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"All rise" The bailiff said as the judge made an appearance into the courtroom. I clutched on to Edward's hand. I made the mistake of glancing over to the right where I saw Phil enter the courtroom. I could feel every muscle in my body tense up as I noticed he was looking right at me.

"Breathe, sweetheart." Edward whispered soothingly. He had been so supportive through this entire ordeal. From my harsh move to Forks and learning to cope with a new family, that I now couldn't imagine my life without.

"I don't think I can do this." I managed to squeak out as a million things came tumbling down on me all at once: My mother, my life, my father, my brother, Rose, Alice, Jasper, Edward, Edward, Edward.

"You can. Just go up there and tell the truth. I'll be right here the whole time. There are ten police officers, eleven if you count your father." He tried his hand at some sort of humor. I couldn't find it funny, but I was still grateful.

"And for the record how does your client plea?" The judge caught my attention as he directed a question at Phil's lawyer.

"He's pleading not guilty by reason of insanity, your honor." The man replied. He was obviously a businessman. His suit was designer and his teeth had been whitened one too many times. He was aged, which probably meant he was experienced. I could see him coming to the court in a nice car. And most of all, this man, he was a winner, and that made me very nervous.

"Prosecution, if you will." The judge encouraged. I took a deep breath. Our lawyer stood up and patted down his suit. I looked him over quickly to make sure that he looked like a winner, too. He did. I was able to take in a shaky breath. Edward began stroking my hand with the back of his thumb. I wanted to climb inside of his jacket and sit there until it was over, but I couldn't. I had to look brave, for my mother, for everything that had happened because no matter how bad this was; it still wasn't the worst thing to ever happen. I could live through worse. I could live through court.

"I have undeniable evidence, your honor, that the suspect in question had not only premeditated the murder of Renee, but had planned an attack on her daughter, Isabella Swan, as well." The lawyer, Mr. Stewart had said with conviction.

"If you would present it to me at this time, please." The judge had said.

"Of course, your Honor. Here I have a Police report saying that two accomplices of Phillip, Harry Clearwater, and William Black, were killed out of self defense by a young man, Edward Cullen, directly after admitting to the young man, and Isabella Swan, the daughter of the victim that they were involved, and that this murder had been an act of jealousy that had been in effect for nearly 18 years. I also have enrollment records that these men went to the same University at the same time that Isabella Swan was conceived, which is what sparked this whole event." Mr. Stewart finished, looking smug. It stung a little bit to have someone openly say that my life was at fault for my mother's death.

"Can you point to the young man?" The judge asked after looking over the police report. Mr. Stewart pointed at Edward. "And will we be hearing from this man today?"

"Yes, your honor." Our lawyer said.

"You may be seated." The judge said. It was the defenses turn to stand and rebut. "Will the defense please rise and turn over any evidence."

"Yes, your honor." The straight laced Lawyer that would be my enemy for the proceeding few hours said. "We have had our client, who is too unstable to speak today, evaluated by a psychologist and psychiatrist who both claim that he may be insane."

"I suppose we will start with your witnesses, then. I would like to see Mr. Kelley, the Psychologist on the stand, please." The judge said.

A portly man stood up and walked over to the witness stand where the Bailiff promptly met him with a bible. "Please place your right hand on the bible." The bailiff asked. The man did as he was told. "Do you swear the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?" The bailiff asked the man as if someone as crooked as Phil would care if God were watching or not. It's not like lying was worse than murder.

"I do." The man replied before taking a seat.

Phil's Lawyer stood up and began pacing back and forth, to look inquisitive for the Jury, I presume. "Is it true that you have conducted certain tests on my client that can measure the mental stability of a person." He finally asked.

"Yes, this is true." The man said.

"And were they conclusive?" The defense lawyer asked.

"Yes, they were." The witness answered shortly.

"And did the gauge of this particular test, with a 97% accuracy fall on a score that would proclaim my client as insane, or excuse me, mentally unstable?" The lawyer asked.

The man sitting in the witness stand had a fresh look of guilt. He was obviously fighting some inner battle. He looked over at Phil, who was still staring straight at Edward and I, and then he looked at me. When my eyes met the eyes of the man in the chair I saw that he was not evil. I knew in my heart that he was good, and I would know that no matter how things turned out, that no matter what words came out of his mouth, he was on my side.

"Yes, they did. But—"

"No Further questions, thank you." The lawyer cut him off.

"Prosecution, do you have any questions for this witness?" The judge asked.

"Yes, your honor." Mr. Stewart stood up and walked to the witness.

"Can you please explain this scale, and the score which the suspect in question obtained?" He asked.

"Yes. The scale is from 1 to twenty. Based on a series of 250 questions asked through a lie detector the person in question is connected with. The higher your score on the test is the more mentally unsound you are." The man took a deep breath and wiped a thin layer of sweat from his brow.

"And how did the subject rank?" Mr. Stewart asked condescendingly.

"He ranked as an 11." The man said. And whatever he was thinking about earlier was lifted off of his chest. I dared to look over at Phil and his lawyer, who were white as ghosts as they saw the events unfolding around them.

"And what would an 11 on this scale typically represent." Our lawyer asked the man to proceed.

"Typically, an 11 of this scale would say that someone is borderline insane." He explained briefly.

"Would it be safe to say that an 11 on this scale would be insane enough to commit such a crime as this one, but sane enough to realize what they were doing?" My lawyer asked.

"Objection!" Phil's lawyer screamed. "His question is extremely implicit, your honor." The man said a little quieter.

"Over-ruled. The question is fine. I'll allow it." The judge said.

"Can you please repeat the question?" The witness asked nervously.

"Of course." Mr. Stewart said politely. "Would it be safe to say that an 11, the score Phillip received on this scale, would be ranked as insane enough to commit a crime, but sane enough to realize what they were doing?" He repeated himself slowly and clearly. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. I could feel it on my fingertips that were gripping Edward's hand.

"Yes, I believe that is a reasonable observation to make." The man said.

"No further questions." My lawyer said to judge, smiled, and then took his seat.

"Defense, would you like your other witness on the stand?" The judge asked.

"No, thank you, your honor." The man said through gritted teeth. I think he was beginning to realize that his witnesses were hurting more than they were helping.

"Prosecution, do you have any witnesses you would like to call to the stand." The judge asked Mr. Stewart formally.

"Yes. I would like to call Isabella Swan to the stand." He said. It took me a moment to realize that I had been called up. My heart stopped beating, I stood up still not letting go of Edward's hands. When I finally did, I transformed back into the zombie that I was when I had first arrived to Forks. It was the only way I would even be able to speak.

The bailiff swore me in. My lawyer set a glass of water and a box of tissues on the witness stand for me.

"Now Isabella, I know this is difficult for you. But I need you to explain to the jury and the judge exactly what happened the night of your mother's murder?" He asked compassionately.

I nodded weakly before I began to speak. "I was at school, and I stayed a little bit late to tutor these kids. I came home and I heard my Mom and Phil fighting." I managed to get out more clearly than I thought I would be.

"Did they fight often?" I was asked.

"Yes. All the time." I remembered. I could hear what everyone in the court was thinking, but for just a moment, I was back in my kitchen, watching everything happen before my eyes.

"Was he ever violent?" My lawyer asked. I was brought back to the courtroom in an instant.

"Yes." I whispered.

"Can you explain what he would do?" He asked me.

"It would always start with him yelling. He was always drunk, and just yelling all the time." I started to stop making sense like I was talking to myself. "Then he would throw things, and then he would hit my mom." I finished.

"Has he ever hurt you?"

"A few times, but it was my Mother, mostly." I said. I saw Edward clench his jaw together so hard I thought for sure his perfect teeth would be broken. I was impressed that Charlie hadn't murdered Phil yet. His face was purple and his eyes were menacing. He wasn't looking at me; he was looking directly at Phil.

"And what did he do that night?"

"I walked in and he was acting worse than usual. I was about to intervene, but my mom signaled for me to hide in the pantry. I wanted to help her, but I did what I was told." I said as I began to cry. It was one of the only times I ever admitted out loud how I hid like I maybe shouldn't have. "Before I knew it, he pulled out a knife and began stabbing her, I wanted to scream so badly but I knew he would know where I was if I did, so I called 911. He ran out of the house before anyone else got there, and that was the last time I saw him, until today." I said as the tears freely rolled down my cheeks. I grabbed a tissue and patted them away.

"No further questions." Mr. Stewart said before taking his seat.

"Do you have any questions for Miss Swan?" The judge asked the other lawyer.

"Yes, your honor." He said before standing up. "First of all, I would like to say I'm sorry for your loss." He told me.

I snorted. All of my sadness suddenly turned to rage as I stared at the man who was trying to let my mom's killer get off with a vacation to the loony bin.

"You've known Phillip your whole life, have you not?" He asked.

"Unfortunately." I said.

"Miss Swan please answer yes or no questions with a yes or no answer." The judge asked, but I could tell he was at least a little bit amused.

"Yes, I have." I corrected myself for the sake of the court.

"And he raised you as his own, did he not?" I was asked.

"No, he did not." I said much to the lawyer's surprise.

"Can you elaborate to the court why you think the man who was with you since you were an infant isn't someone who raised you as their own?" He asked me, he was clearly irritated.

"Yes. It was clear since my childhood that Phil was not my father. He never acted as one. To me, he was merely my mother's husband. When I was sick, my mom stayed up with me, and when I joined the school band and played my five-second clarinet solo, Phil was home drunk on the couch while my mom was in the front row. In the seventh grade I needed a dress for the dance, Phil wouldn't give my mom the money for it so she missed a car payment just so she could make me one. As far as I, or the court is concerned I was raised by one woman, and; He. Killed. Her." I said with conviction as I pointed to Phil.

"No further questions." He said through gritted teeth. I went back to my seat.

"You were great, baby. We have this." Edward whispered before taking my hand again.

"Any more witnesses?" The judge asked.

"We have Edward Cullen, but I have no questions for him. His entire statement about the car ride is in the Police report. So unless the defense would like to ask questions of him, I don't really see why he is needed." Our lawyer explained.

The judge looked toward the defense Lawyer.

"I have no questions, your honor." He said.

"Alright. It is time for the jury to deliberate. The court is in recess until a decision is made." The judge said. We exited the courtroom and sat in the hall for a bit.

"How long do you think this will take?" I asked Mr. Stewart nervously.

"Probably not long, maybe not more than an hour. You did really well." He complimented me. I nodded. "I'm going to leave you guys alone for a little while. I know this is a lot." He said. He placed his hand on my shoulder and then walked away.

"Honey, you did so great. Everything is going to be okay." Charlie said as he wrapped his arms around me. As soon as Charlie let go of me Emmett grabbed one hand, and Edward grabbed the other. I don't know how long we sat like that. After a while our Lawyer came back down the hall.

"They're ready to read the verdict." He said. I stopped breathing for a moment. Edward wrapped his arm around my waist and I could swear he was supporting most of my weight on the way to the courtroom. I was so nervous I wanted to pass out.

We took our seats.

"Does anyone have any last thing to say?" The judge asked of all of us, but he looked directly at Phil, who shook his head. "Alright then, may I hear the verdict?" He asked. A small woman stood up next to all of the jurors.

"In the state of Arizona, Phillip Dwyer has been found….Guilty, and mentally sound in the case of Murder one against Renee Dwyer. We have also Found Phillip Dwyer Guilty of Conspiracy to murder against Isabella Swan. We would like to recommend the death penalty, respectfully, your honor." She said.

It was over, finally and truly over.

Five years later. (Edward POV)

I was so nervous as I looked at Bella standing in front of me. She looked radiant in her white gown. It showed her shoulders and I couldn't wait until she was finally my wife.

"Edward." She giggled.

"hmm?" I asked still awestruck by how she looked and that she would be officially mine, forever.

"I said, do you take this woman to be your wife?" The minister said, I guess I hadn't heard him the first time.

"I do." I said. Bella's blush crept up on her beautiful cheek.

"You may now kiss the bride." The minister said.

He didn't have to ask me twice. I grabbed Bella gently by her hand that had the ring I bought for her on it along with the one that had been in my family for a hundred years. I pulled her closely to me. I made eye contact with her for just a second before I leaned in and kissed her, making her my wife.

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