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Chapter Two: One month

I felt like throwing up. Again. Big surprise, I know. I looked at myself in the full length mirror and my stomach fluttered.

The wedding dress Alice had picked for me looked wonderful. Even though I was tottering on two inch heels…it was still breathtaking.

I was so nervous though…what if I tripped while going down the aisle? What if, at the very last moment, I got sick because of the baby? I could throw up all over my guests! I was trying to focus on better things when I saw about knocked over.

"Bella! Oh Bella!" Alice cried, before crushing me into a tight, airless hug. She let out a dry sob.

"Alice…need…air." I gasped out.

She let me go, thankfully.

"Oh Bella! I'm so sorry about this!" She said softly, her voice genuinely sorrowful.

"Sorry about what? I don't mind the heels that much Alice…" I said, but she was shaking her head…

"No. It's Edward." She said sadly.

My eyes widened and my heart nearly stopped. Just then my mother, Esme, Rosalie, and Carlisle came into the room. Charlie was the last one.

Everyone was talking at the same time, and I couldn't understand a word of it.

"ONE AT A TIME!" I shouted. They all looked around nervously before Alice stepped up.

"Bella, Edward ran away." Alice said softly.

Then, my heart did stop.

When I opened my eyes I saw a huddle of faces peering down at me. I blinked a few times. Somehow, I had ended up in a chair.

Then I realized I must have fainted. Great.

"Don't worry dear, Emmet and Jasper are already going after him." Esme said kindly.

"No. If he…if he doesn't want to marry me, I won't force him to." I said quietly.

I barely noticed the tears start to roll down my face.

"I'll go send everyone home then, shall I?" Esme said. She and Carlisle left.

"I knew he would hurt you again Bells." Charlie said. I sobbed harder as he and my mother embraced me.

"My poor baby." Renee said, started to rock me gently.

I felt my heart shatter then. As if it was a delayed reaction.

I could almost feel every single piece fall back out, after it had been so carefully repaired. I buried my face in my mother's shoulder, wishing the pain away.

If my heart breaking again wasn't enough, I felt the sudden need to throw up. I told my parents this and they released me.

Alice was ready with a trashcan, which soon held the contents of my stomach.

The guys all left, even Charlie, and my mom and Alice helped me get out of my wedding dress and into some sweat pants and a tank top. All this time I was silent. I saw my dad's eyes widen when he saw my expression, he had seen it before.

Then I just asked to go home. My mom drove me, and Alice went to find her family. Charlie and Renee didn't want to leave my side, but I coldly told them I needed time alone.

And then I locked myself in my room, and broke down. Crying at what would never happen now. What I had lost.

The next morning I found it odd not to wake up in Edward's arms. Then I remembered. He was gone.

But Alice was there, sitting on the old rocking chair.

"Bella…I caught up to him last night. He told me his reasons for leaving."

I stared at her. "Can you tell me?" I asked, my voice a harsh croak.

She hesitated, but then nodded slowly. "He left because he was afraid that when the baby was born, he would end up hurting it, or you. He decided it wasn't safe enough for you to be around him. I'm sorry Bella." She said, embracing me.

I pulled away from her, hot tears already flowing.

"I…I want to be alone now Alice." I said softly. She nodded and then she was gone, as if she was never there.

I lay back down on my bed. Suddenly, I felt angry. He broke his promise to me!

He promised he wouldn't leave again, and here I was, alone, because he left, again!!

Then my anger suddenly deflated.

'Did I really expect him to stay with me forever? I'm not perfect, like he and his family are. I'm just clumsy, weak, human Bella. I should have seen this coming.' I thought miserably.

I curled into a ball on my bed and cried silently.

When Charlie knocked on the door asking to be let in I told him to go away.

When Renee said this wasn't good for the baby I said I didn't care.

And then, finally, I fell back into unconsciousness.

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