Okay, this is Half-Breed.

Summary: Edward gets Bella pregnant. This follows from month to month. And then later on…year to year with the baby. Hope you like it.

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WARNING: if you hate Jacob, love Edward, or hate Bella being pregnant, stop reading.

Chapter One: The Test

I nervously waited for the pregnancy test in my hands to show me my fate. I mentally chuckled. My fate? That was ridiculous! Edward had promised that he couldn't get me pregnant…

I dropped the test as a red plus sign appeared. It meant I was pregnant. I was glad Edward wasn't there with me. I had to think about what I would tell him… I threw the test and the box in the bottom of my trashcan, and piled toilet paper onto it. No one could see this.

I left my bathroom, and paced my floor. A tap on my window startled me. It was Edward. I had no time to get my emotions in check before he was in.

I walked over to him and he pulled me up against him, and I leaned into his cold embrace. He smiled at me, and I tried to return it, but it didn't reach my eyes. His eyes narrowed in thought. I quickly turned my head away.

"Bella, what's wrong?" He asked. He sat us on my bed.

"Edward…" I started, but tears filled my eyes and I couldn't continue.

"Bella, love, don't cry." He whispered, putting his stone cold arms around me gently.

"Edward, I'm pregnant!" I managed to gasp out. He stiffened.

"You are?" He asked. I nodded against his shoulder. He pulled away and held me at arm's length. Worry and slight fear filled his topaz eyes. And slowly, joy.

"Yes, I am. You said I couldn't get pregnant." I said softly.

He frowned again. "I know. I… I was sure you couldn't…Bella, what are you going to do?" He asked softly, placing a gentle hand on my stomach.

I looked at him, my eyes filled with confusion. "What do you mean?" I asked.

He sighed. "I mean, are you going to keep it or not?" He asked softly.

I gasped. "Edward! Of course I'm going to keep it! How could you even think of such a thing!" I said, my voice louder than necessary.

Edward held up his hands. "I wasn't. I just wanted to know what you were going to do." He said, kissing me lightly. My anger disappeared immediately.

"Edward, I have to tell Charlie." I said softly. I glanced at the clock on my desk. It was around one in the morning.

"Tomorrow love. For now, sleep." He said softly. He started to hum my lullaby, and I drifted into a peaceful sleep.

The next morning, I awoke without Edward's arms wrapped around me. I got up, still slightly groggy. I yawned and stretched.

"Edward?" I asked softly. I could hear the TV downstairs. Charlie was awake. I looked at the clock. It was almost ten, on a Saturday.

I looked around, and Edward still wasn't there. I frowned, and then shifted on my bed. I felt a piece of paper near my left hand, and I picked it up.


I went to talk to Carlisle and Esme about the pregnancy. If I'm not back by the time you wake, I'll show up around eleven. Don't tell Charlie until I'm there.

-Love Always, Edward

I smiled at his thoughtfulness and put the note under my pillow. I got up and took a shower, and then got dressed and went downstairs. As I had assumed, Charlie was sitting in the living room, a game on TV. I wondered idly if there ever wasn't a game on the television.

I shrugged and got out some eggs, deciding I wanted an omelet. As I started to cook the eggs though, I got sick to my stomach. It was a mad dash up the stairs to the bathroom after that. Charlie came in, and found me flushing the toilet.

"Bella, are you okay?" He asked, worry in his voice.

I tried to think of some excuse. "Um, yeah. One of the eggs was bad, and it stunk, so I threw it away, but I guess another one was bad too because I cooked it and the smell made me throw up." I said weakly, hoping he would believe it.

He started at me for a moment, and then said "Okay. I'll have to remember to get eggs then." He said as he left. I rolled my eyes. I was the one who shopped, not Charlie. I just 

couldn't believe he had believed my lie. I sighed. I hated lying to Charlie. But if I told him without Edward being there, I could get in trouble.

A knock came at the door.

I wiped my mouth one last time and hurried to answer it. Charlie was still sitting on the couch, watching the TV.

It was Edward. I hadn't needed Alice's ability to tell me that.

But I was more than a little surprised to see Esme and Carlisle there with him.

"Hello Bella dear." Esme said as she breezed in and wrapped me up in her hug.

"Oh, Carlisle, Esme, how nice to see you!" Charlie said as he got up from his chair. Esme and Carlisle chatted with him for a few minutes as Edward and I stood near the front door.

"Why are your parents here?" I asked softly.

Edward sighed. "Carlisle felt it was…important that they be here for this." He said just as softly. I nodded and we went into the living room.

Good. Maybe since there were two witnesses present, Charlie wouldn't kill Edward and me. Or maybe not… Charlie has all sorts of possibilities.

"Oh, hello Edward." Charlie snarled for the sake of being polite. I shot him a dirty look and he ignored it.

Carlisle and Esme sat down on the couch, and Charlie sat in his chair. Edward and I were the only ones standing.

"Dad, we…we have something to tell you." I said shakily. Charlie looked warily at us.

"I already know that you're getting married Bella." Charlie practically growled the word.

"Yes…I know. But…but…" I just couldn't tell him.

"Do you want me to say it?" Edward whispered so quiet that Charlie had no hope of hearing it. I closed my eyes, and he took it as a yes.

"Bella is…pregnant." Edward said softly.

We waited in a few seconds of horrible silence.

"WHAT?! YOU GOT MY LITTLE GIRL PREGNANT!?" Charlie roared. My eyes widened. He had never yelled like that before, even when Jake told him about the motorcycle…or when I went to Italy.

"Well, yes." I said softly. I wasn't going to back down and lie now.

"HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO MY GIRL?!" Charlie shouted, his face getting redder and redder.

"Now Charlie, please calm down." Carlisle said in his calm tone.

"Yes, please do. You're frightening Bella." Esme put in softly. Her motherly instinct did help and Charlie suddenly fell into his chair, and the anger drained from him. His face was pale and drawn, and I was suddenly aware of his age.

"You really are pregnant, are you Bella?" He asked softly. I nodded. He looked up at Edward, and his eyes were hard as he said, "And you're planning to take care of her?" His voice held steel.

Edward nodded. "Yes sir. I wouldn't dream of doing anything else." Edward said.

Charlie sighed.

"Fine. Not much I can do anyway. But Bella, you are grounded until you leave for college." He said, completely serious.

I hugged him, drowned with relief. "Okay Dad." I said.

He hugged me back, and then he said, "And I'm not going to tell your mother. You are." I frowned again. I hadn't even thought of Renee. Uh-oh.

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