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What Am I?

Sasuke's POV

Everything feels different for some reason. It's like I can feel them but I don't. Weird. Is everyone a ghost? Or am I the ghost? Yeah, that's it. That's why I can't feel anything. That's why I'm so numb. It would make a lot of sense. But if I were a ghost then no one would be able to see me, correct? Besides, ghosts don't exist. So then, I wouldn't exist but I do, right? God this is so confusing. If I'm not a ghost, then what am I?

"Sasuke?" I look up to see a red haired woman staring at me. She can see me, so then I'm not a ghost after all. Thank god. "Are you okay?"

I want to say something but my mouth doesn't want to open. So I settle for a slight nod. At least I think I nodded my head. I mean, I did but it didn't feel like I moved at all. The redhead looks worried and she questions me if I'm okay once more. Of course I am. Didn't she see me nod my head?

"Leave him alone, Karin," a guy next to me said. He had sharp teeth, much like a shark. "He hasn't talked for five months, what makes you think he's going to talk now?" Five months? Has it really been that long since a said something to my team? My team…

I had another team before I found these three. There were also four of us but one was our sensei. He was a strange thing. Always goofing around and reading some book when he should have been training us. It was no wonder I wasn't getting stronger back then. But I can't pin all the blame on him; my teammates were no better. There was a pink thing that would much rather cling to me than make herself useful. She always got in the way. She even got in the way when I was leaving the village. Saying that she 'loved' me. Ha what a joke! There is no love for me. All the love I had was killed off in one night. Then there was…my other teammate. Naruko. She was a real annoyance, a total idiot. But the strange thing about it, she was so important to me, but I never figured out why. Now I can't seem to feel a thing when it comes to her or anyone for that matter. Is there something wrong with me?

"We'll be there in a few more days," a big guy in front said.

Be where? Where are we going again? I can't seem to remember a thing anymore. Oh well, what's it matter?

I stop walking and my team did the same, all looking at me. I can feel someone following us. I hate people who follow me and don't show their faces. It just pisses me off. Just then, the bastards who were following behind surrounded us. There were thirty-six out in the opening and ten hiding. From the way they look, they're bounty-ninjas. "Why don't you four come in quietly, your heads are a hell of a lot more when you're live," one of them said. "Especially the Uchiha."

"Oh please, like any of you could take down Sasuke," I heard Karin say under her breath. I'm guessing the guys heard because they went in to a fighting stance just now.

The guy who spoke didn't move. "Actually rumor has it; the Uchiha just became a hollow shell and doesn't respond to anything, not even the punch to the face." His voice is so annoying, so cocky. Okay, if he says one more thing about me, I'll kill him and all his men. "Guess the Uchiha clan is going to end, and we get to be a part of that." God he's so cocky. Oh wait, I'm supposed to kill him now. Okay maybe if he says something else, then I will. "I still think it's pathetic how a clan that's been around since the dawn of time got knocked down to two in one ni-" I said I would kill him, didn't I?

All forty-six of them fall to the floor. I don't remember killing them. And I know my team didn't move from their spot. Wait, when'd I get on top of the tree? Moreover, when did I pull out my katana that's now bloodied? How did it come to this? One of the bounty-ninja's armor reflects what is looking at it.

That person, that thing looking back at me. Their hair spiked out at the back and the front falls flat on his face. His skin is pale, like he hadn't seen the sun in weeks. What caught my eyes was his eyes. They were black and empty, like nothing was there, nothing at all. And the expression on his face…wait what expression? There was nothing. He had no emotion at all. He was empty, hollow, cold. He was me.

But if I were so emotionless, why would I kill these people? Why would I care what that man said, did I even care? If I didn't care, then why kill him? I look up at the three people standing in the middle of dead bodies. They have expressions on their face. Karin looks worried, along with Juugo and Suigetsu also looks worried but in an annoyed kind of way. I understand what I am now. I'm not a ghost nor am I the 'Sasuke' they're worry about. I am…


Poor Sasuke-kun. He's going through a what's-the-point-in-life stage.

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