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Summary: Itachi caught himself a thief. But why turn him in when he could just collar him? Ita/Naru

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Naruto woke up that morning with the feeling something bad would happen today. And knowing his luck, it would definitely happen to him.

He debated staying in bed and spare himself the hassle of thinking 'I knew it' later, but a look at his calendar reminded him his boss had asked to see him absolutely today and that his boss' brother, who was the only one able to back him up, was in the Caribbean for his vacation.

He worked in the corporate banking department at Uchiha Corp. He, with two of his co-workers, basically controlled every money transfers made by the society. Of course, everything had to be approved first by their boss, unless it was marked urgent, then the decision was Naruto's, Neji's or Sasuke's.

Of course, such cases never happened. Itachi liked to be in control, so he found a way to be able to check every demand before giving his approval.

Naruto sighed again and got up. He needed to get ready.

He walked into the bathroom for a five minute shower, and cursed as he couldn't find any clean underwear. He decided to go commando, after all no one would ever see him naked today, right?

He laughed out loud at his thoughts. He took his briefcase and left for work, ready to face whatever was thrown at him…

Or so he thought.


He walked to his desk after a little talk with Neji. It seemed the boss asked for him as soon as he came in that morning.

He was sure the boss wanted to congratulate him on his last approval.

Last week, a transfer demand was made by a new group, Akatsuki Inc., investing in some very secure software created a few years ago. The software was the best piece created so far and was said to be virtually un-hackable, and for the past year the best hackers repeatedly failed to enter the system.

Uchiha corp. was even considering investing in that still unexploited novelty, so after doing a really quick background check he accepted the demand and sent the money, thinking he made the best choice.

He was sure Uchiha-san wanted to tell him about this and maybe giving him a real office instead of one of the cubicles…

He could already see his office door, with a plate saying Uzumaki Naruto, Head of the financial Dpt.

After all, every good investment brought them a percentage of the benefits, and this software was just a gold mine, benefits would be great, he just knew it. And he was sure his boss would see it.

He paused at his desk to put his briefcase down and took a deep breath before walking to his boss' office. He read the plate, out of Habit, before knocking.

"Come in" he heard a deep voice say. And he obeyed.

He found his boss sitting at his desk, looking over papers, a frown marring his perfect features.

"Ah, Naruto-Kun, just the man I wanted to see" said Itachi

Was it him or did his boss smirk sexily?

He frowned 'sexily? What the…' he thought. He shook his head before answering "Yes, Uchiha-san, Neji told me you wanted to see me right away"

Itachi linked his hands over his desk, fingers before his chin, and narrowed his eyes "Itachi is good Naruto-kun. And have a seat; I feel this meeting could take some time"

Naruto did as asked and watched as Itachi took a red folder out of a drawer.

"Naruto-Kun, the reason I asked for you is a little delicate. I have every proof I need but as you have worked very hard for me, for the past three years, I decided to let you explain yourself before making any decision. I have very little patience right now and I would like to get to the bottom of this quickly. Do you understand me?"

Naruto nodded "Yes but what-" He stopped as Itachi shook his head

"I will explain, but first what can you tell me about Akatsuki Inc. and the deal you accepted without consulting me first?"

Naruto shivered slightly. He had never heard Itachi's voice get so deep and cold. And he never had those onyx eyes so intent on him either.

"Akatsuki is a new group, investing in new technology principally" he said "They are still fairly new and made a demand I accepted last week. I checked their previous deals and they were flawless. They made a few millions last year and needed a sponsor to invest in a new un-hackable software"

Itachi nodded "Is that all?" he asked

Naruto nodded "I have more info on my computer if you want-"

"That will not be necessary. Naruto-kun. Did you really think you could get away with this?" Asked Itachi

Naruto frowned "I don't understand-"

"Of course you do, Naruto-kun. I have proof in this folder" He pushed the red folder toward Naruto "That Akatsuki Inc. is a fake, a mirror group, based in the Caribbean, where their bank accounts are also based, and guess what I found when I called the bank with the account number they provided?" he paused "The account was under Uzumaki Naruto's name" He finished.

"What?" shouted Naruto.

This couldn't be true. This had to be a mistake, or a bad joke. Itachi couldn't be implying what he thought he was implying right?

He looked at his eyes and saw nothing but cold satisfaction. Probably because he thought he caught himself an embezzler . He shook his head "No, it's not possible, I have not done that. I don't even have an account in the Caribbean, why would I have an account there?"

Itachi pushed the red folder toward him again "Check the proofs for yourself, Naruto-Kun"

Eyes wild, Naruto opened the folder and examined the papers he found in there. Everything was official: Bank accounts with his name based in the Caribbean, his signature accepting a deal basically saying I'm according myself the sum of five hundred thousand dollars.

He frowned. The deal he accepted was a one million dollar one. So where was the rest of the money…?

He started shaking. This couldn't be happening to him. What was going to happen to him, now? Would Itachi turn him in? He would go to prison and wouldn't even have anything to prove he wasn't guilty.

He felt eyes on him and remembered he was in his boss' office. He looked up, ready to plead his case, but stopped as Itachi raised a hand, silencing him.

"You have been a strong and faithful employee for the past years and so I have a proposition for you. As I see it you have two choices: One, you accept my proposition, two you spend the next twenty years in prison. Do you want to hear me out? Or are you ready to turn yourself in?"

Naruto was inwardly crying. How did this happen? His background check did not mention anything suspicious… But then again, he didn't check the accounts… He sighed.

"I'll hear you out" answered Naruto. Anything was better than prison, right now.


Itachi inwardly smirked. Everything was going as planned. Soon he'd have a little blond for himself (to share with Sasuke since he helped) and his life at the office, and at home wouldn't be so boring anymore.

He had noticed the blond on his first day here at the company. How could he not? The blonde was way too noticeable for his own good: His charisma was unmistakable, and those looks…

He felt his blood rush south and mentally scolded himself. He had to be patient and play his cards right, or the situation could get ugly for him. Sure he had enough proofs to put the blond in jail for a long time, but it wouldn't be hard for a private detective or a cop to get the truth out of that idiot he hired to create Akatsuki Inc.

"Do you know what will happen if I give those files to the police? You will be arrested sent in prison for years" He saw the blonde shiver and inwardly chuckled. It would be way too easy really!

"So, I have a question for you… What will you do to prevent that?"

"Anything" replied a wide-eyed Naruto

Itachi chuckled "Good. This is what I wanted to hear. I will not give this file to the police on one condition only" Said Itachi as he got up from his desk and came to stand before Naruto. He looked down at him and let a smirk grace his features. "You will become my slave" he stated.

"What?" screamed Naruto

He couldn't believe what he just heard. What was his boss thinking? Did he really think he would accept this shit?

"You heard me" said a still smirking Itachi. "You have tried to steal money from my company-"

"I did not-"

"And I have enough proof to send you away for a long time so really I don't think what I ask in return is too much" stated Itachi

"You are a sicko" Screamed a red faced NAruto "That's what you are and if you think I will submit to this, you can shove your proposition up your ass you stinking bastard" He got up from his seat and got ready to leave when he saw Itachi pick up his phone. He frowned "What are you doing?"

Itachi looked at him and said "You have clearly rejected my generous offer so I am calling the police" He started dialing the number slowly, knowing Naruto would reconsider… And sure enough

"Wait" He heard his blonde say.

Naruto was torn. He knew everything was a trap, but he also knew what happened to pretty little virgin boys in prison, and seriously, he'd rather be the whore of one guy than the whore of a thousand! He blushed hotly and muttered "Fine"

Itachi allowed a small smile to curl his lips "I didn't quite catch that"

"I said fine" he hissed

Itachi put the phone back on its cradle and leaned back in his chair "Good. There are a few things you need to know first. Have a seat" He ordered

Naruto obeyed.

"First you will never disobey an order. This is not something I will not tolerate and the punishment will be very harsh"

"P-Punishment?" Asked Naruto

"Yes, punishment. And trust me you don't want to know" He saw Naruto gulp and smirked "You will also keep your job here, and your salary… after all you do need to take care of that sick aunt of yours, Tsunade was it?"

Naruto clenched his fists. This guy really knew a lot about him. To think someone could go so far… sick bastard

"And of course you will move your belongings to my property-"

"What? No way" Screamed Naruto.

Itachi frowned and looked at his property coldly "Watch that mouth of yours Naruto, you're forgetting rule number one already"

Naruto shivered at the tone and at the threat. He was in deep shit, and for god knows how long…

Maybe prison was better after all… But then again, if he went to prison his funds would be freezed and what would happen to his aunt then?

He frowned. There really was no escape, was there? The bastard had it all planned out.

"And of course, you will call me master" said a smirking Itachi "I will probably add more rules later. Do you still agree to this?" he asked, already knowing the answer

Naruto nodded. 'As if I had a choice"

"Good then" He leaned back on his chair and ordered "Come here"

When Naruto hesitated he frowned "Remember Naruto-kun, I will not tolerate disobedience. When I ask something of you, I expect you to do it right away. Is it clear?"


Naruto felt his insides turn cold at the order. He may have been a virgin, but that didn't mean he was stupid. What kind of slave would a man like Itachi want? Certainly not the type to only order around.

He nodded and got up from the chair, slowly walking toward his doom. HE paused before Itachi and waited, inwardly praying for something urgent to come up so he didn't have to do what he knew was coming.

He saw Itachi lean back into his chair and almost ran away at the next order.


NAruto blushed. That voice was really sinful. HE didn't hesitate, mainly because he was actually thinking this would be better than prison and he also didn't want to find out what kind of punishment a man like his boss could come up with

… Sadistic bastard.

He took a step back and took his shirt off first. He saw Itachi lick his lips as his golden chest was revealed and closed his eyes, out of shame. His shoes and pants came next, and he cursed his lack of underwear as he heard Itachi chuckle

"Why, Naruto, I didn't think you were the type" said Itachi " Come closer.

Naruto did as ordered and felt a hand take a hold of his, roughly pulling him on his knees, before Itachi's spread legs. He looked up and saw those lust-filled eyes look hungrily over his now half erect length

"It seems you are not so disgusted after all. This will make things easier for you, and more fun for me"

HE blushed at the words. 'It's not like that' He tried to reassure himself 'Its just my body reacting to the situation… Right?'

HE heard a hissing sound and looked up in time to see Itachi take his fully erect member out of his pants. He felt the raven's other hand at the back of his head and his eyes widened. He tried to protest but found himself with a mouthful of his boss' cock and forced himself to relax.

He heard Itachi hum and turned his tear-filled eyes toward the Uchiha.


Itachi almost came when he saw the innocent look Naruto was giving him. He tightened his hold on the blonde's hair and heard him whimper a bit. He relaxed a little and told him to "Suck, and I better not feel teeth"

He felt the blonde's tongue start working and he took his hand off the blonde hair to open his own black shirt. Naruto started bobbing his head while sucking and Itachi realized it was probably the first time the blonde gave a blowjob. It was not bad, but he did have better before.

"Enough" He said "Get up and bend over my desk"

HE saw Naruto get up and expose that tight ass for his viewing pleasure and almost purred at the thought of burying himself in that heat he just knew awaited him.

"Do not move. Do not look behind you. If I see you disobeying me, you will regret it" he said huskily.

He opened the drawer on his right and took out some lube and a spare tie.

He looked up right in time to see Naruto's eyes dart away.

He got up from his chair and raised his hand.



Naruto nodded and willed himself not to look as he heard one of the drawers slide open. He heard some shuffling and couldn't help but peak from under his lashes.

The first strike made him jump up but a hand slammed him against the desk again.

He had spanked him! The bastard was spanking him!!

SMACK "Didn't I tell you" SMACK SMACK "Not" SMACK "to" SMACK "look?" SMACK SMACK SMACK

He started whimpering by the third stroke and could feel his ass burn.

"Stop it" HE said but Itachi didn't let up until he saw tears in those sky-like eyes.


By the time he stopped spanking his disobedient slave, Naruto's ass was flaming red and hot to the touch.

The raven was about to sooth his blonde when he noticed that Naruto's cock was now totally erect, twitching and leaking precum. He smirked. It seemed his slave liked pain.

He chuckled. This one was really perfect for him.

Itachi felt his own penis twitch and decided it was time to get to the main part. He took Naruto's hands and tied them behind his back with his black tie. He bend over his prize as he tied the second tie over those blue eyes.

The black haired man felt his hips touch that still hot ass and couldn't help but grind against it, making its owner whimper and moan slightly.

He opened the lube and put a generous amount on his fingers. Two of those fingers went inside the blonde in one smooth stroke as his other hand grabbed a hold of that still pulsing length.


Naruto moaned loudly and squirmed as his body was filled, yet he didn't feel pain as his erection was stroked expertly. He could feel Itachi's tongue and teeth work on his neck and he was sure his boss would leave marks.

Soon he felt another finger enter him and touch something inside of him that made him arch up and scream. He heard Itachi chuckle and say "This, my little Naruto was your prostate. Did it feel good? " he asked as he repeatedly rub against it with his fingers.

Naruto moaned and bucked back against Itachi's fingers. They suddenly left him and he found himself whimpering in need. He felt empty and needed to be filled with something.

Hands circled his chest and his nipples were squeezed harshly "What do you need, little one?" asked Itachi.

"M-More" Whimpered NAruto

HE felt Itachi smirk against his back as he said "Who do you need Naruto?"

When he didn't answer, he felt Itachi back away from him, taking away all the warmth. Naruto panicked.

"You" He screamed.

He suddenly felt something hot and blunt at his entrance and backed himself against it. He heard Itachi chuckle and say "Good boy" as he entered him to the hilt, in one thrust.

Naruto moaned loudly as his prostate was hit, dead on, and he threw his head back, letting it rest against Itachi's shoulder.


Itachi was in heaven. He didn't wait for Naruto to adjust, he started a frenetic rhythm, hitting that sweet spot inside his blonde with every stroke.

Soon Naruto was screaming his name and meeting him stroke for stroke. He sucked on Naruto's neck, biting and licking, intent on leaving ownership marks.

He felt his release build quickly and felt Naruto's passage start clenching around him. The blonde was close. He took hold of Naruto's leaking erection as he sped up his thrusts.

Naruto's release triggered his, or maybe it was the way the blonde had thrown his head back and screamed "Master" for all to hear. He didn't know, but he felt that passage squeeze him tight as he spilled his seed inside his slave, marking him inside and out.


They both fell back onto Itachi's chair, exhausted. Naruto was dosing off, still blindfolded, breathing too deep and even for him to be awake.

Itachi let a satisfied smirk curl his perfect mouth. All these moths of planning were worth it. Sure, he would have to teach his little one a few tricks, since he was so obviously a virgin, but he would have fun while doing it.

HE chuckled as he felt his prize shiver.

'Yes, it will be most entertaining' He thought


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