We were in the mines, alone

We were in the mines, alone.

I stared around at the rugged amber surface, incomprehensible with the beauty that had engulfed my aura. The sun was on my milk-white skin, burning it intensely. God, it felt beautiful.

We walked deeper into the mines. The cool shade healed my burning sun poisoning with one gust. I put my arm gently around Lizard's shoulder and gently sat in his lap. "I love you sweetheart." I whispered into his ear, leaning my head on his strong, labored shoulder.

Not a word was uttered from those lips of beauty. All I heard was "Mmmm…" That sound was music to my willing ears. I sat up, flipping my gold curls over my shoulder. I'd waited so long for this bittersweet valiance. I kissed his lips with gentle precision, not daring to make a sound myself. "Just let me love you, honey." I whispered with tearful desperation, into his ear almost crying for that itching attention.

"Keep that up sweetheart and I'll let you do whatever you want." My lord of loving dictated so honestly. His arm found its way to my waist, curling around it oh so tightly. His damaged tender lips found mine in a heat of passion. He did not use too much tongue, like so many painful bastards did those few years ago.

My gentle sweet love moved down from my lips to the area between my jaw and my neck. I swore on my life I could've screamed. His tongue grazed my virgin flesh so delicately, like rain on a flower right after a storm. I studied and gently caressed his silver tresses as he kissed. God he was beautiful.

My slender fingers moved underneath his chin, lifting it up with delicacy. "I love you Lizzie." I whispered with tears cascading down the pallor of my cheeks. His lips crashed into mine, the animalistic smacking of flesh seeming so surreal all at the same time. His hands ran up and down, rubbing my back with the delicate love I knew he held oh so dearly to himself until this very moment. I planted gentle kisses all over his face, losing every sense of self-control. It no longer held me prisoner for tonight… It was just Lizard and I. Alone. In the fortress of the amber testing mines.

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