem. "I'm sure you'll get it right this time."

She picked up the pencil that had fallen by the wayside and glanced at the book. "Edward, a lot of my friends have tutors, and they never told me about, um…anything like this."

"While I admit that my…techniques may be…unorthodox, they are based on proven scientific technique. I'm making a great personal sacrifice here to help you with your schoolwork, you know. I think it would be only gracious of you to acknowledge that fact and cooperate with the process," I responded sternly.

"Oh, of course, Edward. You're so smart—I'm sure you know best," she agreed quickly in the most adorably dumb fashion.

I ignored the monster's evil leer, waiting for the moment to take the lesson to its conclusion. I almost laughed out loud at her truly pathetic answer to the problem, emitting an exasperated sigh instead.

"I'm afraid it's going to be necessary to…drill the information into you with a…little more force. This is for your own good, Bella. Please stand up."

She looked so deliciously fetching, playing nervously with one braid while assuming a demeanor of shame and contrition.

I escorted her around to the back of the couch and demanded, "Now, bend over."

She just looked at me, wide-eyed and fearful. I creased my brow, assuming an expression of utmost authority, prompting Bella to bend over the top of the couch and arch her back invitingly, leaning her forearms on the top edge of the sofa for support.

I eagerly lifted up her skirt, pulling her panties down only as far as necessary to gain access to the most inviting bits. I just loved the sight of those lacy white panties twisted around her thighs, exposing her perfect ass. I threw my T-shirt over my head and unfastened my belt and zipper, pulling my jeans and boxers down enough to get the job done. I have no idea why it seemed so erotic to me at that moment to just push clothing out of the way rather than strip her naked, but it was doing something wicked to my libido.

My hands began to grope at the fleshy curves of her ass before one crept around to the front, continuing to tease and manipulate her soft folds. Knowing there was no question about her readiness, I aligned myself and entered her roughly, before beginning to slowly and deliberately thrust inside her. Fuck me, but this is heaven….

I plunged deeply inward, keeping a steady rhythm, teasing her sensitive flesh, my desires in conflict as I sought to increase the tension and yet prolong the scenario I had anticipated for such a long time. I worked at achieving maximum stimulation, pulling out as far as possible before immersing my cock fully inside her. Each time I drove myself in, I watched the exquisite sight of my cock disappearing inside her warm, wet flesh, and my groans and incoherent exclamations grew louder and fiercer.

I increased the speed of my fingers and my cock, her tight walls gripping me, caressing me with every stroke. God forgive me, but I reveled in her helplessness, my eyes feasting on her exposed ass, framed by that red plaid skirt on one side and her sexy little panties on the other, her braids flipping back and forth while I pounded against her and encouraged her responsive whimpers with my fingers. I wished I could see the way her breasts would undoubtedly be lewdly bouncing around, and I made a brief mental note to set up a mirror for similar future encounters.

The game had built my readiness to its heights, and lunging inside her so deeply, burying myself completely, was making it difficult for me to hang on. Fortunately, I could sense Bella's completion at hand. She was making inhuman noises and moaning repeatedly between exclamations of "God, oh God" and "fuck, Edward," and other utterly seductive sounds that were helping to push me over the edge. When I felt her muscles clench around me, I came with a violence I hadn't imagined possible, pumping my release into her while my hands restrained her hips to maintain our contact until the last.

I collapsed over Bella, trying not to subject her to all my weight, and briefly squeezed one breast to make up for its earlier lack of attention. She flinched against me, and I released her in order to reach for the tissues I had placed on the end table earlier, having strangely foreseen this exact scenario. The monster, apparently not understanding the game had reached its end, went back to flipping through the math book.

We did a provisional clean up, and Bella turned around, curving her arms around my neck and looking teasingly at me. "Edward, I do think that helped. I feel smarter already," she joked, all signs of the dim-witted schoolgirl gone. She kissed me before heading to the bathroom.

Yes, it was a fantastic start to the weekend, but only a start. After adjusting my clothing and taking a seat, the monster handed me that list, one more box boldly checked on it. Let's see, what would we try next? Should it be the blue corset? The velvet ropes and blindfold? It didn't really matter. We'd get to them all eventually. After all, the list was very, very long—long enough for forever.

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