AN: This is something I came up with awhile back out of bordom and insomnia. I have posted this on other sites, so please, do not accuse me of stealing this! This IS my original work. Thank you.

12 Steps To Being A Better Moonlight Fan

Step 1. - Watch ALL 16 episodes of Moonlight back-to-back. No breaks. (only potty breaks)

Step 2. - Read every Moonlight Fan-Fic online that there is. (And I do mean every single one.)

Step 3. - Write to Trevor Munson and Joel Silver (as well as the other writers) and thank them for their amazing stories they gave us every Friday night that we had Moonlight.

Step 4. - Also write to the cast (even the guest stars!) and thank them for all their hardwork and the amazing story telling they did every Friday night. (Just don't turn into a stalker)

Step 5. - Buy as many things Moonlight related as you possibly can. (ie; episodes on iTune, music that was on the show, T-Shirts, cups, ect.)

Step 6. - Name your pets Moonlight names. (ie; Beth, Mick, Josef, ect.)

Step 7. - Memorize every line of every episode.

Step 8. - Write Moonlight Fan-Fiction. (even if you think you aren't good enough!)

Step 9. - Make Moonlight fan videos on youtube. (and watch everyone elses on there as well.)

Step 10. - Talk about Moonlight 24/7. (even when you are told to shut up)

Step 11. - Buy, or make, Moonlight posters and hang them on your wall. (yes, even your walls at work.)

Step 12. - Repeat 1-11.