Disclaimer: When pigs fly

Disclaimer: When pigs fly.

Summary: What would happen if death decided to let James and Lily return to life but with a mission? The mission - to get Sirius Orion Black to fall in love. And what would happen if that person he fell in love with happened to be twelve years younger than him? Join James, Sirius, Remus and Lily, the true Marauders as James and Lily with the help of Remus, try to make Sirius see that love isn't all that bad, no matter the age gap.

In which Death makes a deal.

James Potter felt strange, very strange in deed. All he remembered was a flash of green light and then darkness. He looked round in the darkness,

"Hello!" he called cupping his hands around his mouth, his hello echoed rounds him and then a voice spoke in the darkness.

"James?" it asked.


James watched as a shimmering happened in the darkness and a woman with auburn red hair and emerald green eyes stepped through.

"James." She cried running to him and hugging him. James held tightly to her, she was shaking and he knew she was sobbing into him.

"I'm so sorry Lily, I really am." James replied, tears streaming down his own face.

"It's not your fault James," Lily replied. "I just hope Harry's ok." She said snuggling into him.

"So do I." he replied. "So this is the afterlife it's pretty boring if you ask me."

"This isn't the afterlife," another voice spoke, it was a calm voice that floated around the seemingly empty darkness, James and Lily both looked round wildly for the source of the voice, "it's where you go before you enter your afterlife." The air in front of them shimmered and a black hooded figure stepped out.

"So we're really dead?" asked Lily.

The figure nodded.

"And who are you, are you dead?" asked James.

"I am death," the hooded figure replied.

"Oh." Was all James could say, "So are you going to lead us to our afterlife?"

"No," was the reply.

"Ok, how come?"

"Because, you're not going to your afterlife."

"And why not?" asked Lily, "I mean we're dead for crying out loud."

"I know that, I'm death," Death replied, "however, I am giving you the choice to go back to your life, just after your death mind you, if you'll do me a favour."

"Depends what the favour is." James answered.

"Find Sirius Black love."

"Padfoot, the missions to do with Padfoot?"

"Yes," came the reply, "it's more of a favour from the boss man, he's getting tired of Sirius not noticing girls, so says if you promise to find him a love like yours he'll let you go back."

James looked at Lily who shrugged.

"It can't hurt." She whispered.

James smiled at her before looking back at Death.


Death nodded and raised his stick into the air, James suddenly felt very light and a bright light shone, he blinked and found himself staring at the ceiling.

"Oh my god Prongs!" cried a voice who James instantly recognised as Sirius's voice.

James sat up and spotted his friend picking his way through a bundle of rubble to reach him, tears streaming down his face.

"Padfoot!" James cried joyfully.

He watched as Sirius paled and stood staring at him before…

"James!" he cried flinging himself across the rest of the debris and hugging James tightly. "You're alive! But how?" he asked stumbling backwards.

"Not quite sure of that myself." James replied before running to the stairs.

"Lils you alright?" he called up the stairs.

"I think so, I've got a pounding headache, Harry's fine too, got a weird scar, but he's good." Came the reply, their was a stumbling from upstairs and Lily appeared at the top of the stairs, her red hair falling into her face carrying a toddler in her arms, a lightning shaped scar on his forehead.

"Hello Sirius," she said as she spotted the confused man at the bottom of the stairs.

"But… but…" he stuttered.

"Don't worry bout it Pads," James said lightly, "just consider us very lucky." He smiled at Lily who smiled back.

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