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Chapter 3: The night after.

The sorority party the night before had gotten wilder as the night progressed. Though the girls had plans to meet up at a certain time, after finding hot guys and getting a bunch of liquor in their system that plan eventually failed as they all stumbled in their rooms all at various times.

The sound of a shower turning on alerted her. Maryse shot up, but soon regretted it as she rubbed her head. "Ugh Hangover" She whispered aloud to herself. She was still kind of damaged from the night before as she stared around a bit frightened because she wasn't sure of her surroundings. It took her awhile, but she finally got out of the bed, and onto her feet to find another surprise as she stood their nude. She grabbed her head in disappointment, as it was just the first night and she already had a one night stand. "High School all over again" She continued to talk to herself as she searched for her clothes and other belongings.

Maryse really wanted to get out of the room in case the guy she slept with turned out to be a total grenade. Maryse slipped on her pink laced panties and pushed back the blankets on the bed in search for her matching bra. After putting on her top, Maryse found her surroundings a little too quiet as she suddenly heard nothing. "Oh shit the shower stopped" She said to herself as she quickly grabbed her purse and skirt and ran toward and out of the front door in just her panties in top.

"Whoa" Maryse paused as she suddenly heard another guys' voice behind her.

She turned to find to "napoleon dynamite" looking nerds staring at her with their mouths open, smiles as big as they could reach.

Maryse stared down and realized she hadn't gotten a chance to put back on her skirt. She looked back up and smirked at the two nerds, and she slowly bent over and slid her skirt over her thighs and around her waist giving them a show.

Their mouths suddenly dropped with their "soldiers" at attention as they witness what they had never witness before.

"Hmm? I feel good, it's the only show they are going to get all year" she chuckled to herself, making the best out of the situations as she walked back to her dorm room, with her head held high.

Back in the guys' dorm room, Ted had just gotten all cleaned up. The party didn't affect him as much as it did others, as he stood clear of too much alcohol.

"Rise and Shine!" he replied, unknowingly to himself

He walked out of his bathroom with long blue jeans, a nice stripped button down, with a white t shirt on the inside.

He stared around the room for a brief moment noticing no one was there. He then searched the bed and it didn't take him long to realize that the girl he spent his night with was gone….

Maryse already made her way back on the other side of campus, where the girls' dorms were located. Maryse quickly ran up the two flight of stairs, it took to get to her and roommate Torrie's room which was on the second floor. She took out her key and slid it into the door.

"Ugh! Tor, all I need is a shower and an aspirin" Maryse whined soon as she got into the room. She suddenly paused when she realized her roommate wasn't there "Tor?" she wondered

Kelly was in perfect condition as she walked down the hall in a black mini skirt, and a silver strapless shirt, with matching silver heels. Kelly's night went better than Maryse, as she could remember meeting one of the hottest guys, she has ever laid eyes on.

Kelly was about to walk out of their dorms, but noticed Maryse and Torrie's door was wide open. Kelly looked around then walked in cautiously a bit suspicious.

"Girls?" She yelled still close to the entrance.

Maryse ran out of the bathroom, with her hair in a ball..

"Oh hey I thought you were Torrie finally coming in"

"Torrie didn't come home last night?" Kelly asked

"I have no idea, when I got her this morning she wasn't here" Maryse explained as she went back into the bathroom, and ran the shower.

"This morning?"

"Oh yeah, I spent the night in some guys' room" Maryse said leaning in the doorway of the bathroom.

"Some guys'?" Kelly questioned

Maryse shrugged "I might have had a little too much alcohol" she joked

"Just a little" Kelly chuckled

"Do you remember seeing me with some guy?"

"Nope, I was in my own little world last night" Kelly giggled

"Darn!" Maryse joked, as Kelly continued to chuckle "So, where are you going so dressed up?"

"Oh, the guy I met last night Randy Orton, is taking me out for ice cream" Kelly smiled wide

Maryse smirked "Boyfriend already?"

"Don't jinx it!" Kelly said moving a strand of her straight hair out of her face "But, I have to get going"

"Have fun" Maryse said removing her top

"Let me know when Torrie comes back!" Kelly replied "Just so I know she's okay"

"Will do" Maryse smiled before Kelly walked out and she walked into the wash room.

Kelly walked down the hall and down the steps. She looked through the glass window at the top of the door and saw the tall gorgeous guy; she really fell for the night before. She reapplied her lip gloss, and made sure her hair was straight before walking out.

Randy stood waiting, in long blue jeans and a casual short sleeve button down. He smiled when he saw the small blonde walk out of the door of the girl's living residence.

"Do you always take this long?" Randy started the conversation with a joke.

Kelly chuckled

"I'm sorry, I was checking on my friends down the hall" Kelly answered "Well, technically friend, since the other one never came home"

"Trust me, she isn't the only student on campus who didn't make her way home last night, my roommate John never came home either" Randy explained, as the two walked

Kelly smiled, and admired Randy's looks.

"So, do you know any good ice cream places around here?"

"Well, John's from here, and I remember him mentioning one that's a little up the street" Randy said

Kelly smiled "Can we walk?"

"You want to walk? Randy halted

"Sure/" Kelly chuckled "Why is that such a surprise?"

"Most girls would walk away from me, if I even mentioned walking anywhere except to my car"

Kelly laughed at Randy's sense of humor.

"Well, I'm not like most girls" she smiled, stepping close to him

Randy moved a strand Kelly's hair from her face

"I can tell" he nodded with a light smile "And trust me, that is a great thing!"

Kelly blushed as she shyly moved back from Randy.

Randy wasn't a sucker for love, but she's had an impact on him in less than twenty four hours than any other girl in his lifetime.

"Come on" he smiled grabbing her hand and walking down the street…

Eve walked out of the girls dormitory, and saw Randy and Kelly walking away, but they were too far for her to speak to them. Eve smiled as she watch Randy and Kelly flirt, causing her to daze off a little.

Meanwhile Matt was walking half way through the campus. His phone had been attached to his ear thanks to his girlfriend back at home. They had been arguing all morning. Matt rolled his eyes as he continued to listen to her nag him, about his where about the previous night.

Still in her own little world Eve couldn't concentrate on where she was going so it wasn't a surprise when she turned a sharp corner and bumped into the person the was turning her way.

Matt quickly used the full on collision as an excuse to hang up on his girlfriend. Eve hit the ground, but was perfectly fine

"I'm so sorry" Matt said putting the phone in his pocket and helping her up

Eve smiled at the familiar face.

"Hey you!" Matt said noticing her as well

Eve blushed. University of Boston was a big school so she never thought she'd see Matt again

"Hey!" she chuckled finally getting to her feet "You remember me"

"Are you surprised?" he laughed

Eve shrugged

"I'm not sure! But, I'm glad you do" she blushed

"How could I forget this face?" he smirked brushing her chin lightly with his hand

Eve blushed even harder

"So what do you have planned for today?"

"Nothing I guess" Eve shrugged

"Well, spend it with me" he smirked

"Doing what?"

"Uh… Are you a fan of movies?"

"I love watching movies" she simply answered

"We can order a couple pizzas and watch some movies, in my dorm" Matt suggested

Eve smiled her deep blue eyes gazing at him, as the wind blew her loose curly brunette hair in her face. She really admired the fact that Matt could be so simple and still make a lasting impression.

"I'd love that" she smiled

Matt nodded at Eve as they walked side by side toward the boys dorms. Matt positioned himself a few steps behind Eve. He pulled out his cell phone and turned it completely off. Though Matt had a girlfriend back at home, he still enjoyed Eve's company. He decided he wanted to forget all the arguing he was going through with her, and just spend the day relaxing with Eve who was far less dramatic…

The walk to the guys' residence hall seemed longer than usual as silence filled the air between the two. It wasn't an awkward silence, but a sweet silence. Eve felt herself too shy to say anything and Matt didn't really know what to say.

"Finally" Matt said in his head as they finally reached the dormitory in which he loved in. Eve continued to smile at him as they reached his room door.

"I cleaned up just for you" Matt joked, as Eve giggled

"How'd you know I was coming over?"

"Great question" Matt kept her laughing, as he pulled out his key, which soon became unnecessary as his roommate and brother Jeff was coming out of their room with Eve's friend and neighbor Melina.

Matt eyed Jeff. After Jeff's long speech to him about being faithful this was something he was going to hang over his head.

"Oh uh… hey" Jeff stuttered

"Melina?" Eve questioned with a smiled

"Hey" Melina said the only one not feeling out of place as she hugged Eve.

"Hey, I'm Matt! Jeff's brother"

"Hi, I've heard plenty about you" she smiled, shaking Matt's hand

"Yeah, well, me and Melina were on our way out" Jeff said walking away as Melina shrugged than followed.

"Have a great, great, great time Jeff" Matt teased, as Jeff flicked him off while still walking away.

Eve chuckled once more before she and Matt went into his room, to enjoy their afternoon.

"What was that about?" Melina smirked at Jeff as they walked through the campus front lawn.

"What?" Jeff asked out of curiosity

"You don't think I know when things are completely awkward?" she asked, the guy she had spent all morning with.

"It was, you act like your brother caught us doing something"

"But, we weren't doing anything"

"I know, that and you know that but he doesn't know that!" Melina said "It almost seemed like you didn't want him knowing about me"

Jeff stared down, as Melina made her point. Jeff knew if Matt found out that he went to breakfast with Melina that morning, and spent the entire morning and part of the day with her, he would be considered a hypocrite. He made such a big deal about Matt being faithful and honest, but he found himself doing the same thing, which didn't sit well with him.

"Maybe I didn't" Jeff shrugged

Melina stared and shook her head

"Don't give me that look, it's nothing personal" he replied

"How isn't it" she asked "You ashamed of me or something?"

"No, you gorgeous, why would I be"

"Than what is it?" Melina argued

Jeff sighed. Between last night and this morning Jeff really began to like Melina, but he knew what he was doing wasn't right and he had to end it before it got too complicated.

"I have a girlfriend" Jeff blurted out

Melina eyes widened

"Uh…. Okay!" she said

"She's back in my hometown, and we've been together for two years, so I don't want one night with a stranger to mess that up"

Jeff tried to politely explain, but like a typical man he used the wrong choice of words. Melina folded her arms and shook her head, as she felt completely foolish.

"I'm sorry, it turned out like this" he ended

Melina sarcastically chuckled and turned away from him

"Melina don't act like that?"

"Like what!" she yelled "I feel like a complete idiot" she confessed

"Don't feel like that!" he started "We can still be friends…"

"You know what?" Melina said "No thanks! I don't want to be friends with a guy that leads me on" she stated before walking away…

Maryse wasn't the only one who had a long night, all the way on other side of town; childhood sweethearts John and Torrie walked through their old neighborhood. Since seeing each other for the first time last night in over two years, John and Torrie spent every second together, reminiscing about the past, catching up on the present, and telling each other their plans for the future.

"So, my question for you!" John stated as they walked through their favorite childhood park "Are you good? Are you okay?"

Torrie sighed and ran her fingers through her hair, before smiling a little. She knew exactly what John was referring to.

"I'm good!" she said "I won't lie I think about her all the time, but I know she's in a greater place" Torrie said in reference to her mom who passed two years ago.

"That's great Tor" he smiled "I knew you would be, you always had a strong head on your shoulders"

Torrie smiled with him, before looking around again trying to avoid eye contact almost.

"So besides the teachers at our old high school, and the old diner becoming a café what else changed around here?" Torrie asked

"Nothing, that's about it" John said "Everything else, including the rude people is still the same"

"Everyone?" she stopped in her tracks looking at John "Including you?"

"Of course, I'm still the same!" John said "Why would you ask that?"

"Just wondering" she smiled staring at him.

"Don't do that…" he blushed a bit

"Do what?"

"Look at me like that" he smirked "You only look at me when you're trying to get something out of me"

Torrie chuckled and folded her as she taps her foot still looking at John.

"What do you mean?" she teased

"Torrie, why do you think something about me changed?" he asked

"It's been two years, what human being doesn't change something about themselves in two years?"

John sighed, and shook his head

"I'm still the same John Cena I was when you left two years ago"

"I'm glad, because I would never change a thing about you" she smirked putting her hand on his knee

"But, I don't know if I'm still the same Torrie Wilson"

John looked down then at her,


Torrie took a deep breath

"John I have…" Torrie wanted to speak but was interrupted by a high pitch females' voice.

John and Torrie both turned to find a small dark haired women walk toward them. While Torrie was confused at who she was, John was completely aware.

"I've been searching for you since yesterday" she continued finally reaching them, and without warning hugged John and gave him a long passionate kiss.

Torrie's eye widened, as it was hard for her to witness, causing her to look away. John shared the kiss for a moment, but quickly pulled apart.

"I missed you" she said with her arms still around his neck

"Uh… yeah" John said looking at Torrie than at her "I missed you too"

She smiled staring into her boyfriend's deep blue eyes, but turned when she finally noticed a third party.

"Hello" she smiled

"Uh babe, this is Torrie Wilson" John introduced

"Oh my… Your best friend, from when you two were growing up?" she squealed "Hi, It's finally nice to meet you" she said hugging Torrie "I've heard so much about you, I almost feel like I know you"

Torrie let a light smile surface on her face

"Torrie, this is Maria Kanellis." John hesitated "My girlfriend…"

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