The Power of Love

A Konosetsu Fanfic

Disclaimer: I do not own Negima!?

Chapter one: New Students

This was originally a book that I was writing but, I decided to convert it in to a Konosetsu fic. I just decided to change some of it.

A girl at the age of 14 has decided to travel to Japan to enter an all girl's boarding school named Mahora Academy. This academy is run by her grandfather Konoemon Konoe. What she didn't know was that she would meet the love of her life. Another thing she wouldn't know was that the love of her life was the girl that she rejected in middle school. It was Konoka Konoe's second month that she had been at Mahora and she was already used to all of her classmates and surroundings. After a few more days a two new students from North Carolina arrived in her class. The first new student's name was Natasia Tokado and the other ones name was Setsuna Sakurazaki. "It's nice to meet everyone, my name is Natasia Tokado." said Natasia. "You seem a little young to be in ninth grade, how old are you?" asked Kazumi Asakura. "Me I'm 13, I skipped a few grades because I'm really smart." said Natasia. "Hey Setsuna – Nee chan say hi to the class." said Natasia as she elbowed the taller girl. "Hello it's nice to meet everyone." responded Setsuna in a low voice. "Why do I feel like I've seen her?" Konoka thought, blushing as she looked at the tall raven haired girl at the front of the class. "Ah I'll be your teacher, my name is Negi Springfield. "Why don't I give you two a place to sit." said Negi as he looked around for two open seats. "Oh I see Natasia - san you can sit next to Nodoka – san and Setsuna – san you can sit behind Konoka – san." Negi said as he showed the two where their seat's were. When Konoka saw that Setsuna was walking toward her she blushed a deep crimson and hide her head under her textbook. "Hey Konoka do you like her?" Asuna Kagurazaka asked as she pushed one of her pig tails out of the way. "Y-yes I t-think." Konoka replied sheepishly. "You think, well you don't have to be ashamed about It." said Asuna. "Really, why?" asked Konoka. "Well first off it looks like a few other girls have placed a liking to Sakurazaki – san and second because this is an all girl's school, so there should be a few girls who are "like that." said Asuna. "Besides when we became friends you told me the reason you came to an all girls school was because you started to notice you were "like that" when you were in eighth grade." said Asuna as she watched Konoka's face flair up at what she had just said. "Don't remind me that was embarrassing." said Konoka. "Hey you told me." responded Asuna. After class was over Setsuna and Natasia went to find their dorm room. "Aw I have to room with Setsuna – Nee chan, I thought I was going to be placed in a different room than you." Natasia said pouting. "Hey I'm not thrilled about it either when we were at Shinmeiryuu I had to room with you." said Setsuna. "I'm going to go for a walk, don't destroy the room while I'm gone." Setsuna said as she left the room. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, you always treat me like a kid, one little magical explosion and you label me for life." said Natasia. As Setsuna pasted by Konoka's room, Konoka had rushed out and knocked in to her. "Oh I'm sorry, I..." But before Konoka could finish she was blushing at the girl who was looking at her. "Oh it's ok; I wasn't looking where I was going." Setsuna said as she looked at the shorter girl. "Hmm, are you ok? Your face is red." Setsuna asked as she placed a hand up to Konoka's forehead. Konoka who was completely startled by Setsuna's reaction fainted in to Setsuna's arms. "Wow are you ok, hey wake up." said Setsuna. "Well I can't just leave her here; better bring her to my room." Thought Setsuna. Konoka who was having a dream didn't wake up until the next day.

The Next Day

When Konoka finally awoke from her slumber she was utterly surprised to find herself in a soft bed. "Hey sleeping beauty, your finally awake." said Setsuna as she looked at Konoka from her desk. "Oh were you the one who brought me here?" asked Konoka. "Yeah you fainted from out of the blue and I didn't know where you lived so I just brought you here." said Setsuna. "Thank you, my name is Konoka Konoe." Konoka said trying not to look directly in to Setsuna's face. "Ah you're in my class, I'm Setsuna Sakurazaki. "Ah Secchan, if I can call you that what time is it?" asked Konoka. "Oh it's almost time for class, Kono – Chan." said Setsuna as she smiled at the girl. Soon after the two talked Konoka left to get ready for class. "Hey Konoka where were you last night?" asked Asuna. "Oh I fainted when I saw Secchan and she brought me to her room." Responded Konoka as she skated next to Asuna. "Wait whose Secchan?" Asuna asked puzzled. "Oh Secchan is Setsuna, I fainted and she brought me to her room." Konoka said blushing. "Ah ha, so you were flirting with Setsuna – san, no wonder you seemed extra cheery when you came home." said Asuna. "Well yes but, let's get off the topic until we get to class." said Konoka.

In the Classroom

"Hey Setsuna – Nee chan, why do you keep looking at that girl?" asked Natasia who had big grin on her face. "Huh oh, that's Kono – Chan we meet yesterday though she fainted before I could say anything." Replied Setsuna. "Ok class is starting please be seated." Negi said as he walked to his podium.