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Summary: Though they promised to always stay in touch being on two different sides of the country made it difficult for them. Torrie and John haven't seen each other since her last visit to Boston when they were 16 yrs. old. Now that they are 18 and they both are about to be freshmen in college at the University of Boston, will all those feelings they had at the age of 16 come rushing back, when they meet again?

Chapter #1: Back in Boston

Torrie Wilson came along way. Two years ago her life turned completely upside down and she was forced to grow up fast and on her own. Torrie lived in Boston all of her childhood with her mom who was divorced from her father, who lived with Torrie's three brothers in Idaho. Torrie and her mom were the best of friends so it was devastating when she died when Torrie was just sixteen. Torrie moved with her dad after the death of her mom and though things were shaky at the start she adjusted quickly to her new family, and new life in Idaho.

Torrie stood in front of the huge University. She was dressed nicely in simple tight blue jeans and a white tank top, with matching white flip flops. After two and a half years of being in Idaho with her dad she smiled enthusiastically as she was finally back in her home town of Boston, Massachusetts.

Torrie is now eighteen and is opening a new chapter in her life. She was now attending The University of Boston. Boston was the school she always talked about attending with her childhood best friend John Cena.

"Whoa! Look how big this school is" Ten year old John Cena, said as he walked down the street with his best friend Torrie Wilson.

"I know, my mom said it's a college" Torrie smiled "Big kids go there"

"Well, I'm going to go there when I get big"

"Me too!" Torrie smiled "That way we can never be apart!"

"True!" John replied "Because, I don't know what I would do without my best friend"

Torrie smiled "Me either, you're the best Cena!"…..

Torrie stare at the college in a daze, continuing to reminisce, about her childhood.

"I bet this place brings back a lot of memories?" Torrie's father Al approached her, carrying a big brown box, full of Torrie's belongings

Torrie shook her head coming out of her trance "You have no idea…"

Before Torrie made her move to Idaho, she and best friend John Cena, finally became a couple. But, long distance relationships were hard for adults, let alone teens. It began with them barely being able to call long distance, due to the skyrocketing prices their parents complained about. Then they tried email, which was harder because John's family couldn't afford a computer of their own at the time and the library only stayed open for so long, lastly it became letters, but the two realized it wasn't the same, and after while stopped writing.

Two years had passed since she spoken to him, but not day had gone by where she didn't think about him.

"Okay looks like I'm all set" Torrie smiled at her dad as they were standing in her fully loaded dorm room, where boxes sat everywhere

"You are growing up so fast" Torrie stared at her dad as he started to get emotional "Its seems like it was just yesterday, you came to move in with me, now you have to leave already"

"Dad, please don't do this in public" Torrie replied making her dad laugh ""You should be proud"

"Ok, now just because I'm all the way on the other side of the country, don't be afraid to call and asked for anything" Torrie's dad smiled hugging her and kissing her on the forehead

"I will, bye- bye daddy" Torrie hugged her dad back, and looking him in the eyes "I'll be fine" Torrie reassured him, walking him toward his van.

"I know, just don't become a stranger to us again" Al replied

"I won't" Torrie promised "Tell everyone back at home, I love them"

"We love you too sweetie"

Though he missed sixteen years of her life, Torrie and Al, had built a great relationship in just two short years. Torrie felt tears as she waved her dad off. Before she took a deep breath and walked back to her dorm room.

Torrie rolled her eyes when she saw all the mess she had to sort out in the different boxes.

"This is going to take forever" She replied aloud to herself before, hearing a knock on the door.

Torrie ran her fingers through her hair before getting up and answering the door

"Hi, are you Torrie?" A girl asked Torrie as she walked back in the room

"Um, yeah!"

"I'm your roommate, Maryse Ouellet"

Torrie squealed along with the beautiful blonde, as they gave one another a hug.

"This is great, so where are you from?" Torrie asked as the girls sat on each of their beds

"Canada" Maryse smiled "What about you?" Maryse asked

"I'm from here, but lived in Idaho for two years, before coming back"

"Knock Knock" The two girls heard a voice at their door, and coming out of the room to see another blonde and a brunette in their doorway

"Hi, I'm Melina and this is my roommate Kelly, we live in the dorm next door and we decided to come over here to get to know you guys if that's okay" Melina replied

"Oh, well Hi, I'm Torrie"

"And I am Maryse" all the girls smiled at one another

"So, are you girls up for a girls night out tonight before classes start on Monday?" Kelly asked the other three girls

"Sure, but where, all of us are freshman and don't know where the hottest parties are" Maryse told

"Girl it's a Friday night, in Boston, parties are everywhere" Torrie smiled

"Yeah, I heard some guys talking outside and they said something big going on at the Zeta new Zeta Sorority house tonight" Melina smiled as all the girls agreed

"That sounds good" Kelly nodded as all the other girls agree.


"Okay son that was our last trip" John Sr. replied pulling into the parking lot closes to the dorm rooms

"Ugh, we finally made it" John stretched getting out of the car "That was a very long drive"

"It was ten minutes" John's father replied with laughter "You're just impatient"

"Excited iS the word" John said "Do you know how long I've wanted to attend this school"

"Well, son you're finally here" John Sr. smiled "And I'm proud of you"

John smiled hearing those words come from his dad directed to him. John hugged his father before seeing someone else enter the room.

"Hey, you John?" The guy asked, as John nodded "I'm your roommate Randy Orton"

"Cool" John replied seeing

"Yeah, we are going to have a blast" Randy said showing John that he is a party boy "You like to party?

"Yes, party hard!" John smiled as Randy went back out the door to grab the rest of his things

"Well, you two look like you will get along fine" John Sr. said

"Yeah he seem cool" John replied looking around

"What's wrong" John's dad asked him seeing a happy look on his face

"Nothing, I just never thought I would be attending the University of Boston especially with the grades I use to make" John laughed along with his father

"I know, but you did and I am proud of you" John Sr. replied hugging his son "To bad I can't stay I have to get home and watch those crazy brothers of yours" John 's dad continued as he was walking out the door "When is Maria suppose to be getting here" John's father asked about his girlfriend

After John and Torrie stopped talking either of them thought it was right to wait around, especially at their age. John met Maria almost a half of year after not speaking to Torrie. They began dating, and has been together for almost a year.

"Uh, she's probably already here, the girls dorm is on the other side of the campus" John stated "I'll go see later, when i finish unpacking" John finished

"Ok" John Sr. simply replied

"Ok, just call me when you get home so I will know you made it safely" John told his dad, as he was getting back into the car

"Okay, bye son" John Sr. said before driving off

John took a deep breath and soak up the moment before smiling as he head back to the dorm.

"So where's the party tonight?" John asked coming back into the dorm room, where Randy was unpacking

"Well, these two brothers that live next door Jeff and Matt Hardy said something going on at some sorority house on campus" Randy told

"A sorority house" John frowned

"Dude, that's money in the bank a sorority house should be swimming with hot babes" Randy reminded John who smiled

"Hey I'm down…" John replied with a smile slapping Randy's hand, as the two continued to unpack…