Chapter 15-Devil's Rest

Nightwing awoke to find himself on a bed with soft pillows, sun light shining in his face, and...two gun barrels being pointed at him by Dante with the other members his bizarre family behind him. Raising an eyebrow, Nightwing just looked at Dante with a "WTF" look, who in turn was smiling back at him before putting his guns away, and got slapped in the back of the head by Lady for it.

"Dante, you moron! Nightwing wakes up and the first thing you do is point those damn things in his face. If Raven saw you right now, she would send you flying through the window into the jagged rock below," said Lady, as she sent Nightwing an apologetic look for Dante's immature actions, and Dante just smirked.

"Geez Lady, don't be such a hard ass! It was only in good fun. Besides, its because of this guy that I don't owe you anymore money, and can rub it in your face too!" said Dante, as he saw Lady growl at him, and Nightwing just laughed at their antics before adding his own to the mayhem.

"He's right Lady. I did help him pay off his debt to you. Now he just has to pay off his debt to me," said Nightwing, as he got a shocked look from Dante, and an evil smirk from Lady.

"My debt to you? Are you telling me I have to owe you money now instead of her?" said Dante, as he was now getting a bit peeved, and the others in the room saw it.

"Yep! Only now, you currently owe me an increased amount because I'm adding interest to it, and by now the amount you owe is twice what it was before," said Nightwing, as Dante looked ready to go devil on him, and Nero along with the others looked at each other that said to get ready.

"Twice the amount? Twice the amount! Oh, I'm going shoot you now. I was just joking before, but now I'm going to shoot you, and that can be my payment to you," said Dante, as he reached for his guns again, and the others behind him were trying to stop the man from doing something crazy.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Let's calm down Dante. So you owe a little more money? Big deal! you can work it out with Nightwing. You're family," said Nero, as he saw Dante calm down a bit, and take big deep breathes.

"That's right now. We can work this out. Provided Dante's willing to dance around in a tutu?" said Nightwing, as he saw Dante struggle further, and tried to read for Nero's gun when he couldn't get his.

"Let me go so I can shoot him while he can't protect himself!" said Dante, as he was now getting upset, and was making Nightwing laugh his head off while the others were doing the same while restraining the half-devil.

"Am I interrupting anything?" said Raven, as she walked in holding the twins in her arms, and smiled at them while glaring slightly at Dante for being an asshole.

"No!" said everyone while Nightwing just smirked at them for cowering in front of his mate.

"Good. Now this is quality time with my mate so please go outside to the beach area or something. I think the Amazon Queen would appreciate it if you didn't create a mess on her Healing Isle," said Raven, as she had sensed Nightwing had awakened, and wanted to be there for him to see.

"Hi Raven. How long have I been out?" said Nightwing, as sat up on his bed, and Raven leaned down to kiss him while making sure the twins didn't get crushed.

"Well over a week I think. It was quite the show while you were out. Apparently, Artemis was attacked by some unknown assassin, and left her without an arm to hold onto," said Raven, as she gave Nightwing a knowing smile, and the half-devil just smirked.

"Well, considering how Artemis tried to torture me to the point of submitting to her, and then using Circle to help I'd say the bitch had it coming," said Nightwing, as he knew that Raven knew he had done it, but Artemis couldn't say who it was knowing that it would require a full investigation using the Lasso of Truth to get answers, and revealing her deal with Circle to break the half-devil into submission.

"You should have killed her," said Raven, as she didn't like how her mate was abused by either women to make him submit to that bitch of a Bana woman.

"And make them come after us? No. I'll talk to Hippolyta soon, tell the whole story, and just have her keep an eye on the Bana for awhile. Artemis won't try anything after what happened in her dungeon while Circle knows just how far I'll go if she comes after us," said Nightwing, as he knew it was better this way, and Raven smiled at him before kissing his forehead.

"I was so worried about you. I know you are strong, skilled, and now have the blood of your uncle Sparda running through your veins now. But I need you to be just as careful when you go out to do your Superhero thing and act like you're still human," said Raven, as she didn't want him to become arrogant, and over confident when fighting evil.

"I will Raven. And if I somehow forget, I know you can remind me in your own way," said Nightwing, as he kissed her on the lips, and then her forehead where the jewel was making her moan at the feeling of their energies however faint coming together when parts of them touched.

"Did they tell you about the Scepter before I came in?" said Raven, as she sat down in a chair next to him, and saw the frown on his face.

"You meant that damn thing Mundus wanted me to get so he could open an unrestricted portal from here to the Demonic World to invade it? No, they didn't tell me. What did I miss regarding it?" said Nightwing, as he saw Raven smile further, and knew it was good news for the both of them.

"During the week recovering here, Dante along with the others decided to go find Hera's Scepter for us, and to clear your good name of any wrong doing with the Amazons. They tracked it down to an area where Mundus had the damn thing well guarded by a horde of demons and they just got back yesterday to hand the scepter over to Hippolyta herself. So now you are a guest instead of a prisoner among the Amazons," said Raven, as she saw the relief in his eyes, and smiled back at his love.

"I bet Mundus was quite upset," said Nightwing, as he saw Raven smirk at that, and nod her head since Dante had told the whole story regarding that moment.

"Oh yeah. He was very upset with Dante and vowed to make your cousin pay. Though Mundus has no one to help him right now so were okay for the moment," said Raven, as she kissed him again, and they were interrupted by the twins both crying out for their Mother's affection again.

"Everyone has needs I guess," said Nightwing, as he laughed at Raven, who glared at him playfully before giving the twins what they wanted, and smiled down at the two.

"When I was a child, the monks would silently talk to each other thinking I wouldn't hear them, and said how I would never have children to continue my Father's bloodline. There were times that I thought they would do something to take that part of me out, but I think my Mother protected me from that fate, and I remember her whispering to me how one day when I was older I would find someone that would make me happy," said Raven, as she saw Nightwing sit up, and kiss her tenderly on the forehead again.

"She was right. As for those monks...well don't take this the wrong way, but they are a bunch of fools for even thinking it," said Nightwing, as he would destroy anyone, and anything that tried to hurt Raven.

Don't get him started on what he would do to protect the twins.

"Thanks Nightwing, but I do have one question concerning where we can live, and where it will be safe to raise our children?" said Raven, as she was concerned about where to live, and what place could be safe in raising the twins without the fear of them being harmed by demons or other outside forces.

"I was thinking we could all live in Wayne Manor sine I am Bruce's adopted son. I know with how things up in the Watchtower went down, Bruce will be out of action for awhile, and J'onn will have to help him recover from his mental breakdown. It will take some time so until then, we will have a run of the Manor, and if things still don't work out with Bruce afterwards we can always move in with Dante. I can provide funding to expand his shop to support us easily since I have my own financial nest setup for this sort of thing. Also there is the option of finding someplace for ourselves that could be setup with the help of the twins' Godparents," said Nightwing, as he had prepared for leaving Batman's shadow the moment the rift started to happening with Alfred's help, and got things setup to have a new life while still being a Hero to whatever city he resided in.

"That's actually not a bad plan. Just don't expect me to get all dressed up for those fancy rich dinner parties if there are any at Wayne Manor," said Raven, as she had enough to handle with the twin, and being at a party where people had fake smiles were not her idea of fun.

"Wouldn't dream of it," said Nightwing, as he smirked at her, and she returned it with the twins giggling non upon sensing their parents emotions.

For the moment, all was right in their little world, and nothing could stop them from their happiness.

(YAY! And this fic is over. I wanted to end this in some way, but I could never wrap my head around it. Hope this was adequate for you guys. Until next time...PEACE!!!)