The One

The One

Chapter one

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I felt a presence pull me from my dreamless sleep. Opening my eyes I took in the surroundings of my bedroom. Dream catchers hung on the two lamps on each side of my bed and a few random things were thrown on the floor. Everything else was in the right places, except there was a shadow in the far right corner.

"Hello?" I rubbed the sleepies out of my eyes. The figure from the shadow took a step closer to me. It was a woman in a simple sky blue nightgown. Fear shone brightly in her eyes.

"Are you the one I'm supposed to find?" she whispered

"Yes... I'm Hinata Hyuuga. And you are?" I looked at her appearance to give me any clues as to where she came from. Her black hair was cut short and her feet were bare.

"Ayame Miko," she replied.

"Do you know why you are here?"

"No…I don't understand what's happening." Ayame fingered the hem of her night gown nervously.

"That's okay, I'll help you." I pushed the covers away from myself and beckoned for her to sit down. Then I started to explain everything.

My name is Hinata Hyuuga and I'm not your average teenage girl. Unlike the mostly normal teenagers I'm surrounded by 24/7, I can speak with ghosts. I inherited this so-called gift from my mom. Unfortunately she didn't have enough time to explain to me why I had this gift or what I was supposed to do with it because my mom died giving birth to my little sister. I was only five at the time. The only people who know of my gift are my family. Hanabi my little sister loves the whole my big sister can see dead people thing but my dad and my cousin Neji hate the idea. I never told anyone, I was ashamed.

The ghosts always had a way of finding me, even when I was little they would talk to me in the sandbox or on the way home. As I grew, the kids in my class started calling me a freak, the freak who talked to herself. And I couldn't defend myself either. What was I supposed to say? I'm talking to a ghost. I don't think so. By my junior year in high school, which I am currently in by the way, the names don't really bother me anymore. I got used to them.

The brick apartment building was blocked off by yellow police tape. I watched as the policemen ran around like idiots trying to do their jobs. Ayame stood beside me.

"You said the attacker only knocked him out right?" I asked still watching the policemen.

"Yes… but I still have a bad feeling Hinata." Ayame vanished from beside me and reappeared in one of the buildings windows. Crossing the street I made my way towards the crime scene.


"Do you remember how you died?" I asked.

"I... was killed." I opened my mouth to say something but she continued. "He punched me and then pulled out a switchblade and lunged. It's like I can still feel it." Tears ran down her face.

"It's okay, it's over," I reassured her.

"But he knocked out Haru."


"My neighbor… we were supposed to have a lunch date today."

End of Flashback

None of it makes sense. Why hasn't Ayame moved on? She doesn't hold any grudges against her killer. Is it because of Haru?

Carefully I found a way into Ayame's apartment without running into any of the policemen. She stood silently staring down at the stain of her own blood on the carpet.

"He knocked Haru into that wall and stabbed me here." She pointed at the wall and then back at the carpet.

"I think the only way for you to find your light is for us to talk to Haru." I checked my cell for the time. It was nine o'clock already.

"They took him to Kohona Hospital," Ayame told me and a second later she disappeared.

"Hey! This is a crime scene! You can't be here!" a voice screamed from behind me.

"I'm sorry I … I…I got lost," I stuttered, giving the policeman an innocent look.

"Doesn't matter kid, I still have to take you to the captain." He grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the building. It's at times like these that my gift is more of a curse.

End of Chapter 1

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