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Warning: this will be slash as in Male/Male. Don't like don't read its simple.

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The Animal Shelf


Night always fell slowly around the group of houses all lines up nearly completely identical. Dried up lawns, tattered flowers lined the fences of every house. Dull glowing lampposts cast dancing shadows across the slim footpath, a slight flicker was the only indication that something was moving beneath in the shadows. A cloud skimmed out of the line of the moon, illuminating the slinking figure, a huge dark furred wolf glanced up at the moon. A small smile graced the strong muzzle as the animal crept forward. The houses crawled past, dark chocolate eyes passed over each one: searching.

With a quick look around to make sure no one was watching the wolf leapt over the fence and disappeared around the back of number 4 private drive.

In a tiny cupboard under the stairs lay a little boy of about 5 although he didn't look it. Messy black hair, taped round glasses and a small malnourished body the boy shifted slightly in his sleep. A little fist clenched as unknown monsters plagued his sleep, pitiful whimpering sounds escaped as he tossed and turned in the small space. A pair of sea-green eyes blinked down at the little boy, black markings around the eyes were reminiscent of glasses. The creature flowed down from the shelf, seeming to grow in size as it did so, the few bars of light that filtered in though the vent gave a little glow that illumined the creature to be a young fox kit. Dark reddish, brown fur melting into black at points, the kit wrapped it's self around the boy. Quickly he stilled, his breathing returning to normal as he slipped back into a deep slumber.

The wolf made no sound as it crept through the house, looking around u would think that only three people lived here, but there was a fourth, although the pictures of a large blonde blob and two adults would never give that information away. Any traces of the little black haired boy had been carefully hidden from the family. The dark furred wolf snorted softly as it turned its nose up at the pictures it passed. Large paws reached the hall and the staircase, where the little cupboard was, prowling up to it the wolf stretched him self out in front of the door. Resting his head across his paws the canine closed his deep chocolate eyes and slept, happy there was no outside threat to his pack or charge.

The familiar noises awoke the wolf, sounds that told him the three inhabitants of the house where starting to wake up. Stretching his lean body out the wolf nudged the lock open on the door, the usual sight of his second in command keeping their charge safe and warm meet his eyes.

I take it he had a bad night again

The fox's eyes snapped open to meet the wolf's.

Yes, poor child

The wolf nodded, his eyes showing the sorrow he felt for the little boy they were taking care of. The thunder of feet above caused the two animals to jump, looking up the fox sighed. Swiftly standing the little fox leapt up to the shelf, a small glow surrounding her as she shrank in size and became still. The wolf followed her up, also returning to a much smaller size. The self was home to an array of different animals: the wolf; the fox; the snow leopard; the lioness; the cheetah and the gazelle; each different but each a part of the pack in their own unique way.

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