Chapter 1-Fallen Bird

(A/N: Yes I know, I said would write this later, but my muse is demanding I get the first chapter of this written, and we all know how it's impossible to fight against our muse. So without further ado I give you my newest Teen Titan fic.)

Jump City Hospital was quiet this night, as the nightshift was making its rounds within the building, and all was quiet within its white sterile walls. The patients were resting, sleeping, and slowly recovering from whatever wounds or sickness ailed them in their weakened state.

This was the place that one Titan Hero known through the city and the world as Robin the Boy Wonder currently resided after his last encounter with Slade.

It was also right now the place Raven felt she needed to be in since this was mostly in her mind her fault that he was in this current state and it ate at her inside. Robin was on a life support system with a respirator machine hooked up to his body, various blood packs to compensate for his loss of blood, and IV drips sending nutrients along with morphine into his body.

"I'm sorry Robin. I'm so sorry," said Raven in a whisper wishing she could speak louder, but she didn't want to get caught by a doctor or nurse since visiting hours were over, and the others had gone home.

She couldn't return home much less look them in the eye after what happened to Robin at the hands of Slade.

(Flashback-Several Hours Ago)

It had been a simple fight at first with fighting the Hive Five, who had broken into Wayne Enterprises that was making advanced military cybernetic technology, and was fighting the group. Only after the fight began did the five Titans have new problems, as Slade had appeared in the flesh with an army of his Slade Bots at his command, and ordering them to assist the Hive Five members in fighting the Teen Titans. After Robin saw Slade take a piece of advanced technology for whatever reasons that Slade needed them, the dubbed Boy Wonder took after the man knocking every obstacle in his path down without the slightest hesitation, and followed the ever elusive criminal to the roof of the building with Raven fighting to catch up to him to back her leader up.

"Robin, it's been quite sometime since we last saw each other after Trigon. How are you doing? Increased your skills I hope?" said Slade in his ever mocking tone that he knew Robin hated so much.

"Would you expect me to get soft just because you haven't shown your face around here for awhile?" said Robin taking out his bo staff ready for a fight with Raven right behind him with her powers at the ready.

"No. This time Robin however, I won't hold back when fighting you, and I will use just about any dirty trick there is in order to win so do try to stay focused," said Slade putting the stolen item down and snapped his fingers again revealing to the two Titans the army of Slade Bots that now surrounded him.

"Well this isn't new," said Raven sarcastically since no villain ever did play fair and it was clear from the beginning that Slade never would.

"Shouldn't be too difficult for us then," said Robin smirking before the two rushed into battle engaging Slade and his mechanical army of minions.

'So you think Robin. So you think,' thought Slade taking out his own bo staff and waited for Robin to come to him.

It wasn't known by many when it came to the Titans, but out of all the members of the group that worked the best it was Robin and Raven, who worked well together, and were the dominant force in a tag team assault. When it came to fighting long range, Raven was the one with the edge, as she could throw away anything in her path, and Robin with his skills in marital arts would watch her back with close range combat to keep anyone from hurting her.

It wasn't long before the small army had been reduced to a small group of Slade Bots with Raven going after them while Robin going after Slade in close combat.

"Your skills have indeed increased Robin. I'm quite proud to know that I was able to help bring that out of you," said Slade matching Robin's bo staff fighting move for move.

"Then you won't mind that I use that motivation to beat you and send you to jail," said Robin pushing further to beat Slade while the said villain pushed back.

"As if you have the skills yet to beat me," said Slade seeing an opening within Robin's defense and struck hitting the Boy Wonder in the ribs followed up by a hit to the jaw, to his leg, and finally to the side of his temple making him stumble onto one of the metal pillars designed to hold up the company sign.

Raven having just defeated her enemy's toys, turned her attention back to Robin fighting Slade, and using her powers grabbed the man before throwing him hard away from her leader. She quickly moved over to Robin to heal his injuries, but just as she was starting to, Slade attacked her in fist to fist combat landing several good blows to her body before she stumbled back herself near the roof edge. For some reason, Raven could sense Slade was not toying with her like he did relentlessly with Robin, and for whatever reason this was because of her Father or something else that was possibly related her leader, only Slade knew.

"Any last words before I send you into hell to meet your Father half-breed?" said Slade pulling out his golden handgun before taking aim at her.

"Bullets won't work on me Slade. My magic abilities will protect me from your little gun," said Raven already throwing up a shield around her while Slade tilted his head in thought.

For a moment, she thought Slade would aim his weapon at Robin instead.

"Normally you would be correct Raven, but in this're not," said Slade firing at Raven with his bullet surprisingly passing through her magic barrier and whizzing past her face leaving a bleeding scratch to mark it as a near miss.

"H-How?" said Raven knowing that it was impossible for Slade to shoot past her barrier since it always protected her from projectiles like bullets no matter what.


"Did you figure it out? Judging by the look on your face you did. These bullets are not ordinary bullets Raven. I had these custom made for my gun. I had these bullets blessed with holy water so they could penetrate your magic defenses while laced with an acidic chemical to slow down the healing rate of anyone they hit. Granted your healing abilities will seal up something as small as that scratch, but if a bullet were to hit, and go through arm? Perhaps one of your legs? Perhaps I'll shoot both of your legs so you are on your knees at my feet? Or perhaps I should shoot you in the stomach before shooting you pointblank in the head? Yes that does seem more appropriate for my taste. Let's try that," said Slade taking aim again at Raven once again with the said girl backing up until her back touched the roof edge with Robin slowly trying to get to his feet his mind trying to figure out what to do.

'This can't for me like this! I just started to embrace my emotions, my powers under my control, and not my Fathers. Why can't I have a chance to be happy for once? It's not fair!' thought Raven, as she felt her life flash before her eyes, seeing her Mother, all her friends, and events from the past that shaped her into the person she was now.

Her Mother.

Her friends.

Her leader.

Especially her leader.

"Goodbye Raven. Tell your Father I said hi," said Slade before firing one shot after the other in rapid succession at the sorceress, who was too frozen in shock to move, and felt time around her slow down.

'Raven! I have to help her,' thought Robin mere moments before Slade first pulled the trigger, as he rushed to her side faster then he had ever moved before in his entire life to do what would shock not only Raven, but Slade too.

Robin pushed Raven out of the way, out of the line of fire, and put himself there in her place taking each hit to the stomach or chest region making the Boy Wonder stumble back before falling back over the roof edge onto the ground below. Raven had stumbled to the ground before looking up at her savior, only to find to her absolute horror that the one responsible for saving her had taken the bullets, and fall over into the street below. She tried to get up quickly to reach out for him, but by the time she did, he was long past her natural arm length falling down with his body about to hit a car below him.

'No! I won't let him die!' thought Raven calling upon her powers to cover Robin's body before pulling at his form to stop his ever growing speed and him hitting the car or hard pavement.

She didn't notice Slade looking over the edge of the roof a good 10 feet away from her to see his former apprentice become covered in black energy before hitting the car below causing its form to cave in around him. Raven's eyes widened in horror at what had just seen happen and how she was too late to stop the Boy Wonder that was her leader from falling.

By the time this had happened, the other Titans had appeared on the roof, and got Slade's attention to face them before deciding to pull a disappearing act with the device he tried to steal now forgotten. When they rushed to Raven asking where Robin was, the poor girl fell to her knees crying while Starfire looked over don below before she screamed in the horror of seeing Robin's body mangled in the ruined car below.

Cyborg immediately got Beast Boy to turn into an animal to fly him down there while he called 911 and carefully got Robin out of the metal deathtrap. Fortunately, if only a slight bit of fortune, all of the commotion from the fighting brought police and paramedics to the scene within minutes of Robin's fall. The injured Boy Wonder was instantly put into the nearest ambulance heading for Jump City Hospital where, if God willing, he would live to see another day, and if not...then he would receive a hero's death.

(End Flashback)

Robin had been admitted to the Hospital he was diagnosed with seriously critical, as well as crippling life threatening injuries from the fighting, the bullet wounds, and the most lethal of all hits being the fall itself onto the car with the imprint on the destroyed vehicle. The list of injuries he had were too much to hear after the first five were mentioned and when Raven entered the room to see him she had turned away in shame at what she had caused to happen to him. Her powers could heal some of the wounds to keep him out of the ways of death's door, but not all of them due to the purification residue that was left from Slade's bullets.

Even then, the doctors that treated Robin's injuries weren't sure he would recover at all from them since his body was so badly damaged, and in the end would force him to live a normal human life. It meant that Robin couldn't be Robin anymore, but rather just a plain ordinary human being like everyone else, and not being able to fight crime.

The Titans knew that such a fate was worse then any death for a hero and it seemed that it was one that would one day fall upon Robin at the peek of his life. It was unfair that the boy had his hero career shot down like it was going to be when he woke up and found out what happened during the encounter with Slade.

"I'll make Slade pay Robin. I swear I will," said Raven putting her hand on his face that had recently healed marks from the glass of the car that cut his face when he fell.

She would have stayed longer, but in that instant the door to his room opened, and Raven acting on instinct teleported out back home deciding her time with him was now over.

The figure that entered the room looked around for a moment before walking towards the bed behind the curtain hearing the machine's let out a tiny "beep" sound with every step taken. Pulling back the curtain, the figure looked at the fallen bird before turning to the chart on the end of the bed to have a look, and let out a whistle at seeing the charts info.

"Damn kid. I heard you got messed up, but this is ridiculous. You must have some kind of guardian angel watching over you since you're not dead," said Dante looking up at the unconscious boy before him whose life was hanging by a thread.

Dante had come to Jump City to do a little demon slaying in secret since after Trigon was killed leaving room open for other demons to take parts of the city as their territory. Now he finds that one of the city's own heroes is out of commission and could be out of it on a permanent basis. Putting the clipboard down, Dante takes a closer look at Robin before he frowns in thought at what he could do to help this kid, and possibly keep the hero's career as a hero alive.

There was this one option, but Trish and Lady told him not to, but then again when did he ever listen to them, and since when did they ever have a right to judge his actions?

Deciding to deal with the consequences later, Dante set to work into doing the one thing he knew could save this kid, and keep his career as a superhero for the world. As he did this, Dante though back at how he found out about the Boy Wonder's condition, and the girl that was possibly feeling the most heartbreak out of this.

(Flashback-2 Hours Ago)

Dante had walked into the Hospital to pick up some medical supplies Trish wanted due to a deal going down soon in another city, but this place was currently the only stuff that had it, and of course she begged him with her sweet words to go here. Of course, he had agreed to while mumbling to himself afterwards about being a complete sucker for such beautiful devil women even if said woman did look like his late Mother. Upon walking towards his destination for the pickup point, Dante had turned a corner, and bumped into a seemingly trembling almost out of it looking pale girl.

"Sorry," said Raven in such a low whisper that if Dante wasn't seeing her lips move he would have thought he was imagining things.

"It's not your fault. I turned the corner too fast. Hey, you're that Raven girl from the Teen Titans!" said Dante having seen her along with the other Titans on TV before and now wondered why she was here in this place or more importantly, why did she become tense when he mentioned the last part?

"Yes," said Raven weakly, as her body felt so tired right now that she didn't really care what happened right now whether it was being adored by one fan or simply being beaten up because she was a hero.

"You all right? You look a little...pale? I mean I know you have pale skin, but you look like you just became an albino," said Dante seeing the frail looking Raven shiver and looked like she was about to collapse right in front of him.

"R-Robin is...," said Raven before tears began to swell up in her eyes and she quickly walked around the man not looking back, as she needed to find a place to be alone.

'Robin? As in the Titan leader Robin? What the hell happened to him? I'll have to check this out later, but right now I have to get what I need to get paid,' thought Dante before heading to take care of his own business.

(End Flashback)

Now here Dante was, looking down at the crippled bird before him, removing an empty blood pack before replacing it with a new one, and contained fresh blood to enter the hero's veins. The blood of the devil swordsman. The blood of Sparda. The most potent demonic blood in known existence that would soon be running through this kid's body sometime in the morning.

Seeing his handy work completed, Dante turned around, and just when he was about to leave he felt his hidden sword Yamato pulse tucked away discreetly beneath his red coat. He had taken it away from Nero after the whole incident with the Order and told the boy to walk under his own power instead on relying on Yamato's own. After very brief time arguing and then slugging Nero in the face, Dante took the sword from him, and walked away telling him to get stronger to protect the ones he loved.

Now Dante was sensing one of his families's swords reaching out to this boy before the devil blood he gave reached the Boy Wonder's veins. The half-devil knew the Universe around him pulled freaky shit to balance things out, but this was ridiculous, and would have laughed it wasn't so serious.

"So that's how it is huh? You want to go with this kid? Well if that's what you want, who am I to stop you since you are a living sword after all," said Dante taking Yamato out of his waist and placing it on Robin's body while putting boy's hands on it making Robin look like a buried Knight from the Crusades.

Seeing his job complete, Dante left knowing that tomorrow would be a very interesting day for the fallen hero, and would wished he could stay longer to help the kid.

'This kid has stood tall holding weight on his shoulders for year before so this won't be any different. Besides...if he gets out of line I'll just have to kick his butt like I did with Nero,' thought Dante before walking out the door as he began hearing the "beep" noises made on the machines go slightly faster.

(Titans Tower-The Next Morning)

Raven walked down the corridor to her room feeling so depressed she had no strength to eat, sleep, or even her favorite past time of all bashing Beast Boy into the closest wall multiple times for any stupid remarks he might make. Even though her emotions were still under her control, they were not very happy right now, and it didn't take someone with the wit of Beast Boy to figure out why. Ever since the fight with Trigon ended, the sorceress felt a growing attraction to Robin she had originally kept down out of respect for Starfire. However, every time she tried to deny it, the feelings she had for the Boy Wonder kept getting stronger, and soon on the many nights that followed her dreams was with the two of them together ranging from talking to more...erotic embracing.

Raven blamed her demon side for that.

Silently, she walked into the common room, her body on autopilot as it went for drinking her herbal tea, and after making herself a cup she drank the contents. The other three soon came in quietly for once, not arguing about meat and tofu, or how it was such a glorious joy filled day it was going to be.

Today it was a simple sit down, shut up, and eat whatever it was you were eating because no one was in the mood to hear anything you had to say.

Of course, only Beast Boy would have the courage to say anything.

" what exactly do we do now?" said Beast Boy while eating his tofu eggs while Cyborg just had some cereal and Starfire had some pudding of sadness from the previous night.

"We wait," said Raven simply quietly though her words were meant for another reason then just waiting for Robin to wake up.

They would wait for Robin to wake, but also for him to yell at her, and throw her off the team for her nearly costing him his life due to her hesitation.

"We can't just stay in the tower all day Raven. Someone has to watch over Robin while he's recovering. Once word gets out that Robin is incapacitated, it's possible that various villains will try to...put him out of his misery," said Cyborg looking at the other three, who nodded at that, and would decide a two Titan guard rotation with Titans East giving them some back up to help keep the criminals in check throughout the city.

"When should we go visit him?" said Starfire her eyes never looked so depressed.

"After were done eating," said Raven, as she wanted to see him again if only for a brief while since she felt she was unworthy of him for being the stinking half-breed that she was.

"Do you think he'll come? Come back to lead us?" said Beast Boy sounding so depressed it made everyone feel worse.

Everyone knew that Robin was the most unique out of all of them despite what the public said about the four of the members in the group. Robin was the only one out of all five members that had to worry about mortality since he didn't have special powers, wasn't an alien, wasn't part machine, wasn't a changeling, or a half-demon. Robin was mortal like any other civilian in Jump City, yet he was there leader because out of all of them, he had to fear for his mortality, but at the same time he did not fear losing his life because it was his beliefs that preventing him from having such fear.

Whether Robin crawled, walked, jumped, and/or ran death was always there by his side waiting like a cat watching a mouse to make its move when the hero made a mistake. One mistake in battle was all it took to take Robin from being a healthy everyday human to being crippled or dead.

Like the great Greek hero Achilles, Robin walked hand in hand with his own doom, and the only way for Robin to stop being Robin was if someone made him stop being Robin.

It wasn't long before the group got in the T-Car and drove to the Hospital wondering how they were going to break the news to the other Titans, to his other close friends, and the most important person of all...the Batman. If the Dark Knight hadn't found out already, he certainly would, and when he did they had a feeling the man would be very upset.

When the group arrived they noticed that, as they headed to Robin's room that several doctors, and nurses were rushing to the area where the Boy Wonder was located. Fearing something was wrong, the group rushed to the room, and when they were just a few doors from his they heard his screams of pain with the sound of the doctors that rushed into the room barking out orders.

"His breathing has become irregular!" said one nurse trying hold him down, as the boy thrashed in his bed.

"His heartbeat readings are all over the place! The way its beating would make it explode at any second," said another doctor trying to do something only to be thrown back to the wall by the surprising strength of Robin's supposedly broken arm.

"Someone remove that damn sword from his hands!" said a second doctor trying to inject a sedative into the boy's body and succeeded, but it did little to slow Robin down, as he punched the doctor right in the face, and kicking another in the stomach knocking over several nurses.

When the Titans entered the room when the group of medical professionals fell over, they saw Robin sitting up, but it was his form that frightened them all. Robin had always been muscular due to his constant training and working out regime when he wasn't out on the patrols fighting criminals. Now however, the boy had grown quite bit showing muscles that many muscle builders in their twenties would be envious in having, in his hand was a sheathed sword that Raven could sense was not a normal weapon, his once spiky jet black hair was now silvery while having a lax feel to it, and his eyes were now unmasked from all the fighting he did with the medical personnel in the room though both of them had been closed during that time even after getting off the bed.

Wrapping the bed sheet around his nude waist like a toga due to his Hospital gown falling off, Robin looked down at the sword in his hands feeling the aura of power this sword held, and could hear it speaking to him. Even more incredible was his body felt stronger then ever. Sure he had felt strong before, but this feeling of strength was unbelievable for him to comprehend, and he wanted to know more about it. He felt like his blood was on fire and that his inner being was like a raging inferno just begging to be released upon the world.

"Robin?" said Starfire floating slightly towards the boy whose body looked like that of a fully grown and developed teenager.

Looking away from the alien girl, Robin found his mask, and picked it up off the ground before placing it on his face once more though it didn't feel the same. It felt like it was not his to have anymore or to even wear for that matter since it was nothing more then a kid's mask with him clearly having physically become an adult.

"Hey everyone. Sorry if I freaked everyone out. I'm not exactly feeling like myself right now," said Robin cracking his neck his smile seemed to have an animal feel to it.

'That's an understatement,' thought Raven, who couldn't help, but blush at all the muscle Robin was now sporting, and several of her emotions that focused on physical attraction were giving his physic a 10 out of 10.

Raven could have sworn that she saw his right arm changed into something inhuman for a flash of a second, but she just shook it off as her mind playing tricks on her, and kept her attention on keeping Robin calm.

"I think you better come back home with us man. We need to run a few tests on you, as its clear something happened to you after your fight with Slade, and we need to figure out what it is," said Cyborg taking a careful metal step forward only the second he did take a step, Robin's masked eyes narrowed, and for some reason he let out a growl telling his metal friend to take another step only in the opposite direction.

"Dude, what's your deal?" said Beast Boy frowning at Robin's behavior.

'Something is wrong. I sense his mind is conflicted, confused even, and is acting more like a frightened yet vicious animal,' thought Raven sensing the conflict rising in him through their bond.

"Nothing's wrong green bean. I just!" said Robin sound cool, smooth, and if compared to before it almost sounded like an improved version of it.

"Then you will come home with us friend Robin?" said Starfire, who was glad that her boy was up and about with a physical body many women would lust after, but was also frightened by his new attitude, and was wary of his new found weapon.

"Run," said a voice turning Robin's attention away from Starfire.

"What?" said Robin though it was directed towards the voice then Starfire.

"I said you will come home with us friend Robin?" said Starfire, who frowned when she thought he didn't hear her properly though she was sure he did, and wondered what was distracting him from her question.

"Leave here. Need to train in private away from prying eyes. Come back later to get vengeance," said the voice that Robin pinpointed was from the sword given to him by some unknown person.

Now Raven had every right to be scared, as she felt the swords power pull at Robin, and knew it was influencing his mind with each passing second. Quickly using her powers she wrapped the sword up in her magic and command it to come to her only for it to disappear halfway before reappearing in Robin's left hand.

"Now now Rae that's not very nice. I don't take away your cloak when I feel it covers up that pretty face of yours so please don't try to take my awesome sword," said Robin not understanding why Raven tried to take his new weapon, only that he wanted it back, and the sword did as he wished it too.

As if it was alive.

'He...called me pretty?' thought Raven since no one ever called her that and had to hide her blush behind her caped hood though judging from Starfire's face she saw the blush before it could be hidden.

"Sorry you guys, but I can't go back to the tower. Not yet anyway. Something happened to me last night and I need answers to them so I can learn about this new found power that's inside of me. When I come back I'll probably be unrecognizable to you so look for my sword in order to find me," said Robin going to his utility belt that was placed on a nearby table and activated the R-Cycles automatic driving CPU to pick him up at the Hospital.

"Robin, that sword is affecting your mind. It has a demonic aura about it that will corrupt your mind if you let it possess you any longer," said Raven, who did not want to see her good friend, comrade, and secret crush fall victim to this strange demonic sword just after he went through that hell with Slade.

That very hell Robin went through with Slade because of his teammate being too damn slow and too damn weak.

"You worry yourself too much Rae. Relax! Perhaps when things come down I'll take you out on a date?" said Robin smiling at her making the girl blush while hearing his R-Cycle stop below the room window on the third floor.

'A date?!' thought everyone making Starfire angry, Cyborg ready to have a short circuit, Beast Boy fainting over in shock, and Raven's blushing increased.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go," said Robin opening the window and leaping out the window much to the shock of the others.

Running to the window, the Titans saw Robin had surprisingly landed safely next to his R-Cycle, and took off before they could try to stop him.

'He's become even more confident then ever before. What he just did isn't human. What has happened to him?' thought Raven wondering how Robin had changed, who had given him that sword, and why...why was she secretly getting excited inside about going on an actual date with him when he saw her next?

(Hive HQ)

"Are you sure what you sensed earlier was correct master?" said Brother Blood looking at the portal seeing three demonic eyes looking at his two.

"Yes. I have sense another, who holds the blood of Sparda. He is weak, easy to capture, and fresh for the taking to mold to my image. Find him! Bring him to me. I will mold him into my personal instrument of destruction that Sparda should have been," said Mundus having felt the pulse of power that awakened in the unknown youth.

"I will dispatch several of my students once I have my agents free them from prison to hunt down this 'devil' as you call him. What's the boy's name?" said Brother Blood so he could tell his students to find this individual.

"You already know him as Robin: The Boy Wonder," said Mundus before cutting off the portals communication to a shocked Brother Blood, who was now wondering how the Titan leader got devil blood running through him, and how he was going to keep Slade off of his back knowing the man wanted the boy as his apprentice.

"Send out the Devil Trackers to find Robin immediately and when he is found make sure they don't lose him," said Brother Blood pointing to a loyal servant, who bowed and set out to do the given task.

This just became more complicated.

(Outskirts of Jump City)

Robin was wearing casual clothing complete with sunglasses instead of his Robin mask on a disguised R-Cycle with his sword in a secret compartment within the vehicle. He could see Titans Tower from this position, which was of course one of if not the most noticeable building in the entire city, and he felt sad to be away from his friends. Robin knew that they would be sad as well and while he didn't want to be separated from them for whatever the was unfortunately a necessary evil.

'Its strange to feel so different yet feel the same at the same time. When I return to Jump City, more importantly to them, I won't be able to be Robin anymore, and I can't be the same man I was once,' thought Robin, who for the moment would still call himself that until he could think up another name to call himself.

"We must go. A new evil hunts you even now. Must grow stronger to defeat them," said Yamato, which made Robin nod in agreement before revving up his ride, and taking off to God knows where to understand this power that awakened in him.

'Whatever comes my way I have a feeing I'm in for one hell of a fight!' thought Robin taking off to wherever the sword could guide him and teach him of his as well as its own power.

He was going to need it for the evil that lurked beyond his eyesight.

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