Scene where Atsuma is asleep during class

Scene where Atsuma is asleep during class

Take 1:

Professor Kou slammed his fist down on the desk. Atsuma, however, did not wake up. Kou slapped him in the face, and he still didn't awaken.

Everyone turned slowly to Karin, who was standing off set.

Karin, what did you give him?" Makoto asked her.

"I just gave him some of my homemade soup before the scene." She replied, making everyone go into a state of panic.

"MY GOD! Call an ambulance! He needs medical attention!" Kou screamed, and Atsuma was rushed off the set.

Take 2:

Atsuma woke up as soon as Kou slammed his fist on the desk.

"AH!" he yelled.

"Atsuma, were you sleeping in class?" Professor Kou asked him.

"It's just, your class is so boring!" he replied.

"Well, thanks for being honest. Now you can demonstrate the basics of combat on that training golem over there."

"Okay!" Atsuma yelled, and got behind the golem. Professor Kou started to protest, but wasn't in time. Atsuma used Mega Flare Wave on the golem, which was knocked straight into Professor Kou, who was standing in front of Touya and Makoto, and exploded. All three were smoking, and they slowly approached Atsuma.

"Um…Arm? A little help here?!" he pleaded.

"You're on your own, kid." It said, and he was beaten to a bloody pulp.

Scene where Makoto throws Atsuma at of harms way during the battle with the queen of Ice.:

Take 1:

"You're in the way!" Makoto screamed as he picked up Atsuma to throw out of the way. But when he picked Atsuma up, he chose that moment to let out gas, making Makoto aim wrong, and the queen of ice was hit face first with Atsuma.

Take 2:

This time, Makoto threw Atsuma in the right direction. But he threw him a little too far, and he hit a stalagmite, head first.

"We need a new Atsuma!" the director yelled.

Take 3:

"You're in the-Huh?!" Makoto yelled as he looked down to see Atsuma's clothes in a pile. The strange thing is, he also saw Karin's clothes there as well…

"Atsuma! Karin! Now is not the time for it!" The director screamed.

Bonus scene: Force Pain

Atsuma was using force pain, and everything was going fine until the air started twisting around the enemy…Because then a piece of reality was ripped apart, leaving an all consuming black hole in it's wake.

"ACK!" Atsuma yelled as the black hole started consuming the studio.

"Run away!" Makoto yelled, and they all escaped the black hole.