Important note: Don't worry about the dialogues-only style, that was only for the prologue!



6.10 a.m., NCIS Headquarters

Do I know you?"

„No, you don't. But I know you, and, which is even more important, I know your boss."

What do you want?"

„I want you to deliver a message for Gibbs".

Okay... what kind of message?"

„This one."


7.15 a.m., one hour later

„It's always the same, Duck."

Oh yes. And the terrible thing is, Mother is utterly convinced she should become a movie star. It reminds me of those days when...- Good Lord."


He is alive."


DiNozzo! Don't do anything stupid now!

Hello? We have a federal agent down at NCIS headquarters, second floor. Special Agent Gibbs. Just send the fucking ambulance, NOW!

How bad is it, Duck?"

It depends on how deep the bullet went, but considering the bleeding... well it must have gone deep, Jethro. But what's concerning me more is that the bullet went most probably right through the spine. There's a high possibility his spinal cord is damaged."




That's it.

Look at me, DiNozzo."


"It's gonna be OK, Tony."

"Screwed up, Gibbs... Should have...–"

"Don't try to speak.

The paramedics will be here any minute. You just hold on."

"Should have –... Didn't know him, he –"

"Goddammit DiNozzo, don't speak!"


"The hell you can't. Your'e not dying here –... Hey! stay with me!

You have to fight DiNozzo.

You're gonna be alright in no time. Is that clear."

"Boss. Can't... can't feel..."




7.40 a.m.


„About damned time, McGee!"

"What's with the ambulance? Has something... -

Oh my God.

What happened?"

"What does it look like, McGee."

Jethro. Give the boy a break.

Tony appears to have been shot this morning, Timothy. Jethro and I found him like that.

Maybe just in time..."

"McGee, get the tapes from the security cameras."

OK, but..."

"The whole building, McGee!"


7.45 a.m.

"Morning, Gibbs –„

„Where the hell have you been, Ziva!"

I'm sorry, but my car broke down and -


„They're doing everything they can to help him, Ziva."

Agent Gibbs? We're ready to go now, if you'd like to ride with us."

„'Bout time.


Coming, Jethro."

„McGee! Ziva!

You two stay here and find out what happened. See you later!"



7.47 a.m.

"I hate it when he does that!

How can he expect us to work here while we don't even know if Tony's alive?! I mean can't he imagine that we're worried to hell?!"

"You know Gibbs."

"Do you know what happened, McGee?"

„All I know is that he has been shot and Gibbs and Ducky found him."



„Gibbs is probably right not letting us come, Ziva. We have to know who did this to him."

„I guess.

Are these the security tapes?"

„Yeah, I should probably bring them to...

Oh shit.

Abby doesn't know yet?"

„God, I hate doing this."

Shall I come with you?"


"Okay okay, relax, McGee."

I mean, it might be better if I talk to her alone, because, well, you know..."

I get it McGee.

I'll go and talk to security to find out why no one noticed anything.

„Uhm, Ziva, by the way it's as hell."


„Worried as hell, not to hell. Just thought you might wanna know."

" ... "


7.55 a.m., NCIS Headquarters, Abby's Lab


Where the hell is everyone? Gibbs didn't even come to bring me my morning Caf shot!"


When you see him, tell him!

Or no, don't tell him, give him the stare!

Or better, give him the stare and say „Have you seen Abby today, Gibbs?"


Oh McGee. I forgive you that you won't have the guts to do it."



Something has happened. Tony has been shot this morning."


Please tell me it's not bad!



„We don't know much, Abby. Gibbs's at the hospital right now, when I came in, the paramedics were already there.

But how bad is it?"

„I said I don't know!


"It looked pretty bad."

Where was he shot?"

„Here, up at the office."

No, McGee, where was he shot? Which part of the body?"

"In the back, I think."


„Uhm... I brought the security tapes. We should probably take a look at them."


10.35 a.m., Bethesda Hospital, waiting room

„It's been two hours now!"

I'm afraid there will be a few more of those, Jethro. Surgeries with gunshot wounds like this one are usually highly complicated."

„Is there anything you can tell me about how it happened, Duck? You saw the... crime scene.

Well, from the angle he was lying on the floor, I can assume he was shot directly in the back, with the gun pressed to his body.

I believe there was a buffer, otherwise the wound would have been bigger.

I'm sorry, I can't tell you more, Jethro.

Tony is young and in good shape. He made it that far, he is going to make it out of this surgery, alive."

„I know he is. He knows that if he isn't I'm gonna kick his ass."