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Answer Me!

Naruko wasn't sure what to do. She was up all night thinking about what she should do. Kaine had crawled into her bed in the middle of the night because he had a bad dream. While he was still awake, Naruko asked him how he would feel about living in Suna with Gaara. She explained to him everything Gaara had told her; that they had an academy just like Konoha and the two were only a few days apart. His answer had really surprised her. "But won't Mister Sasuke be sad?" That small question shook Naruko. Luckily Kaine fell asleep before she could give him a proper answer.

Gaara would more than likely want an answer soon before his excuses for staying come to an end. Regardless of whatever she decides, it has to be the best for Kaine. In fact, every decision she's made was for him, even giving up on someone she cared so much about. With her head in her hands, Naruko went back to a memory she's brushed away for so long.

Five years ago

It was an easy mission, hardly worth being called a D-Ranked mission. However, there was a rumor he had been seen in the area recently. It was the only lead she had on his location so she practically begged for the mission. Thankfully Tsunade granted her permission. In all honesty, she wasn't even worried about the mission. All she cared about was finding Sasuke.

Stopping along the road, Naruko tried to catch her breath. Ever since she bolted out of the village, she's been jumping from tree to tree in a hurry to reach the location before it's too late. She had reached the location and did a quick search around the area, ignoring the very thing she was supposed to find. Unfortunately, she hadn't spotted Sasuke at all. "Dammit," Naruko sighed. "I guess I should get those herbs before Tsunade yells at me for taking too long."

Just as she was about to take a step, something wrapped around her body, pulling her back. Looking down, she saw snakes curling around her, trapping her. In the second it took her to react, a snake had bitten her neck. In moments, her body went numb and everything went dark.

By the time she awoke, Naruko noticed her hands were tied together in front of her and a blind was covering her eyes. She went to remove the blink, only to have someone grab her arms forcing them above her head as she laid there. "What the hell? Let go of you, you bastard!"

"That's no way to greet an old friend, don't you think, Naruko?" She didn't have to see the man to know exactly who that was. It was the very man she had been searching for all this time. The one man she desperately wanted to see. "Sasuke." The name felt so strange coming from her mouth. How long has it been since she last called out to him.

There were no more words as she felt hot kisses on her neck. She tried to protest but the man above her held her still. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't resist him. Every touch felt intoxicating. Even as he stripped her of her clothing she could not refuse him. He teased her and played with her as she moaned his name over and over again. "Sasuke."

When he stopped, she tried to sit up, but then a sharp pain came from her lower area. Sasuke had forced himself inside of her. He waited a second before he started moving. It hurt at first, but as he continued Naruko heard herself moaning to his rhythm. He lifted her arms to put around his neck, not missing a beat as he continued pounding into her. Wrapping her legs around his waist, Naruko was clinging to his body needily, almost in desperation.

When it was finally over, she fell back on to the soft bed, panting in exhaustion. Sasuke was exhausted as well as he lay on top of her. He placed light kisses along her neck and face. Naruko took a handful of his shirt, not wanting to let go as she felt the tiredness take hold of her. She was afraid to let him go, afraid he might leave her once again. However, he didn't.

It had been three days before she was heading back to Konoha. Sasuke kept her for three days straight. They didn't exchange any words in those three days other than moaning the other's name. As she walked towards the village gates, Naruko placed a hand over her stomach. Kyuubi had already given her the news. News about something that no medic would be able to detected until a few weeks. He knew the moment it happened.

At that moment, before she entered the village, Naruko had decided to drop all feelings towards the man she had loved. It wasn't safe for her to go out, selfishly risking her child's life for someone who would never listen to her no matter how much she begged. Taking in a deep breath, as if to suck in all her emotions towards the Uchiha, made her choice to do anything for her unborn child's safety.

Naruko lifted her head from her hands. That's right; she had sworn to protect Kaine no matter the cost. It was her duty as a mother to keep her child safe just as her parents did when she was born. Looking down at the boy, Naruko smiled softly as she brushed the hair from his forehead. This action stirred the boy as he awoke. He looked up at his mom in a confused sleepy manner. "You hungry, sweetheart?"

Kaine nodded his head expectantly. Naruko's smile grew bigger at him. "I wonder if Ichiraku is open this early." The boy became excited upon hearing that. He jumped out of bed to get ready to go. Naruko laughed at her son as she too got up to change clothes. She didn't have a mission that day and had planned on spending the whole day with her son. Perhaps she might run into Gaara so she can give him her answer. It wasn't going to be easy, but it was for the best.

To their luck, Ichiraku was open after all. Teuchi was just as happy to see them as they were. Kaine went on to tell him and Ayame about all the things he and Naruko were going to do that day. The man laughed at the boy as he spoke in an exited manner. Ayame giggled at him as well until she looked over at Naruko. The blonde had this look about her, as if she was about to make the biggest decision of her life. She was about to ask Naruko about it when a few people came in ordering ramen. Unfortunately, she never got a chance to as Naruko and Kaine left once they finished eating.

Ayame was really worried about the woman. The last time she saw that look on her face was when everyone found out Naruko was pregnant. She never found out why Naruko had that look at that time, but she was really worried about her. Thankfully two of Naruko's friends had walked in. "Shikamaru-kun, Ino-chan," Ayame motioned the two over. The couple walked off to the side to speak with her. "Is Naruko-chan okay? She came by as soon as we opened to feed Kaine. It's not like her to have him eat ramen so early in the morning and she looked upset as well."

Ino looked to Shikamaru to see if he knew anything. The man sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck. "It has to do with Gaara, I'm guessing." The two women looked at him wanting more information. "He had asked her last night to move to Suna with him. That's why he came to Konoha."

"Well that's a bit sudden, isn't it? I mean that aren't dating, are they?" Ayame was confused as to why the Kazekage all of a sudden wanted Naruko and Kaine to live with him.

"This is only a guess, but he probably heard about Sasuke's return and didn't want Naruko to get hurt by him again," Shikamaru said. Actually, that wasn't a guess. He knew Gaara had heard about Sasuke's return and the man was afraid all hid efforts to get Naruko to like him would have been a waste. But maybe they weren't. Maybe Naruko had decided to move away, taking Kaine with her, far away from Sasuke. That would explain why she let him eat ramen. Maybe today was going to be her last day in Konoha.

After they left the ramen shop, Shikamaru went out to gather everyone to discuss what to do about Sasuke. The Hokage had held a meeting earlier that morning with the elders and a few selected jounins, Shikamaru being one of them. Neji had reported several times that the Uchiha seemed to be getting worse as the days went by. Tsunade had thought it best as well to lock him away with medical care daily. Shikamaru had spoken out, much to his father's dismay. He requested the Hokage allowed him to speak with others. There was one last thing he wanted to try before the Uchiha was locked up forever. She had allowed him one more week. If nothing changed, Sasuke was to be locked away for good. The other ex-criminals were free to do as they pleased after that.

Everyone gathered at the Uchiha residence. Tenten and Lee couldn't make it due to being on a mission as well as Kiba and Sai. Naruko had refused to come claiming she wanted to spend her entire day with Kaine and no one else. The rest of the group sat in the living room. Sasuke was sitting outside on the porch so Neji stood at the door way to keep an eye on him as he talked with the others. Karin was sitting out there with him trying to feed him.

Shikamaru was the first to speak. "We have one week before the Hokage gives the order to lock him away."

"A week?!" Ino exclaimed. "He's only been here for like a week and a half. How does she expect us to cure him in a week when he's team has been trying for months?!"

"It's the Hokage's choice. In fact, it's the only choice that doesn't end in him dead," Shikamaru pointed out. The group fell silent. None of them knew what to do.

"What about Naruko?" Juugo suggested. He had noticed the way Sasuke gets when she's around. It was small and hardly noticeable, but maybe with more interaction between them, Sasuke could return to normal.

"Don't you think we've all thought of that," Ino spit out a little more harshly than he intended. "Naruko doesn't want anything to do with Sasuke. She doesn't even want to be in the same village as him!"

"Ino," Shikamaru yelled. He didn't want to spread rumors about Naruko leaving the village until he had asked her about it directly.

Neji narrowed his eyes at the two. "What do you two know that we don't?"

Shikamaru groaned as he looked at the Hyuuga. "Last night after Naruko and Gaara left, Gaara asked her to move to Suna with him. And I have reason to believe she's going to say yes."

"Which are," Neji pressed on. He liked Naruko just as much as the Kazekage and he be damned if that man was planning on taking her away from the village. Everyone loved her! There's no way she would leave them all because of Sasuke!

"She let Kaine eat ramen for breakfast," Shikamaru began. "I know that's not that big of a deal, but she's devoting the whole day on doing whatever he wants to do. Anything and everything, like it's for the last time."

"That's ridiculous," Hinata blurted. "Naruko-chan has been on missions almost every day. Today was the first day in a long time she didn't have a mission and had planned on spending it with Kaine long before last night." The pregnant Hyuuga took a deep breath. The baby had been kicking like mad lately and it was wearing her out.

The group had fallen silent until Sakura spoke up. "We're getting off topic." She wanted to drop the conversation about whether or not Naruko was leaving or not. "Here's an idea, we could take Sasuke around Konoha to places that hold some kind of memory. Maybe something will click and he'll start coming back to reality."

Everyone seemed to agree to this plan. It's a long shot, but at least it was something. Each of them discussed about places where to go. After about an hour of listing places, the group went about their day. Sakura and Karin stayed with Neji as support. Sakura knew Sasuke best out of the group so it was only reasonable she tag along.

The first place they started was at the training grounds. The four of them stood in front of the three wooden pillars. "Remember this place, Sasuke? It's where we officially became Team 7." Sakura looked around the area. The Uchiha hadn't so much as moved as Sakura continued to speak. "It's hard to believe it's almost been ten years since that day." The pinkette giggled at the memory. As for Sasuke, he remained as still as ever. Sighing, Sakura went over to him and dragged him in front of one of the pillars, his back facing it. She then proceeded to make him sit down as she went to the pillar on the other side, sitting down as well. "Remember, Sasuke? You were sitting right there and I was sitting right here and Naruko… Naruko was tied to the pillar."

Sasuke POV

That's right. We had failed to get the bells from Kakashi, but he was going to give us one last chance. He instructed us not to feed Naruko because she tried to cheat during the test. After he left, me and Sakura started eating our lunches. Naruko's growling stomach had caused me to look at her. She looked so pitiful and weak. There was no way she would be of much help later if she was starving. I wanted to follow Kakashi's orders, but I needed her help if I wanted to pass.

At that time, I didn't even think about it as I offered her food. Sakura had been against it, not wanting to fail as well, but she soon saw it my way. Unfortunately, Naruko's arms were tied so she couldn't feed herself. I had been trembling as I feed her. It was completely embarrassing having to feed her. Just thinking about it was is embarrassing.

Normal POV

The other three noticed Sasuke's fingers twitched a little. It was like that time in the ramen shop when Naruko and Kaine were there. Sasuke had moved just a small bit, but that was it after that. Sighing in defeat, they moved on to the next chosen area.

Kakashi had given them information on where he trained Sasuke during the chuunin exams. The four of them stood on top of the rocky hill. There was small evidence as to what happened ten years ago as Sasuke was being taught how to use the chidori.

Sakura went on to explaining what happened during the exam to Karin. Neji kept his eyes fixed on Sasuke as she told the redhead about the fight between Gaara and Sasuke. The Uchiha had twitched one more time at the mention of Gaara. The man had lifted his hand as if to examine it. The others thought he was recalling a memory, but the truth is Sasuke was confused and annoyed by his hand.

The rest of the day went by with no luck. Sasuke hadn't reacted to anything after that. There was no getting through to him at all. They only had six days left until the due date is up. It looks like they'll have to regroup and think of something else. There were still a few places they hadn't been to yet, but it's best to have a backup plan incase these fall through.

Sakura and Karin waved them off as they headed back to Sakura's house. The Hyuuga raised an eyebrow when he saw Karin trying to hold Sakura's hand as they walked away. So the rumors are too, Sakura and Karin were a thing now. On the subject of rumors, he needed to talk to Naruko. He wanted her to say whether or not she was leaving with Gaara.

"Neji-sensei! Mister Sasuke!" Turning around, Neji saw the very woman he wanted to see hold an energetic Kaine in her arms. Naruko greeted them as well as she put him down so he could tell Sasuke all about his day. Neji took this as his chance to talk to her in private.

"So Hinata told me what was going on," Naruko started. She ran into Hinata earlier and was informed about the deadline the group had before Sasuke locked away for good. "Any luck?" The blonde was trying to sound interested. Regardless of how she felt towards the Uchiha, there was still that part of her that cared about him.

Neji shook his head in reply. "Naruko," he said softly. "Are the rumors true? Are you really moving to Suna?"

The blonde was surprised by his sudden question. Guess word had gotten around about Gaara asking her to move away with him. Taking in a deep breath, Naruko begins to speak. "Why don't you try on top of the Hokage monument?" Neji gave her a puzzled look. "A festival was going on years ago and Kakashi took all of us up there to watch the fireworks. Sasuke might like it. Although without the fireworks, it might not be the same."

Now Neji understood. She was trying to avoid the question. He wanted to press further on it, but he knew Naruko is too stubborn to give in. "I'll have to try that tomorrow then, if the other places don't work."

"Can we go when the sun is going down," Kaine chirped in. "It looks really pretty when the sun is setting!"

"Okay, we'll all go," Neji smiled patting his head. The two groups went to their own homes to rest for the night.

Sasuke POV

I couldn't sleep. There was no way I could go to sleep. I wasn't stupid nor am I deaf. I heard everything that morning. Naruko was leaving. She was leaving Konoha all because of me. No! Please don't go. Naruko please don't leave me. I need you. I missed you so much these past few years. I want so badly to call out to her to make her stay.

Lying in bed, I look above me. On my headboard above my bed is a picture of Team 7. Me and Naruko are glaring at one another while Kakashi has his hand on our heads; Sakura being in the middle smiling. I lift my hand up to touch the picture. However, they didn't graze over Naruko's face like I wanted them too. Instead, I touched the picture of me, the old me, the one who had everything and gave it all up for revenge. I wouldn't say I regretted taking my revenge, but I do regret leaving Naruko.

If I had stayed, what would our life be like? Would we be a happily married couple? Would we even be a couple? Back then I was too nervous to tell her my true feelings, but maybe I would have if I had stayed. I would like to think we would be and I would have been there while she was pregnant with Kaine.

My hand falls back down onto the bed. What would that be like? To be around someone who is pregnant. To be there when she gives birth. Does it hurt that much? So many questions are running through my head that I couldn't go to sleep at all last night.

Before I know it, Neji is walking into my room telling me we have a lot to do today. The first place we go is Sakura's house. The Hyuuga knocked on the door, but there was no answer. Kaine must not be there. He would have opened the door by now. Oddly enough the door wasn't locked. We go right in to make sure the two women are home. Neji goes up the stairs. There was a scream before he came back down. He comes back down with a shirt is stuck to his head. Sakura comes over to take the shirt away before going back upstairs to return it to the owner.

Normal POV

"Next time knock first, asshole," Karin growled as she came down the steps adjusting her clothes.

"I did. No one answered," Neji snapped back.

"Well that usually means no one is home or we're busy," Karin bite back.

Neji was about to argue back when Sakura interrupted. "Okay enough! Neji, if no one answers don't come in. Karin, don't throw your shirt at people who walk in when we're… doing things." Neji and Karin continued to glare at one another as they walked around Konoha. They went to the remaining location the others had listed. However, Sasuke was lost in his thoughts to even care about where they were going. On their walk, they ran into the others. Sakura asked if they knew any other places to try with no luck. Then she asked if they would like to join them in watching the sunset on the Hokage monument. Neji had informed her earlier that Naruko had suggested it. A few of them agreed while others could due to having a mission either that night or early the next morning.

When they ran out of places, the small group headed to the Hokage monument to meet the others. Naruko, Kaine, Shikamaru, Hinata, Ino, and Choji were already there. Apparently Naruko had another day off and Kaine got so excited about watching the sunset with everyone so the two of them have been up there all day, except when they got hungry which they went to Ichiraku's to eat. Hinata and Ino were talking about the baby while Shikamaru pretended not to hear any hints Ino was giving about having kids. Choji was telling stories to Kaine about missions he's been on with Naruko; she was listening to them as well. Sakura had jumped in on that conversation when a story came up that involved her. Karin ventured off to the other group to rub Hinata's stomach, with the woman's permission of course. Shikamaru walked over to talk to Neji for a while until four other people showed up, well five if counting the dog.

The sun was about to start going down when all conversations turned to Sasuke. They still didn't know what to do about him. Karin suggested Sakura try to heal him since she is the best medic out of all of them, but the pinkette told her she could only heal physical injuries not mental. Even Ino said her jutsu doesn't work like that. All the while Naruko was observing Sasuke.

He had been standing there the whole time looking at the ground like it was interesting. Since the day he showed up, Naruko has had an urge deep inside her. She didn't know what it was at first. She wasn't sure if she wanted to cry, or hide, or something. But now she knows.

Silently, Naruko walked over to him and punched him as hard as she could. Everyone stopped talking to watch her. Kaine hid behind Neji, not sure as to what was going on. Karin and Sakura were about to stop her when Juugo stood between them. The punch had only caused Sasuke to stumble backwards.

"You asshole," Naruko yelled punching him once more. This time he fell to the ground. However, Naruko wasn't finished with him. She sat on top of him, punching him once more. "The hell is wrong with you, huh? Are you that self-center that you have to go and make everyone worried sick about you?"

Everyone stood in silence as she continued to punch him. Kaine hid further behind Neji. He had never seen this side of his mother before, none of them had. She was nothing but pure rage as each blow landed on his face. Sasuke wasn't even putting up a fight. He just laid there letting her punch him over and over again.

"Answer me dammit!" Naruko was getting pissed at his passive attitude. "I hate you, you that? I hate you so much that it actually hurts me!" The tears she had so desperately tried to hold in slipped passed her defense. No one was sure if she was shacking out of anger or because she was crying or both.

Naruko had a tight hold on the front of his shirt. She had stopped for a moment to glare heavily at him. Sasuke took this moment to look at her. The sun was already going down making her blonde hair glow brighter than usual. It was almost blinding. But it only took her to say those three little words to cut through the darkness he created.

"Don't…" Sasuke choked out grabbing hold of Naruko's arm. "Don't… Even though I abandoned the village, even though I tried to kill you and I raped you, please don't..." Sasuke looked up at Naruko with teary eyes. "You don't have to love me; you don't even have to care about me but please whatever you do, don't hate me."

Naruko was speechless. She wasn't sure what she should say to that. She didn't know what to do when Sasuke sat up to lay his head on her should. She was completely numb as hot tears soaked her shirt. Wrapping her arms around him, Naruko cried into his shoulder as well. The tears had been held in for so long she wasn't sure if they were ever going to stop.

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