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The One

Chapter 11

Lights and Little Boys

"I just want to talk to you." His face held a deep frown and his eyes showed something I could not place. … Great he was going to dump me before we even started dating.

"What about? How crazy I am?" I suggested, throwing my hands up in the air. That's what he thought, I just knew it. The next thing you know it I'll be packed into a padded van and taken to a crazy house.

"You could see my mother? She was there?" he asked slowly. "I could feel it too. That just proves I was right and it explains a lot of your actions. I don't think you are crazy, not even close."

"Yeah…" I muttered

"But you are a little weird." He laughed slightly, as if he was joking … unless… wait, he was joking! Hearing Sasuke make a joke was odd, and hard to pinpoint, but he was joking. I laughed and nodded. He was definitely right. I am quite weird. "How long could you see them?" Sasuke started the conversation, and we walked together down the street.

"Since I could remember. My mother saw them too, but she didn't tell me much before she died. So I had to figure some things out on my own," I explained. He stared at me as we walked, listening intently. "It's weird talking about it, since I kept it a secret for so long."

"Sorry. You don't have to tell me anymore," Sasuke said quickly as he grabbed my arm, pulling both of us to a stop. Glancing down at my feet I saw I was standing on a crack. Flinching, I took a step away, so I wasn't on the crack anymore. The look on his face obviously meant that he thought I was pulling away from him because I was angry, which I was not.

"It's ok. I don't mind. You're curious and I understand." Before Sasuke could respond, a car pulled next to the curb and its window went down.

"SASUKE!" Fugaku Uchiha yelled his son's name at us. "Get into the car," he commanded.

"Don't Sasuke." Mikoto appeared next to me. She looked different to me.

"No, Father," Sasuke said. He folded his arms and grabbed my hand, interlacing our fingers loosely.

"Let me deal with my husband now, dear." She smiled in my direction and floated through the car door, so she was inside of it. The outline around her body glowed slightly and she seemed more … solid. "Fugaku! Let them be. Love is hard to find, you and I know that better than anyone."

Sasuke's fingers tightened around mine and a breath hitched in his throat. "Mother…" his voice gasped. Mikoto was there sitting in the passenger side of the car talking to Sasuke's father. She was solid, almost real, alive. The door opened and Mikoto stepped out, still solid.

"I am proud of you," she said to someone sitting in the back seat, Itachi probably. "Both of you." She turned to Sasuke and smiled. "Take care of each other."

"Mikoto!" Fugaku ran from the car towards his wife, but she raised her hand to stop him. "I-"

"I have to go. It's finally my time to move on, thanks to Hinata. Good bye," Mikoto interrupted him. "We will meet again." She reached out to touch his face, but stopped herself, pulling further away from him.

Further down the street a light appeared. Without needing me to say anything Mikoto started walking towards it. The light was for her, so she could go to the other side, wherever that was.

"Bye," I whispered as she disappeared into the light.

"She's gone?" Fugaku asked me. I nodded in reply. She was gone.

That night seemed to change everything. After the months passed, Fugaku Uchiha no longer thought I was some crazy girl. He actually agreed to let me help in some cases that needed my "talents". Sasuke and I officially started dating. Mikoto was right, as far as we could tell we were perfect for one another. There was some trouble concerning his fan girls, but other than that, everything was wonderful. Itachi and Anko were just as happy as us, even with Itachi quitting his job on the police force, so he could have more time to write his books, which became best sellers the second they were put on the shelves. His first book was about a young girl who finds love while solving a mystery … oh and did I mention that she sees ghosts? Itachi had me on speed dial the whole time he was writing it.

"Hinata…" Sasuke's voice broke into my thoughts. "You ready?" He had finally finished packing all of the boxes of my stuff into his car. My new apartment in the city was waiting. I had plans to go to a cooking school, while Sasuke was going to the police academy.

"Yeah." I rose from the front step of my house and took his hand as we walked to the car. He opened the door and held it until I got inside. Before he was ready to pull away from the curb I noticed a little boy hiding out of the corner of my eye. He looked scared and nervous.

"You can come too, until you're ready." I smiled and nodded my head towards the back seat. The little boy smiled back showing the teeth he was missing before he floated into the back seat.

"Never a dull moment." Sasuke sighed with a light chuckle. Our laughter mixed just as another journey began.

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