Chapter Twelve..

Jude's POV

I had to think of something fast or my locks were goners. "How about a compromise."


"Yeah you learn how to compromise from childhood, anyways how about this if we have another day off tomorrow I will swear to god go with you to cut my hair."

"Jude don't you trust me, come on."

"Tomorrow." I gave her the look that I wasn't going to budge. I guess she got the look because she said, "Fine, but I'm holding you to your word if we do have our last day here off."

"Deal. Now lets go get some lunch." We ended up going to a nice restaurant a few blocks away from the hotel. On our way out of the restaurant Tammy ran into someone she knew. "Carol, oh my gosh, I forgot that you lived here I should have called you."

"Tammy OMG, we should go do something. What are you doing tonight, there is this party at my dorm you can stay the night. Its going to be so much fun."

"Cuz, I wish I could go but I just cant we have to be in our rooms by 10:30 the teacher comes to check on us."

"Oh well that sucks. Who's your friend?"

"Sorry Jude this is my cousin Carol, she goes to NYU."

I extended my hand and said, "Pleasure to meet you, actually Tammy if you want I will cover for you. Send me a text before you want to come up and I'll give you the okay and when bed checks come around I'll tell Mr. Quincy that you're in the bathroom."

"Are you serious you would do something like that for me. You rock Jude, and tomorrow I'm so taking you for that haircut my treat."

"Yeah Yeah, you two have fun I'm heading back to the hotel."

"Thanks Jude have fun tonight." Oh I will. I was actually smirking while walking back to the hotel. When I got back into the room I took a hot shower and shaved my legs while singing. I got out and blow dried my hair into the natural curls that fell a little past my shoulder blades. Smiling to myself I slipped on my new underwear and clothes. Loving the feeling of my new found confidence.

I was walking no stalking towards the elevators. Secretly smiling at the fact that the teachers were on two floors higher and knowing that no one would be venturing up to bug the teachers.

I bent down and snuck by Coaches door just incase he came out of his drunkin' stuper. I placed my hand over the peephole to Tommy's door and knocked. He opened it with a tail slung low on his hips and his hair wet from the shower. "Jude what are you doing up here?"

"Let me in before someone see's me standing outside your door with you looking all delicious."

A small grin spread across his face as he stepped aside and let me into his room. Looking around I saw that the teachers got way better rooms than we did. The walls were white and clean not covered in crappy wallpaper. The floor had nice soft white carpet and the bed was the most inviting thing in the room. It was queen white feather down with the drapes of the windows open the sun pored through and hit it on ever inch. I turned towards Tommy and caught him eyeing me up and down. "Like what you see?"

"Very much, did you go shopping?"

"Yes, you should see the new items I have underneath the clothes." I watched as his eyes turned dark with desire and I snaked my arms around his neck and leaned slightly up waiting for him to lean down and complete the kiss that I needed. He didn't wait long his lips were on mine and my eyes were closed and my fingers intertwined in his damp hair. My body was flush against his wetting my clothes slightly. I pulled away and pushed him slightly and his legs hit the back of his bed. I pushed him into a sitting position. Went over to the t.v. and put it onto a soft music station. Thank god for satellite t.v. I smiled when Almost Lover came on. I started to pull of my vest and slowly lifted my white shirt exposing my new bra.

I watched Tommy's eyes and loved that they never left my body. I stalked towards him and straddled his lap. His hands went to my backside and slid up my smooth skin and to rest on my shoulder blades. I left butterfly kisses on his forehead and lowered my mouth to his right eyelid and then the tip of his nose before my lips caught his in a sweet slow rhythm. I pulled away and looked into Tommy's eyes. There was an intensity that I couldn't describe and I knew he was going to make me say it. So I leaned in and whispered against his lips, "Tommy its time."

The look he gave me told me he new what I meant. He got up and held me upright. I was nervous but new that this was the moment that we have been waiting for. I smiled as he slid his hands down my back towards my front and started to unzip my pants. I was expecting him to pull them off but instead he turned me around and laid me down on the bed. I whimpered with the loss of body contact but was relived when he didn't retreat. He leaned over gave me a small kiss and a smile. I watched with wide eyes as he slid down my body all the way to my feet. He started to undo my shoes and pull them off. When they were off he bent down and kissed the base of each of my feet and made my heart sore.

He slid his hands up my legs. I enjoyed the feel of his hands rubbing up my jean clad legs. When his hands grasped the edges of my jeans I lifted my hips knowing he would pull them slowly and painfully down my legs. When my legs were free from the jeans, he slowly slid his hands and mouth up my legs. When he got close to my center you could hear the growl. "Jude I love your new underwear."

I smiled down at him and ran my fingers lazily through his hair. There was this peace that came over us. Was it the white surrounding up or the sun light seeping in. I don't know but I've never felt more complete than right now. Slowly Tommy slid his fingers past the light fabric and to my silky folds. I arched and moaned. The slightest touch sent me high. Slowly he rubbed me back and forth and his mouth covered my belly button with hot open mouth kisses slowly descending downwards towards his fingers that were painfully slow. He kept me in total anticipation. The music was softly playing behind us I heard the words just breath before he slid his fingers into me and my breathing hitched and my body jerked up wards.

Smiling he took his hand away from me. As soon as I felt him leave me I looked up to see him slowly suck his fingers. It was the most erotic thing that I've ever seen. He crawled up and kissed me. I tasted me lingering in his mouth and didn't even mind it. His hips pressed into mine and I could feel him. Tommy's breath hitched when I slid my hands down his sides and undid his towel and flung it aside. Now the only thing standing in the way was my new underwear. Which I hopped would be torn from my body soon. His mouth hovered over my lace covered breast. Just floating barely over it. I slid my hand up his back and pressed lightly down on it to get him to go down. But he didn't budge he was killing me slowly without even knowing it. My leg hitched over his hip and I felt the contact of his hardness with my center and I shuttered. When I thought he wasn't going to go on his mouth swooped down and covered my lacy breast and I moaned out while pushing myself into his hardness needing that contact.

His fingers found my hair while his other hand covered my other breast and started to rub it. Slowly he slid his hand from my breast towards my back and I felt him unhook it with one hand and I released his back muscles to rid of my restricting bra. He smiled at me and kissed me. Lost in his kiss I didn't realize that he slid my panties off until his member rubbed against my wetness. I flinched and shuttered from peer pleasure. Tommy looked down at me and I asked, "What do you see?"

"The most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed in my life. Jude take hold of me and when your ready take me." Smiling up at him I took one of my hands and slid it up into his now dry hair and pulled his mouth down towards mine. The other hand slid in between our slick bodies to find him hard and waiting. I grasped him and stroked once. I glided him towards my entrance and let go. He nodded and grabbed my hands to intertwine our fingers as he slipped into me. My body stiffened and he lent down and whispered, "Love relax, it won't hurt as much if you relax."

A tear slipped from my eye not from the pain, there was pain but the tear was from his words. Squeezing his hands I let out my breath and he slid in farther. It was painful for a second and when I felt him push and suddenly it wasn't uncomfortable anymore my hips started to meet his soft thrust. I moaned as his mouth covered mine. We both moaned into each others mouths and felt as one. His mouth found my neck when our thrust met each other faster. All the time our fingers stayed intact above my head. I could feel his ribs pressed against mine, I could see everything with the sun streaming in over us, our bodies moved as one and I couldn't believe it I started to cry. I couldn't have imagined how powerful this could have made me feel. I was still crying when we came together.

Curled up into his arms, Tommy brushed my tears away and said, "I felt it to." Smiling up at him I knew that for that brief time that we were connected that there wasn't anything between us. Everything was out in the open. I finally felt whole and needed. I kissed him and whispered, "I love you."

His eyes showed so much that I knew it before he told me it. He felt the same, but It did feel great when he kissed my nose and said, "I've loved you since the first moment I saw you air drumming." I laughed and laid my head on his chest. Tommy pulled the blanket up to cover us and we fell asleep smiling and totally complete.

AN: I do not think I have ever put that emotion into one of my fics before, usually its more sexual while this one was more intimate I hope you all liked it and another sorry for the lateness in my fics…reviews are love.